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refenal, the Plaintiff was charged with nishment and horror, he discovered two felony before a Magistrate, and sent to a human heads! When he had a little reco. prison, and there remained for 24 hours. vered from his alarm, he perceived that This action was consequently brought one was the bead of a middle-aged man, against Defendant for maliciously charg- with large sandy whiskers, reaching to ing Plaintiff with felony, whereby he was the corners of the mouth, and the other imprisoned.

was the bead either of a female or of a The Jury, after a few minutes' conside- very young man ; one bead bad been seration, found for the Plaintiff- damages vered from the body quite close to the chin; £50.

and the other was as near as possible to tbe GENERAL

shoulders. He carried the basket, with Singular Character:- Died, on the 12th its contents, to his master, who took imof April, in the guard-room of Kinros mediate steps to promote a legal enquiry gaol, in extreme wretchedness, And. Nicol, into so extraordinary an occurrence. This well-known in the Court of Session under circumstance excited a considerable senthe name of Kinros Lawyer. From a sation in the neighbourhood, and hundreds tradesman in easy circumstances and of of people went on Sunday and Monday to decent character, be reduced himself, by see the heads, which have not yet been rebis most litigious and quarrelsome temper, cognized. A variety of conjectures are in to the state of a beggar, and finally an out- calculation, but the most probable is, that cast from all society. Rather than give the heads have been procured for anatomiup his pretended rights to the famous Mid- cal purposes. denstead, be obstinately refused all supply from the poor funds of his native parish; and, in order that he might retain what he Dreadful Accident.— May 24, a most conceived wonld be the means of bringing dreadful accident took place at Wentworth him once more within the walls of the Par- House. Four girls, sisters, having ascendliament House, wandered about from ed a swing chair, the cbain to which it place to place, until at last, from his ha was fixed being fastened at each end to a bits both of body and mind, he became stone lamp post, their weight brought such a nuisance, that, disowned by every down a large stone, which fell upon them, relation and shut out from every house, it and shocking to relate, one of the girls was was found necessary to convey him to the killed instantly, and the other three were comipon prison, which he quitied oniy for terribly crushed, one having both thighs that asylum "where the wicked cease from and another a leg broken. troubling, and where the weary are at The Methodist Missionary Society for Test."

the Sheffield district held their annual Mysterious Circumstance.-- At the begin- meeting on May 26. The introduction of ning of this month, as a servant of T. Bent- three Indian idols (pettycontemptible forms ley, Esq. of the Great Hermitage, was go- of brass, remarkable only for their bad ing on an errand for bis master, he sat workmanship) by the Rev. Robt. Wood, down on the border of an ash plantation, in the course of his speech, prodaced an near the Half-way House to Gravesend. uputterable sensation of amazement, horHe there heard two men in conversation,

ror, and compassion. The subscriptions one of whom asked the other if he had nad donations in this district, during the cleaned his knife, to which the other re

past year amount to upwards of £1100. plied that he had ; thinking the men were cutting some of the young ash plants, he

Doncaster Church Missionary Meeting. called out to them, asking what they were May 27. On Wednesday a general meet. about; they made no reply, but instantly ing of the inhabitants of Doncaster was ran off with the utmost precipitation. On

held at the Town-Hall, for the purpose bis return from the errand he had been of establishing a Church-Missioary Associsent on, curiosity induced him to go to ation for Doncaster and its vicinity, auxthe place in the ash plantation, where he iliary to the society in London.- Henry supposed the men to bave been trespassing; Walker, Esq. of Blyth, in the chair, opened he there saw a basket, covered witb a mol- the business of the day with an address titude of flies; and his first suspicion was, peculiarly appropriate and impressive, in that the men had been atealing a sheep, and which the proceedings of the Church Mistbat the basket contained a part of the car. sionary Society were most ably vindicated case; be opened the basket, and found two upon the ground of their being in perfect sacks in it, one of which contained a bag; unison with many passages of the Holy and on opening the bag, to his otter asto. Scriptures, and with several portions of

the excellent Liturgy of the Church. The supply of water fornished by the adjacent Hall was completely crowded. The col- stream, the flames were subdued in time lection afier the meeting amounted to up- the timber at Mr. Hagae’s. The fire is

to preserve the ground floor and part of wards of 56 pounds.

supposed to have proceeded from a stove Fire at Sheffeld.— May 26, about three in Mr. Harrison's manufactory, as it was o'clock in the morning, the table-knife remarked that the partition-wall of the manufactory of Mr. Harrison, at Sheaf- two houses had contracted great heat from bridge, in Sheffield, was discovered to be it on the preceding night. The premises, in flames, and before the engines arrived we understand, were not insured. was reduced to a mere skeleton. The fire Early the same morning ibe Leeds mailcontinued its ravages on the adjoining coach was upset, coming down the Bridgeworkshop of Mr. Hague, button manufac- houses hill, on its way to Sheffield, by the turer, tiīl the wood-work of both houses pole and splinter bar breaking. The guard was nearly consumed ; by the perseverance was a little bruised, but no serious injury of the fire-men, however, and the ready was sustained by any of the passengers.

