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Then I'll appear to answer here,

A prophet he must come:
But know my people he'll make err,

The thing to me is known;
From his own Spirit he must come,

And from it he'll appear,
Profess himself a prophet strong

To know I am not here; ...
Then I shall come against the man,

And answer from MY WORD:.
Out of your mouth you prophesy,

But do not know your LORD
Pronound you dead, as I have said,

Then what hath map to boast, ..
That he can know what I shall do?

His wisdom must be cast.
So I'll end here, and say no more;

But let men weigh it deep,
The chapter through I bid them clear,

If they can answer it;
If they cannot I'll tell their lot,

Just like the end sball fall;
My people I'll deliver here

Out of the hands of all.
Your vanity they all shall see,

How vain was all rour trust,
Who nothing here had heard from ME,

But of your wisdom boast.
Here ended Sunday night, Nov. A, 1804.

Monday morning, Nov. 5. Ezekiel xvii. 2-Son of man, put forth a riddle, and speak a parable unto the hou e of Israel. Now let the learned answer, why I ordered the prophet to put forth a riddle, and speak a parable to the house of Israel? If they judge it sin and blasphemy to put forth riddles now, then what do they understand from the riddle to Ezekiel ? Let this be answered by the learned, and I shall answer thee again. Now let them answer Chapter xix. 2-What is thy mother a lioness: she laid down among lions, she nourished her whelps among young lions. Now let, them weigh my prophets deep, and they will find the parables I shewed to thein, and ordered the prophet to bring to them, are of the saine nature,

the same sense as the parables I have ordered thee
to put out to the world. Let them weigh deep
Chapter xxiii. 2-Son of man, there were two wo-
men, daughters of one mother, and they committed ..
whoredom in Egypt

Now when these chapters you've gone through
And brought the wisole beto e' your view,
The parables that here are plac'd
Are just like thipe, the end to burst;
As from the whoredom let them see
The meaning of the words to he,
And then the meaning that is thine,
They'll see the warning to mankind
Doth in like maaner now appear;
So if you blame thc Woman here,
You'll blame nav prophets all before;
As in this land men do a pear,
Thousands my Bible here do blame,
And put my prophets so to shame
As they do now shame all'thy word,
And sav can never come from God,
The simple parabies thou'st penn'd.
But 'tis my Bible to defend
Tbat I have brought it round the same,
To shew all those that mock my Name
They mcck'd iny Bible at the first,
And in like manner now I am burst
To place the parables the same,
That in the end I all might sbame;
For when they find thy writings true,
Such parable's before their view,
And they confess came all from God;
As in this land it shall be know'd
Thy every writings came from ME,
And then the parables they'll see,
How every thing alike is plac'd;
And then disceri, ye fallen race,
How I my Bible clear this way
I know what mockery in thein lay,
And now I'm come to mock the whole,
And they shall find the truth to fall.'
Like whoredom first I plac'd my word,
When they were wandering from the Lord,
And so like whoredom I've plac'd here
Thy parables to make all clear;
And so they'll find it in the end
Like Burpet's story thou hast pennd* :.
If like the lady they go on
They'll find her fatal end to come.
So let none mock thy fable here,

Though like a riddle 't may appear; * See the Book published by Mr. Foley in the Autumn of 1804, page-88. ; .



But 'tis a riddle that goes deep,

If men go on to mock my sheep,
· And say blind shepherds do appear,

They'll find their fatal end is near;
For like that lord I'll surely come,
And so their end it will be known
Much like the lady's to abound:
The riddle deep for them is found,
Though well I know 'tis mock'd by man,
But 'tis my Bible to discern,
The way I warn'd them at the first
The way the ending now shall burst.
So with my Bible I'll go on
To bring the mysteries out to man;
So now my prophet you read through,
And then the mysteries you will know,
The way I first compard the whole,
The way I've said the end shall fall.

Ezekiel xxxiv. 2-Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds-Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves ! should not the shepherds feed the flocks ?

• How shepherds here can you appear

To answer my demand,
And prove my sheep you're feeding here,

While you do silent stand?
I tell you no; you'll find it so,

My sheep are gone asuar,
Which you yourselves profess to know;

But tell me now which way
That they are gone, to you 'tis known?

Willvou answer 'tis here,
Who judge the calling of me,

And vou will not appear
To call them back? Then see the stroke,

You must be cast this way.
If you say no ; it is not so,

Tis Otlier sheep we see
Are wandering on, from me they are gone;

Then how will you appear
When you yourselves so lead them on

To tell them thou dost err?
Can they be free - then answer ME,

Which way they this will do :
For all m: st know, in blasphemy

Sonne pevands now do yo,
As men blas', heine to hear my Name
* Is writter in thy hand;
My Bible iBally put to shame,

Then can my shepherds stand

To say they are free in peace to be,

Ne'er seek the truth to know?
I tell them this can never be,

And they will find it so
What at the last it here was placid,

As in my Bible penn'd,
Though at the first it now shall burst

For this was my intend.
All ages, see, were known to ME,

And so I shall go on;
From ages past as all was plac'd,

And so the end will come,
Where I blame man: Let it be known,

That warning stands for all.
So from the prophet you discern,

Ye shepherds judge your call,
From what is said be not misled,

The chapters stand for Man;
As at the first so now at last,

Then now discern my hand.

Now let them weigh the chapter through and see the threatenings there to the shepherds for the neglect of the sheep; and let them weigh the past with the present, and see the situation of the sheep now; how many thousand believers on the one hand, and how many blaspheme on the other ; then is it not for you shepherds to learn judgment, to know wherein the truth lies, and to know wherein the fault lies, that truth and righteousness may be established in your land ? This is a command to you, O shepherds! And now come to chapter xli. The measuring of the temple; the breadth of the doors ; the side chambers; the breadth of the house. All this mark how it is penned, that every thing was to be measured and formed; the height, the length, the breadth, the depth, how the build. ings were to be formed. Then mark chapter xliii. 7 -And he said unto me, son of man, the place of my throne, and the place of the soles of my feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel for ever, and my holy name shall the house of Israel no more detile. Now

the place

ost of the

the hou


Let this be answer'd by the learned

But I shall answer thee :
From this prophet none discern'd it,

For the end these things must be.
Ezekiel here let men see clear,

His prophecies go deep ;.
But 'tis the end that must tbem clear,

When all these visions break.
The chapters through no man does know:

They all stand for the end,
When I these houses build below,

And then 'tis my intend
For to come down and dwell with men,

And then my throne you'll see,
How on it here my feet will stand,

And men shall dwell with me
lo peace below, they all shall know

My name defil'd no more.
But where's the learning man can shew,

It ever was done here?
I tell you plain, you sons of men,

These things are all to come ;
And now I tell you is the time

That all is hastening on.
But there's no man on earth can come

To say 'twas ever so;
And if you say 'twill ne'er be done,

My Bible wrong must go:
But I'll appear to make it clear,

My Bible it is true-
The time for all is drawing near

That men shall find it so.
What's said at first it now shall burst,

My Bible shall come on ;
You all shall see it in the last-

The measuring time is come:
In beauty here shall all appear,

For I shall build all new,
Jerusalem's low walls repair;

Apd men shall find it true,
The prophecies that here do lie.

Were pe'er fulfill'd before;
Nor there's no man on earth can say,

According to my word,
But Israels here, that I shall clear,

Are those that judge their Lord
In all is true before their view,

And all I shall fulfil.
Then here's iny throne, it shall be known,

Establish'd to my will;
My feet with then shall surely come,

And they shall walk with me;
And then they may discern my plan,

My building all shall see

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