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Thompson, of Pontefract, to Sarah, deugh: March 7. in London, John Barkworth. ter of the late Robert Robson, esg. of Clal esq. of Hüll, to Emma, youngest daughter ham-rise.--The Rev. A. C. Ver elst, M. A. of Joseph Boulderson, esq.

third son of Henry Vereist, esq. of Aston, 10. Io Paris, the Earl of Athlone, to near Rotherhan, to Charlotte Anne, eldest Miss Hope, daughter of J. W. Hope, esq, daughter of William Charlton, esqi of ApLondon.

ley-Castle, Salop. 19. Mr. James Tomlinson, of Hull, to 5. Mr. Edward Hirst, grocer and tobacMiss Jane M' Turk, of South cave. conist, to Miss Jane Shuttleworth, both of

20 Mr. Christopher Ringrose, merchant, Wakefield. to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Thomas 6. At Halifax, Mr. John Kearton, preaBoyes, esq. all of Hull.

cher in the Methodist new connection, to 24. Mr. Richard Cattey, of Holl, mer Miss Priestley, eldest daughter of Richard chant, to Miss Caroline Carter, of Gosport, Priestley, esq.-At Burlington, Mr. Jobn Hants.-- Mr. D. Velvin, surgeon, to Miss Pattinson, saddler, to Miss West, of Hall. Mary Ann Kirkus, both of Hall.

7. At Beverley, J. R. Pease, esq. of Hes25. At Bramwith, Joseph, son of Ro- slewood near Hull, to Harriet, youngest bert Moate, esq. of Westwood, Herts. to daughter of James Walker, esq. of BeverMaria, youngest daughter of the late John ley.-- At Howden, Mr. Newton, of Stage Moate, esq. of Fenwick-hall iv this county. wood Hill near Huddersfield, to Hapnak

-At. Manchester, Robert, youngest son Maria, second daughter of the late Blenof Mr. William Hill, of York, to Ellen, cowe Dunn, esq. of Howden.--At Newdaughter of the late Mr. William Smith, of castle; P. G. Ellison, esg, to Miss Hora, the former place.

daughter of the late F. Horn, esg, all of 26 Mr. Richard Balmer, of Marske, to that place. Mary Ann, daughter of William Sione, 9. William Sheepshanks, esq. to Sarah, esq. of London.- Mr. James Creswick of youngest daughter of Lucie Nicholson, esg: Sheffield, silver-plater, to Hannah, second all of Leeds. - At Hull, William, second daughter of Mr. Jubb, of Ballifield-Hall. son of James Lowthorpe esq. of Welton,

27. Mr. William Badger to Miss Need- to Charlotte, fourth daughter of the late ham, both of Rotherbam.

Thomas Riddell, esq. of the former place. 31. Lionel, eldest son of Mr. L. Knowles, - At York, Mr. William Oxley, of Rawof Gommersall, merchant, to Lucy, eldest mursh, uear Rotherbam, to Mrs. Wright daughter of the late Mr. Josepå Dick- of York, widow

of the late Captain Wright, enson, of merchapt.

of Selby.- At Blickling, the Rev. William April 4. At Doonholar-House, Dear Ayr, Henry Holworthy, vicar of Earlham and John Carr, esq. of St. Ana's, Hear Leeds, chaplain to the British Embassy at the to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Hun- Hague, to Sarah,

second daughter of the ter, esy. of Bonny-town-- In London, Mr. Rev. J. D. Churchill, rector of Blickling.


-Mr. William Rawling, of London, to April 3. At Brickhill Manor, the Right Miss Wrigglesworth daughter of Mr. Hon. Lady Olivia Panacefat Duncombe, Wrigglesworth of Leeds, timber-merchant. wife of P. Duncombe, esq. and youngest - Richard, son of Richard Atkinson, esq. daughter of the Earl of Cavan. of Lancaster, to Frances, second daughter 4. At Southampton, in his 86th year, of N. Grimshaw,, esq. Preston.

