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John's Gospel; and, in doing so, we brought it into juxtaposition with certain texts from the first Epistle of the same Apostle, which throw such light on what the Gospel relates regarding the opening of Jesus' Side. Let us imitate our Mother, the Church, who hears these mysterious words with such profound attention. This Gospel tells us of the beautiful path by which she first came. Yes, she was born from the Heart of the Man-God. It seems to us, —now that we know what we do,—that she could not have had any other beginning than this; for she is the work, by excellence, of his love; and it is for this his Bride, that he has accomplished all his other works. Eve was taken from Adam's side, and it was done as a figure of a future mystery; but, for that very reason of its being a type and prediction, no trace was to be left of the fact itself. But in the mysterious fulfilment of the figure, that is, in the Side of our Jesus being opened, that his Bride, the Church, might come forth, the trace was to remain for ever. As often as she looks at this wound, she is reminded of her glorious origin; and that open Side is like a ceaseless telling her, that she has but to go to that Sacred Heart, and there she will find' everything she needs for her children.

The Offertory is taken from the 102nd Psalm, that magnificent hymn of love and gratitude, which extols the numberless favours and infinite mercies of God.


Bless the Lord, O my soul: Benedic, anima mea, Do

and never forget all he hath mino : et noli oblivisoi

done for thee : who satisfieth omnes retributiones ejus:

thy desire with good things, qui replet in bonis deside

alleluia. rium tuum, alleluia.

Let us, in the Secret, unite with the Church in imploring of our Lord to enkindle within our souls the flames of his holy love, that thus our hearts may be in unison with that of our great High Priest, who offers a Sacrifice, which is both his own and ours.

After the Secret, follows the Preface; it is that of the holy Cross. Our Jesus was still attached to the sacred Wood, when his Heart was pierced and opened. The choice of such a Preface was an act of reverential love paid, by our holy Mother, to the glorious instrument, which gave her life by working her redemption.


Tuere nos, Domine, tua Defend us, O Lord, who

tibi holocausts offerentes ad quee ut ferventius corda nostra praeparentur, flammis adure tuee divinaa charitatis. Qui vivis.

offer to thee thy holocaust: and, that our hearts may be more fervently prepared for it, enkindle within them the flames of thy divine charity. Who livest, etc.


Vere dignum et justum est, sequum et salutare, nos tibi semper, et ubique gratias agere, Domine sancte, Pater omnipotens, seterne Deus: qui salutem humani generis in ligno crucis constituisti: ut unde mors oriebatur, inde vita resurgeret: et qui in ligno vincebat, in ligno quoque vinceretur: per Christum Dominum nostrum. Per quern majestatem tuam laudant Angeli, adorant Dominationes, tremunt Potestates. Coeli, ccelorumque virtutes, ac beata Seraphim, socia exsultatione concele

It is truly meet and just, right and available to salvation, that we should, always and in all places, give thanks to thee, 0 holy Lord, Father almighty, eternal God : who hast appointed, that the salvation of mankind should be wrought on the wood of the Cross: that, from whence death came, thence life might arise: and, that he, who overcame by the tree, might also, by the Tree, be overcome: through Christ our Lord. By whom the Angels praise thy majesty, the Dominations adore it, the Powers tremble before it. The Heavens arid the heavenly

Virtues, and the blessed Sera- brant. Cum quibus et nos

phim, with common jubilee, tras voces, ut admitti jubeas

glorify it. Together with deprecamur, supplici con

whom, we beseech thee, that fessione dicentes: Sanctus,

we may be admitted to join Sanctus, Sanctus, etc.
our humble voices, saying:
Holy, Holy, Holy, etc.

In order to excite in her children, sentiments of reparation to the Sacred Heart, which is so much in the spirit of this Feast, the Church, at the moment of Communion, reminds them how their Jesus was abandoned, when in the midst of the sufferings, which he endured out of love for us.


My Heart hath expected Improperium exspectavit

reproach and misery: and I cor meum, et miseriam: et

looked for one, that would sustinui qui simul contris

grieve together with me, but taretur, et non fuit: et qui

there was none: and for one consolaretur, et non inveni,

that would comfort me, and I alleluia, found none, alleluia.

