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able to procure; But it is the King's express Pleasure, that You do not, on account of the Molasses, and Rum, above mentioned, delay, for one Moment, the Embarkation, and Sailing, of the Troops, agreeable to the Orders sent you in my Letter of the 29th, past : But you will not fail to order Quantities of Molasses and Rum, and particularly of the latter; to be sent after the Troops, at such Times, and in such Parcels, as you shall be able to procure the same, and shall judge proper.

I am now to inform You, that It has not been thought necessary to send out any new Hospital for the Expedition under Brigadier Wolfe, as that, already in North America, is so fully provided, that It is judged sufficient to furnish what shall be wanted for the Troops to be sent to Louisburg, as well as for those, that will remain on the Continent; You will therefore direct such a proportionable number of the Officers of the Hospital in North America, as you shall judge proper, to proceed with the Forces to Louisburg, in order to attend the Expedition against Quebec.

It being of the utmost Consequence, that all the Troops, destined for the Expedition against Quebec, should be assembled at the Rendezvous by the Time appointed, You will not fail to use the most particular Diligence, in making the necessary Disposition for the Defence and Security of Louisburg, and Nova Scotia, during the Absence of such part of the Troops, as are to be taken from those Places, so that no Delay may arise to this most essential and important operation, on that, or any other Account.

Tho' a considerable Quantity of Provisions will be put on board the Transports sent from England, and Care will be taken to send out a further Supply, with all possible Expedition; Yet, It is the King's Pleasure, that You should use all Means in Your Power to collect and send, from time to time, such Quantities of Provision, as You shall be able to procure, and as shall be necessary for the Troops under the Command of

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Whitehall Janry. 20th. 1759.
Rear Admiral Saunders.


By my Letter of the 12th. Instant, You were ordered to cause such a Disposition to be made of the Arms, Tents, &c. &c. on board the ordnance vessels, put under your command, and such part thereof to be taken out of the same, as should be directed by the Board of Ordnance, after which the said Vessels were to proceed to Louisburg, and the Arms, Tents, &c &c, which should be so taken out, were to be put on board the Transport Vessels ordered to New York; I am now to signify to you The King's Pleasure, that, in case the Disposition above-mentioned of Arms, Tents &c. &c, cannot be made in the Downes, or at Spithead, without causing the least Delay to the Sailing either of the Ordnance Vessels, or of the Transports for New York, You are to forbear making the said Disposition in Europe, but You will direct the Ordnance Vessels, as well as the Transports, to proceed, with all Expedition, to New York, at which Place you will order the Arms, Tents, &c. &c, mentioned in the inclosed List, to be separated and taken out, with as little Loss of Time as may be, and delivered to Major Genl. Amherst, or the Person he shall appoint to receive the same, after which the Ordnance Vessels are to continue their Voyage to Louisburg, under such Convoy as shall be judged proper, and so as to arrive there by the End of April, as directed by my Letter

aforementioned of the 12th. Instant.
I am &c


Whitehall. Decr. 29th. 1758.
Majr. Genl. Amherst.

His Majesty having nothing so much at heart, as to improve the

great and important Advantages gained the last Campaign, as well as to repair the Disappointment at Ticonderoga, and, by the most vigorous &

