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Roll'd all the treasure of the radiant East; Whose only terrour was a bloodless death,
But now no more. Than one great tyrant unrse They wise, and dauntless, still sustain my cause.
(Whose shar'd oppression lightens, as diffus'd) Yet there I fix'd not. Turning to the south,
Each subject tearing, many tyrants rose.

310 The whispering zephyrs sigh'd at my delay." 380 The least the proudest. Join'd in dark cabal,

Here, with the shifted vision, burst my joy. They jealous, watchful, silent, and severe,

O the dear prospect ! O majestic view ! Cast o'er the whole indissoluble chains :

See Britain's empire! lo! the watery vast The softer shackles of luxurious ease

Wide-waves, diffusing the cerulean plain. They likewise added, to secure their sway. And now, methinks, like clouds at distance seen, Thus Venice fainter shines ; and commerce thus, Emerging white from deeps of ether, dawn Of toil impatient, flags thc drooping sail.

My kindred cliffs ; whence, wafted in the gale, Bursting, besides, his ancient bounds, he took Ineffable, a secret sweetness breathes. A larger circle; found another seat,

Goddess, forgive !-My heart, surpriz'd, o'erflows Opening a thousand ports, and, charm'd with toil, With filial fondness for the land you bless." 390 Whom nothing can dismay, far other sons. 321 As parents to a child complacent deign

“ The mountains then, clad with eternal snow, Approvance, the celestial brightness smil'd; Confessid my power. Deep as the rampant rocks, Then thus : “ As o'er the wave-resounding deep, By Nature thrown insuperable round,

To my near reign, the happy isle, I steer'd I planted there a league of friendly states, With easy wing ; behold! from surge to surge, And bade plain freedom their ambition be.

Stalk'd the tremendous genius of the deep. There in the vale, where rural Plenty fills, [horn, Around him clouds, in mingled tempest, hung; From lakes and meads, and furrow'd fields, her Thick-flashing meteors crown'd lis starry head; Chief, where the Leman pure emits the Rhone, And ready thunder redden'd in his hand, Rare to be seen! unguilty cities rise, 330 Or from it stream'd comprest the gloomy cloud. 400 Cities of brothers form'd: while equal life, Where'er he look'd, the trembling waves recoil'd. Accorded gracious with revolving power,

He needs but strike the conscious flood, and shook Maintains them free ; and, in their happy streets, From shore to shore, in agitation dire, Nor cruel deed nor misery is known.

It works his dreadful will. To me his voice For valour, faith, and innocence of life,

(Like that boarse blast that round the cavern howls, Renown'd, a rough laborious people, there,

Mixt with the murmurs of the falling main) Not only give the dreadful Alps to smile,

Address'd, began—' by Fate commission'd, go, And press their culture on retiring snows;

My sister-goddess now, to yon blest isle, But, to firm order train’d and patient war,

Henceforth the partner of my rough domain, They likewise know, beyond the nerve remiss 340 All my dread walks to Britons open lie. 410 Of mercenary force, how to defend

Those that refulgent, or with rosy morn, The tasteful little their hard toil has earn'd, Or yellow evening, fame: those that, profuse And the proud arm of Bourbon to defy.

Drunk by equator-suns, severely shine; “ Ev'n, cheer'd by me, their shaggy mountains Or those that, to the poles approaching, rise More than or Gallic or Italian plains ; [charm, In billows rolling into alps of ice. And sickening fancy oft, when absent long, Ev'n yet untouch'd by daring keel, be theirs Pines to behold their Alpine views again :

The vast Pacific; that on other worlds, The hollow-winding stream: the vale, fair spread, Their future conquest, rolls resounding tides. Ainid an amphitheatre of hills: (springs: Long I maintain'à inviolate my reign ; Whence, vapour-wing'd, the sudden tempest Nor Alexanders me, nor Cæsars brav'd. 429 From steep to steep ascending, the gay train 351 Still, in the crook of shore, the coward sail Of fogs, thick-roll'd into romantic shapes : Till now low-crept; and peddling commerce ply'd The tiitting cloud, against the summit dash'd ; Between near-joining lands. For Britons, chief, And, by the Sun illumin'd, pouring bright

It was reserv'd, with star-directed prow, A gemmy shower : hung o'er amazing rocks, To dare the middle-decp, and drive assurd The mountain ash, and solemn-sounding pine : To distant nations through the pathless main, The snow-fed torrent, in white mazes tost,

Chief, for their fearless hearts the glory waits, Down to the clear etherial lake below :

Long inonths from land, wbile the black storiny night And, high o'er-topping all the broken scene,

Around them rages, on the groaning mast The mountain fading into sky; where shines 360 With unshook knee to know their giddy way; 430 On winter winter shivering, and whose top

To sing, unquell'd, amid the lashing wave; Licks from their cloudy magazine the snows.

