Charles Auchester: A Memorial ...

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Hurst and Blackett, successors to H. Colburn, 1853

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الصفحة 146 - All lives have their prose translation as well as their ideal meaning." Charles Auckestcr. BUT Kinnicutt opened wider to receive them than Mishaumok ad to let them go. If Mr. Gartney's invalidism had to be pleaded to get away with dignity, it was even more needed to shield with anything of quietness their entrance into the new sphere they had chosen. It is astonishing...
الصفحة 180 - I have called it tumultuous—but merely in respect of rhythm — the harmonies were as clear and evolved as the modulation itself was sharp, keen, unanticipated, unapproachable. Through every bar reigned that vividly enunciated ideal, whose expression pertains to the one will alone in any age— the ideal, that binding together in suggestive imagery every form of beauty, symbolizes and represents something beyond them all. Here over the surge-like but fast-bound motivo —only like those tost ice-waves,...
الصفحة 288 - Maria! have you actually been writing?" I sprang from the sofa quite wild, though I merely forsaw some touching memento in wordless lied, or scherzo for one-voiced instrument; of a onehearted theme. " I have not written a note, Carl — that remains to be done, and that is why I came back so soon; to be undisturbed and to learn of you, for you know more of such things than I do; for instance, how to arrange a score.
الصفحة 180 - As first awoke the strange smooth wind-notes of the opening adagio, the fetterless chains of ice seemed to close around my heart. The movement had no blandness in its solemnity ; and so still and shiftless was the grouping of the harmonies, that a frigidity actual, as well as ideal, passed over my pores, and hushed my pulses. After a hundred such tense, yet clinging chords, the sustaining calm was illustrated, not broken, by a serpentine phrase of one lone oboe, pianissimo over the piano surface,...

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