John Ferguson, esq. Admiral of the White. 15. Mr. Joseph Steel of Rotherham, dra 5. At Carhead, W. Wainman, esq, aged per, to Miss Wilson. At the Friends' 78. Meeting-House Kendal, Mr. Armistead, of 6. At the advanced age of 103, Mr. James Leeds, brush-manufacturer, to Miss Wil- Beachill, of Monkfrystone, near Ferryson, daughter of Mr. Anthony Wilson of bridge, farmer.-At his house in HollesWray, near Hawkshead.

street, Dublin, Sir Richard Musgrave, 16. At Wakefield, Mr. John Wilson, of who devoted a long life to the service of Sheffield, cutler, to Mary, daughter of J. his country, of his friends, and of manCrossley, esq. of Eastwood near Halifax. kind, by the unwearied exertion of no or

dinary talents, literary, political, and moFeb. 17. Mr. Thomas Boswortb, who ral. was appointed by the British and Foreign 7. At Manchester, aged 56, Mr. Joseph School Society to establish their system of Richards, of the White Bear Inn, which education at Port-au-Prince, in conse house he had kept for upwards of 22 years. quence of an invitation from the President 8. At Hull, aged 50, Mr. John WhitePetion.

head, grocer.–At Carlton, in Holderness, 11. In the city of Exeter, where he aged 52, John Dodsworth, esq. formerly a had gone for the benefit of his health, aged merchant in Hull.--At Penzance, in her 43, the Rev. Edward Hare, formerly of 66th year, Emily, Countess of Bellamont, Sheffleld; having been about twenty years daughter of James Duke of Leinster and an itinerant preacher in the Methodist con sister to the late Duke.--In George-street, nection...

Hanover-square, London, Sir Richard March 12. At Howden, Mrs. Naylor, Garnon, Bart. uncle to the Marchioness of aged 70, relict of Captain Naylor, former- Buckingham, and many years represenly of Liverpool.

tative in Parliament for the city of WinAt Chapel-Allerton, near Leeds, Mrs. chester, Kitchingman, aged 65:- on the 30th, her 9. Aged 14, Ann, the youngest daughson, in bis 26th year:-and on April 8, her ter of Mr. Nightingale, saddler, of York. hasband, Mr. John Kitchingham.

-James Lawson, esq. F R. S. director of 20. At his father's house in York, Mr. the machinery of His Majesty's Mint-a Thomas Jennings, aged 19.–At Sheffield, gentleman not less distinguished for his Mr. Robert Burnand, aged 82.-Suddenly, mechanical ingenuity and philosophical in the 37th year of her age, Mrs. Jones, knowledge, than for his mild urbanity of wife of C. Jones, esq. of Chononley-hall, manners and friendly disposition. near Skiptou.

10. Aged 90, Henry Duncombe, esq. of 21. At New Malton, aged 85, Mr. Rich- Copgrove, near Knaresbrough, many years ardson.

representative of the county of York, who 22. In Oldfield-road, Manchester, much by bis upright and independant conduct, respected, Mrs. Jackson.

gained the entire confidence of his consti23. At York, after a lingering illness, tuents.--At her house in St. Saviour-gate, aged 28, Jane, eldest daughter of the late York, in the 80th year of her age, after a James Backhouse, esq. of Darlington, ban- long and tedious illness, Mrs. Smith, reker, one of the society of Friends.-At Scar- lict of the late Thomas Smith, esq. who bro', Mr. Jonathan Huntriss, in the 70th was senjor alderman and father of that city. year of his age.

11. Was interred in the Friend's burying 24. At an advanced age, Mrs. Butler, ground, at Darlington, Mr. John Dodwife of the Rev. Thomas Butler, rector shon, principal clerk in the banking-house of Bentham.

of Messrs. Backhouse, which situation be 27. Mr. John Lightley of Hull, brewer. filled for upwards of 30 years, discharging

April 1. In London, LadyAnn, wife of the trust reposed in him with a: fidelity H.Hudson, esq. of Bessingbynear Bridling, that insured him the esteem of his employton, and daughter of the late Marquis ers.-At his fat r's house, Helinsley, uniTowosend.-- In London, aged 75, Mr. versally respected, Mr. Robert Sandwith, William Preston, author of the “ Illustra of Stokesly, surgeon. He was a young tions of Masonry,"

man of great medical knowledge, and his

loss will be severely felt by all with whom been inore generally esteemed and respeche was connected.

ted.–At Northallerton, aged 51, Mrs.Clark, 13, aged 19, Sarah, eldest daughter of wife of Mr. George Clark.- Mrs. Heslingthe Rev. Edward Wilson, curate of Cha- ton, wife of William Heslington, esq. of pel Allerton, near Leeds.