To laugh at danger. Theirs the triumph be, From these descending, as I wav'd my course By deep invention's keen pervading eye, O'er vast Germania, the ferocious nurse

The heart of courage, and the hand of toil,
Of hardy men and hearts affronting Death, Fach conquerid ocean staining with their blood,
I gave some favour'd cities there to lift

Instead of treasure robb’d by ruffian war,
A nobler brow, and through their swarming strects, Round social Earth to circle fair exchange,
More busy, wealthy, cheerful, and alive,

And bind the nations in a golden chain.
In each contented face to look my soul. (storm, To these 1 honour'd stoop. Rushing to light,

Thence the loud Baltic passing, black with A race of men behold! whose daring deeds 440 To wintery Scandinavia's utmost bound; 371 Will in renown exalt my nameless plains There, I the manly race, the parent-hive

O'er those of fabling Earth, as her's to mine Of the mix'd kingdoms, form'd into a state In tertour yield. Nay, could my savage heart More regularly free. By keener air

Such glories check, their unsubmitting soul Their genius purg'd, and temper'd hard by frost, Would all my fury brave, my tempest climb, Tempest and toil their nerves, the sons of those And might in spite of me my kingdom force.

Here, waiting no reply, the shadowy power 'Mid the bright groupe Sincerity his front,
Eas'd the dark sky, and to the deeps return'd: Diffusive, rear'); his pure untroubled eye
While the loud thunder rattling from his hand, The fount of truth. The thoughtful Power, apart,
Auspicious, shook opponent Gallia's shore. 450 Now, pensive, cast on Earth his fix'd regard, 520

“Of this encounter glad, my way to land Now, touch'd celestial, lanch'd it on the sky.
I quick pursued, that from the smiling sea The Genius he whence Britain shines supreme,
Receiv'd me joyous. Loud acclaims were heard; The land of light, and rectitude of mind.
And music, inore than mortal, warbli fill'd He too the fire of fancy feeds intense,
With pleas'd astonishment the labouring hind, With all the train of passions thence deriv'd :
Who for a while th' unfinish'd furrow left, Not kindling quick, a noisy transient blaze,
And let the listening steer forget his toil.

But gradual, silent, lasting, and profound. Unseen by grosser eye, Britannia breath'd, Near him Retirement, pointing to the shade, And her aerial train, these sounds of joy,

And Independence stood : the generous pair, Full of old time, since first the rushing Hood, 460 That simple life, the quiet-whispering grove, 530 Urg'd by Alinighty Power, this favour'd isle And the still raptures of the free-born soul Turn'd Hashing from the continent aside,

To cates prefer by virtue bought, not earn'd, Judented shore to shore responsive still,

Proudly prefer them to the servile pomps, Its guardian she-the goddess, whose staid eye And to the heart-embitter'd joys of slaves. Beams the dark azure of the doubtful dawn. Or should the latter, to the public scene Her tresses, like a flood of soften'd light,

Demanded, quit bis sylvan friend a while ; Through clouds imbrown'd, in waving circles play. Nought can his firmness shake, nothing seduce Warm on her cheek sits beauty's brightest rose. His zeal, still active for the common-weal; Of high demeanour, stately, shedding grace Nor stormy tyrants, nor corruption's tools, With every motio 1. Full her rising chest; 470 Foul ministers, dark-working by the force 540 And new ideas, from her finish'd shape,

Of secret-sapping gold. All their vile arts, Charm'd Sculpture taking might improve her art. Their shameful honours, their perfidious gifts, Sush the fair guardian of an isle tiat boasts, He greatly scorns; and, if he must bitray Profuse as verual blooms, the fairest dames. His plunder'd country, or his power resign, High-shining on the promontory's bror,

A moment's parley were eternal shane :
Awaiting me, she stood ; with bope intam'd, Illustrious into private life again,
By my mixt spirit burning in her sons,

From dirty levees be unstain'd ascends,
To firm, to polish, and exalt the state.

