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Artelle, Lieut, iv., 181.
Artillery, two small pieces of, on
the heights iii, 82.
Artillery Park, iv, 315.
Aubert, M. iv, 169.
Aubry, M. d’, Commandant in chief,
wounded, iv, I59.

BANCROFT, historian, on the Mas-
sacre of Fort Willian Henry, i.,
194; on Montcalm, iii, 17o.
Barbier, M. Alfred, author of mono-
graph on Cadet, note ii., 44.
Barnard, Lord, Raby Castle, on
portrait of Miss Lowther i., 270.
Barré, Isaac, Adjt. Gen., his por-
trait, ii., Io; writes letter to Vau-
dreuil by order of Wolfe, ii., 119;
Wolfe's friendship for, ii., 312 ;
letters to Monckton, vi., 64, 65,
66, 69, 70.
Battle of Falkirk, i, 14.
Battlefield, construction of build-
ings on, ii, 294,
Battle of the Plains, references to,
on plans, iv, 271 ; description of
by a sergeant major, v, Io; des-
cribed by Moncrief, v, 5o ; brief
duration of, iii, 163.
Batteries, distance of, from town,
iv. 244.
Battery of 6 24 pounders, erected,
iv. 32 I.
Batiscan, situation of, iv, 241.
Bay of Niaouré, i, 163.
Béarn, regiment of, i, 156; its ser-
vices, iii, 134.
Beaubassin, M. de, i, 224; iv., 16,
26, 32, 35.
Beau Chatel, M. killed, iii, 154;
iv, I56.
Beaumont, engagement at, ii, 234;
iv, 222.
Beauport, pass at, guarded by 20
pieces of cannon, iv, 284; attack
at, v, 40; church, iv., 178.
Beatson, Extract from work on

Plains of Abraham, by, ii, 298.
Bedford, Duke of, his interest in
Wolfe, i, 73.
Beckwith, Major, iv, 158.
Bell, Capt. Thos., aide-de-camp, ii,
Io; wounded, iv, 324.
Bellecombe, Letters of, in corres-
pondance de Bougainville, iv, 40.
Belcour, Thisbé de, Letters of, in
correspondance de Bougainville,
iv, 27, 28, 37, 44, 63.
Bellecourt, letter of, iv, 64.
Belleisle, iv, 238.
Bérard, trial and sentence of, ii, 43.
Bernard, sergeant, iv, 61.
Berne, Chevalier de, in command of
lower town, ii, 79, iv., 175.
Bernetz, warns Vaudreuil of the
British landing, iii, IoS, advises
Bougainville of the condition of
the town, iii, 276.
Bernier, Commissary General on
Montcalm, iii, 169.
Bernetz, Letters of, in correspond-
ance de Bougainville, iv, 89, 131.
Berryer, Mde, ii, 38.
Berthelot, M., iv, 171.
Berthier, iv, 2.42.
Bic, Isle of, British vessels on guard
at, iii., 3.
Bienville, Céloron de, ii., 197.
Bigot, Endorses Montcalm’s action,
i., 2 Io; Montcalm appeals to, i-,
204; his action during the public
distress, i., 216; extortion of, ii.,
29; Intendant of New France, his
frauds, ii., 35; his methods of
deception ii., 38; his profits, ii.,
41 ; trades under name of Clave-
rie, ii, 41; his trial and Sentence,
ii., 43; colossal in all things, ii.,
44; said to be under influence of
La Pompadour, ii., 44; on the
strength of the army. ii., 52 ;
expresses surprise at the fleet
passing the Traverse, ii., 61 ; his
defence of Vergor, iii., 89; on the
numbers of the French ; iii., 154;
his account of the battle, iii, 164;
Letters of, correspondance de Bou-
gainville, iv, 36, 51, 52, 59, 60, 75,
111, 113, 118; documents relating
to, v., 327; order of, v., 341;
letter to Berryer, v., 347.
Bigelow, Mr. E., i, 276.
Bishops’ Palace, battery, directed
against, ii, 213; garden of, iv, 240.
Blackheath, review at, i, 8.
Blakeney, Mr., i, 8.
Bless Point, iv, 302.
Blét, M., iv, I 15,
Blondeau, Sieur, iv, 115.
Boels, Charles, interrogation of, iv,

