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181; on the French retreat, iii,
Johnson, Sir W., at Crown Point,
ii, 201; Indian compact with, ii,
204; iv., 157, 257.
Johnson, John, Memoirs of the Siege
of Quebec; v, 71.
Joly, Madame, ii, 115.
Jones, Lieut.-H., killed at the bat-
tle of the plains, iii, 184.
“Journal of the Siege of Quebec.”
notice of, iv, xi.
Journal of the Particular Transac-
tions during the Siege of Quebec,
v, 167.
“Journal of the Siege of Quebec,”
iv, 259, 28o.
Journal abrégé de la campagne de
I759, V, 283.
Jumonville, Coulon de, i, 149.
Junius, on Townshend, ii, 5.

KAMOURASKA, British ships at iii,
3; Islands of, iv, 306.
Kanon, sieur, proposes plan to cap-
ture British vessels; his proposi-
tion accepted, ii, 228; iv, 68,239.
Kennedy, Capt., iv, 71.
Kerallain, Count René de, IV, viii,

Killed and wounded, list of, to Sep.,
2nd, ii, 262.
King George, on the qualities of
General Wolfe, ii, 3.
King's Intentions, the, iv, 250.
Kingsford, historian, quoted, iii, 7,
Knox, Captain, his praise of Wolfe,
i, 123; on the various accounts of
Wolfe's death, iii, 217.
Konigsegg, General, i, 13.

Ladies requested to withdraw from
city, iv, 241.
La Canadienne, post of, iv, 3, 200.
Lachine, massacre at, ii, 181.

La Corne, M. le Chevalier de, iv,
Laflamme, Monseigneur, Dean of
Faculty of Arts, Laval Univer-
sity, correction of proof of French
documents by, iv., ix; xv.
La Ferté, le Chev. de, letter from,
V, 28I.
La Fontaine, M. de, iv, 75.
La Friponne, ii, 41.
La Gue, Mde., iv, 184.
Lake Champlain, iv. 16o.
Lake George, posts on, ii, 51.
Lake Ontario, iv, 6.
L'Allemant father Gabriel, martyr-
dom of, ii, 187.
La Mistanguienne, ii, 79; head
quarters of French army, iv, 243.
Landing effected, hour of, iv, 254.
Lane, W. C., Librarian of Harvard
University, iv, x.
Lancey, M. de, Lieutenant Governor
of New York, iv, 157, 158.
Lange, professor Richard, iv, 9, 143.
Langlade Charles, French Trader,
11, 197.
Langlois-Marie, wife of Abraham
Martin ii, 3oo.
L'Ange Gardien, iv, 216.
Languedoc, regiment of, i, 156;
on the heights, iii, 128; its ser-
vices, iii, 137.
Languedoc, de, iv, I.
L'Anse-aux-Cabanes, i, 165.
L'Anse-du-Foulon, guard placed at,
ii, Io?.
L'Anse-des-Mères, iii, 81.
La Présentation, fort, ii, 196.
L'Arethuse frigate, escapes the vi-
gilance of the British fleet, i, 113.
La Rochebeaucourt, Letters of in
correspondance de Bougainville,
iv, 15, 53, 129, 131, 133.
La Sarre, regiment of, i, 156; its
services,iii, 137; brigade de, iv,49.
Lascelles’ Regiment, services of,
iii, 59.

La Talente, frigate, iv, 74.
Latran, Chevalier de Saint-Jean de,
Lieutenant General of Police, ii,

Laurence, Mr., i, 3.
Lawrence, Brigadier, i, Io; ; request
made to him for supplies for ex-
pedition, ii, 21; to Pitt, vi, 126.
Lawrence's Regt., services of, iii,
Lauret, Marie le, iv, 214.
Lawson, Miss, i, 22.
Le Borgne, M., in command of
Marine troops, iii, 127.
Le Gris, M., iv., 187, 203.
Leckzinski, Stanislas, i, 133.
Lemay, Joseph, iv, 28.
Le Noir, Capt., attacks battery at
Samos, and loses 30 men, iii, 177.
Le Sage, M., iv, 174.
Leseau, M., iv., 171.
Leslie, Capt., assistant to deputy
quartermaster general, ii, Io;
consulted as to landing place at
Montmorency, ii, 153; iv, 331.
Les Pelleciers, iv, 242.
L'Entreprenant and Le Capricieux,
destroyed by fire, i, 119.
Letters of the French intercepted,
V, 235.
Lettres de grâce, v, 357.
Lévis, François, Chevalier de, note,
i, 136; ball, given by, i, 181 ;
character of i, 255; blamed for not
attacking British at Montmo-
rency, ii, 263; iv., 11.
Levis, Marquis de, Letters of in Cor-
respondance de Bougainville, iv,
133, 135; commander of right
wing, iv, 243; arrives at Jacques
Cartier, 16th. Sept., iv, 254.
Lévis, M. de, camp in danger from
British Batteries, v, 314.
Light Infantry description of i, III,
note ; gain the heights iii, 81 ;
eight men chosen to scale the
cliffs, v, 187.

