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in command of the first men to
ascend the cliffs, iii, 79.
Delawares, the, ii, 198.
Delbriel, M., iv, 44.
Delouche, captain of Fireships, de-
nounced, ii, 74; Capt., iv., 171.
Denet, M., battery of, on Ramparts,
ii, 263.
Denney, M., iv, 96.
Denoyelle, M., iv, 193.
Desandrouins M.Engineer in charge
of works at Fort William Henry,
i, 187.
Derivière, M., iv, 168.
Derobert, M., iv, 15.
Desclaux, Pierre, et fils, to Joseph
Cadet, v, 355.
Desbouyer F., Letter of, in Corres-
pondance de Bougainville, iv,
De Salaberry Street, British posi-
tion at, ii, 296.
Deschambeault, M. Fleury, agent
de la compagnie des Indes, i, 157;
proposed as colonel general of
militia by Vaudreuil, i, 158; his
plan for reorganization of the
militia, i, 158.
Deschambault, Magazine at, ii, 17o;
Magazine in charge of Captain
Perrot destroyed by the British,
ii, 219; French account of descent
at, ii, 220 ; landing at, iv, 57 ;
stores at, iv, 248.
Désery, M., his house destroyed by
fire, ii. 174.
Desrivières, le Sieur de, captures
three Englishmen, ii, 59.
De Sourmeau, M., iv, 171,
Destrien, M., iv, 86.
Destruction of village, ordered, ii,
I2 I.
Dettingen, village of, i, Io.
Devienne, iv, 46.
Diana Frigate, aground at Pointe
Levi, ii, Io9; iv, 285,
Dieskau, Baron de, i, 141.

Dilignerie, Capt., iv, 44.
Discipline, want of in French army,
ii, 117; severity of, ii, 131.
Discord, the dawn of, i, 171.
Dobson, Lieut., Major of Brigade,
11, IO,
Doubril, M., iv, 44.
Douglas, Remigny J. Vergor, posts
of, iii, 32.
Doriel, M. on Major Rogers, iii, 135.
Drubel, volunteers of, iv, 243.
Drucour, Governor de, offers to ca-
pitulate, i, 121.
Drysdale, Mr. the site of his pro-
perty, iii, 91.
Dubuisson, le Sieur, iv, 119.
Du Bois, M., iv., 171.
Duchesnay, Madame, ii, 115,
Duclos, Capt. of the Chezine, ii, 27;
1V, 239.
Dufy, M., ii, 265.
Duglas, Capt. Piquet of, iv, 85; at
St-Michel, iv, Ioo; v, 313.
Duprat, troop of, iv, 85.
Dumas, Louis, tutor of Montcalm,
i, 131; his zeal on behalf of Mont-
calm, i, 132.
Dumas, Major, to command a de-
tachment against the British
camp, ii, 97 ; leads expedition
across the river, ii, IoI ; failure
of expedition, ii, Io2 ; returns to
camp with his command, ii, 169;
qualities of, iii, 188; commander
of right wing of army, iv, 243.
Du Mat, M., iv, IoS.
Dunet, Sieur, ii, 267.
Durell, Admiral, wintered at Hali-
fax, ii, 21; despatched from Hali-
fax with Io sail, ii, 55; his failure
to intercept French provisions, ii,
Duroure's Regiment, i, 8; iv, 315.
Dusault, Capt., iv, 15.
Dussault le Sieur, iv, 119.

ELLIOT, Major R. Report by.v, 280.
Elibank, Lord, ii, 7.
Emmett, Dr., his collection of prints
relating to Quebec, i, 266; ii, 317.
Espinouse, M. de, marries daughter
of Marquis de Montcalm, i, 263.
Estèbe, M., his trial and sentence,
11, 43.
Etchemin River, number of boats
in, ii, 130 ; forded by the British,
ii, 214; iv, Io, 69.
Events Preceding the Siege, i, xix.

FABRIQUE Street, fire on north side
of, ii, Io9.

Fauçon, M., iv, 174.

Farquhar, Colonel, iv, 158.