Boileau, Major, R. A., i, 279.
Boishebert, Sieur de, character of,
iii., 114; observed the British on
the heights from windows of the
General Hospital, iii., 114; in-
forms Montcalm of what he had
seen from the Hospital, iii., 115.
Bolton, Duchess of, i., 27o.
Bomb Ketches, iv., 320.
Bompar, M. de, iv., 258.
Bonhomme Michel, iii, 195.
Bonne, Capt. de, iii., 186.
Boom, a, at mouth of St-Charles,
11., 27.
Borgia's House, taken possession
of by the Grenadiers, iii., 118;
referred to, iv., 205, 254.
Boscawen Admiral, at Gabarus Bay,
1, 112; character of, i, 115; cap-
tures “Alcide ’’ and “Lys '', 1,
Boucherville, M. de, iv, 56; in com-
mand of 200 Canadians, v. 253.
Bouchot, Capt., iv, 161.
Bougainville, Madame de St. Sau-
veur, iv, ix.
Bougainville, Madame Flore de, her
portrait, i, 189; iii, 181.
Bougainville, Louis Antoine de,
his portrait. i, 185; arrives from

France on the “Chezine,” ii, 25;
Montcalm's reliance upon ; ii,
111; letter to Wolfe by order of
Vaudreuil, ii, 121 ; in command
of Iooo men at St. Augustin, ii,
17o; his success at Pointe-aux-
Trembles, ii, 211; deceived by
the movement of the ships pro-
ceeds to Pointe-aux-Trembles, iii,
96; returns from Pointe-aux-
Trembles too late to assist the
French, iii, 97; not at Cap Rouge
early on the morning of the 13th
of September, iii, Io; ; zealous in
the performance of his duty, iii,
Io9; the subject of unmerited
censure, iii, 1 Io; at the battery
of Samos, iii, 177; sends, Captain
LeNoir, to attack battery at Samos,
iii, 177; on the Ste Foye Road,
iii, 177; member of the Royal
Society, iii, 178; retreat to Lorette,
iii, 178; sketch of, iii, 178; his
services as a navigator, iii, 179;
made Senator and Count of the
Empire, iii, 180; death of, iii,
181; note dictated by, iv, 137;
advises Ramezay where to look
for supplies, iii, 277; post of, iv,
253; route taken by, iv, 2.71.
Boulay, Mlle Angélique-Louise. Ta-
lon du, i, 133.
Boulay, Marquis du, colonel 9th
regiment d’Orleanais, i, 133.
Bourlamaque, M. de, in charge of
works at Chouaguen, i, 167; at
Ile-aux-Noix, ii, 259 : reference
to, iv, 137-219.
Bourlamaque’s corps, iv, 267.
Braddock, General, Wolfe's opinion
of, i, 64; his army defeated at
Fort Duquesne, ii, 199; mortar
of, found at Beauport, iv, 278;
reference to, iv, 332.
Bradstreet, Lieut.-Col., i, 164; at
Carillon, 1,234.
Bragg's Regiment, services of, iii,58.
Baide, 4th. Bat. Royal American.
Prisoner of war, interrogation of,
1V, 7.
Breboeuf, father Jean de, martyr-
dom of, ii, 187.
Bréard, M., partner of Bigot, ii, 41.
Breault, M, iv, 46.
Broghie, Duc de, iv, 12o.
Bridge of Boats across the River St.
Charles, ii, 27; iv, 240.
Brigadiers, the, under Wolfe, ii, 4;
plan of, ii, 237; answer of the, ii,
239; “Plan of operations in con-
sequence of the above answer,”
ii, 241; address letter to Wolfe,
ii, 245; Wolfe's answer to, ii,
246; their plan rejected by Wolfe,
ii, 248; in council, iii, 1 ; object
to Wolfe's plan, vi, 92; plan of
operations, vi, 93.
British army, strength of, at the
Battle of the Plains, iii, 122; en-
durance of, iii, 246.
British on the heights, the, iii, 116,
British Batteries, efforts of the
French to destroy them, ii, 98.
British Flag, ceremony of raising
the, iii, 2.91.
British Military Force in 1743,iii,5o.
British Fleet, the, at Cap Rouge,
v, 48; between Levis and Orleans,
iv, 26o; at Isle of Orleans, v, 35;
prepares to attack the town, iii,
278; in line before the town, iii,

