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The present Sessions of the Chambers, it is supposed, is on the eve of closing.

The ball given at the beginning of last month, by the Duke of Wellington, was ex. tremely brilliant. More than 600 persons were present. Their Royal Highnesses Monsieur, Madame, the Duke of Angouleme, the Duke and Duchess of Berri, and their Serene Hig! sses the Duke and Duchess of Orleans, were all of the party.

Some benevolent individuals, at the desire of the present Archbishop of Paris, are zealously employed in establishing schools for the education of poor children.

Sweden.- The King of Sweden has relinquished, for the benefit of the kingdom, the sum of 600,000 francs, in silver, belonging to the revenue of the crown. The pecuniary embarrassments of the country are assigned as the reason for this sacrifice. From this quarter we also learn, that the Diet of Poland was lately opened by the Emperor Alexander, at which he made a speech abounding with jast and noble sentiments.

Africa.- At the commencement of last month, the plague was raging at Algiers in a frightful degree. The distemper lasted but 24 hours generally, without any previous indisposition. About 50 persons died and on the 1st of March, the Dey himself fell a victim to it, and was immediately succeeded by Ibrahim Pacha, his former minis'er. He commenced his government by an act of justice, ordering all the young Christian women and Jewesses, whom his predecessor had confined in the seraglio, to be set at liberty.

India.— Bombay dispatches brought by Captain Moore, state, that in consequence of some hostile symptoms on the part of the Peishwa, a force of 4000 men had been marched against him. Two battles had been fought, on the 5th and 17th of November, in both of wbich the Mahratta Chieftain was defeated, notwithstanding the disparity of numbers, our small band having to contend with no less than ten times its bulk. The English, by this success, possessed themselves of the capital, and Lord Hastings bad concluded a treaty with Scindiah, by which the British were allowed to pass through bis territories to punish the Pindarrees. Such a signal defeat of this restless tribe will, doubtless, se. cure to us lasting tranquillity in that quarter.


40-4o-do-40.me* 1ododo-dos ROYAL ALLOWANCES.

which followed on this important occasion. On the 13th., a message was bronght His Majesty's ministers had previously down to both Houses, from the Prince Ke called a meeting of certain Members of the gent, informing them of negociations for lower House to ascertain their sentiments the marriages of His R. H. the Duke of as to the proposed sums, and it had sepa. Clarence witb the Princess of Saxe-Mein- rated without nnanimity. This had preingen ; and also of His R. H. the Duke of pared them for some oppositi n, and indoCambridge, with the Princess of 'Hesse, ced a delay of the consideration of the mes. niece of the reigning Elector; and further sage-an unusual circumstance, and which stating, that from the afflicting loss which called forth much severe animadversion. the Prince Regent had sustained by the An address, however, was moved by Lord death of his beloved and only child, the Castlereagh, and that night carried, after a Princess Charlotte, they would see the pro- division. priety of providing for these marriages, On the 15th, the House went into a comand enable him to make the necessary sup- mittee, when Lord Castlereagh, after briefly plies for the same.

stating what had been done on similar Qur limits will only allow us to take a cases to the Dukes of York and Gloucester, superficial notice of the animated debates and the Princess Charlotte and Prince


Leopold, 'informed the House, that it was OFFENDERS CONVICTION AND REWARD intended to propose £19,000 to the Duke of Clarence, £12,000 to the Duke of Cam Mr. Bennet moved, on the 13th. the second bridge, and similar sums to the Dukes of reading of this bill, for abolishing rewards Kent and Cumberland, with outfits equal in cases of the conviction of offenders. to the yearly income in all cases. As, how. The abuses which have resulted from the ever, he had to fear that this proposal system of rewards as now existing, have might not meet the approbation of the been tob well established to need comHouse, he deemed it his duty to submit ment. The endeavour to correct them another; he therefore moved the following deserves well of the country. The Attor. additions to the present incomes of the ney-General admitted the want of regula. Royal Dukes ; namely, to the

tion, but thought it would be injurious to Duke of Clarence. ...£10,000,

abolish them in all cases ; fixed rewards, Kent.... 6000,

he thought, had been proved impolitic. -Cumberland..