And firm in senates stands the patriot's ground, “The native Genii, round her, radiant smil'd. Or draws new vigour in the peaceful shade. Courage, of soft d-portment, aspect calm, 480 Aloof the bashful Virtue horer'd coy,

550 Unboasting, suffering long, and, till provok’d, Proving by sweet distrust distrusted worth. As mild and harmless as the sporting child ; Rough Labour clos'd the train : and in his hand! But, on just reason, once his fury rous'd,

Rude, callous, sinew-swell'd, and black with toil, No lion springs more eager to his prey :

Caine manly Indignation. Sour he seeins, Blood is a pastiine; and his heart, elate,

And more than seems, by lawful pride assail'd; Knows no depressing fear. That Virtue known Yet kind at heart, and just, and generous, there By the relenting look, whose cqual heart

No vengeance lurks, no pale insidious gall : For others feels, as for another self:

Ev'n in the very luxury of rage, Of various name, as various objects wake,

He softening can forgive a gallant foe; Warm into action, the kind sense within : 490 The nerve, support, and glory of the land ! 560 Whether the blameless poor, the nobly maim'd, Nor be Religion, rational and free, The lost to reason, the declin'd in life,

Here pass'd in silence ; whose enraptur'd eye The helpless young that kiss no mother's hand, Sees Heaven with Earth connected, human things And the grey second infancy of age,

Link'd to divine : who not from servile fear, She gives in public families to live,

By rites for some weak tyrant incense fit, A sight to gladden Heaven! whether she stands The god of Love adores, but froin a heart l'air beckoning at the hospitable gate,

Effusing gladness, into pleasing awe
And bids the stranger take repose and joy : That now astonish'd swells, now in a calm
Whether, to solace honest labour, she

Of fearless confidence that smiles serene;
Rejoices those that make the land rejoice; 500 That lives devotion, one continual hymn, 570
Or whether to philosophy, and arts,

And then inost grateful, when Heaven's bounty most (At once the basis and the finish'd pride

Is right enjoy'd. This ever-cheerful power Of government and life) she spreads her hand; O'er the rais'd circle ray'd superior day. Nor knows her gift profuse, nor seems to know, “I joy'd to join the Virtues whence my reign Doubling her bounty, that she gives at all.

O'er Albion was to rise. Each chearing each, Justice to these her awful presence join'd,

And, like the circling planets from the Sun, The mother of the state ! No low revenge,

All borrowing beams from me, a heighten'd zeal No turbid passions in her breast ferment:

Impatient tir'd us to commence our toils, Tender, serene, compassionate of vice,

Or pleasures rather. Long the pungent time As the last woe that can afflict mankind. 510 Pass'd not in mutual hails; but, through the land She punishment awards; yet of the good

Darting our light, we shone the fogs away. More piteous still, and of the suffering whole, “ The Virtues conquer with a single look. Awards it firm. So fair her just decree,

Such grace, such beauty, such victorious light, That, in his judging peers, each on himself Live in their presence, stream in every glance, Pronounces his own doom. O, happy land ! That the soul won, enamour'd, and refin'd, Where reigns alone this justice of the free! Grows their own image, pure ethereal fane.

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Hence the foul demons, that oppose our reign, No more endur'd control, when, to support
Would still from us deluded mortals wrap; The last remains of empire, was recallid
Or in gross shades they drown the visual ray, The weary Roman, and the Britou lay
Or by the fogs of prejudice, where mix 590 Unnerv'd, exhausted, spiritless, and sunk. 660
Falsehood and truth confounded, foil the sense Great proof! how men enterble into slaves.
With vain refracted images of bliss.

The sword behind him fash'd ; before himn roard,
But chief around the court of Alatter'd kings Deaf to his woes, the deep. Forlorn, around
They roll the dusky rampart, wall o'er wall He rolld his eye, not sparkling ardent flaine,
Of darkness pile, and with their thickest shade As when Caractacus to battle led
Secure the throne. No savage Alp, the den, Silurian swains, and Boadicea taught
Of wolves, and bears, and monstrous things obscene, Her raging troops the miseries of siaves. (hears
That vex the swain, and waste the country round, Then (sad relief!) from the bleak coast that
Protected lies bencath a derper cloud.

