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their complete subjugation, by Signor Pi- form a 4to vol. illustrated with engravings. nanti; with notes by E. Blaquiere, esq. A third volume of tbe Illustrations of

A Life of the late distinguished patriot Literature, including Memoirs of George and philanthropist Granville Sharpe, may Hardinge, esq. will soon be published by shortly, be expected from the pen of Mr. Mr. Nichols. Prince Hoare.

Dr. Adam Neale's Travels through GerA Collection of the Poe of Arthur many, Poland, Moldavia, and Turkey, is Brooke. esq. of Canterbury, will speedily in the press, and will be published in one be published.

volume 4to. with numerous engravings. Dr. J. P. Smith has in the press, the Letters written during a Tour through Scripture Testimony of the Messiah. Ireland, by J. C.Curwen, Esq. M.P. are

An Essay on the Origin and Operation announced in two volumes octavo. of the Dry-Rot, by Mr. Robert M-William, Mr. Robert Bloomfield is preparing a architect, is in the press; and will, with descriptive poem, the subject of which is Observations on the Cultivation of Forest Southill, near Bedford, the seat of the late Trees, and Abstracts of the Forest Laws, Mr. Whitbread.

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ANTIQUITIES AND TOPOGRAPHY. ting the Exportation of British Wool, and PEAK Scenery: being the first of a series of preventing the free Importation of Fo. of excursions in Derby-bire; Ly E. Rhodes, reigo Wool; by John Maitland, esq. M.P. of Sheffield. Royal 4to. £1. 14$. - Demy &vo. 48. 4to.£1.4s.

A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Erskine, BIOGRAPHY.

on such parts of his Armata as relate to An Account of the Life and Writings of Corn and Wool; in which Restrictions the late Joha Erskine, D.D. of Carnock; on Importation, with their effects on Comby Sir H. Moncrieff Wellwood, bart. 8vo. merce and Agriculture, and the situation

A faithful Memorial of the Virtues, Ta of the Labouring Classes, are considered ; lents, and Sufferings of H. R. H. the Prin- by Philopatria. cess Charlotte of Wales, with Remarks,

Hone's Trials, Is. each. tending to improve the solemn event; by

Case of the Salt Duties, with Proofs and T. Williams, editor of the Philanthropic Illustrations; by Sir T. Bernard. Ts. 6d. Gazette. s. 6d.


The Principles of Mechanics, in three
Sermoos by John B. Romeyn, D.D. Pas- Lectures : designed as an Introduction to
tor of the Presbyterian Church, Cedar-st. this Branch of the Mathematics; by Wm.
New-York, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Shires. 8vo. 3s.

An easy and useful latrod ction to An Essay on Scarlet Fever, Measles, and
Arithmetic; by C. Bowyer. 1210. 2g. 6d. Consumption; by Dr. Armstrong.
Nature displayed in her Mode of teach-

Medical Statement of the Case of the
ing Langages to Man; or, an infallible lote Princess Charlotte of Wales ; by A. T.
method of acquiring languages with unpa- Thompson, F.L.S. 8vo. 2s.6d.
ralleled rapidity: adapted to the French;

Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, pubby N. G. Dufief. 2 vols. 8vo. £1. 4s.

lished by the Medical and Chirurgical SoHints relative to Native Schools; toge- ciety of London. Vol. viii. Part. ii. 10s.6d. ther with the Outline of an Institution for their Extension and Management.

Duthnevin, or the Visit to Paris; by a LAW, POLITICS, &c.

Lady some time resident in France. A Collection of Statutes connected with Letters from the Hon. Horace Walpole the General Administration of the Law, to George Montagu, esq. from 1736 to with Notes ; by W. D. Evans, esq. 8 vols. 1770 ; now first published from originals 8vo. £8.

in the possession of the editor. Royal 4to. Observations on the Impolicy of permit Original Letters, froma Richard Baxter, VOL. II.


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Matthew Prior, Lord Bolingbroke, Alex. Rhododaplıne, or the Thessalian Spell ; Pope, Dr. Cheyne, Dr. Hartley, Dr. Sam. a poem. Foolscap 8vo. Johnson, Mrs. Montague, Rev. Wm. Gil Pains of Hope; a poem. 8vo. 48. pin, Kev. John Newton, Lord Geo. Lyt The Dragon Knight ; a poem, in twelve tleton, Rev. Dr, C. Buchanan, &c. &c. cantos ; by Sir J. B.Burgess, bart. 8vo. with Biographical Illustrations. Edited Foliage, or Poems, origioal and transby Rebecca Warner, of Beech Cottage, lated, by Leigh Hunt. near Bath. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. A Cruise; or three months on the Con

A Narrative of the Rev. C. J. Latrobe's tinent. By a Naval Officer : embellished late Tour in South Africa : together with with coloured engravings, 8vo. 88.

some account of the state of the missions The Insane World. 7s.6d.

of the United Bretbren in that interesting POETRY.

country. 4to. with engravings. Poetical Remains and Memoirs of John Notes on a Journey from Virginia to the Leyden.