Lignery, M., wounded, iv, 159, 219.
Ligonier, Lord, his interest in

Townshend, ii, 6; asks the King
to reconsider his decision re Guy
Carleton., ii, 9.
Lines and Intrenchments at Point
Levi, Iv, 26o.
Lowestoffe the, passes the town,
11, 229.
Lonsdale, Countess of,
Castle, i, 272; ii, 312.
Lonsdale, Earl of, i, 272.
Lorais, M., ii, 235.
Lorette, parish of, iv, 208.
Lotbinière, M. de, engineer, i, 187.
Lotheron, William, i, 14.
Louche, M. de, iv, 84.
Louisbourg, Pitt's plan for the
reduction of, i, 93 ; authentic
account of, reduction of, note, i,
98; Siège of, iv., 178.
Louisbourg Grenadiers, the, iii, 7o ;
iv, 320.
Lovat, Earl of, iii, 51.
Lowther, Miss Katherine, i, 4, note;
her portrait, i, 42, 272; sister to
Lord Lonsdale, ii, 16; Crayon
drawing of, in Lowther Castle, ii,
312 ; her gift to Wolfe, iii, 30 ;
Lowther, family of, i, 274, 275.
Lower town, passages leading to,
blocked up, iv, 2.41.
Lusignan, M. de, iv, 5.
Lyttleton, Sir Richard, instrumental
in securing Townshend's appoint-
ment, ii, 6.


MACALPIN, Lieut. of Royal Ameri-
cans, defends the Battery at Samos
iii, 177.

Mackellar, Major, Engineer in chief,
ii, Io; his description of Quebec,
ii, 66; his description of fire ships,
ii, 75; his description of Quebec
quoted in full, ii, 271 ; on an at-
tack by land, ii, 277; iv, 267.

McDonald, Donald, iii, So.
McDonnell, Lieut., killed at the
battle of the plains, iii, 184.
McDonell, Capt, at Chateau Richer,
ii, 232 : sends aid to Ensign Pey-
ton, ii, 163; takes possession of
the General Hospital, iii, 247;
claims the good officer of the Nuns
for the wounded, iii, 247.
McDougall, James, iii, 221.
McFee, Duncan, story of, iii, 53.
McLennan, William, F. R. S. C.,
obligations to, iv, xii.
McLeod, Donald, Wolfe said to have
been carried off the field in the
plaid of, iii, 225; letter referring
to, iii, 228.
McNeil, Lieut. R. Killed at the
battle of the plains, iii, 184.
McPherson of Cluny, note, i, 62.
Machault, M. de, Minister of Ma-
rine, i, 147; succeeded by M. de
Moras, i, 197.
Machin, H. T., asst. Treasurer of
the Province of Quebec, ii, 317.
Madame Péan, i, 218.
Magnan, Madame, ii, II5.
Maguire—abbé, chaplain of the Ur-
sulines, ii, 306.
Mahon, Lord, on Wolfe's alleged
bravado, ii, 12; quoted by Colo-
nel Townsend, ii, 244.
Malartic, Count Maures de, on the
loss of the French at the Fords,
ii, 126; Brigade Major, services
of, iii, 187; Letters of, in corres-
pondance de Bougainville, iv, 38.
Malliard, Abbé, v, 231.
Mailou, M., his house destroyed by
fire, ii, 174.
Maitland, Lieut. Col., iv, 334.
Manduit, Israël, author of an apol-
ogy for the life and actions of
General Wolfe, ii, 18.
Mantle, Capt., ii, 152.
Marcel, M., aide-de-camp, spends
the night at Vaudreuil's, quarters,

