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all that do it: his praise con- facientibus eum : * laudatio tinueth for ever and ever. ejus manet in sæculum sæ

culi. ANT. Faithful are all his ANT. Fidelia omnia mancommandments ; confirmed data ejus; confirmata in sæfor ever and ever.

culum sæculi. ANT. In his commandments. Ant. In mandatis.

The next Psalm sings the happiness of the just man, and his hopes on the day of his Lord's coming. It tells us, likewise, of the confusion of the sinner who shall have despised the mysteries of God's love towards mankind.

PSALM 111.

Blessed is the man that Beatus vir qui timet Dofeareth the Lord : he shall de- minum : * in mandatis ejus light exceedingly in his com- volet nimis. mandments.

His seed shall be mighty Potens in terra erit semen upon earth : the generation ejus : * generatio rectorum of the righteous shall be benedicetur. blessed.

Glory and wealth shall be in Gloria et divitia in domo his house : and his justice re- ejus : * et justitia ejus mamaineth for ever and ever. net in sæculum sæculi.

To the righteous a light is Exortum est in tenebris risen up in darkness : that light lumen rectis : * misericors, is the Lord, who is merciful, et miserator, et justus. and compassionate, and just.

Acceptable is the man that Jucundus homo, qui mishoweth mercy and lendeth; seretur et commodat, dishe shall order his very words ponet sermones suos in juwith judgment : because he dicio : * quia in æternum shall not be moved for ever. non commovebitur.

The just shall be in ever- In memoria æterna erit lasting remembrance : he shall justus : * ab auditione mala not fear the evil hearing. non timebit.

His heart is ready to hope Paratum cor ejus sperare in the Lord; his heart is in Domino, confirmatum est strengthened : he shall not be cor ejus : * non commovemoved until he look over his bitur donec despiciat inimienemies.

COS suos.

Dispersit, dedit pauperi- He hath distributed, he hath bus; justitia ejus manet in given to the poor; his justice sæculum sæculi : * cornu remaineth for ever and ever: ejus exaltabitur in gloria his horn shall be exalted in

glory. Peccator videbit, et iras- The wicked shall see, and cetur, dentibus suis fremet shall be angry: he shall gnash et tabescet : the desiderium with his teeth, and pine away; peccatorum peribit.

the desire of the wicked shall


ANT. In mandatis ejus ANT. In his commandments cupit nimis.

he delighted exceedingly. ANT. Sit nomen Domini. ANT. May the name of the

Lord. The Psalm, Laudate, pueri, is a Canticle of praise to the Lord, who, from his high heaven, has taken pity on the human race, and has vouchsafed to honour it by the Incarnation of his own Son.

Psalm 112. Laudate, pueri, Domi- Praise the Lord, ye children; num : * laudate Nomen Do- praise ye the name of the Lord. mini.

Sit Nomen Domini bene- Blessed be the name of the dictum : * ex hoc nunc, et Lord ; from henceforth now usque in sæculum.

and for ever. A solis ortu usque ad oc- From the rising of the sun casum : * laudabile Nomen unto the going down of the Domini.

same, the name of the Lord is

worthy of praise. Excelsus super omnes gen- The Lord is high above all tes Dominus . * et super coe- nations : and his glory above los gloria ejus.

the heavens. Quis sicut Dominus Deus Who is as the Lord our God, noster qui in altis habitat: * who dwelleth on high : and et humilia respicit in cælo looketh down on the low et in terra ?

things in heaven and in

earth? Suscitans a terra ino Raising up the needy from pem : * et de stercore eri- the earth : and lifting up the gens pauperem:

poor out of the dunghill. Ut collocet eum cum prin That he may place him with cipibus : cum principibus princes : with the princes of populi sui.

his people.

Who maketh a barrenQ ui habitare facit steriwoman to dwell in a house, lem in domo : * matrem the joyful mother of children. filiorum lætantem.

ANT. May the name of the ANT. Sit nomen Domini Lord be for ever blessed. benedictum in sæcula. ANT. We that live.

ANT. Nos qui vivimus.

The fifth Psalm, In exitu, recounts the prodigies witnessed under the ancient Covenant: they were figures, whose realities were to be accomplished in the mission of the Son of God, who came to deliver Israel from Egypt, emancipate the Gentiles from their idolatry, and pour out a blessing on every man who would consent to fear and love the Lord.

Psalm 113.

When Israel went out of In exitu Israël de ÆgypEgypt, the house of Jacob to : * domus Jacob de pofrom a barbarous people. pulo barbaro:

Judea was made his sanc- Facta est Judæa sanctifituary, Israel his dominion. catio ejus : * Israël potestas

ejus. The sea saw and fled; Jor Mare vidit, et fugit : * dan was turned back.