Metham. 14. At Hull, Mr. Thomas Austin, for 17. Mrs. Ingham, wife of Mr. Ingham, many years depoty-registrar, at Bever- of York, linen-draper. - At Grove, in ley, for the east-riding of Yorkshire.- Mr. Notts, the seat of his father-in-law, AnthoJohn Cooke, of Cawood, aged 65. ny Hardolph Eyre, esq. the Rev. John H.

16. After a short illness, William Norris, Eyre, son of the Rev. Archdeacon Eyre. esq. of Halifax, than whom few men have

METEOROLOGICAL RESULTS of the Atmospherical Pressure and Temperature, Evaporation, Rain, Wind, and Clouds. Deduced from Diurnal Observations made at Manchester, in the month of March, 1818,

Latitude, 530. 25° North Longitude 20. 10° West of London.
Monthly mean pressure 29.35 maximum 30.24 minimum 28.16 range 2.08 inches.
Monthly mean temperature 410.9 maximum 540. minimum 320. range 220.
Greatest variation of pressure in 24 hours .84 of an inch, which was on the 4th
Greatest variation of temperature 160. which was on the 3rd.
Spaces described by the curve formed from the mean daily pressure 5.8 inches, changes 13.
Monthly quantity of water evaporated of an inch.
Monthly fall of rain 3.975 inches-rainy days 23---foggy 0 --snowy 9---haily 11.

8. S. W. w.

1 4 0 16


5 Brisk winds 6

-Boisterous ones 1.

CLOUDS. Cirrus. Cumulus. Stratus. Cirro-cumulus. Cirro-stratus. Cumulo-stratus. Nimbus. 0




N. E.

COMMERCIAL. SINCE the date of our last magazine the demand for raw cotton has been very considerable, and business done to a great extent at an advanced price. The Tobacco-mar, ket has also been brisk, and a large quantity sold to speculators ;-Sugars are dull

, and have experienced a depression of about 2s. a cwt.- Coffee has advanced4s. to 58. a cwt. and the demand continues brisk; much, however, has been purchased on speculation. Rums are in little demand; the prices much tbe same as last month.

European Produce remains steady; Hemp and Tallow rather advanced; Fish-Oils somewhat lower.

An Alphabetical List of English Bankruptcies, announced between 21st

March and 21st April, 1818.

John Hinscliffe, Halifax.
Richard Scott, Liverpool, merchant. James Walsh, Halifax, merchant.
Richard Carter, Woodstock, Oxford, iron-

Charles Walker, Brighton, stationer.

Agg, Thomas, Water-lane, Fleet-st.printer.

[Devey, Dorset-street.

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Aguilar, Isaac, Devonshire-square, broker. Fleming, Thomas, Liverpool, linen-dra. [Scott and Son, Mildred's-court.

per. [Law, Manchester. Atkinson, John, Aldgate, High-st. batcher. Fletcher, Bernard, Deptford, linen-draper.

(Baddeley, Leman-st. Goodman's Fields. (Concanot, Great Suffolk-straet. Ball, George Middleton, Shadwell, auc- Forster, Peter, Liverpool, mercht. (Bul. tioneer. (West, Wapping.

mer, Liverpool. Beauchamp, Robt. Coventry-st. Haymkt. Frost, John, Grange - Road, victoaller

lace-dealer. [Wilde, Warwick-square. [Whitton, Great James-st. Bedfor Row. Bell, Wm. Tottenham-court-road, linen- Gates, Samuel, Steyning, Sussex, winedraper. (Niblett, Cheapside.

merchant. [lewis, Crutched-Friars. Berry, John, Fleet-street, tailor. [Deykes, Gibbs, George, Droxford, Southampton, Thavies-Inn.

potter. (Dunn, New Arlesford, Hants. Biggs, Geo. Holborn-bridge, silversmith Garside, Robert, Stockport, Cheshire, cot[Tacker, Bartlett-buildings.

ton-spinner. (Paulden, Stockport. Bishop, Thos. Warnford-court, merchant. Gill, John, Mill-Pheasant, Stoke Damerell, [Holt, Threadneedle-street.

Devon, rope-maker. [Coryndon, PlyBrown, Henry, Ruddington, Notts. bytch. mouth. er. (Hall, Notts.