Illinois; by Morris Birkbeck, esq. 6s.

Monthly Chronicle.

FOREIGN EVENTS. FOREIGN intelligence, since our last, with one exception, has proved but very unin. portant; and had it been less so than it is, our domestic news would have much diminished its interest. The exception refers to a desperate attempt made at Paris to assay. sinate the Duke of Wellington. On the night of the 10th inst. as the Duke was returning to his hotel, a pistol was diecharged at his carriage, the contents of which provi. dentially escaped him, though there should seem to be little doubt as to the diabolical design. Darkness favoured the escape of the assassin. The most active search was, of course, immediately commenced, and the police are said, by private letters, to have obtained such information as may lead to his apprehension. The King, after hearing of the circumstance, sent directly to express his abborrence at so atrocious an attempt. A guard of gens d'armes had since been posted at the door of His Grace's residence.

The French papers, also, confirm the reports as to the infamous atrocities of the new Dey of Algiers, with the exception of the murder of the English Consul's son, which should seem to want further corroboration.

The German papers have reported the peace-establishment of the Confederation, which is to consist of 120,000 men. The proportions to be regulated by the population of the respective territories within the German constitution.

The Congress of the United States have received a message from the President, on the Bubject of the possession of Amelia Island, together with the official correspondence relating thereto.-From South America, nothing more has yet transpired respecting the progress of the patriots. The apparent determination of the Portuguese to retain the possession of Monte-Video, reinforcements for which purpose are said to be on their way for Pernambuco, cannot fail to give umbrage to the Spanish government; it remains to be seen what measures it will in consequence deem fit to adopt.

By advices from Constantinople, it appears, that Ibrabim Pacha, governor of Egypt, has obtained a great victory over the Wechabites, having, it is supposed, by this time, advanced agaiost, and taken their capital. This event is said to have filled the Grand Seignior and all Massulmien with great joy.


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footo-fo.com.co dopo TAE important occurrence of a new The Chancellor of the Excheqher stated, Session of Parliament will call upon us that the Bank-Tokens had been issued by briefly to notice such proceedings in ei no authority from government, and must ther house, as may seem to influence the soon be called in, by virtue of an Act of welfare of the public at large, while mat. Parliament. The Bank-Tokens was ready ters of merely local interest, except in our to pay for their Tokens in legal coin, and own coun:y, must of necessity be passed he did not apprebend that any more inover. On Tuesday, the 27th ult. the Session convenience would arise to the public openeu by commission, the recent national from the Tokens being called in, than had calamity preventing His Royal Highness formerly happened in the case of dollars. from going to the House in person. The CHILDREN IN MANUFACTORIES. speech, after reverting to the continuance

Sir R. Peele presented a petition from of His Majesty's indisposition, and the aw

persons in the manufactories of Manchesful dispensation of Providence in the death ter, relative to the early age at which of the Princess, goes on to announce the children were introduced (six years old), gratifying assurances of friendship from and the number of hours they were emthe continental powers, and of their desire ployed (fourteen or more). The narrative to main'ain the general tranquillity; the had affected him, even to tears, and he conclusion of treaties with Spain and Por- hoped it would engage the attention of the tagal for the abolition of the Slave Trade; house. the general improvement in commerce and Mr. Curwen, Mr. Philips, and others, the reveuue; and concluding with a re wished the facts of the petition to be scru. commendation for supplying the defici- tinized. Ordered to lie on the table. ency of accommodation in our established

SPANISH TREATY. churches, by the erection of new ones.

On Feb. 11, The House, on the motion of The address was carried, nem. con.

Lord Castlereagh, went into a committee
Addresses of condolence have been voted of supply, on account of the Spanish
by the Commons, to the Prince Regent, treaty. £400,000 is to be paid to Spain
Her Majesty, and to Prince Leopold. for the relinquishment of the Slave-Trade.

On the following day, Feb. 28th, Lord

Same day, a long and interesting debate
Sidmouth brought in a bill to repeal the kerley, “ That it be an instruction to the

took place on the motion of Mr. FazaHabeas Corpus act, which was read a second and third time, engrossed, and sent

Committee then sitting, to enquire and to the Commons, and on the 31st it re

report whether any or what measures had ceived the Royal assent. We cordially

been taken to detect and bring to justice'

those join in the general congratulation that this last Session, as having fomented the dis

persons mentioned in the Report of restraint upon our liberty is at an end. The warmest friends of government had

turbances which took place in several to lament its necessity; their bitterest ene

parts of the kingdom."

