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ment for sin after death, which they also allow to be just; but where is the man that goes to see this punishment? For it is of no use to the living; neither does it turn any from their sins! But wben the Lord begins to shew his punishment and judgments here upon EARTH, then they turn many from the evil of their ways; and they stand to posterity to shew the POWER of God, and his judgment. Therefore the things that I once marvelled at, why the Lord should harden Pharoah's heart, I now see DIVINE and INFINITE WISDOM in it; for if the LORD had not visibly punished Pharoah in this world, no man · would have thought of his punishment afterwards ; therefore, if we look back to the original crimes of Egypt, and their cruelty to the children of Israel, it was wisdom, justice, and goodness in God, to shew his public judgments to the world ; and that crimes like theirs sliould not go unpunished ; but had not the Lord raised them up to shew them, the world could never have known them. Now, when we trace the wondrous works of God throughout the Bible, they stand upon record, to shew the punishment due to sin in this world, which nerer would have been of use to man, if all had been punished in the world to come ; and if no visible judgments had appeared here, their punishment after death would be of no use to the living. Now if we look to Turkey, we see the wretched cruelty that is committed there ; yet till the Lord begins, by visible judgments, to show his wondrous works and power, the Turks will have no more knowledge of God than Pharoah had; for the death of one bloody monarch raised up another just as bad. Therefore, the LORD must shew his visIBLE POWER in this world, that it might be made known in the earth, that there is a GOD, to reward the righteous, and punish the wicked; therefore I see the WISDON Of God in all his dealiogs.



· THE ANSWER OF THE LORD. “Now, Joanna, I shall answer the pondering of thy heart, that thou art afraid to mention ; but as thou canst not conceal thy thoughts from me, thou shalt not conceal them from the world ; for I knew every thought of thy heart, as thou wast reading through thy Bible, that if it was not from what I had revealed to thee before, to try. Satan's reign here upon earth, that I might be clear to men and angels, of my first casting him out of Heaven, and at last to chain him to utter darkness by himself, thou shouldest have marvelled why I created Man at all, as all knowledge was in ME, that men would sin, and sin would bring upon them sorrow. These have been the ponderings of thy heart; and that the revelation, which has been given to thee, is the very thing that clears the JUSTICE of God in ALL THINGS; for without Satan's suffering, who is the origin of evil, thou couldest not see in thy heart why Men should be created to suffer ; but thou sayest thou art afraid, that thy thoughts have been sinful, taking in question the WISDOM of the Most High. Now I shall answer thee : the ponderings of thy heart are just ; for it was I that caused thein 10 work within thee. It was never MY JUSTICE, nor ever MY DECREE to. create MEN to suffer, and free the author that tempts them to evil; yet Men are endowed with sense, and with reason ; and as thou sayest i hey had my visitation from age to age, to warn them, to teach them, to direct them, and to punish tliem, visibly in this world, that men might know there was a punishment due to sin ; therefore if men were determined to be rebellious, they ought to suffer for their rebellion; and if men will give theniselves up to hearts of cruelty, they ought to suffer for their cruelty ; and this in thy own heart thou sayest is just. And now I shall come to the CREATION of MAN: What I said before he fell it was not good for the MAN TO