Hack, Thomas, Bear-Garden, Southwark, Bowdige, John, Axminster, Devon, baker. anchor-smith. (Clutton Co. High-st. [Knight, Axminster.

Hall, Ashley, Drayton, Stafford, dealer. Butler, James, Prescott, nursery - man. (Jenkinson, Stafford.

[Reardon and Davis, Corbet-court. Hart, Wm. Newport, bookseller. [HindBull, James, Bristol, victualler. (Cornish, marsh, Jewin-street, Cripplegate. Bristol.

Hayes, Fletcher, Waverton, Lancashire, Byrnett, Andrew, Lisle-street, Westminst.

innkeeper. [Bulmer, Liverpool. upholsterer. (Allen, Carlisle-st. Soho. Hardwick, Thomas, Lntterworth, cornCave, Thomas, Hindley, Lanc. [Ditchfield, factor. [Jeyes, Northampton. Wigan.

Hardwick, Philip, Wesbury, Somerset, Cook, John, Liverpool, merchant, [Clarke innholder. (Welsh, Somerset. and Co. Chancery-Lane.

Harvey, Wm. Houndsditch, coppersmith. Cholders, Robert, George-street,victualler,

[Walton and Co. Basinghall-street. (Parnell, Church-street, Spital-fields. Henderson, James, St. Pancras, merchant. Coles, Charles, Ditcham-grove, Southamp. (Atcheson, Winchester-st. Broad-st. stationer. (Beverley, Temple.

Horrabin, Robert, Bolton-le-Moors, hatter. Cole, Robert, King-street, Holborn, coach (Unwin, Manchester.

maker. (Langley, Charlotte-street, Bed- Howard, Robt. Stockport, manufacturer. ford-square.

[Walters, Stockport. Coles, Charles, and Francis Galpin Fleet. Humphreys, Jas. Talbot-ct. Gracechurchstreet, stationers. [Lowden, Clemeut's street, tailor. (Lang, America-square. Inn.

Illingworth, Abm., Philpot-la., wine-merCroncher, John Honour, Gt. Alie-st. Good

chant. [Blandford, Bruton-st. Berkley-' man's Fields, spirit-mercht. (Graham,

square. Barnard's Ion.

Johnson, Alexander, Manchester, silkCathbert, Robert, Alborough, Holderness

mercer. (Wilson, Manchester. miller. (Johnson, Beverley.

Joseph, Joseph, Radcliffe-Highway, slopDaulby, Daniel, and Richard Grace the

seller. [Foole, Old Broad-street. younger, Manchester, coal - merchant. Land, Edw.Warwick-row, Surrey, baker, [Wbitehead, Manchester,

[Child, King-street, Southwark. Davenport, Saml. Egham, brewer. (Shep- Lawrence, Wm., Old-st.-road, victualler, herd, Hyde-street.

(Vandercomb & Co. Canon-street. Dowgill, Benjamin, Leeds, stone-mason. Leach, Hugh, and John Ambrose, Bristol, [Ward, Leeds.

linen-merchants. [Cooke, Bristol. Duckworth, Ellis, Manchester, liquor-mer. Lidaiard, Thos. Chiswell-street, plumber.

chant. [Clarke and Co. Chancery (Mawley, High-street, Southwark. Lane.

Lord, James, Manchester, tobacconist, Earle, John, Winchester, druggist. (Gad

{Buckley, Manchester. win, Winchester.

Lowe, Alex. Christie, Tokeu-house yard, Elwell,Wm. Birmingham, chemist. [Wills, mercbt. (Brough, South Malton street. Birmingham.

Lockwood, John,

St. Pancras, chair maker. Firth, John, and Michael Bailey, Dews [Hamilton, Berwick-st. Soho.

bury, clothiers. [Hopkinson, Wakefield.

Mahson, Rouse, Knight's-bridge, baker. Russell, James, Old-Change, stationer. (Shater, Millbank-st.

(Russen and Son, Aldersgate-street. Mackavoy, Edwd. Greenwich, vielualler. Sandback, John, Woolwich, currier. (San[Suter, Greenwich.

dom, Dept ford. Martin, Thos., & Simon Hopkins, Bristol, Sandwell, Robert Baker, Deal, grocer. linen-drapers. [Clarke, Bristol.

