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BEDFORD: Printed by W. J. Robinson."


The appearance of these Lectures in their present shape may require a word or two of explanation. Perhaps it will be well to say that they were not prepared with any view to collective publication in the first instance.

But it so happened that as they were delivered to my own congregation from time to time they were reported in our local newspapers, and thus reached a wider audience than that to which they were spoken. This led to the expression on the part of many of a kind wish to have them in a more convenient form, and to the expression of a still kinder belief that they might thus be more widely useful in the anxious but hopeful times through which we are passing.

With considerable hesitation, therefore, I have revised and in some cases extended the newspaper reports of my

Lectures, and sent them forth in the hope that, with all their defects, they may be helpful to some.

There are many among us, men of strong common sense and religious feeling, who are deeply interested in the questions at issue. But they have not time for wide and intensive reading, and they would be glad to know within

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