be alone, I would make a helpmate for him. Now you say that helpmate caused the Fall; but by whose arts did she cause it? Thou sayest by the Devil. Then on his head she cast it; and on his head I placed it: Bar know, in the garden the TREE of LIFE was preserved for MAN.-Now I shall go back to thy pondering thoughts of the CREATION. For as I hardened Pharoah's heart, to shew my visible judgments in this world, so I put ponderings in thy heart to answer the world at large thereby; for thy thoughts are the thoughts of thousands-why did I create Man to be miserable? I answer : I created Man to be perfect in happiness; and perfect in happiness are millions, which will be till time is no more ; then their happiness and heavenly joys will be visibly seen. Then why should I keep back that happiness from Man ? Or wliy should I not create a race to be happy, because all would not accept that happiness? Now I shall come to the FLOOD. When the whole world was hardened in sin, and their hearts were bent to do evil, would my prolonging their lives have been a blessing to them, that they might add sin to sin, and make their punishment the greater ? Thou sayest no : then where was the difference of my putting a stop to their sin in a day, that they might encrease no more in it, or letting them live a little longer in this world, and so cut them off one by one, without any visible sign? Would their punishment have been the less ? I tell thee, No; but now as I cut off the race of Man in a day, that had none of MY SPIRIT within them, so will I cut off all the powers of darkness, whose spirit is opposite to MINE : and as I sared Nosh in the Ark, wherein MY SPIRIT dwelled, so will I preserye men who long for my Sririt to be within them ; and as I told Noah how to make the ARK, so I have told thee every particular, how to make the Ark of the NEW COVENANT that is between God and Man ; and how I shall destroy all the works of the Devil. END OF THE DIVINE VISITATION TO MAN. 203 Know what I said to Noah after the flood, I do set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. Now mark my next visitation to Man--Let usgodown and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speeches. Then followeth my visitation to ABRAHAM, and the great 'Promise I made to him, for his Obedience. Then followeth my visitation to JACOB,' and to JosEPIT.' All were blessed through the obedience of ABRAHAM, till is came to Moses. Then a king rose that knew not GOD; then came on their afflictions; and then came their deliverance. And now I tell thee, the Type of Pharoah is already began in Satan : iny commands have been obeyed as they were by NOAH, when I destroyed the world of sin ; and now I will destroy the Man of Sin, which is the Devil, with all his bust, and all his power; as I destroyed Pharoah, and all his host, for pursuing after the children of Israel, so will I overthrow Satan for pursuing those whom I. forbid. For the perfect obedience of Abrahain, Isaac, and Jacob, has been here ; and in this persect and true obedience all the families of the earth SHALL BE BLESSED, that will join with thee ; let them be as the heart of one man united toyether la faith ; and I will free them, as I freed the children of Israel ; for I told thee, that was'a Type of the LAST DAYS; and know how Pharoah was destroyed, that pursued after them, and how I destr yid their enemies, that were before them, who bad ng knowledge of a God.

So here the Type stands deep for Man
The pondering thoights I shall go on :
Thou judgd it cruelty in ME,
When all those natioits thou didst scę
That by the Jews I did cut off,
And so their kinys I brought to nought,
And all their people I did slav;
Thou jidid it hard my hand did lay-
But I ball answer as before :
In gouybt but sin thav did appear,

And if their lives I had prolong'd,
I ask what good to them 'twould done?
Because thou knowest that all must die,
And in the grave forgotten lie:
And so in death they did appear';
But they are not forgotten here,
Because it stands upon record,
The wondrous working of the LORD;
When that my people I did free
Behind I drown'd their enemy,
And then before them I did go,
Till I'd destroy'd their every foe.
Now here's the shadow of the last ;
The Type stands deep how I shall burst;
Now I am come to make an end,
This is the way the whole shall bend.
The enemy doth now pursue,

As Pharoah did at first;
Because that me, he well doth know,

I'm come to lave him cast,
My friends to free from misery,

But he'll not let them go;
But doth pursue, I well do know,

Like Pharoah he doth do ;
But I'll go on the same with him

As Moses did at first;
I tell you 'tis my strong intend

That way it now shall burst;
The shadow there that did appear
· Shall now be done for Man:
And Satan is the Pharoah here,

And so his dooinsball comé;
And so behind, they all shall find,

Though he do follow close,
I tell thee, now my every mind

Is to destroy his host.
Then I'll go through, they all shall know

And smite the foes before;
For every nation now shall know

Their end is drawing near.
The Promise great, without deceit.

Shall surely come to Man;
For Abraham's faith, I now shall clears

In thee it hath been strong;
Then Isaacs see, and Jacobs be
- Now joined with the word,
And in obedience I do see

How they believe their Lord.
So Jacob's sons they now may come,

Believers may appear;
They'll find my Promises are strong,

As I have spoken here.
And so the lands they pow do stand

Like Israel's chosen race,

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