British line, the, galled by skir-
mishers, iii, 131 ; thinness of,
saved many lives, iii, 185.
British troops, scour villages for
provisions, iii, 21 ; their eager-
ness for the attack, iii, 77; sur-
prised on the heights, iii, 87;
sixty-eight of the killed found on
the field after battle of Montino-
rency, v. 290.
Brown Hy., letter to his father con-

cerning Wolfe's death, iii, 219.
Buck, Miss, iii, 3.
Burton, General Fowler, C. B. I,
Burton, Colonel, wounded II, 253,
iv, 317; appointed Lieutenant-
Governor of Quebec, v, 58.
Bury, Lord, character of, described
by Wolfe, 1. 45.
Buttes à Neveu, ii, 297; French
appear on, iii, 131.
By, Captain, Model of Quebec, de-
signed by J. B. Duberger and Cap-
tain By, i, 28o.
Byng, Admiral, Execution of 1,9.

CADET, Madame, ii, 219.
Cadet, Sieur de, Army contractor,
ii, 30 ; his contract with Bigot,
ii, 37; trial and Sentence of, ii,
43; business ability of, ii, 44;
influence of, ii, 228; Letters of, in
correspondance de Bougainville,
iv, 22, 5o, 67, 74, 78, 115, 119,
126, 129; contractor for provi-
sions, v, 338; letter to Bigot, v,
Calcraft, Capt., letter of, his account
of the battle, iii, 165, vi, 142.
Caldwell, Capt. assistant to deputy
quartermaster general, ii, Io.
Camp at Lorette, the, iv, 137.
Camp Life, an example of, the
inconvenience of ii, 171.
Campaign of 1758, i, 251.
Cameron, M. bravery of, ii, 215;
Johnson's account of, ii, 216.
Cameron, Capt., of Fraser's, burial
of, ii, 264.
Canada, abandoned to its own re-
sources, ii, 28.
Canadian volunteers, the, iii, 140.
Canadians, restless under prolonged
Service—desire to gather in the
harvest ii, 169; bravery of, ii,
109; hardships of, ii, 168; make
a stand against the British, iii,
155, 183; Jolie Brunettes, iv, 44;
loyalty of, i, 206.
Cannon, one only at battle of Plains,
iv, 27o; removed from Montino-
rency, iv, 290.
Cape aux Oyes, iv, 242.
Cape Camoras, iv, 2.42.
Cape Canon, iv, 58.
Cape Diamond, situation of, iv, 253.
Cape Ray, iv, 281, 302.
Cape Rouge, troops placed at, ii,
Io7; River, French batteries at,
iii, 1 ; iv., 140.
Cape Santé, iv, 63.
Cape Torment, iv, 242, 309.
Captured ladies returned to city,
pay compliments to English offi-
cers, ii, I 15.
Capitulation of Quebec, chapter on,
iii, 268; iv, 258, 273.
Carillon, Montcalm's triumph at, i,
225; British defeated at, 238; iv,

Carleton, Guy, Wolfe's friendship
for, ii, 8; created Baron Dorches-
ter; note, ii, 9; encamps on of
Island of Orleans with Light In-
fantry, ii, 76; fired upon by a
body of Indians, ii, 146; in charge
of post at Orleans, ii, 267; wound-
ed iii, 162; iv, 26o.
Carron, M., iv, 46.
Carteret, foreign affairs controlled
by, i, 7.
Carver Jonathan, on the Massacre
of Fort William Henry, i, 193.
Castellane-Dampus, Madame Marie
Thérèse-Charlotte de Lauris de,
mother of Marquis de Montcalm,
1, I3 I.
Cataracony, river, iv, 257.
Catherine II, Her Majesty the ex-
press, despatches to, iv, 9, 146.
Cathedral of Quebec, destroyed by
fire, iv, 285.
Caughnawaga, village of, ii, 195.
Cayenquiliquoa, a Mohawk Indian,

[blocks in formation]

