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used in Schools under the Title of Selectæ e Profanis Scriptoribus Hiftoriæ. The learned and ingenious Profesor Rollin was so well pleased with it, i bat, in Vol. 1. p. 83, of his Belles Lettres, be thus recommends it as a valuable Compilation. "I. know of no Book, which may be more useful, and at the saine Time inore agreeable to youth. It contains excellent Precepts of Morality, colleEted soith great Order and Judgment; with very affecting Pages of History upon every Article. I know jome very considerable Persons who have acknowledged themselves to have found a great Deal of Pleasure in reading it.Several Works of a siinilor Kind have been published in Englis and other modern Languages; which is a fufficient Proof of the general Excellence of the Plan, and that it is well calculated to answer the Purposes intended by it. But of those which have appeared in our own Language, some are too voluminous and expensive for common Use; and all of them (which I have bitherto been able to meet with) contain a Number of Articles which are of no immediate Concern to Children ;- such as the Duties of Parents, of Husbands and Wives, of Masters and Servants, and of Princes, Magistrates, and Generals, and many other Particulars which might be mentioned-I therefore thought there was sufficient Room for a new Publication of this Kind, which might be neither too costly and extenhve for general Use, 110r incumbered with a Collection of such Sentiments and Examples, as would indeed be proper


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enough upon another Occasion, but are certainly useless and uninteresting to School-boys, for whose immediate Instruction these Performances are usually published. I have, accordingly, been careful to confine the following Miscellany to such a moderate Size, that the Parent or Tutor may bave no Reason to object to the Price of it, nor the Pupil to be disgusted with the Length of it; and all the Sentiments and Examples bave been restricted to those Duties in which the youngest are as inuch concerned as those of riper Tears; such as Religion, filial and fraternal Affeétion, Temperance, Patience, Veracity, 3c. To give the Work all that Variety which is peculiarly pleasing to Youth, (and, at the same time, to distinguish it from all other Performances of the Kind,) every Chapter concludes with a Dialogue, or an Esay upon the Subject, from fome Author of Reputation, where I could find one to my Purpose ; but generally with the former, as being the easiest and most agreeable Method of Instruction. But all the Dialogues, excepting two (which I was obliged to furnish myself), are Translations from Xenophon and Erasmus, with such Omissions and Alterations as my Plan required. Care has likewise been taken to SeleEt fúch Sentiments and Examples as appeared to me to be most pertinent and striking ; and I have endeavoured to communicate the whole in a correet and easy Style, which might neither exceed the Capacity of young Readers, nor vitiate their Language ; for which Purpose I have selected those Passages which are borrowed from the ancient Writers (who, indeed,
have furnished much the largest Part of the Work)
from the original Authors themselves. ---- The last
Chapter, which treats of Politeness and Good-breed-
ing, is wholly composed of such Extracts from the
Letters of the late Earl of Chesterfield, as
were thought to be most immediately instruEtive to
Youth: The noble Author was himself a great Ad-
mirer, and an exact Pattern of the polite Manners
he recommends, and, for that Reason, was much
better qualified to give Advice upon that Head to
others, than most Authors who have written upon
that Subje£t. As Examples of this necessary, tho'
seemingly trivial Accomplishment, must be fought
for in real Life, and not in Books, it was judged
necessary to deviate from the general Plan of the
Work by omitting them.


Upon the whole, if the Performance here offered.
to the Public has been executed in such a Männer,
as to answer to the Profesions above set forth; 1
beg Leave to recommend it to the Notice of Pa-
rents in general, and of all those who are intrusted,
with the Education of the British Youth; and
bumbly flatter myself that they will favour it with
all the Encouragement in their Power.

Work by to deviate finat in Book, muple") thgo

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Page Of Veracity - ---- - - - 145

CH A P. VIII. Of Justice and Honesty - - - - - 165

CH A P. IX. Of Diligence - - - - - - - - 194

| C H A P. X. Of the Reverence due to the Aged, and the

Respect and Gratitude which we owe to
our Teachers and Instructors - - - 225

C.H A P.. . XI.
Of Good-breeding, Polite Behaviour, and the

Art of Pleasing in Company --- 243"

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