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will prevent them giving, as they had done, to the support of the Ministry—will dry up every remains of christian experience and attachment to that cause to which they are indebted for almost every thing which they possess, and make religion appear hateful to many of them. All this is publicly taught by a man, who calls himself a “ Reverend Minister of the Gospel of Christ."

The British public both political and religious hate oppression, they may be led by kindness to almost any thing which is good or consistent; but they have never allowed themselves to be driven per force. With his accustomed tact, he has thrown by wholesale that odium on the Conference, which really belongs to himself; and thus endeavoured to hide his own defects in a whirlwind of his own raising :-he has thrown contempt on the Ministers, and on the usages of Methodism, to prevent his own true position aud obstinacy from being discovered. This has been done so effeclually, that the chairman of a mexiing which was held in his favour, even when he was railing at the law of -—'35, declared that he had never read tbat law; but should like to be favoured with a peep at it!

He has already destroyed the peace and union of many families and societies,--has divided friends once ardently attached to each other, -and has lowered the tone of christian experience in numbers of the sincere followers of Christ. He feels no concern that thus through his gan conduct hundreds are now suffering. Is this a follower of Christ who can call in the claptrap of “ Civil and Religious Liberty," in order to make himself a " Martyr ?" While he is conscious, and too well knows, ibat his present circumstances are entirely owing to his Ou envy, pride, obstinacy, and perverseness.


His great sin, and if this be not a sin where shall we find one, consists in throwing every species of reproach and calumny on those of his Brethren, who had officially" to take a part in his examination at the Conference, or who opposed his contumacious violation of those usages, which had been so rigidly enforced by himself on others.

HE WAS EXPELLED FOR REFUSING TO PLEDGE HIMSELF TO LIVE IN PEACE FOR THE FUTURE." He calls this expulsion “unrighteous;” but it is not“ righteousto blast the characters of his Brethren sever. ally, and by name, in their absence, to prevent or retard their usefulness as Ministers, and to plant in the minds of all classes a deep and lasting hatred to the whole Conference of Wesleyan Methodism.

This Portrait painted from Life by himself, and ornamented by colors from his own palette, will prove to every candid and reflecting mind, that he who is unable to govern himself is not qualified to silence oppression in others; nor to repair any irregularities in what he always called blessed Methodism ;" but now having fallen under its judicial punishment he is resolved if possible to effect its entire destruction.

Exhorbitant selfishness, personified and perpetuated, " has refused to accept the principal which was owing to it from the Annuitant Fund," although other persons have had it who have left, or been dismissed the Connexion; nay, even his brother of Ripley has received it. Thus even the rules and usages of this old and valuable Fund, (of which he never complained before,) must be violated, purposely to suit his own

terest, or to open another valve for the escape of his deeply fixed malignity. But to give out a hymn, and pray at the commencement and termination of his public meetings, must shock every reflecting mind, when it is well anderstood that his main object is to excite and promote some of the worst passions of the human heart.

Portraits of his colleagues are preparing for the Press, and may shortly be expected.


P.S.-In how many Circuits has he travelled during Thirty years, where he has not had contention either with his colleagues or the Members ?






"It seems to be an indisputable fact, that, howerer inadequate a Church may be to its own internal wants, it must on no account suspend is Missionary duties; that this is, in fact, the circulation of its life's ticed, which would lose its vital power if it never flowed forth to the extremitics, but curdled at the beart.”


"That, I beseech you, brethren, is the spirit of Missions, but the spirit of Christianity operating in its divinest energies, and closely treading in the steps of our Lord, and of his apostles!"




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