Feints and alarms, a number of, iv,

Ferland.—Rév. J,-B.-A. Extracts
from Notes on Martin, ii, 3oo.
Fiedmont, M. de, iv, 229,
Fire Organ, a base invention, ii,
Fire Rafts, a second attempt made
to destroy British fleet, under
Sieur Courval, ii, 127.
Fire ships, eight purchased, ii, 72;
total cost of, ii, 72 ; experiment
with ends in failure, ii, 74; eight
vessels fitted out as, iv, 241.
Fire Stages, raft of, iv, 248.
First ships to pass the town, the, ii,
Fish Bay, iv, 302.
Fisher, Dr. Wm., i, 276.
Fisher, Hon. S. A., assistance to
authors acknowledged, i, xi.
Five nations, the, ii, 195 and note.
Flag of truce, first sent to town, iv,
252 ; the first sent by the British,
ii, 81; sent to Quebec, iv, 285;
v, 17; announcing death of Och-
terloney, v, 260.
Flat Island, iv, 302.
Fleet, the British, departs from
Louisbourg, ii, 55; arrival of in
St. Lawrence, iv., 147; at Isle of

Orleans, ii, 63; controls the St.
Lawrence, iii, 9; movement of on
7th. Sept., iv, 268.
Fletcher, Captain, killed, iv, 324.
Fleurimont, M. de, iv, Io.3. 127.
Fleury, Cardinal, iv, 232.
Flichet, M., iv, 205.
Floating batteries, brisk engage-
ment with British Frigate ii, 171;
iv, 169; managment of entrusted
to the inventor, iv, 241.
Foligné, Journal of, iv, 163-217, on
Montcalm's death, iii, 252.
Fontbonne, M. de, iv, 96.
Fontenoy, battle of, i, 13.
Fords at Montmorency, the, recon-
noitred by British, –description
of surrounding country--an enga-
gement with Canadians and In-
dians, ii, 124-5.
Fort Carillon, evacuation of, ii, 169.
Fort Duquesne, iv, 220.
Fort Frederic, evacuation of, ii, 169;
1V, I92.
Fort Frontenac, ii, 205.
Fort George, i, 167.
Fort Lydius, i, 207.
Fort Necessity, i, 15o.
Fort Pepperell, i, 166.
Fort William Henry, organization
of the campaign against, i, 178;
description of, 185; epidemic at,
i, 188; the British offer to sur-
render, i. 189.
Fortescue, G. K., Librarian of Bri-
tish Museum, iv, xi.
Forty third regiment, review of ii,
Io2 : on board the Seahorse, enter-
tained by Captain Smith, 11, 266;
services of, iii,58.
Forty Eighth Regiment, services
of, iii, 6o; at Pointe-des Pères,
ii, 86.
Foulon, the, 150 men between Fou-
lon and 1'anse des mers, iv, 96;
M. Vergor replaces St. Martin, iv,
99; convenient road at iv, 253;
abbatis at, iv, 295; described by
Moncrief, v, 48.
Fouquet, M., iv, 87.
Fragment of Journal of the Siege,
V, 27, 29,
Fraser, Captain, iii, 87.
Fraser Colonel, wounded, ii, 253;
his account of the battle, iii, 167;
ii, 224, letter from, iii, 256.
Fraser's Highlanders at Louis-
bourg, i, Io8.
Fraser, Capt., of Culdathel, ii, 264.
Fraser, Simon, letter from, v, 276.
Frederick-Augustus, i, 133.
French Army, division of, i, 155;
prepare for an attack at Beauport,
ii, 78; proposal to attack the
Island of Orleans, ii, 81.
French battery, opened at the wa-
ter side, v, 251.
French Camp, position of, ii, 78;
effect of British guns, on, ii, 98;
alteration of position of, ii, 99;
advised of the landing of British
troops, iii,82: its location at Beau-
port, iv, 254,
French cavalry, the, near Cap Rou-
ge, ii, 268.
French deserters, give valuable in-
formation to Wolfe, iii, 83.
French Fleet, at Richelieu, plan
proposed for its destruction, ii,
17o ; three vessels of, pass into
River St. Lawrence, v, 235.
French Frigates, iv, 199.
French gun boats, captured by the
British, ii, 124.
French loss at battle of Plains, diffi-
cult to estimate, iii, 184.
French officers, alarmed when ves-
sels passed the town, inhabitants
called to arms, ii, Io; ; expect a fi-
mal attack by British, iii,9;in com-
mand at battle of the Plains, iii, 154
French plan of Quebec, i, 114.
French prisoner escapes from Bri-
tish camp, v, 312.

