The British Plutarch, Or Biographical Entertainer: Being a Select Collection of the Lives ... of the Most Eminent Men ... of Great Britain and Ireland ; from the Reign of Henry VIII. to George II. Both Inclusive ...

الغلاف الأمامي
E. Dilly, 1762

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الصفحة 91 - he raifes up a hero for every one of his adventures, and endows each of them with fome particular moral virtue, which renders them all equal, without fubordination, or preference : every one is valiant in his own legend; only we muft do him the juftice to obferve, that magnanimity, which is the
الصفحة 91 - remaining legends, it had certainly been more of a piece ; but could not have been perfeft, becaufe the model was not true. But prince Arthur, or his chief patron, Sir Philip Sidney, dying before him, deprived the poet both of means and
الصفحة 92 - thick upon us, that we are at once pleafed and diftra&ed with the inexhauftible variety of them ; fo that his faults may, in a manner, be imputed to his excellencies. His abundance betrays him into excefs; and his judgment is overborn by the torrent of his imagination. That which feems the
الصفحة 91 - and Milton in heroic poetry, who neither of them wanted either genius or learning to have been perfeft poets, and yet both of them are liable to many cenfures ; for there is no uniformity in the defign of
الصفحة 51 - not called him ; meaning, that he would .do nothing without a lawful vocation. Hereupon they deliberating the matter in a confultation with Sir David Lindfay, of the Mount, lyon king at arms, a perfon of great probity and learning, it was concluded to give Mr.
الصفحة 91 - of prince Arthur, mines throughout the whole poem, and fuccours the reft when they are in diftrefs. The original of every knight was then living in the court of queen Elizabeth,
الصفحة 90 - of an epie poem. His execution was excellent, and his flights of fancy very noble and high. But his defign was poor ; and his moral lay fo bare,. that it loft the
الصفحة 8 - fpy, got a copy of the original letter, which was ftolen out of the pope's cabinet by a gentleman of the bedchamber, who took the key out of the pope's pocket while he flept. After this, by his dextrous management, he caufed the Spaniards bills to be
الصفحة 89 - nought, but many ragged clouts, With thorns together pinn'd and patched was The which his naked fides he wrapt abouts; And him befide, there lay upon the grafs A dreary corfe, whofe life away did
الصفحة 92 - by the torrent of his imagination. That which feems the moft liable to exception, in this work, is the model of it, and the choice the author has made of fo romantic a ftory. The feveral books rather

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