Proceedings, الجزء 1

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Includes a later edition of the Proceedings of the 1st congress: Comprenant le sommaire des travaux de la première peŕiode et les mémoires in extenso de la seconde période.

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الصفحة 124 - London. 2.* The Turanian Epoch of the Romans, as also of the Greeks, Germans and Anglo-Saxons, in relation to the early history of the World, by Hyde Clarke. London 1879. 8. 10. Von James Burgess in Edinburgh. * Memorandum on the Collection and Publication of Indian historical Inscriptions. 20th Aug. 1881. Fol. 7 SS. 11. Von FW Eastlake. * Lecture delivered in the City Hall, Hong-Kong, China, November 15th 1880 by FW Eastlake on the Cuneiform Inscriptions (gedruckt in vier langen Streifen). 12. Von...
الصفحة 130 - De HARLEZ, Manuel du pehlevi des livres religieux et historiques de la Perse. Grammaire, anthologie, lexique, avec notes, etc.
الصفحة 94 - Hunter, in a couple of lectures, set forth, in an attractive manner, " what England had done for India ; " but I am sure Dr. Hunter would be the last man in the world to deny the obligations of the British nation towards India, and the duties and interest of the British Government in regard to Indian research. Nor can I help thinking that many enlightened Indian princes and gentlemen would willingly lend their name and support to an undertaking so eminently calculated to add to our knowledge of the...
الصفحة 130 - Vikrainorvasi, drama del poeta Indio Kalidasa en cinco actos, version directa del Sanscrit por ' D. Fr. Garcia Ayuso. Madrid 1874. kl. 8. geh. 3. Gramätica ärabe, segun el metodo de Ollendorf, por DF Garcia Ayuso. Madrid 1871. 8. geh. 4. Ensayo crftico de gramätica de los idiomas indo-europeos Sanskrit, Zend, Latin, Oricgo, Antiguo Eslavo, Litauico, Antiguo Aleinan y Armenio par D.
الصفحة 133 - Caricaturnamen Christi unter Juden und Heiden. Ein Sendschreiben an Frederic W. Farrar DD. Berlin 1875. 8. 2. Esmun. Eine archäologische Untersuchung aus der Geschichte Phöniziens und Kanaans. 2. Ausg. Berlin. 47. Von Prof. Dr. H. Strack in Berlin. Firkowitsch und seine Entdeckungen. Leipz. 1876. 8. In vielen Exemplaren. 48. Von Herrn Leopold AF Arends in Berlin. LAF Arends, über den Sprachgesang der Vorzeit und die Herstellbarkeit der althebräischen Vokalmusik. Mit Musikbeilagen. Berlin 1867....
الصفحة 119 - Syamacharan Ganguli. 18 SS. aus einer Zeitschrift. In 2 Exemplaren. 3. Von Rajah Comm. Sourindro Mohun Tagore, in Pathuriaghata Raj Bati, Calcutta. 1. The five principal Musicians of the Hindus, or a brief exposition of the essential elements of Hindu Music as set forth by the five celestial Musicians of India. An offering to the fifth International Congress of Orientalists , to be held at Berlin in Sept. 1881. Calcutta 1881. fol. 38 SS. Mit einem lithographirten Titelbild. In 200 Exemplaren.
الصفحة 87 - Sanskrit abounds in exceptions and irregular forms is a palpable proof of its being spoken generally by the common people at one time. The second part of the paper showed briefly how Sanskrit is regarded in India at the present day. It was stated that in spite of all the exaggerated difficulties of its grammar, the educated classes of India can and do use Sanskrit as a medium of intercommunication of every description and that it, being a kind of 'lingua franca' among learned men through out that...
الصفحة 94 - ... by English magazines. In conclusion, allow me to venture the suggestion that a 'Sanskrit Text Fund," resembling the old Oriental Text and Translation Funds, with an efficient committee to administer it, might have been even more in accordance with the objects which the late Professor Goldstücker had in view than a so-called "society," with its complicated machinery of general meetings.
الصفحة 127 - II libro dei funerali degli antichi Egiziani, tradotto e commentato da Ernesto Schiaparelli. — Saggio dei primi fogli stampati, presentato al V Congresso Internazionale degli Orientalisti riunito in Berlino. (II primo volume e d'imminente pubblicazione).
الصفحة 93 - Sacred Books of the East," whereas the other has been translated by the editor himself. But I know it as a fact that several other competent scholars would have been only too glad to offer to the society the results of their labours, if they had not been given to understand that the state of the society's funds did not permit the committee to undertake to publish any more works. It appears, unfortunately, that, after Goldstücker's death, the committee thought it advisable thenceforth to limit the...

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