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النشر الإلكتروني

Fierce in the van, her fire-brand Warfare waves ;
Dire at her heels the cry of hell-hounds raves :
Roused by the yell, the Greedy and the Bold
Start to the savage chace of blood and gold.

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In vain steep Gwalior rears his towers on high,
In vain, thy walls dread Nature touch the sky-
O'er towers and mountains slaughter's torrent rolls ;
No mound resists it, and no power controuls.
On the meek race each plague of guilt is poured,
And Famine* “ gleans the relics of the sword.”

* " When the effects of the scarcity became more and “ more visible, the natives complained to the Nabob that “ the English had engrossed all the rice. This complaint “ was laid before the president and council by the Nabob's “ minister, who resides at Calcutta. But the interest of “ the gentleman concerned, was too powerful at the board, “ so that the complaint was only laughed at and thrown “ qut.” “. By the time the famine had been a fortnight over “ the land, we were greatly affected at Calcutta ; many “ thousands falling daily in the streets and fields whose “ bodies, mangled by jackalls, dogs and vultures, in that “ hot season, when at best the air is very infectious, made “ us dread the consequences of a plague.--We had an hun. “ dred people, employed upon the Cutchevry list, on the

company's account, with doolys, sledges and bearers, to

For food their fruitless cries thy infants raise;
The gasping parents choak thy spacious ways.
Wan, shrivell'd shapes, in life's last languor laid,
Nor Morn's mild ray they bless, nor Evening's shade.
Where the mute heaps abide their lingering fate,
As Pride disgusted spurns them from her gate,
“Oh father, grant,” the unmurmuring victims cry,
“ 'Tis all we ask this little space to die.”
Meanwhile the buryer, with unheeding tread,
Crushes the dying, as he drags the dead.

E'en now, inflamed with ravenous thirst of spoil Wide-wasting legions scour thy beauteous soil.

carry the dead and throw them into the Ganges. I have “ counted, from my bed-chamber-window in the morning “ when I have got up, forty dead bodies lying within twenty

yards of the wall, besides many hundreds lying in the

agonies of death for: want, bending double, with their “ stomachs, quite close contracted to their back bones. I “ have sent my servant to desire those who had strength to

remove farther off, whilst the poor creatures, looking up « with arms extended, have cried out Baba, baba, my father, my father, this affliclian comes from the hand of your

countrymen, and I am come here to die, if it please God, in your presence, I cannot move. Do what you will with me." Annual Reg. 1771, p. 205.

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I hear, I hear the ravaged nations' groan,
The sigh unpitied and despairing moan.
I see the sufferers ope their failing eyes
To seek avenging BRAMA in the skies.
In quivering gore, his beak the Vulture dips,
The glutted Panther licks his blood-stained lips.
Wide through thy realms, funereal horror reigns,
And bones unburied whiten o'er thy plains.

* * * * *

From the tall deck, at length, the Chief descends, "To Persia's plains his course triumphant bends, And oft with smile-illumined mien surveys Their fair extent ; and oft the march delays. And dreadless now of force or ambushed wile, Relaxing files the weary way beguile. Sweet breathes the Dorian mood, and Grecian songs Rehearse the heartfelt tale of Grecia's wrongs : At Eve's calm hour” they tell “ how savage yells « Burst o'er her hallowed groves and peaceful dells, “ With ruffian gripe how Asian rovers tore “ The struggling virgin from her natal shore : “ In spires ascending through the void of night “ From shrieking hamlets reared the ghastly light ; “ Strew'd o'er the thymy turf her bleeding flocks, * Stripped its rich mantle from her sunny rocks ;

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Stamped with wild foot, where Autumn waved his pride, “Her powerless Gods and passive states defied Passive too long till Insult's maddening sting Transpierced the bosom of the Spartan King. “Then just Revenge and Honor breathing high, “ Lift every breast and flash from every eye : “ Then willing matrons give their youth to bleed, “The plighted virgin prompts her lover's speed; “ Through waste dispeopled realms till Silence reigns, “ And slighted Ceres flies the sorrowing plains !

“ Yet what avails that, armed in Virtue's cause, Valour's strong arm the sword of Justice draws ; That Grecia's galleys, o'er the darkened main, “Her thronging nations waft, and hero-train ? “ That fiery youth combines with wily age, “ And Nestor's counsels guide Pelides' rage ? “_Too long, thou darling of the Muse, in rain " Thy prowess thundered o'er Scamander's plain“ With Fate in vain maternal fondness strove, * In vain the Goddess seeks the throne of Jove ; " In suppliant woe outspreads her softened charms “ And sheaths her boy in heavenly tempered arms. " Lo ! coward Fraud conspires his early doom, * And yon unshaken turrets mock his tomb.

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“Each mightiest comrade lays his helmet low, “ And falling Troy inflicts the deadlier blow.

Twice with a whirlwind's rage, the Eastern world

Against the shores of shrinking Greece is hurled. “ -Swoln with the Despot's scorn of humankind, “ By power obdurate and from flattery blind, Wbile boundless empires bend the adoring knee, Sball yon insulting corner dare be free? “ Darius cries, convokes his gorgeous bands, “ Equips his navies, and exhausts his lands. “ His courtier-bards preluding praises breathe, “ And for his brows entwine the victor's wreathe “ – Those reeking brows, thou baffled tyrant, hide! " Rise, silken satraps, soothe his wounded pride; Freedom's keen spear has gored his vaunting hosts, And Havoc scares them to his slave-trod coasts.

“ With grim delight the Power of carnage mounts “ His scythed car, his gaudy victims counts, “O'er rugged steeps, smooth plains, and plashy meads, “ His spreading swarms as furious Xerxes leads ; And bids his banners, to the skies displayed, « O’er Earth and Ocean wave terrific shade.

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