(Wilmott, Ramsgate. Miles, John, Uxbridge, trass-maker. [Rad. Sage, Jobn, and Thos. Pomfrett, Maidstone. alls, Barnard's Inn, Holborn.

miliers. (Benton, Union-st, Southwark, Miles, Joha, Holborn, linen-draper. (May. Scott, Richard, Liverpool, mercht. (Crowhew, and Co. Chancery-lane.

der and Co. Old Jewry, London. Osbourne. (harles, Billiter square, merc. Scholes, Richd. Huddersfield, coro-merch. (Holt Threadneedle-street.

Brown, Huddersfield. Osbourne, William, Sculcoates, mercbant. Sheppard, Wm. Bristol, bookseller. (Coul(Swapn, Hull.

son, Bristot. Padgett, Wm., Vauxhall, grocer. [Edis, Smith, Robert, Gorton-lane, Lanc, ware. Broad-street-buildings.

houseman. (Nadin, Manchester. Page, Geo., Cranbourne-st., silk-mercer, Smith, Chas. and James Vickridge, South(Adarna, Old Jewry.

ampton-row, grocers. (Draper & Bird, Payne, Hen. Her ert, Strood, Kent, brew Royal Exchange.

er. (Bowman, Everet-street, Russel-sq. Southee, Geo. Canterbury, grocer. (LindPratt, John, Kennington, surgeon. (Ed say, Thomas's-street, Southwark. wards and son, Castle-street.

Southam, John, Birmingham, baker. (Webb Patterson, Christo. Clerkenwell, woollen and Tindall, Birmingham.

factor. [Noy & Co., Minring-lane. Stephens, Henry, Penryn, mercht. [CrowParish, Joseph, East Teignmouth, dealer, der and Co. Old Jewry. (Frome, Exeter.

Still, John, Bristol, brass-fouader. (WinPeak, Josh. Newcastle-under-Lyne, mer toun and Co. Bristol. chant. (Sparrow, Newcastle.

Stubbs, John, Haxey, Lincoln, innholder. Peacock, John Henry, Burwell, Cambr. (Martin and Scholefieid, Hull.

merchant. [Evans & Archer, Ely. Tett, Palmer, Seaton, Rutland, farmer. Penfold, Robert, Deptford, victualler. (Redifer, Stamford. [Pearson, Temple.

Towe, Wm, Wokingham, mercht. (FaithPorter, John, Wrington, Somerset, nurse full, Wokingham ry-man. (Welsh, Wells.

Watson, Mary Anne, Fareham, SouthampPowell, James, Bristol, broker. (Short, ton, mercer. (Paddoa, Fareham. Bristol.

Walton, Benj. Birmingham, mercht. (Mole, Powell, Thos. Leominster, butcher, (Har Birmingbam. ris, Leominster.

Walter, Samuel Elliott, Madeley, Salop, Procter, John, and Job Besser, Steyning printer. (Russell & Crown, Aldersgate.

la., cloth-factors. [Taylor, Clement's I Welch, John, Gt. Yarmouth, haberdasher. Pagh, John, Llanfihangel-y-Pengant, far-. (Cory, Great Yarmonth. mer. [Marrow, Liverpool.

West, Jobn Colley, Bristol, broker. (Fry, Rains, John Soady, Wapping-wall, mercht. Axbridge.

(Sweet and Stokes, Basinghall-street. West, Joseph, Leek, Stafford, corn-dealer. Ramscar, Mark, Bucklersbury, warehons. (Cook, Cierkenwell.

man. [Milne and Parry, Temple. Willion, George, Ironmonger's-lane, merRead, Eli, and Thos. Baker, Gt, Russell-st. chant. (Hadfield, Manchester.

linen-drapers. [Willis and Co. Throg- Wilcocks, Edward, Aldersgate-st. mercht, morton-street.

(Tomlinsons & Co. Copthall-court. Robinson, John, St. Mary Hill, ship-insur- Wilmot, Saml. Reynolds, Bristol, brewer. ance broker. [Hellyer, temple.

(Cooke, Bristol. Robinson, Cawood, Spalding, dealer. (Fos- Willie, John, Hull, brewer. (Kearsey and ter and Bonner, Spalding.

Sporr, Bishopsgate-st, within. Rouse, Wm. Woolwich, vietualler. (Faulk. Willatts, Thos. Great Queen-street, ironner, Dean-st. Southwark.

monger. (Mayhew & Co. Chancery-l.

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