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F. L. Hosmer. The Indwelling God.
Mrs. Ellen R. Houghton.— George Houghton: The Legend of Walbach Tower.
Harper & Brothers. - Will Carleton: Betsey and I Are Out; How Betsey and I

Made Up. Amélie Rives: Unto the Least of These Little Ones.
Houghton, Miffin & Co.-(Annie Lazarus) Emma Lazarus: Chopin; The

Cranes of Ibycus; Critic and Poet; The South; Gifts; The World's Justice;
The Banner of the Jew; The Crowing of the Red Cock. Frank Dempster
Sherman: Pepita. Margaret E. Sangster: Are the Children at Home? Nora
Perry: After the Ball. John James Piatt: The Blackberry Farm. Sarah
M. B. Piatt: The Witch in the Glass; After Wings. Adeline D. T. Whitney:
Our Mother. Frances L. Mace: A Burmese Parable. Eliza Scudder: Can
Find Out God; No More Sea. Phæbe Cary: Nearer Home. Maurice Thomp-

Wild Honey; Atalanta. Christopher Pearse Cranch: Thought; The
American Pantheon. Lizette Woodworth Reese: A Rhyme of Death's Inn;
Rachel; April Weather. Lucy Larcom: Hannah Binding Shoes. Samuel
Longfellow: The Golden Sunset; Greeting; Vesper Hymn. Caroline Atherton
Mason: The Voyage. Alice Cary: Lyra, a Lament. William H. Furness:
Nightfall. Lilian Clarke: After Ruckert; The Shelter against Storm and
Rain. Edna Dean Proctor: O Lord, I Cannot Lose Heaven. Margaret J.
Preston: The Boy Van Dyke; The Mystery of Cro-a-tan. James Jeffrey
Roche: The Kearsarge. James Freeman Clarke: A Hymn of Prayer; The
Witch - from Bürger. H. W. Longfellow: Into the Silent Land -- from Von
Salis; Beware (Folk Song Tr.); The Two Locks of Hair — from Pfizer.
Bayard Taylor: The Haste of Love - from Martin Opitz; The Guide Post-
from Hebel. William Roscoe Thayer: The Last Hunt. Mrs. Graham R.

Tomson: Ephemeron. George P. Lathrop: The Star to Its Light; The Heart of a Song. «Life » Publishing Co.-W. P. Bourke: When My Cousin Comes to Town. Harry

Romaine: All on One Side. Samuel Minturn Feck: Priscilla. Eliza Calvert

Hall: A Modern Psyche. Augusta Larned: Perfect Peace. Lippincott's Magazine: The House of Hate. ngmans, Green & Co.-T. W. Higginson: The Things I Miss. n, Wolffe & Co.-- Ethelwyn Wetherald: The House of the Trees; Under the

r; Out of Doors; The Woodside Way; Twilight; The Wind of Memory;

Vind of Death. Edna Proctor Clarke: The Opal. William James Linton: Love and Youth. James Herbert Morse: The Power of Beauty. Ernest McGaffey: A Dancer. Mrs. V. H. McKnight. -- Geo. McKnight: Though Naught They May to Others Be. R. K. Munkittrick: The Root's Dream. Lloyd Mifflin: The Frontier. Louise Chandler Moulton: Help Thou My Unbelief; Shall I Look Back. Emma Huntington Nason: Body and Soul Samuel Minturn Peck: Dolly. Charles Ray Palmer. – Ray Palmer: My Faith Looks Up to Thee. Charles Henry Phelps: Dorothy. « Puck.)) -- Schuyler King: The Poster Knight to His Lady. L. C. Page & Co. - Albion Fellows Mason: The Time of Day. Annie Fellows Johnston: The Old Church. Burton Este

After the Play


G. P. Putnam's Sons.— John Antrobus: The Cowboy.
Robert Cameron Rogers: The Rosary; À Outrance.
Charles F. Richardson: Justice.
William Carman Roberts: For all his Poems.
James Jeffrey Roche: The V-A-S-E.
Roberts Bros. — Susan Marr Spalding: An Antique Intaglio; Fate; A Mirror,

The Second Place. Frederick H. Hedge: The Morning Star; Questioning.
The A. D. F. Randolph Company. - Harriet McEwen Kimball: The Guest.
Clinton Scollard: The Book Stall.
George Santayana: Faith.
Montgomery Schuyler: Carlyle and Emerson.
Frank Sewall: Roll Out, 0 Song.
Minot J. Savage: The Age of Gold; Mystery.
Frederick A. Stokes Company.- Frank Dempster Sherman: Bacchus.
Charles Scribnėr's Sons. — Julia C. R. Dorr: The Apple-Tree; Sealed Orders.
Herbert S. Stone & Co.: The Marine, a Folk Song. (Trans.)
J. T. Trowbridge: The Vagabonds.
L. Frank Tooker: He Bringeth Them into Their Desired Haver.
Jean Wright: The Epicurean.
Charles Henry Webb: With a Nantucket Shell.