iii, Ioo, 273; Letters of, in corres-
pondance de Bougainville, iv, 13,
22, 4O, 55.
Marlborough, campaigns of, iii, 49,
i, 83.
Marquise de Saint Véran,
character of, i, 134.
Martin, Abraham,
Marchand, The Hon. Félix Gabriel,
Prime Minister of Quebec, preface
vol. i.; iv., 171.
Marrin, Capt., iv, 44.
Martini, Captain, iv, 159.
Mason, Lieut. Wm. killed at the
battle of the plains, iii, 184.
Massacre of Fort William Henry, i,
Massey, Colonel, iv, 158.
Maurin, M. his trial and sentence,
11, 43.
Matane, pass of, iv, 303.
Mayors, Captain, ii, 230; prisoner
at Quebec, ii, 235.
Meloises, Mlle des, i, 218.
Mémoire sur la Campagne de 1759,
1V, 219.
Memoirs of the Siege of Quebec,
from the Journal of a French offi-
cer, iv, 231.
Mercer, Colonel, killed by a cannon
ball, i, 168.
Mercier, M., at l'anse des Mères, iv,
Mercier, Chevalier, M. le, iv, 17o;
desires a truce in order to remount
cannon, ii, 117.
Mercure, M., iv, 52.
Miami River, the, ii, 197.
Micmacs, the, an example of their
oratory, ii, 184; iv., 174.
Middleton, J.E., assistance rendered
to authors by, vi, note at com-
mencement of Bibliography.
Militia of Quebec, the, iii, 127.
Miscellaneous extracts, vi, 146.
Mistress of the Webb, iv, 231,


See Abraham

Moltke, von, i, 245.
Monckton, Robert, son of John
Monckton, viscount Galway, ii,
4; criticism of Vaudreuil, ii, 5o :
his Brigade encamped at Beau-
mont, ii, 77; detached to drive
enemy from Point Levi, ii, 143;
charged with the first landing,
iii, 83; assumes command for a
few minutes, iii, 161 ; his letter
concerning Colonel Hale, iii, 212 ;
issues orders for mourning for
Wolfe, iii, 229; removed to Levis,
iii, 258; at Point Levi, iv, 26o;
wounded in breast, iv, 269; lands
at Point Levi, iv, 282 ; letter
from, v, 199; letter to Towns-
hend, v, 273; manifesto by, vi,
127 ; statement by, vi, 132; letter
to Pitt, vi, 132.
Monckton, Townshend, and Mur-
ray, letter to Wolfe, vi, 59.
Moncrief, Major, ii, 22; iii, 86; iv,
158; Journal of, v, 33.
Monquai, M. de, iv, 73.
Montbeillard, Letters in correspond-
ance de Bougainville, iv, IoS, Ioé,
I 18, 127.
MONTCALM and Madame Péan, i,
Montcalm’s Journal, i, Io9, 179.
Montcalm, Jean de Candiac de, i,
Montcalm and Levis at Carillon, i,
Montcalm, Louis Joseph, Marquis
de, his youth and early cam-
paigns, i, 129; declares his ambi-
tion, i, 132; taken prisoner in the
Italian campaigns, i, 134; made
Knight of Saint Louis, i, 134; his
religious training, i, 134 ; his
home life at Candiac, i, 135; on
Charlevoix, History of France, i,
137; at Brest, i, 138; text of his
commission, i, 141 ; holds coun-
cil with the Five Nations at La

