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shoulders, twenty inches round the arm, countenance, active in motion, and of twenty-four inches round the calf, thirty sensible speech. He was lightly dressed one inches round the thigh, and weighed in plaid to show his limbs, with a bounet twenty-two stone. His father and mom of the same. The artist with me sketched ther were “ travelling merchants" of his appearance exactly as we saw bim, Manchester ; he was born at Glasgow dur- and as the present engraving now repreing one of their journies, and was as fine sents him; it is a good likeness of his a youth as I ever saw, handsomely form- features, as well as of his form. ed, of fait complexion, an intelligent

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I declined entering, though “Only a penny!

!" "Holden's GlassWorking and Blowing."

Show XIX. This was the last show on the east-side This was the first show on the southof Smithfield. It was limited to a single side of Smithfield. It stood, therefore, caravan; having seen exhibitions of the with its side towards Cloth-fair, and the same kind, and the evening getting late, back towards the corner of Duke-street.

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The admission was “Only a penny !" and Giltspur-street; at that entrance into the the paintings flared on the show-cloths Fair it was the first show. This front was with this inscription, “ They're all Alive entirely covered by painted show-cloths Inside! Be assured They're All Alive! representing the animals, with the

The Yorkshire Giantess.- Waterloo proprietor's name in immense letters Giant.- Indian Chief.:-Only a Penny !" above, and the words “ The Conquering

An overgrown girl was the Yorkshire Lion" very conspicuous. There were Giantess. A large man with a tail, and other show-cloths along the whole length - his hair frizzed and powdered, aided by a of the side, surmounted by this inscripsort of uniform coat and a plaid rocque- tion, stretching out in one line of large laire, made the Waterloo Giant. The ab- capital letters, “ NERO AND WALLACE ; dication of such an Indian Chief as this, in THE SAME LIONS THAT FOUGHT AT WAR_ favour of Bartholomew Fair, was probably WICK.” One of the front show-cloths reforced upon him by his tribe.

presented one of the fights; a lion stood

up with a dog in his mouth, cranched beShow XX.

tween his grinders; the blood ran from The “ Greatest of all Wonders !–Gi, dog squelched by his weight. A third

his jaws; his left leg stood upon another antess and Two Dwarfs.-Only a Penny!" dog was in the act of flying at him feroThey were painted on the show-cloths ciously, and one, wounded and bleeding, quite as little, and quite as large, as life.

was fearfully retreating.

There were The dwarfs inside were dwarfish, and the

seven other show-cloths on this front, " Somerset girl, taller than any man in with the words “Nero and WALLACE" England," (for so said the show-cloth,) between them. One of these show-cloths, arose from a chair, wherein she was seated, whereon the monarch of the forest was to the height of six feet nine inches and painted, was inscribed, “Nero, the Great three quarters, with, "ladies and gentle- Lion, from Caffraria! men, your most obedient.”

She was

The printed bill described the whole good looking and affable, and obliged the collection to be in a fine order.” Six« ladies and gentlemen" by taking off

pence was the entrance money demanded, her tight-fitting slipper and handing it which having paid, I entered the show round. It was of such dimension, that early in the afternoon, although it is now the largest man present could have put mentioned last, in conformity to its posihis booted foot into it. She said that her tion in the Fair. I had experienced some name was Elizabeth Stock, and that she inconvenience, and witnessed some irrewas only sixteen years old.

gularities incident to a mixed multitude

filling so large a space as Smithfield ; yet Show XXI.

no disorder without, was equal to the dis

order within Wombwell's. There was CHAPPELL-PIKE.

no passage at the end, through which This was a very large show, without persons might make their way out: perany show-cloths or other announcement haps this was part of the proprietor's outside to intimate the performances, ex- policy, for, he might imagine that the cept a clown and several male and female universal disgust that prevailed in Lon. performers, who strutted the platform in don, while he was manifesting his brutal their exhibiting dresses, and in dignified cupidity at Warwick, had not subsided ; silence; but the clown grimaced, and, as and that it was necessary his show-place sisted by others, bawled “Only a penny," here should appear to fill well on the till the place filled, and then the show first day of the Fair, flest a report of gecommenced. There was slack-rope danc- neral indifference to it, should induce ing, tumbling, and other representations many persons to forego the gratification as at Ball's theatre, but better executed. of their curiosity, in accommodation to the

natural and right feeling that induced a Show XXII.