Jordanis conversus est re

trorsum. The mountains skipped like Montes exsultaverunt ut rams : and the hills like the arietes : * et colles sicut agni lambs of the flock.

ovium. What ailed thee, O thou sea, Quid est tibi, mare, quod that thou didst flee: and thou, fugisti : * et tu, Jordanis, 0 Jordan, that thou wast quia conversus es retrorturned back ?

sum ? Ye mountains, that ye Montes exsultastis sicut skipped like rams: and ye hills arietes : * et colles, sicut like lambs of the flock

agni ovium ? At the presence of the Lord A facie Domini mota est the earth was moved, at the terra : * a facie Dei Jacob. presence of the God of Jacob.

Who turned the rock into Qui convertit petram in pools of water, and the stony stagna aquarum : • et ruhills into fountains of waters. pem in fontes aquarum.

Not to us, O Lord, not to Non nobis, Domine, non

nobis : . sed Nomini tuo da us : but to thy Name give gloriam.

glory. Super misericordia tua, et For thy mercy, and for thy veritate tua : * nequando truth's sake : lest the Gentiles dicant gentes : Ubi est Deus should say: Where is their eorum ?

God? Deus autem noster in cæ- But our God is in heaven : lo: * omnia quæcumque vo- he hath done all things whatluit fecit.

soever he would. Simulacra gentium argen- The idols of the Gentiles are tum et aurum : * opera silver and gold : the works of manuum hominum.

the hands of men. Os habent, et non loquen They have mouths, and tur : * oculos habent, et non speak not : they have eyes, videbunt.

and see not. Aures habent, et non au- They have ears, and hear dient : * nares habent, et not : they have noses, and non odorabunt.

smell not. Manus habent et non pal. They have hands, and feel pabunt, pedes habent et non not: they have feet, and walk ambulabunt : * non clama- not: neither shall they cry out bunt in gutture suo.

through their throat. Similes illis fiant qui fa Let them that make them ciunt ea : * et omnes qui become like unto them : and confidunt in eis.

all such as trust in them. Domus Israël speravit in The house of Israel hath Domino : * adjutor eorum, hoped in the Lord : he is their et protector eorum est. helper and their protector.

Domus Aaron speravit in The house of Aaron hath Domino : * adjutor eorum hoped in the Lord : he is their et protector eorum est. helper and their protector.

Qui timent Dominum, They that feared the Lord speraverunt in Domino : * have hoped in the Lord : he adjutor eorum, et protec- is their helper and their protor eorum est.

tector. Dominus memor fuit nos- The Lord hath been mindtri: * et benedixit nobis. ful of us, and hath blessed

us. Benedixit domui Israël : * He hath blessed the house benedixit domui Aaron. of Israel : he hath blessed the

house of Aaron. Benedixit omnibus qui ti- He hath blessed all that fear ment Dominum : * pusillis the Lord, both little and cum

great. Adjiciat Dominus super May the Lord add blessings vos : * super vos, et super upon you : upon you, and upon filios vestros.

your children.

Blessed be you of the Lord, Benedicti vos a Domino : who made heaven and earth. qui fecit coelum et terram.

The heaven of heaven is the Cælum caeli Domino : * Lord's : but the earth he has terram autem dedit filiis given to the children of hominum. men.

The dead shall not praise Non mortui laudabunt thee, O Lord: nor any of them te, Domine : * neque omnes that go down to hell.

qui descendunt in infer

num. But we that live bless the Sed nos qui vivimus, beLord : from this time now and nedicimus Domino : * ex hoc for ever.

nunc et usque in sæculum. ANT. We that live bless the ANT. Nos qui vivimus, beLord.

nedicimus Domino.

After these five Psalms, a short Lesson from the holy Scriptures is read. It is called Capitulum, because it is always very short. The ones for the several Festivals are given in the Proper of each. We here give the Capitulum common to the Sunday.

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Blessed be the God and Benedictus Deus et Pater Father of our Lord Jesus Domini nostri Jesu Christi, Christ, the Father of mercies, Pater misericordiarum et and the God of all consolation, Deus totius consolationis, who comforteth us in all our qui consolatur nos in omni tribulations.

tribulatione nostra. B. Thanks be to God.

B. Deo gratias.

Then follows the Hymn. We here give the one for Sundays. It was composed by St. Gregory the Great. It sings of Creation, and celebrates the praises of that portion of it which was called forth on this first day,—the Light.

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