Mr. Bennet recounted instances of trcamies must applaud the promptness with which it has, on the meeting of Parliament, chery on the part of Oliver, which, if true,

would go to prove how direful has been

the consequences of this man's mission to CHIMNEY-SWEEPERS.

the country. On Feb. 9, Mr. Bennett brought in this

Mr. Wilberforce thought the temporary bill respecting Chimney-sweepers, which was read first time, and committed to Fri- rive from the employment of spies, in en

advantages which government might deday following: The Act will abolish the abling them to detect some treasons, which present revolting practice of chimney

might otherwise escape punishment, more sweeping after 1st of May, 1819.

tban counter-balanced by the inconveniBANK TOKENS.

ences which ensued. In a religious view, On Feb. 10, Mr. Curwen asked the it was totally reprebepsible ; the God of . Chancellor of the Exchequer if any steps Truth abhorred the falsehood and deceit would be taken by government relative to which this practice en couraged ; domestic the calling in of the Bank-Tokens, and to confidence wasdestroyed; the most innocent their being paid in cash.

actions were liable to misconstruction

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and finally, disaffection to the government woull only desire à Committee for this itself must be the result of it. Though petition, as it involvedbe interests ofthree these were his sentiments, still he should classes of persons, who certainly had each oppose the motion, because it was founded a right to be heard, viz. the manufacturer on the false assumption, that the late Com in cast-iron, the manufacturer in castmittee had attributed some specific parts steel, and the worker in wrought steel. of the disturbances to Oliver; and because Petition referred to a Committee to reit involved an enquiry that could not be port thereon. carried on in the Committe, and for which

ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE IN NORTHERN the Committee was not the proper place.

COUNTIES. The Solicitor-General viewed it in the

On Feb. 17, Mr. M. A. Taylor called the same light ; and remarked, that the bo- attention of the House to bis promised monourable Mover had concealed his witnesses, tion relative to the administration of jusyet the casual mention of Mitchell gave a tice in the Northern Counties, and indeed clue to the rest, and he was not a proper throughout the kingdom, and strongly person to bring to support charges against urged an increase in the number of Judges, government; yet such as he were consi- which had not been increased while dered martyrs to liberty, and proper ob- the business had become threefold.jects of public bounty; and sach persons The Attorney-General, and the House in artfully designed, by raising a cry against general, admitted the iniportance of the Oliver and the spies, to shist all crimina- subject, but thought the proposal preme. lity from themselves, and basely lay it to ture, since no specific plan had been pregovernment.

pared, nor did they consider the urgency The house divided, Ayes 53- Noes ill. so strong as io justify entering at present Majority against the motion 58.

into the subject. -Mction withdrawe. SHEFFIELD CUTLERY. On Feb. 12, Lord' Milton rose to present On Feb. 23d, Lord Sidmouth moved a petition from several manufacturers of that the papers laid, by command of the steel and cutlery in Sheffield, and the vici- Prince Regent, before the House the nity, complaining that they suffered con- day before, respecting the internal state siderable iujury from the manufacture in of the conntry, should be referred to a their neighbourhood, of wronght - iron, Secret Committee, which was agreed to. which was made to bear a polish, and resem It was chosen by ballot on the ensuing ble the steel they themselves manufactured. Thursday, and the following members Iron articles were thus made to resemble declared :cast-steel, and iron being manufactured at The Lord Chancellor | Earl Fitzwilliam twenty per cent. cheaper, they found their Jarl of Harrowby Earl of Powis way into the foreign markets, and from Duke of Montrose Viscount Sidmouth their inferior wear had atendency to under. Earl of Liverpool Lord Grenville value the real Sheilield work,which, fortwo Marquis Camden Lord Redesdale hundred and fisty years, had received an Marq. of Lansdowne admitted superiority all over Europe. The balloting for the Committee of Se

Lord Lascelles thought the petition en cresy in the Lower House, was settled on titled to the consideration of the Honse, the 6th inst. when particulariy from the circumstances stated Lord Miltou

The Solicitor-Gen. therein, that a sort of article had gone Lord C. Cavendish Mr. Canuing abroad which had an eventual tendency to Lord Castlareagh Hon.C. Yorke injure the reputation of the real steel Lord Lascelles

Mr. W. Egerton worker, who had previously found a sale Hon. C. B. Bathurst Mr Wilberforce in the foreign market for his goods. . The Hon. W. Lambe Mr.B. Wilbraham petitioners did not want to prevent the Sir A. Pigott

M. W. Dundas manufacture of polished iron, but they did Mr.C.W. Wynne Sir R. Peele wish that the Legislature should make the Sir W. Scott

Sir W. Curtis manufacturer put a particular stamp on Sir J. Nicoll

and his work, to prevent its being taken for The Aitorney-Gen. Admira! Frank quite a different and superior article. He proved the twenty-one appointed.