determination not to enter the exhibition

of a man who had freely submitted his aniWOMBWELL.

mals to be tortured. Be that as it may, his The back of this man's menagerie abut- show, when I saw it, was a shameful ted on the side of the last show, and ran scene. There was no person in attender the remaining length of the north-side of

ance to exhibit or point out the animals Smithfield, with the front looking towards They were arranged on one side only, and

I made my way with difficulty towards Here ends my account of the various the end, where a loutish fellow with a shows in the Fair. In passing the stalls, broomstick, stood against one of the dens, the following bill was slipped into my from whom I could only obtain this in- hand, by a man stationed to give them formation, that it was not his business to away. show the beasts, and that the showman

SERIOUS NOTICE, would begin at a proper time. I pa

IN PERFECT CONFIDENCE. tiently waited, expecting some announcement of this person's arrival; but no inti- The following extraordinary comic permation of it was given; at length I dis

formances at covered over the heads of the unconscious

Sadler's Wells, crowd around, that the showman, who was evidently under the influence of Can only be given during the present drink, had already made his way one week; the proprietors, therefore, most third along the show. With great diffi- respectfully inform that fascinating sex, culty I forced myself through the swelter so properly distinguished by the approing press somewhat nearer to him, and priate appellation of managed to get opposite Nero's den, which he had by that time reached and

THE FAIR ! clambered into, and into which he invited And all those well inclined gentlemen any of the spectators who chose to pay who are happy enough to protect them, him sixpence each, as many of them did, that the amusements will consist of a for the sake of saying that they had been romantic tale, of mysterious horror and in the den with the noble animal, that broad grin, never acted, called the Wombwell, his master, had exposed to be baited by bull-dogs. The man was as

ENCHANTED greedy of gain as his master, and there

GIRDLES; fore without the least regard to those who wished for general information concerning

OR, the different animals, he maintained his

WINKI THE WITCH, post as long as there was a prospect of

And the Ladies of Samarcand. getting the sixpences. Pressure and heat were now so excessive, that I was com- A most whimsical burletta, which sends pelled to struggle my way, as many others people home perfectly exhausted from did, towards the door at the front end, uninterrupted risibility, called for the sake of getting into the air. Unquestionably I should not have entered THE LAWYER, THE JEW, Wombwell's, but for the purpose of describing his exhibition in common with THE YORKSHIREMAN. others. As I had failed in obtaining the information I sought, and could not get a

With, by request of 75 distinguished faprinted bill when I entered, I re-ascended milies, and a party of 5, that never-to-beto endeavour for one again; here I saw sufficiently-praised pantomime, called Wombwell, to whom I civilly stated the great inconvenience within, which a little Magic in Two Colours; alteration would have obviated; he af

OR, fected to know nothing about it, refused FAIRY BLUE & FAIRY RED: to be convinced, and exhibited himself, to my judgment of him, with an understand

: Or, Harlequin and the Marble Rock. ing and feelings perverted by avarice. It would be perfectly superfluous for He is undersized in mind as well as form, any man in his senses to attempt any "a weazen, sharp-faced man,” with a thing more than the mere announcement skin reddened by more than natural spi- in recommendation of the above unparalrits, and he speaks in a voice and lan- leled representations, so attractive in guage that accord with his feelings and themselves as to threaten a complete mopropensities. His bill mentions, “ A re- nopoly of the qualities of the magnet; markably fine tigress in the same den and though the proprietors were to talk with a noble British lion !!" I looked for

nonsense for an hour, they could not this companionship in his menagerie, assert a more important truth than that without being able to discover it. they possess



The only Wells from which you may draw This bill is here inserted as a curious WINE,

specimen of the method adopted to draw an audience to the superior entertain

ments of a pleasant little summer theatre, A full Quart.

which, to its credit, discourages the nuiThose whose important avocations pre- sances that annoy every parent who takes vent their coming at the cornmencement, his family to the boxes at the other theawill be admitted for

tres. HALF-PRICE, AT HALF-PAST EIGHT. Ladies and gentlemen who are not judges of the superior entertainments announced, Before mentioning other particulars are respectfully requested to bring as

concerning the Fair here described, I premany as possible with them who are.

sent a lively representation of it in former N.B. A full Moon during the Week. times.

