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left at liberty for the display of models of inventions, scientific instruments, and articles of utility to the public, he resolved to erect spacious galleries for the purpose, and to place them, as far as he had it in his power, under the control of the five societies referred to. The gallery was opened on the 10th of March last year, and was visited by half-a-million persons during the first nine months. The Library Committee have also agreed to the opening of the gallery on Monday evenings, between seven and ten, when an average of sixteen hundred persons are found to visit it. It has been rendered highly

. attractive, and appears to have enlisted a considerable share of public favour. The Great Exhibition case of raw produce has been added to the collection, and forms a feature of great interest and practical utility.

The proposal to celebrate the tercentenary of the birth of Shakspere, which originated in this Council at its last annual meeting, was followed by an invitation to the other Societies to co-operate for this object. It was decided that such a commemoration should not be limited to any societies, and accordingly the Mayor was requested to call a public meeting to take into consideration the necessary ways and means. Ultimately the occasion was celebrated in a manner worthy of it, and the balance arising from the proceeds was handed over to the Royal Literary Fund.

The Society's annual dinner was held at Childwall Abbey on the 2nd of June. The fortunate state of the weather contributed considerably to render it a very successful gathering, with no drawback, save that his worship the Mayor, who had accepted the invitation of the Council, was prevented by illness from being present on the occasion.

The Society's bookcases have been completed, and the Catalogue is in a forward state.

It is hoped that in a very short time all difficulties of access to them will have vanished.

The volume for the past Session will soon be in the hands


of the members, and will be found not inferior to its prede

It is the desire of the Council to raise the standard of the papers which appear in the Proceedings, so that they may take rank with the best productions of other similar societies; and with that view a careful attention is given to each paper by the Printing Committee, before it is recommended that it shall appear in the volume. It is strongly urged that members reading papers will always write them with a view to publication, and with that intention render them as original and scientific as possible. It should not be lost sight of that the Literary and Philosophical Society is one for the advancement of knowledge, and not for the mere diffusion of learning, and that, therefore, only such papers as can be said to increase the boundaries of science or literature have any claim to be admitted into its published Transactions.

It now only remains, in accordance with Law 36, for your Council to recommend five gentlemen for election to fill the places of five who retire, and they have selected the following, viz. :—Rev. W. Banister, Mr. F. W. Bloxam, Mr. W. A. Unwin, Mr. C Clark, and the Rev. Dr. Baar.


J. A. PICTON, F.S.A., President.

. C. COLLINGWOOD, M.A., Hon. Sec.

It was moved by Mr. GREENWOOD, seconded by Mr. W. H. WEIGHTMAN, and carried, “That the Report now read be adopted."

The Treasurer then presented the balance-sheet, which exhibited a surplus of £57 after all this year's expenses had been paid, as well as a reserve fund of £200.

It was moved by Mr. F. ARCHER, jun., seconded by Mr. J. M. Dove, and carried, “That the accounts now audited and presented be passed,"

The following officers were then elected in the usual

manner :

J. A. PICTON, Esq., F.S.A.

Vice-Presidents :

Treasurer :

I. BYERLEY, Esq., F.L.S.

Hon. Secretary :



The following gentlemen were also elected members of the Council :

Mr. A. Higginson, Rev. H. H. Higgins, Rev. J. Robberds, Rev. Joshua Jones, Rev. W. Banister, Mr. C. Clark, Mr. F. W. Bloxam, Rev. Dr. Baar, Mr. W. A. Unwin.

The delegates from the Society to assist in the management of the Gallery of Inventions and Science were then appointed.

The Associates of the Society were re-elected on the recommendation of the Council, and several new Associates proposed.

Mr. W. Horseman Kirkby was balloted for, and elected an ordinary member, and several new members were proposed.

A large number of donations were laid upon the table, and the thanks of the Society were voted to the donors.


ROYAL INSTITUTION, October 16th, 1864.

J. A. PICTON, ESQ., PRESIDENT, in the Chair.

Dr. J. E. Gray, F.R.S., British Museum, and Professor Rolleston, M.D., F.R.S., Oxford, were balloted for, and duly elected Honorary Members.

The Rev. H. H. HIGGINS exhibited a collection of inscribed palm leaves obtained from Rangoon, in Burmah, by Captain C. E. Pryce, Associate of the Society. The writing upon them was in the Pali language, and was illustrated by a beautiful illuminated work upon similar inscriptions from the Free Public Library.

Mr. PICTON observed that a beautiful and perfect Egyptian papyrus had been submitted to him during the recess by a Greek merchant of Liverpool, and had since been purchased by the British Museum.

The Rev. W. BANISTER, in presenting a pamphlet by Mr. C. Wye Williams, “On the Steam Generating Power of Marine and Locomotive Boilers," made some remarks upon the change of construction proposed by Mr. Williams, by which a large saving of fuel was effected. These boilers have been in experimental action at the City of Dublin Steampacket Company's works at Canada Dock, and the chief constructor of the navy, Mr. Reed, had so high an opinion of the value of the new boilers that he proposed adopting them in her Majesty's navy.

An animated and interesting discussion followed these remarks, which lasted for a considerable time, and which Dr. Nevins commenced, by describing, by the aid of a diagram upon the board, the nature of Mr. Wye Williams's invention. He was followed by Mr. J. M'Farlane Gray, Mr. Picton, Mr. Higginson, Rev. Joshua Jones, Mr. A. J. Mott, Dr. Collingwood, Mr. J. M. Bennett, and Mr. Birch.

Mr. GREENWOOD exhibited, on behalf of Mr. J. G. Hollingworth, of Sandon Street, a valuable and interesting collection of ancient documents, which attracted considerable attention. The following were among the chief, many of them having royal signs manual upon them :-A deed, dated June 10th, 1363 ; a recovery, reign of Charles II. ; a fine, 23rd January, 19 Elizabeth, 1576; alienation, 24th April, 15 Elizabeth, 1573; alienation, 1st December, 20 James, 1623 ; deed of 23rd January, 1656, Oliver, Lord Protector; bond for a loan of £500 from George, Prince of Wales, 20th September, 1790, also signed by Frederick, Duke of York, and William, Duke

Clarence; 15th July, 1771, letter from D. Garrick to Earl Lisburne ; 15th November, 15 Chas. II., 1662, letters patent; MS. account of the expenses of the Duchess of Buckingham's funeral, from Buckingham House, St. James's Park, to Westminster Abbey, 8th April, 1743; 13th May, 1798, letter from Sheridan; King James, sign manual ; King Charles, sign manual; letter from Lord Rodney ; 16th November, 35 Elizabeth, a grant.

Mr. MOORE exhibited numerous specimens from the Derby Museum, including a fine skeleton, recently mounted, and measuring fifteen feet in length, of the Globiocephalus svineval, known to sailors and others as the black-fish, pilotwhale, bottle-head, &c. The skin of the same animal is also mounted in the Museum.

The specimen was taken with some forty others in the Humber, in June, 1862. The skeleton of Johnson's hump-backed whale, Megaptera longimana, measuring thirty feet in length, taken in the Mersey in July, 1863, and presented by Mr. Brock, has also been

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