Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois, المجلد 279

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الصفحة 482 - Every person may freely speak, write and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty; and in all trials for libel, both civil and criminal, the truth when published with good motives and for justifiable ends, shall be a sufficient defense.
الصفحة 15 - out of the employment when it is something the risk of which might have been contemplated by a reasonable person, when entering the employment, as incidental to it.
الصفحة 129 - Whatever differences of opinion may exist as to the extent and boundaries of the police power, and however difficult it may be to render a satisfactory definition of it, there seems to be no doubt that it does extend to the protection of the lives, health and property of the citizens, arid to the preservation of good order and the public morals.
الصفحة 254 - A waiver of protest, whether in the case of a foreign bill of exchange or other negotiable instrument, is deemed to be a waiver not only of a formal protest, but also of presentment and notice of dishonor.
الصفحة 16 - The fallacy of this consists in not adverting to the fact that there are prohibitions which limit the sphere of employment, and prohibitions which only deal with conduct within the sphere of employment. A transgression of a prohibition of the latter class leaves the sphere of employment where it was, and consequently will not prevent recovery of compensation. A transgression of the former class carries with it the result that the man has gone outside the sphere.
الصفحة 18 - Loreburn) in the course of his opinion in the case of Moore v. Manchester Liners, Limited, [1910] AC 498, at p. 500, said this: "I think an accident befalls a 'man in the course' of his employment if it occurs while he is doing what a man so employed may reasonably do within a time during which he is employed, and at a place where he may reasonably be during that time to do that thing.
الصفحة 288 - ... it shall be competent for the Supreme Court to require, by certiorari or otherwise, any such case to be certified to the Supreme Court for its review and determination, with the same power and authority in the case as if it had been carried by appeal or writ of error to the Supreme Court.
الصفحة 470 - ... mark, as a line between the riparian owner and the public. It is the point up to which the presence and action of the water is so continuous as to destroy the value of the land for agricultural purposes by preventing the growth of vegetation, constituting what may be termed an ordinary agricultural crop, — for example, hay.
الصفحة 275 - Specific performance is not a matter of right, but rests in the sound discretion of the court...
الصفحة 603 - Whether a purchase in the name of a wife or child is an advancement or not, is a question of pure intention, though presumed in the first instance to be a provision and settleOpinion of the Court. ment ; therefore, any antecedent or contemporaneous acts or facts may be received, either to rebut or support the presumption...

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