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peared, and I was left alone with my reflections. As soon as day appeared, all the family, making a great noise, came to awaken us as we had requested. They brought us something to eat, and gave us a very clean and a very good breakfast, I assure you.

15. Two fowls formed part of it, of which we must, said our hostess, take away one and eat the other. When I saw these I understood the meaning of those terrible words, “ Must they both be killed ?” and I think, cousin, you have enough penetration to guess what they signified.

1. Particularly, precipices, practicable, bewildered, arsenal, succor, remuneration, portmanteau, joists, distinguished, penetration, signified, collier, knives, communicated.

2. Where is Calabria ? What mountains are meant? What is a precipice? What does “our horses got on” mean?

mean? How dark was it? Who are colliers? What is meant by “had quite the look of colliers”? What is an arsenal ? What are the crown diamonds ? What is the usual meaning of introduce ? What is the meaning here? How did the chimney communicate with the lower room? What two meanings can you give for distinguish?

Explain these expressions :-got on-daylight lasted-pitchdark-wait to be pressed—he played the rich man—where we had supped-which communicated with perfectly distinguished —let us see—a long quarter of an hour--the crack of the door - from the outside-he mounted it-you have enough penetion.'



1. In 1847, during our war with Mexico, the United States army was rapidly approaching the City of Mexico. The approach was by a large causeway with a ditch on each side, and at one place across a bridge that was strongly fortified.

2. While the fight was going on upon the causeway, General Worth became separated from his troops by a large baggage wagon, laden with powder, which had been set on fire by the enemy's shot.

3. Sergeant A. M. Kenaday, of the Third United States Dragoons, with three comrades hurried to the wagon, determined at the risk of their lives to clear a passage for the general.

4. Before the general knew what they were doing, two of them leaped into the wagon and, seizing the boxes which were already on fire, tossed them rapidly to the other two soldiers, who as quickly rolled them down the banks of the causeway into the ditch below.

5. Box after box had been thus disposed of and the men were almost exhausted with heat and work, when the general saw them at their dangerous task and, spurring his horse, rode up to the wagon and ordered them away.

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Scarcely were they out of danger when a loud explosion told them of their narrow escape, and, looking back, they saw the wagon and its contents completely disappear in the smoke.

7 On that very day the young sergeant was in the famous charge on the San Antonio gate of the City of Mexico, which was one of the bravest ever made, and of which the Mexicans say that it was no wonder they were defeated when attacked by demons in the form of men.

8. In this war the American soldiers, with hardly a repulse, advanced from the Rio Grande, through a series of hard-fought battles and brilliant victories, until they planted the stars and stripes in triumph on the ramparts of the City of Mexico.



1. The women of America have not allowed the men to bear away the palm for bravery. They have borne their part always and everywhere Timid, shrinking girlhood has leaped into heroism, and mothers have suddenly ceased the cradle-song to seize the gun and defend their homes against the cruel red man.

2. And so it happened that when, in 1777, Fort Henry, on the Ohio River, was attacked suddenly by a band of Indians led by a tory, it was saved by the bravery of a schoolgirl.

3. As soon as the presence of the Indians was known, the people hurried from their homes in the village into the fort, which was strongly built of logs. And it needed all its strength, for only twelve men were left to Colonel Shepherd, the commander of the fort, while outside hundreds of cruel Indians were thirsting for their blood.

4. But these men were good marksmen, and they withstood so bravely every attack of the savages that all were hopeful of the result, when suddenly they found that their small stock of powder was nearly gone. Then it was remembered that in one of the houses about sixty yards from the fort there was hidden a small keg of powder.

5. To get this was the only hope of success.

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