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Then 'tis in spirit I must come

My Bible all to clear; Then I'll come down, it shall be found,

Like rain upon the grass :
And great my BLESSINGS shall be found,

And peace shall all possess.
So in MY REIGN shall all be seen,

The RIGHTEOUs flourish here;
And peace abundant shall be found,

That ever shall endure.
The enemy, they all shall see,

Shall lick the dust of Man;
For so the Serpent's doom shall be,

He to that end shall come.
Then may the kings their presents bring,

To build MY HOUSE anero;
And every nation worship ME,

And all shall find it true;
The needy here their grief I'll clear,

And all the poor, I'll free;
For great my bounty shall appear,

That every soul shall see:
I shall redeein from hell and sin,

From their deceitfiel foe;
I'll make them precious in my sight,

MY. BLOOD shall cleanse them sol
So, as I live, let no one grieve-

You know I rose again,
And said to Man that I should come;

My every cause maintain.
So friends appear the shadows here,

For presents they do send:
It is MY WORK to carry on;

And I shall stand their friend:
And thou dost know, the truth is so,
. That prayers for Me are made,
To bring mY KINGDOM down below

O men ! you're all mişled,
That now do say another way,

I did it at the first.
It was not so, you all do know;

Nor did MY GLORY burst
So strong on Man, as in this Psalti,

That all is mentiou'd there;
But now, I say, in every land

MY GLORY shall appear
Handful of wheat, you'll find it great,

Or else, I say, of corn;
Though 'tis but few, thou well cost know,

That now wish to be born,
So strong in Me the whole to see,

But yet they will increase :
Though with a handful in the land,

I did begin in peace * • The peace in the beginning of 1809.

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To tell my MIND, that near the time,

My KINGDOM is at hand;
Like Lebanon, they all will find,

MY HANDFUL now will stand
To shake the whole, till men will fall,

MY KINGDOM wish to see;
And say " we're guilty one and all,

" To be her enemy,
“ If Christ is come for to perform,

“ The propt:ecies are here; " And to the WOMAN it must come

“ To plead HER PROMISE there, “ That at the first it so was plac'd

" Then why do men dispute ? “ If blessings great on Man is cast,

« Then CHRIST must strike the root; " Then cities here might welt appear

“In prospect to be found, “ And like the grass to Nourish here,

“When Christ the whole hath crown'd; fo Then he'll cndure for evermore

Like Jacob's God and King. «« We never did discern it here,

“ The way he'd bring all in; “ Our Bibles true before our view

“ We ne'er expect'd to see ; " That Christ should come our PRINCE and KING,

" All nations worship HE. “ 'Twas never so, we well do know,

“ Yet so 'tis said shall come; u And yet the WOMAN we deny,

“ Our Bibles to condemn; " Because that clear they can't appcar,

“ The way that all hath stood; “ We know, the LORD must interfere,

“ If he doth make all good. « Then all will bless, when they possess

« The blessings are in store; ☆ And Satan's arts must surely miss,

" When he can tempt no more. " Then well we know that joy may flow,

• When Christ that is the VINE, “ And all the BRANCHES he'th plac d so,

“ To have his heart and mind. " Then will be in the praise to HIM,

And all will bless his Name; “ They'll say from Israel's God and KING

« Do all these blessings comi'-fo Men will praise the end of DAYS,

As Adam prais'd the first,
When the WOMAN I did create ;

For so the end will burst:
But standing sure for to enduro,

Will be the state of Man;

And their temptations will be o'er,

The way lie laid MY PLAN.
So I'll end here and say no more,

Until another das.
Thy pondering heart doth now appear,

And thoughts within thee lay
« Oh, thạt to all it so did fall,

« From Adam at the first!"
Then how in justice could I call

To have the Servent cast,
So far from Vion is shall be done?

No : this couleror be ;
I know thy pondering heart do run

And wishing whole to free!
Here ends Wednesday night, October 3.