Présentation, i, 163; reviews the
troops, i, 164; encamps near Fort
Ontario, i, 166; elated by his
victory, i, 168; erects a cross on
site of his victory, i, 169; the
news of his victory heard in
France, i, 17o; corrects the mis-
representations of Vaudreuil, i,
173; charges Vaudreuil with du-
plicity, i, 175; objects to Bishop's
mandement, i, 176; his descrip-
tion of social conditions, i, 177;
asks for his recall, i, 20o ; arrives
at Carillon with his engineers, i,
229 ; tactics at Carillon, i, 231 ;
the crisis of his life, i, 231; refers
to Vaudreuil's letters in his jour-
nal, i, 243; no evidence of jea-
lousy in his letters, i, 256; his
efforts to prevent the massacre at
Fort William Henry, i, 190 ; his
house on Rampart Street, i, 214;
protests against gambling, i, 217 ;
his policy of defence, ii, 96; con-
fident of victory at Carillon, i,
235; his attitude towards Vau-
dreuil, ii, 31 ; recognized the stra-
tegic value of Levis, ii, So.
Moncalm, his confidence in natural
strength of Quebec, ii, 112 ; re-
wards the sailors, ii, 175; retains
his army at la Canardière, ii,
269; his letter to de Molé, quoted
in full, ii, 281 ; on position of
affairs, July 20, 1759, iv, 9; his
fears regarding supplies, iii, 99 ;
sounds the call to arms, iii, III ;
his expressions on learning that
the British were upon the heights,
iii, 1 12 ; receives first definite
news of the position of the British
from what had been observed by
the inmates of the Hospital, iii,
115; prepares for the attack, iii,
125; requests artillery from the
city, iii, 128; holds council of
war, iii, 129; prepares for the
battle, iii, 131 ; experiences diffi-
culty in forming his line, iii, 132;
diverts attention from main army,
iii, 144; judges the moment op-
portune for an attack, iii, 146;
deceived as to the number of the
British, iii, 148; encourages his
troops, iii, 148; realises that the
crisis is at hand, iii, 149; ad-
vances to meet the British, iii,
153; in the centre of the advan-
cing army, iii, 154; wounded
near St. Louis Gate, iii, 168, iv,
269, v, 24; enters the city mor-
tally wounded, iii, 190, 192; taken
to the surgeon's house, iii, 191 ;
points out there alternatives, iii,
191; hears the verdict of the sur-
geon, iii, 191; tactics of, iii, 309.
Montcalm, his letter to Townshend,
iii, 192; note on the letter ad-
dressed to Townshend, iii, 193;
translation of his letter to Town-
shend, iii, 194; last moments of,
iii, 195; his last instructions, iii,
195; death of, iv, 14o ; v, 323;
burial of, iii, 195; his loss mourn-
ed by the army, iii, 196; family
of, provision made for by the
French government, iii, 197; his
memory cherished in Canada, iii,
198; his remains honoured one
hundred years after his death, iii,
199; marble tablet to his memory
in the Ursuline chapel, iii, 199;
letters of, in correspondance de
Bougainville, iv, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9,
II, 12, 13, 15, 18, 19, 34, 58, 7o,
71, 84, 85, 93, 94.98, 99, Iow, Io9,
116, 125; letter from, v, 339; is
observed by Townshend examin-
ing the British camp at Mont-
morency, v, 245; tactics of, v,
47; letter to Amherst, vi, 45, 56.
Montgomery, Captain, barbarity of,
ii, 224.
Montgomery, Richard, ii, 224.

Montgomery, Col., iv., 12o.
Montmorency, British Battery at
rendered useless, ii, 99; Works of
defence at, v, 19.
Montmorency, battle of, ii, 133 ;
plan of attack, ii, 134; French
prepare to meet British, ii. 136;
Louisbourg Grenadiers first to
gain shore—unaccountable action
– a violent storin — Grenadiers
repulsed, ii, 137 ; the Grenadiers
censured by Wolfe, ii, 139; James
Gibson on Wolfe's orders—var-
ious accounts of the storm, ii, 141;
Wolfe’s account of the defeat, ii,
143; the killed and wounded, ii,
145, ii, 152; abandoned, ii, 257.
Montmorency, River of, where ford-
able, iv, 223, 246.
Montreal, iv, 239.
Montreuil, Chevalier de, his servi-
ces, iii, 130; at the hornwork, iii,
183; letters of in correspondance
de Bougainville, iv, 13, 21, 32, 49,
56, 58, 66, 86, 87, 88, 93, IoS, 125.
Montrésor, Miss. F. F., iv, x1i.
Montrésor, Capt. John, author of
portrait of Wolfe, i, 266; Journal
of, iv, xii, 301.
Montrésor, family of, note, iv, xiii.
Montrésor, Col. James, iv, 318.
Monument to Wolfe and Montcalm,
note, i, 130.
Monuments to Wolfe in England
and New York, iii, 331.
Mountains of Our Lady, iv, 243.
Mordaunt, Sir John, recommends
Wolfe to the King, i, 73; interest
to secure Wolfe's promotion, i, 61.
Moras, M. de, Minister of Marine,
i, 197; his advice to Montcalm,
i, 202.
Morin, M., chief of Indians, wound-
ed, iv, I59.
Morris Major, iv, 322.
Moscow, Documents in the archives

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