£28,000 6000,

His opinion was, that both the extent of -Cambridge.. 6000,

the reward, the distribution of it, aud beside outfits; and jointures, to the Duchess whether there ought to be any reward at of Clarence £7000, and the other Duchesses all, ought to be referred to the Judges be. £6000 per annum.

fore whom the charge was made, and in. On the first resolution being put, in fa- dictment made. Mr. Bennet, in reply, vour of the Duke of Clarence, Messrs. Bar- only wished the Judge to have the power clay, Protheroe, Coke, Ellison, Tierney, which he did not now possess, of ordering and others opposed it, on various grounds, a reward at his discretion, together with but principally from the present burthened indemnity for expenses incurred. Reada state of the nation. Mr. Canning defended second time. the grant; and could assure the House that

PRIVATELY STEALING BILL. the Dake of Clarence contracted this alli On the 24th. this bill of Sir Samuel ance, not for his own gratification, but Romilly's, noticed in our last, was read from a sense of public duty, as the Duke a third time, and passed. was advised. The laws of the country forbad

COTTON MANUFACTORIER BILL. the Royal family to wed at home, and they The House of Commons went into a were therefore compelled to look abroad. Committee on the clause which limited the

On a division on the amendment moved labour of children to 12 hours and a half. by Mr. Sumner, to reduce the sum to Mr. Wilberforce said that 7 or 8 were quite £6000, there appeared in its favour a ma sufficient. After a long conversation, it jority of nine. This result induced Lord

was agreed that the Report should be reCastlereagh to observe, that he believed the ceived immediately, and the bill recomnegociation might be considered at an end, mitted. as the House had thought proper to refuse

IRISH MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES. the larger son. On the following night, Lord Castlereagh went into a Committee of Sapply, and the

On the motion of Mr. Peel, the House informed the House, that the Duke of Cla: following sums werè voted : rence had declined the allowance proposed to him. The grapt to the Duke of Cam- £38,331 for Protestant Charter Schools in Ireland.

idge was next moved, and after an op 32,515 for the Foundling Hospital at Dublin. position from Messrs. Brougham, Tierney, 36,646 for House of Industry and Asyluin. and others, was negatived by a majority of 7,085 for the Richmond Lunatic Asylum, Dublin. seven. A dowry, however, to the Duchess, 3,550 for the Hibernian Society for Soldiers' Chilin the event of the Duke's death, was a

dren, at Dublin. greed to unanimously,

2,753 for the Hibernian Marine Society in Dublin.

2,307 for the Female Orphan House, Dublin. Gen. Gascoigne, on the 13th, brought

8,307 for the Wesmorland Lock Hospital, Dublin. up a bill, which was read a first time.

3,148 for the Lying-in Hospital in Dublin. Its object was to extend the powers of the

1,467 for Dr. Stevens's Hospital. Aet of the 23d of Ch. II. so that in suits

4,615 for the House of Recovery and Fever Hosin inferior courts for 40s, the costs shonld

pital. not exceed the sum gued for. As General

465 for the Hospital for Incurables. Gascoigne has had the assistance of the

8,928 for the Roman Catholic Seminary. Attorney-General on this regulation, there

9,370 for the Cork Institution. can be little doubt as to its passing into a law.

19,938 for defraying the expense of the Trustees of


the linen and hempen manufactures of Ireland.

WAYS AND MEANS. 1 1,076 for defraying the expense of the Commis. Annual Duties, as usual

3,000,000 siopers for making wide and convenient streets Excise Duties, continued till 1812, 3,500,000 in the city of Dublin.


250,000 The other usual annnal grants for Ireland were then Old Naval Stores

250,000 agreed to without a division.

Arrears of Property Tax


Money remaining at the disposition of Par. Summary of the Supplies and Ways and liament in respect of sums paid into the 21,448 Means for the year 1818, as detailed in the Exchequer, by the Commissioners Chancellor of the Exchequer's speech :

7,271,448 SUPPLIES. Subscription loan

3,000,000 8,970,000 army, exclusive of troops in Franee. By Exchequer Bills funded

27,272,700 6,456,800 navy.

30,272,700 1,245,600 ordnance. 1,720,000 miscellaneous, including £100,7 -95 for the

37;544,148 increase of small livinge.

Mr. Brougham could not follow the Rt.

Hon. Gent. through all his statements ; 18,392,400 total supplies.

but they appeared to him calculated to 2,000,000 interest on Exchequer bills

conceal the true statement of the countty 560,000 sivking fund on ditto: 2,560,000

by borrowing 14 millions, though in a way

somewhat new, and gave no prospect of 20,952,400

making the public revenue to square with

the expences. EXTRAORDINARY PAYMENTS. Fortifications in Netherlands £125,681 128, 3d. to be

Mr. Grenfell disapproved the new medefrayed out of the indemnities payable by France.

thod of borrowing money, and thought its Spanish treaty on the Slave Trade 400,000

success very problematical. Deficiency of Ways & Means,1817 259,686

Mr. Maberty approved of it, as very ad

659,686 vantageous to the public. By payment of unfunded debt


Several other Members spoke on both

sides the question, and the resolutions £37,544,148 were agreed to without a division.