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French Regiments, names of, iii,
132; distinguishing marks of, iii,

French troops, hampered by brush
wood, iii, 128; attack in three
columns, iii, 156.

French song a, i1, 201.

French works, none on the heights
of Quebec, on the day of battle,
iii, 91.

French Vessel, captured off Anti-
costi, ii, Io2.

GABRIEL, Le Pere, iv, 169-197.
Gage, Colonel, iv, 6.
Gaillard, M., iv, 125.
Gainsborough's, portrait of Wolfe,
11, 3 II.
Galissonière, de la, ii, 196.
Galitzine, Prince P. A. IV, ix, 157.
Gallows, a, erected over grand Bat-
tery, ii, Io9.
Galway Papers, the, vi, 63.
Gambling at Quebec, i, 219.
Gardes Françaises, the, iii, 134.
Gardiner, Capt. Richard, editor of
Journal of French officer, iv, x,
Gareu, M., ii, 231.
Garneau, on the Siege of Chouaguen,
i, 162; on the strength of the
French army, iii, 154, iii, 185.
Garrison of town, the, ii, 79; iv,

Gaspé, British ships at, iii, 3.
Gaspé Bay, iv, 302.
Gaspereau, Indians at, ii, 200.
General Hospital, news of the Bri-
tish landing, received at. iii. 104.
Gibson. James, on the tactics of
Wolfe, ii, 112, v. 65; letter of, v.
61; on the battle of Montmorency,
v, 66.
Gilbert, le Sieur, iv, 90.
Goldsmith, quotation from, iii, 75.
Goodwin, Major, report of, vi, 128,

Goose Cape, iv, 307.
Gordon, Mrs., i, 15, 16.
Gorham, Capt., established in large
house opposite Samos battery, ii,
1 Io; sent to St. Paul's Bay, ii,
17o; iv, 317; v, 2.78.
Gough, General Sir H., V. C., i,
Grenadiers of Crossman's Company
rewarded, ii, IoS.
Grenadiers, the, at Pointe aux
Trembles, ii, Io9; check of, iv,
25o; references to attack made
by, at Montmorency, iv, 265;
posted in church at 1'Ange Gar-
dien, iv, 329; fortified at L'Ange
Gardien, v, 7.
Grenadiers à Terre Neuve, iv, 85.
Grain, quantity of, ii, 175.
Grand Disturber of Europe, the, iv,
Grand Monarque, The, iv, 232.
Grand Mont, iv., 171.
Grant, James, iv, 58; letter to Bou-
quet, vi, 138.
Grammont, Duc de, i, Io.
Grow, Capt., ii, 235.
Guadaloupe, iv, 258.
Guardian Angel, Church of, iv, 245.
Guillam, Capt., Major of Brigade,
11, I.O.
Guyenne, or Guienne, Regiment of,
i, 156; ii, 264; picket of, sent to
the heights, iii, 93; the first upon
the field, iii, 127; its services, iii,
136; iv., 179.
Guienne and Royal Roussillon,
guards of, iv, 73.
HALE, General John, Birth and
Education, ii, 313; Family of, ii,
313; in command of Forty Se-
venth Regiment at the Battle of
the Plains, ii, 313; carries to En-
gland dispatches announcing the
victory of Sept. 13th, 1759, ii,
313; granted sum of £500 by the
King, ii, 313; Benjamin West's

offer to, ii, 314; an ensign in
Scotland, ii, 314 : mention of, in
History of 17th Lancers, ii, 314;
Motto of his Regiment in comme-
moration of death of Wolfe, ii,
315; First Col. of 17th Lancers,
ii, 315; statement that Wolfe
requested him to be the bearer of
the dispatches to England, iii,
Hale, Colonel, advances against
Skirmishers, iii, 131.
Hale, General John, Lieut. Col. in
command of Grenadiers, i, 115.
Hale, Madam, portrait of, by Sir
Joshua Reynolds, II, 220, ii, 314.
Hamilton, Lieut., captured by In-
dians, ii, 226.
Hardy, Sir Charles, at Gabarus
Bay, i, 1 12 ; preparing to rob
fishermen of nets, i, 127; iv, 312.
Hare Island, iv, 306.
Harvey, Major, iv, 159.
Haswell, Bob., iv, 319.
Haudebcourt, Mde., i, 278.
Hawkins, Alfred, inaccuracy of, ii,
293; first mention of wrong site
of battle in writings of, ii, 395.
Hawes, Mr., Prisoner at Quebec, ii,
Hawke, Sir Edward, in command
of naval force, i, 76, mention of
iii, 2, iv, 238.
Hazen, Capt. iv, 317.
Headquarters of French army, iv,