Ils migat perfectir as beo


Thursday, Oct. 4, 1804. Thursday morning Joanna dreamt that she saw & house tumble down in the same manner as you might see a chest-of-drawers fall, without any part of it being broken, so that you might raise it up again, and place it as it was before ; and perfectly so the house fell, and they raised it up, and placed it as before ; and Joanna thought she went into the house afterwards, and went up into many of the rooms; and it stood upon a solid foundation ; but she told the master, she was afraid it would tumble again; but he told her it would not,

Thursday evening. I Joanna have finished reading through all the works of Solomon, and as I am cominanded to draw my own judgment, before any answer is given me, I shall now draw, it perfectly to the ponderings of inv own heart, whether I draw it right or wrong; for I cannot deceive the Lord; .therefore I shall not try to draw my judgment with man, in reading the Proverbs. of Solomon. His advice is good ; and by his wisdom, in his advice, he foretelleth the end of his children ; what their evils would bring upon them, for the punishment that WISDOM OF SOLOMON.

145 He said would follow sin, followed the generation of Solomon's children ; which is a type for all mankind; as it appeareth to me, that although Solomon was endowed with so much wisdom, I cannot say his heart was like David's, neither was his repentance like David's. So that from my judgment, wisdom alone will not do, without a sincere desire of the heart, to have the laws of the Lord written there. The wisdom of God is one thing, because he is in-' finite in goodness and mercy, as well as infinite in wisdom and truth. Now, from my observation of Solomon, the wisdom of God would not do for Man till his heart was renewed to the likeness of the Lord, in that state of innocence that he was at first created in; as from my judgment, David, without this abundance of wisdom that Solomon possessed, had a more humble and penitent heart, and deeply repented of the sins he had committed ; but Solomon's complaining is, that all was evil and vanity, of the sins that he had committed; but he does not repent, like David, in his writings, whatever he did in his heart ; and yet, by his wisdom, his counsel was noble; and by his wisdom his prophecies, to me, appear deep of the KINGDOM of CHRIST. And here I shall begin from the Wisdom of Solomon, viii. 8– If a man desireth much experience, she knoweth things of old, and conjectureth aright what is to come; and can expound dark sentences; she foreseeth signs and wonders, and the events of seasons and times. Ver. 14-I shall set the people in order, and the nations shall be subject unto me. Chap. vi. 17—For the very true beginning of her is the desire of discipline ; and the care of discipline is love; and love is the keeping of her laws; and giving heed unto her laws is the assurance of incorruption; and incorruption maketh us near unto God: therefore the desire of wisdom bringeth to a kingdoin. In chap. v. 4-We fools accounted his life madness; and his end to be without honour : how is he numbered among the children of God, and his lot is among the saints ! Ver. 17-Ile shall take to him his jealousy for complete armour, and inake the creature his weapon for thie revenge of his enemies; he shall put on righteousness as a breast-plate, and true, judgment instead of a lielmet. He shall take holiness for an invincible shield. Chap. iv. 13, 14, 15, 18, 10-He being made perfect in a short time, fulfilled a long time : for his soul pleased the Lord : therefore hasted he to take hirn away from among the wicked. This the people saw and understood it not; neither laid they up this in their minds, that his grace and mercy is with his saints, and that he hath respect unto his chosen. They shall see him and despise him ; but God shall laugh thein to scorn. For she shall rend them and cast them down headlong; they shall be speechless; and he shall shake them from the foundation, Chap. ii. 7, 8, 9. 13--In the time of their visitation, they shall shine, and run to and fro like sparks among the stubble. They shall judge the nations, and have dominion over the people ; and the LORD shall REIGN for EVER ; they that put their trust in him shall understand the truth. Blessed is the barren that is undefiled; she shall be fruitful in the visitation of souls. Chap.i.2.7-Fort he Lord will be found of them that teinpt him not: and sheweth himself unto such as do not distrust him. The Spirit of the Lord filleth the world : and that which containeth all things hath the knowledge of the voice.--Now, as I am ordered to draw my own judgment, first from the Wisdom of Solomon : for that wisdom, which Solomon speaks of, to have all power to reign and rule, and to subdue all things to himself, could never be in an earthly object, as to fallen man; it must allude to the knowledge and power of God, in and through his Son, in the verses here mentioned; for, in chap. vii. 25, 26, 27. he says--She is the BREATH of the POWER of GOD, and a pure influence flowing from the GLORY of the ALMIGHTY ; therefore can no defiled thing

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