<••40 40-40-ne u 20-40-4.fo. LONDON.

ficially declared to be as follows:- 1230 Greenwich Murders.-It is a painful task

men have been received on board seven for us to record two most horrid and bar vessels granted by the Admiralty for that barous murders, whicb were discovered on purpose, and supplied with necessary clothMonday the 9th inst. on the person of Mr. ing. Of these, 349 have been disposed of Bird and his housekeeper. This gentleman, in the navy, in the merchants service, or far advanced in years, being near seventy, otherwise provided for ; 162 are on board was a constant attendant on the Green- the Dromedary, appropriated exclusively wich church, and always in bis place as

to the sick, of whom 61 are serious cases; soon as the service began, accompanied by three liave been sent on shore for misconhis housekeeper. On Sunday morning, it duct; five have died, and 711 remain on was noticed by the beadle of the parish, board the receiving ships, besides 162 sick. and others, that they were not in their Total, 1230.—The total amount of subseats as usual. At the conclusion of the scriptions received by the Treasurer is II, service, the beadle mentioned the circum 9381. 145. 100.-The monthly expenditure stance to some neighbours, and they having of the establishment is about 10001. excluobserved that the shutters of Mr. Bird's sive of clothes, bedding, and ship chandhouse had not been opeted at the usual lery. The committee state that the subtime, the beadle went to the house, knocked scription having answered its purpose, no at the door, and called, but received no further pecuniary aid is solicited at preanswer; they, therefore, had no doubt but sent. something dreadful had happened, and de Feb. 2. A meeting was this day held at termined on forcing their way into the the Crown and Anchor to propose a subhouse by the garden at the back. On their scription for the relief of persons who had entrance into the passage, a most shocking suffered under the Habeas Corpus Suspenspectacle presented itself on the body of sion Act. Sir F. Burdett in the Chair. the house-keeper, near the street door, lying on her face shockingly mangled.

Merchant Seamen's Auxiliary Bible SoThe horrid act was perpetrated by a blant ciety.-- Feb. 3. A meeting was this day instrument. On proceeding from this scene

held at the Egyptian Hall, Mansion-house, of borror, another equally distressing pre

for the purpose of establishing an Institusented itselfip the parlouradjoining the pas

tion under the above head, for supplying sage, on viewing the body of Mr. Bird, British Merchant Ships with the Holy who was lying on his back with his arms

Scriptures. The assembly was honoured stretched, and his head in a more shock

with the attendance of some of the nobiing state than his housekeeper's, as the lity, and several members of parliament, wounds of ber's were more concealed from

and was successively addressed by the Lord view.

His forehead was drove in about Mayor, who presided, Lord Gambier, J. an inch deep, and the wound as large as a

Thornton, Esq. M.P. Rev. W. Dealtry, Mr. crown-piece. The wounds of Mr. Bird Wilberforce, W. T. Money, Esq. M.P. Capt. were iuflicted also by a large blont instru- Pakenham, C. Grant, Esq. M.P. &c. &c. ment, by some supposed to be a bludgeon,

New Churches.- Feb. 6. A meeting was and some suspicion that it was by a left- held at the Freemasons' Tavern, London, handed man.

for the purpose of raising a fund to assist It is supposed that Mr. Bird was passing in the building of additional Churches and his evening, as was his constant practice, Chapels througbout the kingdom. The in reading, and that on his hearing the at. Archbishop of Canterbury was in the Chair. tack upon his horse-keeper in the passage, Nearly the whole Bench of Bishops, and he left his fire-side to proceed to her as

at least 25 lay Peers, were present. A sistance, as his body was found between number of Resolutions were passed, and the tre-place and the door of the room, the assembly separated. with his spectacles close to one hand, and Horrid Murder of Mary Minton.- This a candle close to the other.

blood-chilling deed was perpetrated at Distressed Seamen.-The result of the No. 24, Union-Street, Mary-le-bone. The proceedings which the public benevolence parents of the deceased were indnstrious bas enabled the committee for relieving poor people; the father being a carpenter, these distressed individuals to adopt, is of and the mother and daughters assisting in

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