Spain and Portugal, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman, 1832

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الصفحة 6 - Bryologia Britannica: Containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland systematically arranged and described according to the Method of Bruch and Schimper ; with 61 illustrative Plates. Being a New Edition, enlarged and altered, of the Muscologia Britannica of Messrs. Hooker and Taylor. 8vo. 42s.; or, with the Plates coloured, price £4.
الصفحة 289 - The secret was betrayed by one of the number ; Abdalla was suddenly arrested, confessed his meditated crime, and was suffocated, notwithstanding the entreaties of his intended victim Alhakem. " Thy humane request," replied the king, " becomes thee well, and if I were a private individual it should be granted ; but as a king, I owe both to my people and my successors an example of justice : I deeply lament the fate of my son ; I shall lament it through life ; but neither thy tears nor my grief shall...
الصفحة 6 - FIRST STEPS TO BOTANY, intended as Popular Illustrations of the Science, leading to its Study as a Branch of General Education. By JAMES L.
الصفحة 6 - FIRST STEPS TO BOTANY, Intended as popular Illustrations of the Science, leading to its study as a branch of general education. By JL DRUMMOND, MD 4th Edit.
الصفحة 227 - Histoire de la domination des Arabes et des Maures en Espagne et en Portugal, depuis l'invasion de ces peuples jusqu'à leur expulsion définitive ; rédigée sur l'histoire traduite de l'arabe en espagnol de M. Joseph Conde, par M. de Mariés.
الصفحة 118 - Leovigild, though of a soul naturally elevated, had yet something of the violence which characterised his queen. He heard with indignation of what he termed his son's recreancy ; and it is probable that, in the first moments of his anger, he declared that the crown of the Goths should never adorn the brow of an apostate. The breach was doubtless widened by their respective queens, until it ended in open hostility. It is difficult to say which of the two first drew the sword in this unnatural warfare;...
الصفحة 289 - ... with gold, and commanding an extensive prospect. In the centre of the pavilion, a fountain of quicksilver, we are told, constantly played, reflecting, in a new and wondrous manner, the rays of the sun. The whole description reminds us rather of the creations of genii than of the labours of man. ' Of the justice of this great king, the Mohammedan world had a fearful example in the fate of his son Abdalla. Many years before his death he caused his second son, Alhakem, to be recognized as wali alhedi....
الصفحة 290 - ... Can we enjoy tranquillity while the tempest is roaring ? It has scattered my flowery vines ; how, then, can I rejoice over the shining crop ? Glory crowned my youth ; now she abandons me. The keen blast of affliction has withered my roses (youth) ; I fear lest the storm should also wither my lilies (old age). The days of sunshine are past ; dark night approaches, the shadows of which no morn will ever dissipate !" It may, indeed, be said that the grief which thus luxuriates, that which seeks...
الصفحة 126 - He well knew what difficulties he must necessarily encounter in attempting to carry it into effect: he knew that the Goths were too fierce a race to be compelled to any measure, especially to one at which their inveterate prejudices would revolt. Time and patience, as well as a prudent dexterity, were indispensable towards the success of his project. By inviting his Catholic and Arian prelates to dispute in his presence, and by assuming the appearance of perfect impartiality between them, he laid...
الصفحة 5 - In the above abstruse and technical departments of knowledge, an attempt has been made to convey to the reader a general acquaintance with these subjects, by the use of plain and familiar language, appropriate and well-executed engravings, and copious examples and illustrations, taken from objects and events with which every one is acquainted.

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