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Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop ROYAL NUPTIALS.

of London were in attendance. Every On the 7th April, at the Queen's Palace, thing being row in readiness, the Lord were celebrated the nuptials of Her Royal Chamberlain retired to introduce His Se. Highness the Princess Elizabeth, (third rene Highness, who was accompanied by: daughter of Their Majesties) with Phil. Aug. the Dukes of Clarence and Kent. He was Frederic, hereditary Prince of Hesse Hom- dressed in his general's uniform, decorated berg. A splendid temporary altar was with several orders. The Lord Chamberfitted up in the saloon, covered with crim- lain having again retired, he returned son, on which were placed, the gold com with the Princess, who was conducted to munion plate from the Chapel-Royal and the altar by the Dukes of Clarence and Whitehall; and every tasteful arrangement Rent, and given away by the Duke of made that could add to the importance of York, the Prince Regent being absent in the ceremony. The company, which con consequence of the gout; it was undersisted of the various branches of the Royal stood, however, that the recollections of family, and the most distinguished cha a similar scene in the marriage of his beracters of the court, as also the foreign am loved daughter, would have been sufficibassadors, began to assemble at six o'clock., ent cause of absence, even had he been well. At eight, the Queen and Royal family The ceremony concluded, the female moved from their private apartments for attendants had the honour to kiss the the saloon, the former taking her station in bride's band. The Royal pair left the the chair of state, to the left of the altar,and palace soon after nine o'clock, to proceed the latter according to their ranks. The to the Prince Regent's cottage at Windsor, VOL. II.


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which had been previously prepared for which was insured. A Jary has been since their reception.

beld on the bodies of the two unfortunate Fire. On the 30th March, about eleven chlldren, T. and W. Higgins, aged 6 and 7, o'clock, a) fire broke out at the house of which were found burnt to ciuders. VerMr. Jones, blacking-manufacturer, Somer dict-accidental death. set-place, Hackney-road, which in a few Same day, in the morning, a fire broke hours destroyed the whole of the premises. out in the premises of Mr. Clark, oil and Mr. Jones's mother was barnt so dread- colour-man, in Skipper-street, Somer's. fully in different parts of the body, espe

Town, and owing to the different articles cially face and bosom, that she is not ex

therein contained, it for a short time raged pected to recover : his daughter, 13 years most furiously, threatening destruction all of age, suffered very much; her neck and around; but by the arrival of the engines, hands were in a dreadful condition. They and the exertions of the firemen, the dewere both carried to the shop of Mr. Wes vouring element was confined to Mr. C.'s ton, a surgeon, corner of Kingsland-Road; and the upper part of the adjoining house. he dressed them, and ordered them to be

A few minntes after six, the premises fell conveyed to St. Bartholomew's Hospital; into the street with a tremendous crash, they were immediately taken thither, and blocking up the corner of Hertfort-street. the surgeon gave very little hopes of their Mr. C.'s family providentially escaped recovery. The fire originated in the fol- through the back part of the premises, lowing manner :--Mr. Jones had got some leaving the whole of their property to the pitch melting in a furnace in the shop at

destruction of the flames. the back part of his house, for the purpose April 15. The Royal Humane Society of stopping the corks of the blacking-bot- held their 44th annual meeting, H.R.H. tles ; it boiled over, and the flame was so the Duke of Sussex presiding. Since the great that it set fire to the clothes of the two last annual meeting 216 persons have been unfortunate persons who had casually come restored to life by adopting the means re. into the place a few minutes before. commended by the society. Attempt to assassinate Lord Palmerston!

Appeal of Battle- April 17, in the Court - On the 8th April, as the Secretary-at-war of King's Bench, in the case of Ashforth's was entering the Horse-Guards, after a

appeal of murder against Abm. Thornton, lighting from horseback, he was fired at

Mr. Chitty was heard on the part of the by a man, who proved to be an half-pay Appellor ; the Court gave judgment, that lieutenant, in the 62d foot. The ball pro

the Appellee (Thornton)was entitled to bis videntially passed his Lordship, without

wager of battle ; and on Monday, the par. any serious injury, the hip being only ties being again brought up, this sentence slightly grazed. The motive to this ex

was given in form, as the undoubted ecrable deed appeared at first, to have been law of the land. The Appellor then, by some disappointment of a pension, but on his Counsel, declined the Appeal, and further examination, he proves to be in Thornton was set at liberty, but conveyed

He was therefore dismissed by the by a private door to prevent his being asmagistrate at Queen-Square, on his giving saulted by the populace. The only conbail.

solation in this business is, that the AttorFires.-On April 14, between seven and ney-General bas given notice, that he sball eight o'clock, an alarming fire broke out shortly move for an Act to set aside this at the house of Mr. Higgs, a silk hat-ma barbarous remnant of the feudal law. nufacturer, in Webber-Row, Blackfriar's

A pril 18.The Anniversary of the BenedoRoad, which, from the want of a plentiful lent Society of St. Patrick, was held at the supply of water, (owing to some altera- City of London Tavern, H.R.H. the Duke tions being made in the road) threatened of Kent in the chair. to prove very destructive to the adjoining houses. The flame was so rapid, that it was with the greatest difficulty two infants, Protection of Witnesses.-At Stafford one only six and the other ten months old, assizes, one of the javelin-men (all of whom were saved from the devouring element ;

are sheriff's officers) arrested an attorney, but two others have fallen victims to this in a place not very distant from the court. calamity. The fire happened in conse

He appealed to the court for protection, quence of some preparation used in the stating, he was attending as a witness. manufacture of bats, having boiled over.