Bartholomew Fair in 1614. “ 0, rare Ben Jonson !" To him we seller," and Joan Trash, a gingerbread are indebted for the only picture of woman.” Smithfield at “ Barthol'me'-tide” in his Leatherhead. Do you hear, sister time.

Trash, lady o' the basket? sit farther with In his play of “ Bartholomew Fair," we your gingerbread progeny there, and have John Littlewit, a proctor “o' the hinder not the prospect of my shop, or Archdeacon's-court,” and “one of the I'll ha' it proclaim'd i' the Fair, what stuff pretty wits o' Paul's” persuading his wife, they are made on. Win-the fight, to go to the Fair. He says • Trash. Why, what stuff are they “ I have an affair i' the Fair, Win, a made on, brother Leatherhead ? nothing puppet-play of mine own making:-I but what's wholesome, I assure you. writ for the motion-man." She tells him “ Leatherhead. Yes; stale bread, rotthat her mother, dame Purecraft, will ten eggs, musty ginger, and dead honey, never consent; whereupon he says, “ Tut, you know. we'll have a device, a dainty one: long to « Trash. Thou too proud pedlar, do eat of a pig, sweet Win, i' the Fair; thy worst: I defy thee, I, and thy stable do you see ? i' the heart o' the Fair; not of hobby-horses. I pay for my ground, at Pye-corner. Your mother will do any as well as thou dost, and thou wrongs't thing to satisfie your longing." Upon me, for all thou art parcel-poet, and an this hint, Win prevails with her mother, ingineer. I'll find a friend shall right me, to consult Zeal-of-the-land Busy, a Ban- and make a ballad of thee, and thy cattle bury man “ of a most lunatick conscience all over. Are you puft up with the pride and spleen;" who is of opinion that pig of your wares ? your arsedine? " is a meat, and a meat that is nourishing, « Leatherhead. Go too, old Joan, I'll and may be eaten; very exceeding well talk with you anon; and take you down eaten; but in the Fair, and as a Barthol- toomI'll ha' you i' the Pie-pouldres." mew pig, it cannot be eaten; for the very They drop their abuse and pursue their calling it a Bartholmew pig, and to eat it vocation. Leatherhead calls, “What do so, is a spice of idolatry.' After much you lack? what is't you buy? what do deliberation, however, he allows that so you lack ? rattles, drums, halberts, horses, that the offence “ be shadowed, as it were, babies o' the best ? fiddles o' the finest ?" it may be eaten, and in the Fair, I take it Trash cries, “Buy my gingerbread, gilt -in a booth." He says “ there may be a gingerbread !" A “ costard - monger" good use made of it too, now I think on't, bawls out, “Buy any pears, pears ! fine, by the public eating of swine's flesh, to very fine pears!" Nightingale, another profess our hate and loathing of Ju- character, sings, daisın;" and therefore he goes with

“ Hey, now the Fair's a filling them.

O, for a tune to startle In the Fair a quarrel falls out between Thic birds o'the booths, here billing, Lanthorn Leatherhead, " a hobby-horse Yearly with old Saint Barthle !