The Gerinan ocean roar, deep-blooming, strong, Yet there we soinetimes send a searching ray. 600 And yellow-hair'd, the blue-ey'd Saxon came. 670 As, at the sacred opening of the morn,

He caine implor'd, but came with other aim The prowling race retire; so, pierc'd severe, Than to protect. For conquest and defence Before our potent blaze these deinons fly,

Suffices the same arm. With the fierce race And all their works dissolve:— The whisper'd tale, Pour'd in a fresh invigorating stream; That, like the fabling Nile, no founta ** knows. Blood, where unquid a mighty spirit glow'd. Fair fac'd deceit, whose wily conscious eye

Rash war, and perilous battle their delight; Ne'er looks direct. The tongne that licks the dust, And immature, and red with glorious wounds But, when it safely dares, as prompt to sting: Unpeaceful death their choice; deriving thence Smooth crocodile destruction, whose fell tears A right to feast, and drain inmortal bowls Ensnare. The Janus face of courtly pride; 610 In Odin's hall; whose blazing roof resounds 630 One to superiors heaves submissive (yes, The genial uproar of those shades, who fall On hapless worth the other souls disdain.

In desperate fight, or by some brave atteinpt; Cheeks that for some weak tenderness, alone, And though more polish'd times the martial creed Sume virtuous slip, can wear a blush. The laugh Disown, yet still the fearless habit lives. Prophane, when midnight bowis disclose the heart, Nor were the surly gifts of war their all. At starving virtue, and at virtue's fools.

Wislom was likewise theirs, indulgent laws, Determin'd to he broke, the plighted faith : The calm gradations of art-nursing peace, Nay inore, the godless oath, that knows no ties. And matchless orders, the deep basis still Soft-buzzing slander; silky moths, that eat On which ascends my British nign. Untam'd An honest name. The harpy hanıl, and maw, 620 To the refining subtleties of slaves,

690 Of avaricious Luxury; who makes

They brought an happy government along; The throne his shelter, venal laws bis fort, Forin'd by that freedom, which, with secret voice, And, by his service, who betrays his king.

Impartial Nature teaches all her sons, “Now turn your view, and inark from Celtic night And which of old through the whole Scythian To present grandeur how iny Britain rose.

“ Bold were those Britons, who, the careless sons I strong inspir'd. Monarchical their state, Of Nature, roam'd the forest-bonnds, at once But prudently consin’d, and mingled wise Their verdant city, high-embowering fane, Of each harmonious power : only, too much And the gay circle of their woodland wars : Imperious war into their rule infus’d, For by the Druid taught, that death but shifts 630 Prevail'd their gen ral-king, and chieftain-thanes. The vital scene, they that prime fear despis'd ; “In many a field, by civil fury stain'd, 700 And, prone to rush on steel, disdain'd to spare Pled the discordant heptarchy; and long An ill-sav'd life that must again return.

(Educing good from ill) the battle groan'd; Erect from Nature's hand, by tyrant force,

Ere, blood-cemented, Anglo-Saxons saw And still more tyrant custom, unsubdued,

Egbert and Peace on one united throne. Man knows no master save creating Heaven, “No sooner dawn'd the fair disclosing calm, Or such as choice or common good ordain.

Of brighter days, whin, lo! the North anew, This general sense, with which the nations I With stormy nations black, on England pour'd Promiscuous fire, in Britons burn'd intense, Woes the severest e'er a people felt. Of future times prophetic. Witness, Rome, 610 | The Danish raven, lur'd by amunal prey, Who saw'st thy Cæsar, from the naked land, Hung o'er the land incessant. fleet on fleet 710 Whose only forts was British hearts, repell’d, Of barbarous pirates unremitting tore To seek Pharsalian wreaths. Witness, the toil, The miserable coast. Before them stalk'd, The blood of ages, bootless to secure,