Heights of Abraham, position of, iv,
Henderson, James, letter of, iii, 215.
Hiche. M., meadow of, iv, 240.
Hill, General, iv, 236.
Highlanders, the, at Carillon, i.
237; character of, iii, 52; ser:
vices of iii, 55; take to Broad.
swords, iv, 27o; General Wolfe,
thanks them, iv, 287; efforts of
at battle of Plains, v, 23; con-
ducted by Stobo to Pointe-aux-
Trembles, v, 65.
Hinde, Dr., his description of Wolfe,
i, 66.
Hobart, Hon. George, iv, 231.
Hoborn, Capt., prisoner at Quebec,
ii, 235.
Hocquart, M., Honesty of, ii, 36.
Holmes, Admiral, joins Saunders
off Cape Sambro, ii, 21; extract
from his letter of Sept., 18th, ii,
248; at mouth of Chaudière river,
ii, 268 ; letter of, written on board
the Lowestoffe, iv, I2; division
of, iv, 271 ; letters of, iv, 295, 299;
landing of troops entrusted to, iv,
Honeywood, Col. Philip, appointed
to 20th regt. i., 63.
Hopson's grenadiers, Journal of
Sergeant major, of, v, p. 1.
Hornwork, the, ii, 27; works at,
iii, 183.
Hostilities suspended to allow ladies
to retire, ii, 115.
Houl, M., iv, 41.
House Munitionnaire, a, v, 238.
Howe, Colonel, calls for volunteers
for final attack, iii, 21, 177 : iv,
Howe, Lord, Wolfe's Eulogy of, i,
Hunter Sloop, the, passes the town,
ii, 229; iv, 266.
Hutchinson, Lt.-Governor, ii, 33;
letter to Wolfe, vi, 39.

IN battle array, iii, 117.

In the French Camp, iii, 99.

Indians, inhabitants of Quebec dis-
pleased with them, ii, 122; sur-
prise a detachment, ii, 177; char-
acter of, ii, 182; occupations of,
ii, 183 : physical and moral con-
dition of, ii, 183; various bands

of, ii, 194-195; favourable to
English traders, ii, 196; at the

Siege of Quebec, ii, 207; table of
different nations of, ii, 209; en-
counter with, v, 5.
Instructions regarding Expedition
against Rochefort, i, 79.
Intendant's Palace, the, ii, 174;
Intendant, taste for gambling, i,
Intrenchments at Beauport, iv, 263.
Ireland, part of reported to have
been taken by the French, ii, 265.
Iroquois, the, ii, 181,
Irving, Major, ii, 253.
Isle-aux-Coudres, British ships at,
iii, 3, iv, 242, 307.
Island of Eggs, iv, 220, 236.
Isle-au-Lievre, iv, 2.42.
Isle Madame, iv., 17o.
Ile-aux-Pommes, rich vegetation,
v, 236.
Isle Rouge, iv, 242.

JACQUES-CARTIER, French retireto,
iv, 257; iv., 78.
Janson, Colonel, iv, 6.
Jauquet, M., iv, 123.
Jeffery's Charts, iv, 306.
Jervis, John, Earl St. Vincent, i,
269; friend of Wolfe, ii, 11, iii,
Jesuit Relations, the, quotation
from, ii, 187.
Jesuits in Canada, the, ii, 193.
Jesuit Missionary, his account of
Indian speeches, ii, 184.
Jesuits’ College, the, iv, 28o.
Joannès, M. de, Memoir of, iv, x,
209; Major de Québec, iv, 219;
dispatched by Ramezay to Vau-
dreuil, iii, 275, urges Ramezay to
resist, iii, 279; sent to the British
camp to obtain terms, iii, 279,
strives to gain time, iii, 28o,
bears the signature of Ramezay
to the capitulation, iii, 281.
Johnstone, Chevalier at the horn-
work, iii, 182; services of, iii,

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