Almack's: A Novel, المجلد 2

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Saunders and Otley, 1826 - 413 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 305 - Oh, how canst thou renounce the boundless store Of charms which Nature to her votary yields ! The warbling woodland, the resounding shore, The pomp of groves, and garniture of fields ; All that the genial ray of morning gilds, And all that echoes to the song of even, All that the mountain's sheltering bosom shields, And all the dread magnificence of Heaven, Oh, how canst thou renounce, and hope to be forgiven ! X.
الصفحة 251 - The three Graces whose personal charms excited such universal admiration at the last ball at Almack's, were the Ladies Olivia, Agnes, and Madelina Beaulieu, the daughters of the Earl of Beaulieu. It will be in the recollection of many of our readers, that their mother, the late Countess, was one of the greatest beauties of her day ; the trial of Captain , for crim. con. with her Ladyship, in which many curious facts came out, is, it is said, about to be republished.
الصفحة 61 - Who gave the ball, or paid the visit last ; One speaks the glory of the British queen, And one describes a charming Indian screen ; A third interprets motions, looks, and eyes ; At every word a reputation dies. Snuff, or the fan, supply each pause of chat, With singing, laughing, ogling, and all that.
الصفحة 307 - To describe this lady so as to do her justice, will not be easy, but I must endeavour. Lady Hauton, for it was indeed no other than Lady Hauton herself, was neither young nor handsome nor lively nor amusing ; but she rouged well, and dressed better than most people. She talked a great deal, she knew more than any person I ever met with, and both every thing and every body ; she could quiz and she could flatter ; and she understood how to manage all sorts of tempers and dispositions, as well as how...
الصفحة 239 - Others on earth o'er human race preside, Watch all their ways, and all their actions guide : Of these the chief the care of nations own, And guard with arms divine the British throne. " Our humbler province is to tend the fair, Not a less pleasing, though less glorious care; To save the powder from too rude a gale, Nor let the...
الصفحة 270 - Very well, my lady !" said Charles, and withdrew immediately. " I beg your pardon," said Lady Birmingham, at last addressing her guests; " but, in so large an establishment as mine, I find that it is absolutely necessary to keep each attendant in his particular sphere. In England, I believe, we have many more servants than people have on the Continent, Madame de Wallestein. I dare say you will "be surprised to hear that I have six footmen in full employment. I hope you will find your card of invitation...
الصفحة 222 - Spadille, odd trick, pam, basto, king and queen. And you, ye knockers, that with brazen throat, The welcome visitor's approach denote, Farewell ! All quality of high renown, Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious town, Farewell ! your revels I partake no more, And Lady Teazle's occupation 's o'er...
الصفحة 211 - If once to Almack's you belong, Like monarchs, you can do no wrong; But banished thence on Wednesday night, % By Jove, you can do nothing right.
الصفحة 260 - What numbers, here, would, into fame advance Conscious of merit, in the coxcomb's dance ; The tavern ! park ! assembly ! mask ! and play ! Those dear destroyers of the tedious day ! That wheel of fops ! that saunter of the town ! Call it diversion, and the pill goes down.
الصفحة 271 - Then you will have the goodness to let me know as soon as you can. We had meant to have asked the Glenmores ; but I find they do not come till next week. The poor little soul can know so few people in London, that I think it will really be a positive duty to take her up.

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