G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. — Henry Allsopp: Young and Old.
Blackwell, Oxford. Wilfrid Blair: A Ballad of Deathless Dons. H. Rex Freston:

The Gift.
Boston Transcript. Richard Butler Glaenzer: Sure, It's Fun! Amy Lowell: Before

the Declaration of War. Lord Burghclere: Aftermath. Amelia Josephine Burr: Kitchener's March. Cambridge University Press. - Charles Hamilton Sorley: «All the Hills and Vales Along.» Constable (London). — Charles Murray: «When Will the War be By?» Wilfred Campbell: Langemarck at Ypres. Country Life. Agnes S. Falconer: Territories. Lillian Gard: Her «Allowance.»

Violet Jacob: The Twa Weelums. M. G. Meugens: The Fleets. Will H.

Ogilvie: Canadians.
Lord Crewe: A Harrow Grave in Flanders.
E. P. Dutton & Co. Winifred M. Letts: The Spires of Oxford.
English Review. - Bernard Gilbert: «I have no Ring.)
Jefferson B. Fletcher: «Who Only Stand and Wait.»
Portnightly Review. Margaret L. Woods: The First Battle of Ypres.
A. L. Humphreys. — F. W. Bourdillon: Here, and There.
Mitchell Kennerley. – Florence Kiper Frank: The Jewish Conscript.
John Lane Co. – Rupert Brooke: The Soldier. Gilbert K. Chesterton: The Wife of

London Nation. — Eques (Egypt): An English Soldier's Testament.
London Times.

- Crocuses at Nottingham. Julian Grenfell: Into Battle. Roland A. Hopwood: The Old Way. A. Mary F. Robinson: Belgium the Bar-Lass. Viscount Stuart: Sailor, What of the Debt we Owe you? Henry Van Dyke: Mare Liberum. Francis Brett Young: Marching on Tanga.

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Erskine Macdonald. Violet Gillespie: The Dead.
The Macmillan Co. Wilfrid Wilson Gibson: The Father; The Question; Raining.

Vachel Lindsay: Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight. Amy Lowell: Patterns.
Maunsel. — H. L. Doak: On Leave.
Methuen & Co., Ltd. - Iolo Aneurin Williams: From a Flemish Graveyard.
New York Globe. Miriam Teichner: A Letter.
New York Times. — Joyce Kilmer: The White Ships and the Red. Grace Harriet

Macurdy: To Melos. Henry M. Sage: Awake! America.
Punch.-St. Ouen in Picardy. Dr. John McRae: In Flanders Fields.
Grant Richards, Ltd. — Jessie Pope: Socks.
Scribner's Magazine. - Charlotte Holmes Crawford: Vive la France!
Charles Scribner's Sons. - Alan Seeger: I Have a Rendezvous with Death.
Toronto Globe, Canada. - «Seranus) (Mrs. J. W. Harrison): The Mother.
Sidgwick & Jackson, Ltd. - John A. Nicklin: The Fisher Lad. Frank Sidgwick: «Form

Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Habberton Lulham: His Only Way.
The Spectator. 0. M.: Master and Pupil. Frank Taylor: England's Dead.
Sunday Times. — X.. Kitchener.
Sydney Daily Telegraph. — John Sandes: Australians to the Front.
Westminster Gazette. — Cicely Hamilton: Non-Combatant.

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Horatius Bonar. 16379 À Outrance (France, Seventeenth


Robert Cameron Rogers. 16660 Abbé's Dream, The

Nathan Haskeli Dole. 16899 Abide With Me

Henry Francis Lyte. 16848 Abraham Lincoln: The Atonement

of Mr. Punch - Tom Taylor. 16353 Accordance - Anne C. L. Botta. 16772 Address to the Mummy in Belzoni's

Exhibition - Horace Smith. 16789 Adieu for Evermore

Author Unknown. 16439 After Construing

Arthur Christopher Benson. 16787 After the Ball - Nora Perry. 16447 After the Play

Burton Egbert Stevenson. 16720 After Wings - Sarah M. B. Piatt. 16723 Age of Gold, The

Minot Judson Savage. 16859 Aithne, Song to.