Mr. Justice Park had him sworn, when he It is stated, that there were goods in the

stated that he had been sabponed. Mr house to the amount of £500. no part of Justice Park—“ He must be discharged



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and as he attends here as a witness, he tence of transportation for seven years upmust be protected to his own house." op J. Uttley, the prisoner with hardened Breach of Promise of Marriage. At the

assurance exclaimed, with an oath_“I late Lancaster Assizes, a Miss Orford ob wish you may all sit there till I come back tained a verdict of £7000. damages for a again!" On wbich the Court directed that breach of promise of marriage, from T. B. he should, in addition to his other sentence, Cole, Esq. After the trial, Mr. C.'s coun be privately flogged. This, says the Edisel moved for a new trial, on the ground tor of the Philanthropic Gazette, is like the of excessive damages, but Mr. Justice Bai

case of a fellow in Dublin, who had comley observed, that had he been on the Jury, mitted some trifling offence, for which the he did not know but he should have been Judge pronounced the following sentence : disposed to have awarded even larger da

Judge.--"The sentence of the Court is, mages.

that you shall be flogged from the Bank to

the Quay” Lincoln.-A melancholy circumstance

Prisoner.-—“Thank you, my Lord, you occurred here, March 26, during the execution of four culprits, on the New Drop.

bave done your worst.” The number of people assembled to wit

Judge.--" And back again!ness their awful exit was so immense, that

Hull Saving-Bank. - This institution before the unfortunate wretches were

goes on in a flourishing manner. At the launched into eternity, a sudden pressure end of the quarter just expired, upwards of the crowd took place, and forced an

of £12,000. bad deen deposited, only a aged female and her daughter, a young very small portiou of which had been woman about 16 years of age, into an ad

withdrawn. Of the depositors, the numjoining well, nearly 20 feet deep, and ber of those who bring Weekly one shilbefore the necessary apparatus to render ling or upwards, and those whose sums assistance could be procured, they both

are not more than £20 are by far the more became the victims of their fatal curiosity. considerable. Increase of Crime. Since 1813, the

Fire at Leeds.- March 27, about half number of criminals in this country has past nine o'clock, an alarming fire broke been nearly doubled, and yet the number

ont in the flax and tow manufactory of of executions last year was 115, in the Mr. Land, situated in Meadow-lane,Leeds. former 120. The total of capital convie

For some time the fire burnt with great tions in the lạst seven years is 4952—Ex- fury, and threatened extensive destruction; ecations 584.

but by the exertions of the firemen, aided Destructive Fire at Liverpool.- One of by a number of the inhabitants, the flames the most destructive fires happened in Li were speedily subdued. The stock and verpool, on Thursday April 16, since the premises were injured in the Norwich Goree Buildings in 1802. The fire com Union Office. This unfortunate accident menced about two in the afternoon, in is supposed to have originated from some the bonded warehouses in Suffolk-street, imperfection in the flue in the boiler-house, called Parr's Factory, and continued its where a quantity of yarn was placed to destructive ravages until 7 in the evening, dry, and with which a spark had probawhen one of the main walls fell in with a bly communicated. The terrific appeartremendous crash. In the mean time a ance of the flames, which soon presented considerable portion of property consisting themselves at the entrance of the room of rum, wine, and tar, that was lodged where many children were employed drove in this mercantile depot, was rescued from them back in dismay, and I apprehensions the flames by the persons engaged in that were entertained, that the fatal scenes of service. Not withstanding these efforts, Coln Bridge were about to be renewed.the destruction of colonial produce was Numbers of poor young creatures were very considerable ; and it is stated, along seen at the windows, crying out in the with other property of less magnitude, agonies of despair for assistance, and the 250 tons of coffee were consumed. The voices of their parents without, swelled whole amount of produce destroyed by this the melancholy sounds. At this alarming calamitous conflagration is estimated at crisis, some intrepid persons entered the £50,000.

room, and with difficulty prevailed upon YORKSHIRE.

the children to quit their ipsecare retreat, At the last Leeds Borough-Sessions, as

and to effect their escape. Fortunately, soon as the Court bad pronounced the sen

no lives were lost.


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