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nite importance to his future well-being; the Deist, that there is a Revelation; the Materialist, that he has a soul, accountable and immortal; the Animalist, that there is good, superiour to sensual enjoyment, which must be sought, and found, if he is ever to be happy beyond the grave; and the Practical unbeliever, that he must not only assent, but obey also, and obey with the heart; before either can be blessed in this world, or accepted in that which is to come.

Finally, the same change of views must be found in Protestant nations. All the latitudinarian doctrines, which the ingenuity and labour of man, which the pride of Philosophy, the love of sin, the wish to perpetrate it with quiet and safety, and the earnest desire to blunt the stings of conscience here, and to escape from a terrible retribution hereafter, have forced reason to invent, or violently compelled the Scriptures to declare, will all vanish away; and with the idols of the Heathen, be cast to the moles, and to the bats; before those, who hold them, can be assembled in the fold of the Redeemer. Christ must be acknowledged, not only as a prophet, but as a Saviour; not only as our example, but as our propitiation; not only as our forerunner into the heavens, but as our intercessor, also, before the throne of GD; not only as come in the flesh, but as over all, GoD, blessed forever. With Paul, men must determine to know nothing, as the way of salvation, but Jesus Christ and him crucified; and Ministers must feel the tremendous import of the anathema, denounced against him, who preaches any other Gospel, than that which Paul preached. Men inust cease to create meanings for the Scriptures; and permit GoD to speak for himself. Universally, there must be throughout the world one Lord acknowledged, one Mediator, and one faith.

This change in the doctrines of men is indispensable to the great end, mentioned above, because the character will ultimately accord with the doctrines, which are actually believed, to such a degree, that no man is better, and almost every one worse, than the doctrines, which he embraces, declare; because truth, only, conducts the heart to righteousness, while errour leads it only to sin; and because truth is the sole instrument of our sanctification.

2. A mighty change, also, must be wrought in the Disposition of man.

To the accomplishment of the glorious purpose, announced in the text, that pride, which is the self gratifying consciousness of superiority, and that ambition, which is the desire of it; both prime ingredients in the Apostasy of our first parents; that avarice, which substitutes gold for GOD, and is thus a prolific root of all kinds of evil; and that sensuality, which is the great brutalizing principle of our nature; must lose their seat in the heart, and cease to controul the life. Equally necessary is it, that that torpid insensibility to the sufferings of others, which winds its web around the soul, and prevents it from seeing, or feeling, any thing, which is not destined to be its prey; and that cruelty, which emulates the wolf and the tiger, and satiates itself only on suffering and slaughter; should return to those regions of eternal sin, from which they sprang. Nor is it less necessary, that the love of injustice, fraud, and falsehood, in which all these malignant passions, these unclean spirits, find the means of their efficacious operation, should, together with them, go out of the man; and no more find his heart empty, swept, and garnished, for their reception. Nor is it less indispensable, that impiety, and ingratitude to GOD, and distrust of his wisdom, goodness, and truth.

should cease to form any part of the human charac ter, and no longer interrupt the communication between earth and heaven.

To these attributes will succeed, whenever mankind shall be brought into the fold of Christ, that Love to GOD, and to man, which is the fulfilling of the law, that Repentance towards GOD, and that faith in the Redeemer, which are the primary obedience of the Gospel. In the train of these great Evangelical attributes will follow the meek and lowly virtues of Christianity, which so extensively occupied the instructions, and so beautifully adorned the life, of the Saviour: Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance: all, glorious fruits of the Spirit of Grace; natives of Heaven; and, although for a time pilgrims in this melancholy world, destined to return to Heaven again.

3. The change will not be less in the Conduct of men.

On this copious topic I must necessarily be brief. To discuss it extensively would be to draw a picturė of the world, and to delineate the character of man in all its endless varieties. Still, the nature of my design demands, that a few particulars should be mentioned.

Permit me, then, to observe, that the private conduct of men will experience a mighty and wonderful revolution. Profaneness will no longer pollute the tongue; nor pierce with anguish the ear of piety. The sabbath will be kept holy unto God; and beautifully resemble that first Sabbath, when the Creator rested from his glorious work, and all the sons of Gon shouted for joy. No longer will the ways of Zion mourn, because few come to her solemn feasts. Stranger's innumerable will be made joyful in the house of prayer; and that house will to endless multitudes be

come, literally, the gate of Heaven. From the closet also, and the family altar, incense, and a pure offering; will rise every morning and every evening; and mingle in one vast exhalation, ascending to the throne of God.

Truth, at the same time, will resume her empire over the tongue, the pen, and the press. Slander will wound no man's good name; Sophistry cheat no man out of his salvation; Falsehood abuse no man's faith; and Perjury destroy no man's property, reputation, or life.

Honesty, also, will controul the dealings of men. The cheat will be lost out of human society; the name of fraud be forgotten; and a hard bargain be boasted of no more.

In the same manner will unkindness vanish from the habitations of mankind. The fire side will show how good, and how pleasant, it is for brethren to dwell together in unity: and the neighbourhood will be only one great fireside. Parents will love their children. Children will honour their parents. No profligate father, no graceless son, no ruined daughter, will spread lamentation, mourning, and woe, over the domestic circle, destined by GOD to be happy. No litigation, no quarrel, will destroy the peace of neighbourhoods; and no duel hurry the impenitent wretch to a fearful retribution.

The stranger will every where find a home; and the wanderer, an asylum. The heart of charity will no longer be icy; nor her hand shut: nor will the cry of suffering ever plead in vain.

Uncharitableness, also, between those, who profess the religion of the Redeemer, will be found no more. Little things will be esteemed little; and only great things, great. Names will lose their fascination; reali

ties will take their place; and all, who love Christ, will love each other. In a word, men will be willing to walk to heaven together, although the colour, or the fashion, of their clothes should differ.

Nor will the Public conduct of mankind be less extensively inverted. The monarch will cease to oppress, the statesman to plunder; and the politician to sell his soul, to buy a place, or support a party. Throughout the haunts of man there will not be an clectioneering trick, a cabal, or a demagogue. No candidate for office will proclaim his merits to the public; slander a rival; or solicit a suffrage. Wisdom and worth will then engross every man's vote; and take, as they ought, quiet possession of the hall of Legislation, and the chair of Magistracy.

On the Bench will then be seen those, and those only, who shake their hands from holding bribes; stop their ears from hearing evil; and close their eyes from seeing blood. At the bar of justice, prisoners will cease to be found: the deserted jail will crumble into dust: and the gibbet will be known only in the tales of other times.

Wars, also, will be no more. The monarch, and the Republic, will no longer summon their wretched subjects to the field of battle; the great slaughterhouse of mankind; for the purpose of adding to their dominions tracts, which they do not want and cannot govc; of sating their cannibal revenge on the flesh of man; of spangling a crown with another gem, or twisting into a wreath of laurel another twig; of being able to say, "I have vanquished one more enemy;" and of adding another cubit to the stature of pride. The sound of the trumpet will no more startle the sleep of the cradle; and the village will rise no more in flames to heaven: the name of glory will be no longer writ ten in blood; nor the carth fattened with the corpses

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