The drunkards they are wading, you and your friends. The best pig and The punks and chapmen trading, bottle ale i' the Fair, sir, old Urs'la is cook; Who'ld see the Fair without his lading? there, you may read; the pig's head Buy my ballads ! new ballads!” speaks it.” Knockhum adds, that she

roasted her pigs “ with fire o' juniper, and Ursula, “a pig-woman,” laments her rosemary branches.” Littlewit, the proc'vocation : ~ Who would out tor, and his wife, Win-the-fight, with her their youth and prime thus, in roasting of mother, dame Purecroft, and Zeal-of-thepigs, that had any cooler occupation? I land enter. Busy Knockhum suggests to am all fire and fat; I shall e'en melt Ursula that they are customers of the away-a poor vex'd thing I am; I feel right sort, “In, and set a couple o' pigs myself dropping already as fast as I can: 0 the board, and half a dozen of the two stone of sewet a-day is my propor- bygist bottles afore 'em-two to a pig, tion : I can but hold life and soul toge- away!" In another scene Leatherhead ther." Then she soliloquizes concerning cries, “Fine purses, pouches, pincases, Mooncalf, her tapster, and her other vo- pipes; what is't you lack ? a pair o' cations : “How can I hope that ever he'll smiths to wake you i' the morning ? or a discharge his place of trust, tapster, a fine whistling bird ?" Bartholomew Cokes, man of reckoning under me, that remem a silly “esquire of Harrow,”_stops at bers nothing I say to him? but look to't, Leatherhead's to purchase : "Those six sirrah, you were best ; threepence a pipe- horses, friend, I'll have; and the three full I will ha' made of all my whole half Jews trumps; and a half a dozen o' birds; pound of tobacco, and a quarter of a and that drum; and your smiths (I like pound of colts-foot, mixt with it too, to that device o' your smiths,)—and four eech it out. Then six-and-twenty shillings halberts; and, let me see, that fine painta barrel I will advance o' my beer, and ed great lady, and her three women for fifty shillings a hundred o' my bottle ale; state, I'll have. A set of those violins I I ha' told you the ways how to raise it would buy too, for a delicate young noise (a knock.) Look who's there, sirrah ! five I have i' the country, that are every one a shillings a pig is my price at least; if it size less than another, just like your fidbe a sow-pig sixpence more.” Jordan dles.” Trash invites him to buy her Knockhum," a horse-courser and a ran- gingerbread, and he turns to her basket, ger of Turnbull,” calls for “ a fresh bot, whereupon Leatherhead says, “Is this tle of ale, and a pipe of tobacco." Pas- well, Goody Joan, to interrupt my marsengers enter, and Leatherhead says, ket in the midst, and call away my cusWhat do you lack, gentlemen ? Maid, tomers ? Can you answer this at the see a fine hobby-horse for your young Pie-pouldres 9" whereto Trash replies, master.” A corn-cutter cries, “ Ha’ you “Why, if his master-ship have a mind to any corns i' your feet and toes ?” Then buy, I hope my ware lies as open as ano

a tinder-box man" calls, “Buy a mouse thers; I may shew my ware as well as trap, a mouse-trap, or a tormentor for a you yours." "Nightingale begins to sing, flea!” Trash cries, “Buy some gingerbread !" Nightingale bawls, “Ballads,

“My masters and friends, and good ballads, fine new ballads !" Leatherhead

people draw pear.” repeats, “What do you lack, gentlemen, Cokes hears this, and says, “ Balwhat is't you lack? a fine horse ? a lion ? lads ! hark, hark ! pray thee, fellow, stay a bull ? a bear? a dog ? or a cat? an ex a little ! What ballads hast thou ? let me cellent fine Bartholmew bird ? or an in- see, let me see myself—How dost thou strument ? what is't you lack ?" The call it ? ' A Caveat against Cut-purses !! pig-woman quarrels with her guests and -a good jest, i' faith; I would fain see falls foul on her tapster: "In, you rogue, that demon, your cut-purse, you talk of." and wipe the pigs, and mend the fire, that He then shows his purse boastingly, and they fall not; or I'll both baste and wast inquires, “ Ballad-man, do any cut-purses you till your eyes drop out, like 'em." haunt hereabout? pray thee raise me one Knockhum says to the female passengers, or two : begin and shew me one." “Gentlewomen, the weather's hot! whi- Nightingale answers, "Sir, this is a spell ther walk you? Have a care o' your fine against 'em, spick and span new; and velvet caps, the Fair is dusty. Take a 'tis made as 'twere in mine own person, sweet delicate booth, with boughs, here, and I sing it in mine own defence. But i' the way, and cool yourselves i' the soade; 'twill cost a penny alone if you buy it."

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