Far seen, the demon of devouring flame; Beneath an empire's yoke, a stubborn isle, Rapine, and murder, all with blood besmear'd, Disputed hard, and never quite subdued. (scorn'd Without or ear, or eye, or feeling heart; The North remain'd untouch'u, where those who While close behind them march'd the sallow power To stoop, retird; and, to their keen effort Of desolating famine, who delights Yielding at last, recoil'd the Roman power, In grass-grown cities, and in desert fields; In vain, unable to sustain the shock, 650 And purple-spotted pestilence, by whom From sea to sea desponding legions rais'd

Ev'n friendship sear’d, in sickening horrour sinks The wall immensc, and yet, on Summer's eye, Each social sense and tenderness of life. 31 While sport his lambkins round, thc shepherd's gaze, Fixing at last, the sanguinary race Continual o'er it burst the northern storın,

Spread, from the Humber's loud-resounding shore, As often, check’d, receded; threatening hoarse To where the Thames devolves his gentle mazo, A swift return. But the devouring tlood

And with superiour arin the Saxon awd.

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But superstition first, and monkish dreams, They crown'd my first attempt, in senates rose, And monk-directed cloyster-seeking kings,

The fort of freedom ! slow till then, alone, Had ate away his vigour, ate away

Had work'd that general libcrty, that soul, [left His edge of courage, and depress'd the soul Which generous nature breathes, and which, when Of conquering freedom, which he once respir'd. By me to bondage was corrupted Rome, 800 Thus cruel aç es pass'd; and rare appear'd 731 1 through the northern nations wide diffos'd. White-mantled Peace, exulting o’er the vale, Hence many a people, fierce with freedom, rush'd As when with Alfred, froin the wilds she came From the rude iron regions of the North, To polic'd cities and protected plains.

To Libyan deserts, swarm protruding swarm, 'Thus by degrees the Saxon empire sunk,

And pour'd new spirit through a slavish world. Then set entire in Hastings' bloody field.

Yet, o'er these Gothic states, the king and chiefs “ Compendious war! (on Britain's glory bent, Retain'd the high prerogative of war, 1 So Fate ordain'd) in that decisive day,

And with enormous property engross'd The haughty Norman seiz'd at once an isle, The iningled power. But on Britannia's shore From which, through many a century, in vain, 740 Now present," I to raise my reign began 810 The Roman, Saxon, Dane, had tojlid and bled.

By raising the democracy, the third disclos'd Of Gothic nations this the final burst;

And broadest bulwark of the guarded state. And, mix'd with the genins of these people all, Then was the full, the perfect plan disclos d These virtues mix'd in one exalted streain,

Of Britain's matchless constitution, inixt Here the rich tide of English blood grew full. Of mutual checking and supporting powers,

“ Awhile my spirit slept; the land a while, King, lords, and commons; nor the name of free Aförighted, droop'd beneath despotic rage. Deserving, while the vassal-many droop'd : Instead of Edward's equal gentle laws,

For since the moment of the whole they form, The furious victor's partial will prevail'd.

So, as depressid or rais'd, the balance they All prostrate lay; and, in the secret shade, 750 Of public welfare and of glory cast.

820 Deep-stung, but fearful, Indignation guash'd Mark from this period the continual proof. His teeth. Of freedom, property, despoild, “When kings of narrow genius, minion rid, And of:heir bulwark, arıns; with castles crush'd, Neglecting faithful worth for fawning slaves ; With ruffians quarter'd o'er the bridled land; Proudly regardless of their people's plaints, The shivering wretches, at the curfew sound, And poorly passive of insulting foes; Dejected shrunk into their sordid beds,

Double, not prudent, obstinate, not firin, And, through the mournful gloom, of ancient tinies Their mercy fear, necessity their faith; Mus'd sad, or dreamt of better. Ev'n to feed Instead of generous fire, presumptuous, hot, A tyrant's idle sport the peasant starv'd :

Rash to resolve, and slothful to perform ; To the wild herd, the pasture of the tamne, 760 | Tyrants at once and slaves, imperious, mean, The cheerful hamlet, spiry town, was given, To want rapacious joining shameful waste; 831 And the brown forest roughen'd wide around. By counsels weak and wicked, easy rous'd

“ But this so dead, so vile submission, long 'To paltry schemes of absolute command, Endur'd not. Gathering force, my gradual flame To seek their splendour in their suro disgrace, Shook off the mountain of tyrannic sway.