decisive Efforts, to establish, by the Blessing of God on his Arms, His Majesty's just and indubitable Rights, and to avert all future Dangers to His Majesty's Subjects in No. America, I am now to acquaint You, that the King has come to a Resolution to allot an adequate Proportion of His Forces in No. America, (amounting as You will see by the inclosed Paper, containing the Destination of the Troops) to 12005 Men, to make an Attack upon Quebeck, by the River St. Lawrence, against which Place they are to proceed from Louisburg, as early in the Year, as on or about, the 7th. of May, if the Season shall happen to permit, under the Direction of Brigadier Gen1. Wolfe, whom the King has appointed for the Command of that operation, and who will have the Rank of Major General, for that Expedition only; And I am to signify to You His Matys. Pleasure, that you do cause the several Regiments, appointed by the said List, to be employed accordingly on that Service, without making any change therein, unless some Alteration should be found absolutely necessary, from extraordinary Inconvenience, that might otherwise arise to the Service, from the unforeseen Circumstances, or Situation, of any particular Regt. or Regimts., in the Allotment, herewith transmitted, of the Forces destined for the above operation; and, in Case, it should be found absolutely necessary to change any Regt. or Regimts. in the said Allotment, you are to take especial Care, that, notwithstanding any such Change of particular Corps, the Total of Regular Forces, prescribed & fixed for this Service, do amount to the full Number, allotted, in the inclosed Paper, for the same.—It is also the King's Pleasure, that you do forthwith cause such Part of the Troops above mentioned, except Genl. Bragg's Regt, which is already at Louisburg, to be so disposed, that they may be ready, and embarked at New York, Boston, Halifax, or such other Place, as shall be most convenient, on board the Transports, which shall be provided for that purpose, in such time, as that all the Troops abovenamed for this Service, may be rendezvoused at Cape Breton, as nearly as may be, on, or about, the 20th. of April, if the Season shall happen to permit, and you will, without Loss of time, dispatch all necessary Orders, and in particular to the Governor, or Commander in Chief at Halifax, and to the Govr. of Louisburg, with regard to any Troops in their respective Departments, destined for this Expedition, as by the inclosed State of the Troops, in order that no Disappointment may happen, in proceeding from Louisburg, in case the Season permits, by the River St. Lawrence to Quebeck, on, or about, the 7th. of May, as directed in the former part of this Letter; and you will not fail to order, forthwith, all proper Provision, (and particularly fresh Provision as far as may be) to be immediately procured for the Subsistence and Refreshment of the Troops, during the Stay they may happen to make at Cape Breton, the Place appointed for their Rendezvous, and that all the Preparations there and Elsewhere, for this Service, be quicken'd and pressed, with the utmost Diligence. And you will particularly direct, that the Battering Train, and the Stores, of every kind thereunto belonging, (which, by your Letter of Augt. 28th., you informed me, was sent to Halifax, under the Command of Col. Williamson, and which, I am now informed, by the office of Ordnance, has been sent to Boston) be forthwith put into the most perfect Repair, and Order, for immediate Service, so as that the same may be in readiness to be employed on the Expedition against Quebeck, as early as is already pointed out in this Letter; and the necessary Additions, to the said Train & Stores, are now preparing, and will shortly be sent from England: You will also direct Colonel Williamson, & the Chief Engineer, to obey all such Orders, as he or they shall receive from the Lieutt. General & Board of Ordnance, with regard to the detaching Part of the Royal Regt. of Artillery, and Engineers on this Expedition, and you are to cause the Battering Train & Stores, together with three Companies of the Royal Regiment of Artillery to be embark'd, in such manner as you shall judge proper, and sent to Louisburg, so as to be there as near as may be by the 20th. of April.

Twenty thousand Tons of Transport Vessels are actually preparing here, and will shortly proceed to New York, to be in readiness to Convey the Troops abovementioned to Louisburg, from such Ports, and in such Divisions, as you shall judge most expedient for the Service proposed.

But to prevent, as far as possible, any Delays or Disappointments happening in this essential Service, from a Deficiency in the Transports to be sent from England, either on Account of their late Arrival from England, or from any of the same being rendered, thro’ Accidents during their Voyage, unfit, when they arrive, for immediate Service; It is the King's Pleasure, that you do forthwith take up, at such Place or Places, as you shall judge proper, in Nt. America, Six thousand Tons of Transport vessels, or any Additional Quantity, that you shall find necessary, for the Troops, the Train, the Stores, and the other Requisites, to be employed in the Expedition up the River St. Lawrence, and you will order the said Vessels to be fitted and prepared, in every Respect, and ready, wherever you shall direct, for the Embarkation of the Troops, the Train, the Stores, and all other Requisites for this Service–And that you may not fail being able timely to procure a sufficient Quantity of Transports, I am particularly to recommend it to you, and you are hereby directed to order an Embargo to be laid, as soon as necessary, on all Ships in the different Ports of the respective Provinces in Nt. America, the Governors of which were directed by my Letter of Septr. 18th (Copy of which was transmitted to you) to comply with any Application from you for this purpose, And you will direct the said Embargo to continue until such time as all the Transport Vessels, with the Troops, the Train, the Stores, and all the other Requisites for the Expedition against Quebeck, shall be actually sail'd for their Destination; But I am persuaded, you will, of yourself, see the Necessity of not mentioning the above Circumstance in your Orders to the Governors to lay such an Embargo; And as it may possibly happen, notwithstanding the greatest Care to the contrary, that all the Transports necessary for conveying the Troops, Train & Stores, may not be altogether ready so nearly at the same time as is to be wished; I am to signify to you, that it is the King's Pleasure, that you do send the above Forces to Louisburg (so as that they may be there by the Time above directed) in such Divisions as you shall judge proper, without making the whole of this important Service wait, on Account of some Part only of the Troops, destined for the same, not being quite ready; and, in that case, such remaining Part thereof is to be sent, with all Expedition, as soon after as possible, so as to join the main Body, assembled at Cape Breton, for the Service before directed.

His Majesty is further pleased to empower you, and has commanded me strongly to recommend to you, to keep up, and raise, as considerable a number of Rangers, as may be practicable, for the various operations of the Campaign; And in particular, that you do not fail to cause a Body of the said Rangers amounting to not less than 6oo, to be sent with the Forces to Cape Breton, for the Expedition to Quebeck, but, at the same time, it is His Majesty's Pleasure, that you shall not, on account of the said Rangers, should they not happen to be ready, detain the Troops from repairing with all Expedition, to their Destination, as directed, and you are to order the said Rangers, when ready, to follow and join the Troops as soon after as possible.

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