The Church who has just been so closely united with her Spouse in these sacred Mysteries, is able to understand, all the more fully, the lessons given to her by the Sacred Heart. She prays that her children may increase in true humility, may abhor the pride which is so rife in this fallen world, and prove themselves to be the disciples of Him, who was meek and humble of Heart.


Being fed with peaceful Pacificis pasti deliciis, et

delights, and life-giving Sacra- salutaribus Sacramentis, te

ments, we suppliantly beseech supplices exoramus, Domine

thee, O Lord our God, that Deus noster: ut qui mitis es et humilis corde, nos a thou, who art meek and hum

vitiorum labe purgatos, propensius facias a superbis sseculi vanitatibus abhorrere. Qui vivis.

We here give the three Hymns of this Feast; they are full of beauty and sublime teaching.

ble of Heart, wouldst make us to be clean from the stain of every vice, and more steadfastly to abhor the proud vanities of the world. Who livest, etc.


Auctor beate sseculi,
Christe Bedemptor om-
Lumen Patris de lumine
Deusque verus de Deo.

Amor coegit te tuus
Mortale corpus sumere,
Ut novus Adam redderes,
Quod vetus ille abstulerat:

Hie amor almus artifex
Terrse, marisque et side-
Errata patrum miserans,
Et nostra rumpens vincula.

Non corde discedat tuo
Vis ilia amoris inclyti:
Hoc fonte gentes hauriant
Bemissionis gratiam.

Percussum ad hoc est
Passumque ad hoc est vul-

Ut nos lavaret sordibus
Unda fluente et sanguine.
Decus parenti et Filio,
Sanctoque sit Spiritui,
Quibus potestas, gloria,
Begnumque in omne est

O blessed Creator of this world, Christ, Bedeemer of all men, Light of the Father's Light, and true God of God!

It was thy love compelled thee to assume a mortal body, that thou, the New Adam, mightest restore, what the Old one had taken from us.

That gracious love, which had created this earth, and sea, and stars, had pity on the sins of our first Parents, and broke our chains.

Let not the vehemence of thine admirable love depart from thy Heart; and let all nations come to this Fount, and thence draw the grace of pardon.

For this was it struck by the spear, for this it suffered the wounds, that it might cleanse us from our defilements, by the "Water and Blood which flowed from it.

Be honour to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost! To whom are power, glory, and the Kingdom, for all ages!



O see! how the haughty and savage host of our sins has ■wounded the innocent Heart of our God, who deserved far other treatment!

It is our sins that direct the spear of the soldier who brandishes it; and deadly sin it is, that sharpens the steel of the cruel lance.

From this wounded Heart, is born the Church, the Bride of Christ : this opened Side is the door put, for the salvation of his people, in the side of the Ark.

From this there flows a perennial grace, like a sevenfold stream ; that there, in the Blood of the Lamb, we may wash our sullied rohes.

It is a crying shame if we repeat our sins, which wound that Blessed heart; no; let us strive to put within our hearts the flames which burn round His, and are the symbols of its love.

Give us this grace, O Jesus! give it us, thou, O Father! and thou, O Holy Spirit! To whom are power, glory, and the Kingdom, for all ages!


En ut superba criminum Et Sfflva nostrorum cohors Cor sauciavit innocens Merentis haud tale Dei.

Vibrantis hastam militis Peccata nostra dirigunt, Ferrumque dirro cuspidis Mortale crimen acuit.

Ex corde scisso Ecclesia Christo jugata nascitur: Hoc ostium arcsB in latere

est Genti ad salutem positum.

Ex hoc perennis gratia, Ceu septiformis fluvius; Stolas ut illic sordidas Lavemus Agni in sanguine.

Turpe est redire ad crimina, Quee cor beatum lacerent; Sed semulemur cordibus Flammas amoris indices.

Hoc, Christe, nobis, hoc, Pater, Hoc, nuncio, dona, Spiritus, Quibus potestas, gloria, Regnumque in omne est Sfficulum. %


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