And in a broken ruin'd people wealth: Unus'd to bend, impatient of control,

When such o'ercast the state, no bond of love, Tyrants themselves the common tyrant check'd. No heart, no soul, no unity, no nerve, The church, by kings intractable and fierce, Combin'd the loose disjointed public, lost Deny'd her portion of the plunder'd state,

To fame abroad, to happiness at home. 839 Or tempted, by the timorous and weak, 1770 “But when an Fdward and an Henry breath'd To gain new ground, first taught their rapine law. Through the charm'd whole one all-exerting soul : The barons next a nobler league hegan,

Drawn sympathetic from his dark retreat, Both those of English and of Norman race, When wide-attracted merit round them glow'd : In one fraternal nation blended now,

When counsels just, extensive, generous, firm, The nation of the frce! press'd by a band

Amid the maze of state, deterinin'd kept Of patriots, ardent as the Summer's noon

Some ruling point in view : when, on the stock That looks delighted on, the tyrant see !

Of public good and glory grafted, spread Mark! how with feigned alacrity he bears Their palms, their laurels; or, ifthence they stray'd, His strong rcluctance down, his dark revenge, Swift to return, and patient of restraint: And gives the charter, by which life indeed 780 | When legal state, pre-eminence of place, 850 Becomes of price, a glory to be man. (aflirm'd | They scorn'd to deem pre-eminence of case,

“ Through this and through succeeding reigns To be luxurious drones, that only rob These long contested rights, the wholesome winds The busy hire: as in distinction, power, Of opposition hence began to blow,

Indulgence, honour, and advantage, first; And often since have lent the country life.

When they too claim'd in virtue, danger, toil, Before their breath corruption's insect blights, Superiour rank; with equal hand, prepar'd The darkening clouds of evil coupsel, Ay; To guard the subject, and to quell the foe : Or, should they sounding swell, a putrid court, When such with me their vital influence shed, A pestilential ministry, they purge,

No mutter'd grievance, hopeless sigh, was heard ; And ventilated states renew their bloom. 790 No foul distrust through wary senates ran, 860

“ Though with the temper'd monarchy here mix'd Confind their bounty, and their ardour quench'd: Aristocratic sway, the people still,

On aid, unquestion'd, liberal aid was given : Flatter'd by this or that, as interest Icand, Safe in their conduct, by their valour fir'd, Vo full perfection knewa For me reserv'd, Fond where they led victorious armies rush'd; And for my commons, was wat glorious turn. And Cressy, Poitiers, Agincourt proclaim

Whát kings supported by almighty love,

Elate, her fervent people waited gay, And people fir'd with liberty, can do.

Cheerful demanded the long threaten'd Acet, “Be veil'd the savage reigns, when kindred rage And dash'd the pride of Spain around their isle. The numerous once Plantagenets devour'd, Nor ceas'd the British thunder here to rage : A race to vengeance vow'd! and when, oppressid The deep, reclairw'd, obey'd its awful call; 940 By private feuils, almost extinguish'd lay

871 In fire and smoke Iberian ports involv'd, My quivering flame. But, in the next, behold! The trembling foc er'n to the centre shook A cautious tyrant lent it oil anew.

Of their new-conquer'd world, and skulking stole “ Proud, dark, suspicious, brooding o'cr his gold, | By veering winds their Indian treasure home. As how to fix his throne he jealous cast

Meantime, peace, plenty, justice, science, arts, His crafty views around; pierc'd with a ray, With softer laurels crown'd her happy reign. Which on his timid mind I darted full,

“ As yet uncircumscrib'd the regal power, He mark'd the barons of excessive sway,

And wild and vague prerogative remainid, At pleasure making and unmaking kings;

A wide voracious gult, where swallow'd oft
And hence, to crush these petty tyrants, plann'd The helpless subject lay. This to reduce 950
A law, that let them, by the silent waste 881 To the just limit was my great effort.
Of luxury, their landed wealth diffuse,

By means that evil seem to narrow man,
And with that wealtha their implicated power. Superior beings work their mystic will;
By soft degrees a mighty change ensued,

