How to Talk: Meeting the Situations of Personal and Business Life and of Public Address

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Conversation with family and intimate friends is somewhat in danger of becoming a little too informal, too laconic. Sometimes we take our own folks too much for granted. At its best, however, this is the acme of conversation, carrying the fullest meaning with least effort.-from "Social Conversation"This classic of developing confidence and poise when talking to absolutely anyone is full of sound, solid advice that is just as useful today as it was when it was first published in 1928. Two experts in public speaking-and private conversation-cover the full range of interpersonal communication: .at work: how to talk to your boss and your civic situations: how to communicate effectively at club and committee home: how to enjoy personal conversations public: giving a lively speech.The authors promise no "magic formula," just graceful guidance for becoming a more thoughtful and resolute speaker.JOHN MANTLE CLAPP (b. 1870) also wrote Doing Business by Letter and Language for Men of Affairs.EDWIN A. KANE was an instructor in public speaking at the College of the City of New York.

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The Reinforcement of Reading
Part VThe General Public
The Occasion
Getting Ready to Speak
The Speech Itself
Facing the Audience
The Information Address
The Plea for a Cause

Part IIISocial and Professional Relations
Committee Work
MeetingsParliamentary Practice
First Steps in Public SpeakingTaking
FirstAid Suggestions
Part IVPrivate Hours
Social Conversation
Chapter Page XX Telling a Story
Public Functions
In Lighter Vein
Part VIThe Elements of Speech
The Nature and Conditions of Language
Grouping Words
Enunciation and Pronunciation
The Voice 506
Physical Expression
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