Chads, Captain, in charge of boats,
iv, 296.
Chambers, E. T. D., services ren-
dered to the authors, iii, note at
commencement of volume.
Chapais, Hon. T., author of sketch
of Montcalm's life, see preface,
vol. i.
Chapel of the Saints, the, iii, 188.
Charet, M., demands reinforcements
to attack British, ii, 77; v, 307.
Charlesbourg, iv, 129.
Charles Edward, i, 13; iii, 51.
Charles, River the, iv, 209.
Charnay, Madame, ii, 115.
Charter, Captain of Royal Ameri-
cans, ii, 224.
Château de Candiac, the home of
Montcalm, i, 130.
Château St. Louis, Citizens gather
there to denounce the captains of
the ships, ii, 75.
Château Richer, Fire at, ii, 223;
massacre at ii, 225; iv, 329;
Chelsea, sage of, ii, 183.
Chevalier M., his house destroyed
by fire, ii, 103.
Chezine, the, French Frigate, iv,
I69, 235, 239.
Chouquet, M., iv, 123.

[blocks in formation]

City walls, breaches in, iv, 241.
Claire Fontaine Street, ii, 297.
Cleveland, Duchess of, i, 27o.
Colley, Thomas, prisoner at Quebec,
ii, 235.
Collet, M. of Parent's Battery, kil-
led by a shot, ii, Io4.
Colonial Troops, the, iii, 133.
Combles, M. des, Engineer of the
French army, i, 164, 165; shot by
an Indian, i, 165.
Contract for furnishing the army
with provisions, v, 327.
Contrecoeur, M. de, commander of
Fort Duquesne, i, 150.
Conway, Major General, the King's
objection to, i, 77.
Cook, Captain, ii, II; mentioned by
Wolfe, ii, 151.
Cooper, Lieut. Wm., killed at the
battle of the Plains, iii, 184.
Copse, upon the right of the hills
of Abraham, the, iv, 256.
Corne, M. de la, i, 51.
Cormier, Madame, i, 181.
Cornwallis, detachment of, iv, 315;"
Lord, i, 77; Lieut.-Col... governor
of Acadia, i, 28.
Corpon, M. his trial and sentence,
11, 43.
Correspondance de Bougainville, see
Cote d'Abraham, iv, 207.
Couillard, l'abbé, iv, 19.
Council of War, held by the French,
ii, 94; v, 29.
Council of War held on Sept. 7th,
iii, 5; French version of, iii, 5,
Courtemange, M. de, iv, 169.
Courouyer, Hertel de, Letters of, in
Correspondance de Bougainville,
iv, 18, 24, 30.
Courval, Sieur, a Canadian, com-
missioned to conduct 72 fire rafts,
against the British fleet, his at-
tempt partially successful, ii, 128;

commander of the frigate Bras-
sarran, wounded, ii. 232; iv., 12,
Coventry, Lieutenant, iv, 158.
Crofton, Lieutenant, ii, 175.
Crossman, Capt., killed at Mont-
morency, ii, Io4.
Crown Point, Baron Dieskau at, ii,
201. iv, 160.
Cul-de-Sac, ii, 174.
Culloden Moor, Wolfe’s account of
battle of, i, 16.
Cumberland, Duke of, i, 15; and
major Wolfe, i, 17; banquetto, i.
Curry, Capt. of Bragg’s, iii, 220.

DALLING, Major, displeased with
action of soldiers, ii, 87; attacked
near St. Croix, ii, 21 I.
Dames de St. Augustin, iv, 23.
Dank, Captain, ii, 22; attacked and
defeated by Indians, ii, 144; in
command of company of rangers,
iv, 261.
Daun, Marshal, iv, I2O.
D'Arenne, M. le Chevalier, iv, 197.
D'Argenson, M., Minister of War,
1, I35.
Dart, General, iv, 91.
Dauphine, Battery, iv., 181.
Dawson, Rev. E., sermon on death
of Wolfe, iii, 313.
De Blau, letters in correspondance
de Bougainville, iv, 17, 28, 35, 39,
42, 46, 52, 64, 123.
Deboulle, M., iv, 194.
Declaration of War, by England, i.
Declaration of War, by France, i.
Deeds of Valour, ii, 157.
Defeat of French at Niagara, iv, 158.
Deguerré, M., iv, 1 Io.
Delaune, Capt., Wm., ii, 9; lands
at Pointe-aux-Trembles, ii, 173;

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