From storin and trouble thus a settled calm,
Ev'n working to this day. With streams, deduc'd At last, effulgent, o'er Britannia smil'd. (came,
From these diminish'd foods, the country smild. “The gatherius tempest, Ileaven-commission'd,
As when impetuous from the snow.heap'd Alps, Came in the prince, who, drunk with fattery,
To vernal suns relenting, pours the Rhine ; His vain pacific counsels ruild the world; (dreamt
While undivided, oft, with wasteful sweep, Though scorn'd abroad, bewilder'd in a maze
He foams along; but, through Batavian ineads,890 of fruitless treaties; while at home enslav'd, 966
Branch'd into fair canals, indulgent flows;

And by a worthless crew insatiate drain'd, Waters a thousand fields; and culture, trade, He lost his people's confidence and love ; Towns, meadows, gliding ships, and villas mix'd, Irreparable loss! whence crowns become A rich, a wondrous landscape rises round.

An anxious burden. Years inglorious pass'd: “ His furious son the soul-enslaving chain, Triumphant Spain the vengeful dranght enjoy'd : Which many a doating vencrable age

Abandon'd Frederick pin'd, and Raleigh bledá Ilad link by link strong-twisted round the land, But nothing that to these internal broils, Shook off. No longer could be borne a power, That rancour, he began ; while lawless sway From Heaven pretended, to deceive, to void He, with his slavish doctors, try'd to rear Each solemn tie, to plunder without bounds, 900 On metaphysic, on enchanted ground, 970 To curb the generous soul, to fool mankind; And all the mazy quibbiles of the schools : And, wild at last, to plunge into a sea

As if for one, and sometimes for the worst, Of blood, and horrour. The returning light, Heaven fiad mankind in vengeance only made. That first through Wit kliff streak'd the priestly Vain the pretence! not so the dire effect, Now burst in open day. Bard to the blaze, (gloom, The fierce, the foolish discord thence deriv'd, Forth from the haunts of superstition crawl'd That tears the country still, by party-rage Her motly sons, fantastic figures all;

And ministerial claniour kept alive. And, wide-dispers'd their useless ferid wealth In action weak, and for the wordy war In graceful labour bloom'd, and fruits of peace. Best fitted, faint this princé pursued his claim :

“ Trade, join'd to these, on every sca display'd Content to teach the s:object herd, how great, A daring canvas, pour'd with every tide 911 How sacred he! how despicable they ! 981 A golden flood. From other worlds were rollid “But his unyielding son these doctrines drank, The guilty glittering stores, whose fatal charms, With all a bigot's rage (who never damps By the plain Indian happily despisd,

By reasoning his fire); and what they taught Yet work'd his woe; and to the blissful groves, Warın, and tenacious, into practice push'd. Where Nature liv'd herself ainong her suns, Senates, in vain, their kind restraint apply'd: And innocence and joy for ever dwelt,

The more they struggled to support the laws, Drew rage unknown to Pagan climes before, llis justice-dreading ministers the more The worst the zeal inflam'd barbarian drew. Drove him beyond their bounds. Tird with the check Re no such horrid commerce, Britain, thine! 920 of faithful love, and with the flattery pleas'd But want for want, with mutual aid supply. Of false designing guilt, the fountain he

“The commons thus enrich'd, and powerful grown, of public wisdom and of justice shut. 991 Against the barons weirh'd. Eliza then,

Wide mourn'd the land. Strait to the voted aid Amid these doubtful motions, steady, gare

Free, cordial, large, of never-failing source,
The beam to fix. She! like the secret eye Th'illegal imposition follow'd harsh,
That never closes on a guarded world,

With exccration given, or ruthless squeez'd
So sought, so iarkyl, so sciz'd the public good, From an insulted people, by a band
That self-supported, without one ally,

Of the worst ruflians, those of tyrant power.
She aw'd her inward, quell'd ber circling foes. Oppression walk'd at large, and pour'd abroad
Inspir'd by me, beneath her sheltering arm, 930 | Her unrelenting train : inforiners, spies, 1000
In spite of raging universal suay,

Blood-hounds, that sturdy freedom to the grove And ranging seas repress'd, the Belgic states, Pursue ; projuctors of aggi ieving schemes My bulwark on the Continent, arose.

Comincrce to load for unprotected seas, Matchless in all the spirit of her days !

To sell the starving many to the few, With confidence, yabounded, fearless love And drain a thousand ways th' exhausted land.

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