Ian Cameron («Ian Mòr»). 16597 Alien - William Carman Roberts. 16725 All on One Side - Harry Romaine. 16624 Almighty Love, The

Theodore Parker. 16867 Alone in the Fields

Hermann Allmers. 17004 Althea, To Richard Lovelace. 16591 Amaturus - William Johnson-Cory. 16600 American Pantheon, The

Christopher Pearse Cranch. 16780 Amynta - Sir Gilbert Elliot. 16591

Ancient Gueber Hymn

Author Unknown. 16832 André's Ride A. H. Beesly. 16382 Annie Laurie

William Douglas of Kirkcudbright. 16366 Antique Intaglio, An

Susan Marr Spalding. 16729 Antony and Cleopatra

William Haines Lytle. 16576 Any Soul to Any Body

Cosmo Monkhouse. 16835 Apparition, The - Stephen Phillips. 16466 Apple-Tree, The - Julia C. R. Dorr, 16526 April in Ireland - Nora Hopper. 16438 April Weather

Lizette Woodworth Reese. 16498 Are the Children at Home?

Margaret E. Sangster. 16450 Arnold Winkelried

James Montgomery. 16397 Art Thou Weary? St. Stephen the Salmite.

16892 Asian Birds Robert Bridges. 16499 Atalanta Maurice Thompson. 16814 At the Breach - Sarah Williams. 16566 Auld Robin Gray

Lady Ann Barnard. 16383 Auld Stuarts Back Again, The

Anonymous Jacobite Song, 1714. 16424 Avaricious Shepherdess, The


Charles Rivière Dufresny. 16369 Awaking

Gertrude Bloede ((Stuart Sterne))) 16849

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Ballad of a Bridal

Edith (Nesbit) Bland. 16662 Ballad of the Boat, The

Richard Garnett. 16481 Ballad of the Brides of Quair

Isa Craig Knox. 16926 Ballad of the Common Folk

Théodore De Banville. 16753 Banner of the Jew, The

Emma Lazarus. 16913 Barbara Allen's Cruelty

Author Unknown. 16934 Bather, The

Mary Ashley Townsend. 16506 Beautiful Witch, The

Charles Godfrey Leland. 16549 Bedouin-Child, The

Théodore Watts-Dunton. 16456 Before and After the Flower-Birth

Philip Bourke Marston. 16500 Begone, Dull Care

Author Unknown. 16470 Ben Bolt - Thomas Dunn English. 16413 Benedicite

Anna Callender Brackett. 16503 Benedictine Garden, A

Alice Brown. 16529 Betsey and I Are Out-Will Carleton. 16671 Beware (Folk-Song: Translated)

Longfellow. 16998 Binnorie - Author Unknown. 16929 Bird Song from (Alexander and

Campaspe) - John Lyly. 16362 Bivouac of the Dead, The

Theodore O'Hara. 16569 Blackberry Farm, The

John James Piatt. 16530 Blackbird's Song, The

Henry Kingsley. 16496 Blue and the Gray, The

Frances Miles Finch. 16351 Body and Soul

Emma Huntington Mason. 16836 Bonaventura

Ellen Frances Terry Johnson. 16796 Book Lover's Apologia, A

Harriette C. S. Buckham. 16775 Book Stall, The Clinton Scollard. 16774 Bos'n Hill

John Albee. 16955

Boy Van Dyck, The, A.D. 1608

Margaret J. Preston. 16782 Bramble Flower, The

Ebenezer Elliot. 16470 Brant to the Indians

Guy Humphrey McMaster. 17019 Brave Old Oak, The

Henry Fothergill Chorley. 16414 Bridal of Andalla, The

Spanish: Author Unknown. 16655 Bringing Our Sheaves With Us

Elizabeth Akers Allen. 16745 Bring Me Word HowgTall She Is

Dora Greenwell. 16631 Brooke, Stopford A.

The Earth and Man 16388 Brookside, The

Richard Monckton Milnes. 17007 Bruce and the Spider

Bernard Barton. 16713 Burial of Moses, The

Cecil Frances Alexander. 16793 Burial of Sir John Moore, The

Charles Wolfe. 16396 Burmese Parable, A

Frances L. Mace. 16457 Busy, Curious, Thirsty Fly

Vincent Bourne. 17025

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CAGES AND RHYMES - Karl Knortz. 16706 «Can Find Out God») - Eliza Scudder. 10842 Captain in Love, The

Modern Greek. 17000 Carcassonne - Gustave Nadaud. 16730 Carlyle and Emerson

Montgomery Schuyler. 16780 Carmen Madison J. Cawein. 16658 Cause of the South, The

Abram J. Ryan. 76423 Cavalier's Escape, The

George Walter Thornbury. 16580 Character of a Happy Life

Sir Henry Wotton. 16877 Chopin

Emma Lazarus. 16772 Christmas Hymn Nahum Tate. 16873 Christmas Night in the Quarters, From

Irwin Russell. 16691 Chrysalis of a Bookworm, The

Maurice Francis Egan. 16776

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