Monthly Register.


The marriage of H. R. H. the Duke of Kent with the sister of Prince Leopo Saxe-Coburg, was lately announced by the Duke of Sussex at a public dinner. It took place May 29.

May 21, Edward Hopper Hebden, esg. William Shore, esq. of Tapton near Shefto Mary, daughter of the late James Tin- field, to Frances, third daughter of Wildall, esq. of Scarbro', banker.-- Mr. James lian Smith, esq. M. P. for Norwich. Tale of Pontefract, to Miss Shepherd, 2. Mr. Spink, of Leeds, bookseller, to daughter of the late Mr. William Shep- Miss Doughty, of York. herd, of Leeds.- At York, the Rev. Joha 4. At Skipton, Mr. Atkinson, of BradHailstone, late Woodwardian Professor, ford, wine-merchant, to Elizabeth Mary, and one of the Seniors of Trinity College, eldest daughter of the late Major Bacon. Cambridge, to Mary, youngest daughter 5. Mr. John Benson, of Leeds, woolof John Telford, esq. of York.- At Scul- stapler, to Judith, daughter of the late coates, Mr. John Reckitt of Wainfleet, Mr. John Stead, of la!e, near Bradford. Lincolnshire, to Miss H. T. Andrews, of 8. In London, William Margesson, jua. Alford.

esq. of Upper Berkley Street, to Mary 24. At Beverley, Tim. Rerron, esq. Lien. Francês, daughter of Bryan Cooke, esq. tenant R. N. to Sarah, second daughter of Owston, near Doncaster. of Mr. Ashley of Molescroft.

11. At Washingboroagh, Mr. J. G. Par25. Mr. J. Rayner, jun. of Wath, near ker, eldest son of J. . Parker, esq. of Rotherham, to Mrs. s. Taylor, of Park Hull, to Maria, youngest daughter of the House, near Barnsley.

late Joseph Watson, esg. of Heighington, 26. At Sheffield, Mr. T. R. Jeffrey to near Lincoln. Miss C. Knall.--At the same place Mr. 12. Edward Sorby, esq. of Button Hall, J. Hammond, umbrella-maker, to Mrs E. third son of John Sorby, esq. of Orgrave Fairham.

Hall, to Miss Littlewood. June 1. At Falham, Major-General Sir

16. His Grace the Dnke of Leinster, to T. Bradford, K. C. B. to Mary Ande, lady Charlotte Stanhope, youngest danghwidow of Lieut. Col. Ainslie, and only ter of Earl and Countess of Harrington ; daughter of the late James Atkinson, esq.

the ceremony took place at their residence of Newcastle-on-Tyne.—Sir George Sit- in St. James's Palace. well, of Renishaw-Hall, Bart. to Sasan, eldest daughter of Crauford Taite, of Har Lately. Near Yaxley, aged 106, Mrs. viestown, esq.-M. E. Nightingale, esq. Ann Cason, who, notwithstanding her of Lea, in the county of Derby, son of great age, retained her facultjes till witbix


a few months of her death, and was capa R. F. S. barrister at law, serjeant at arms ble of reading or writing without the aid in the honse of lords, &c. &c. of spectacles. She was a native of Llan 10. In the 82nd year of his age, Mr. gattock near Abergavenny, but had resid- Thomas Elston, of Doncaster. ed in Yaxley parish above 60 years.--At 11. At Langford court, the Right Hon. Gortnagoliy, near Dungannon, Ireland, John Hiley Addington, brother to Lord J. Woods, an industrious farmer, at the Sidmouth.-At Chesterfield, very suddenadvanced age of 122 years. He lived a ly, Robert Waller, esq. who, for upwards regular and sober life. His wife died of 27 years, served the offices of town's about two years ago, aged 82. He was solicitor, and clerk to the corporation of 42 years old the day of her birth. He that borongb. - In London, the Right was born 1696, in the reign of William III.; Hon. tbe Viscountess Althorpe, of Wiseof course he has lived in the reigns of five ton, near Bawtry. monarchs.

12. At Heely, Elizabeth the wife of April 22. At Deal, Mr. John Basden, Mr. Rowntree and 4th daughter of Moraged 21, a local preacher in the Wesleyan decai Casson of Thorne ; she was a truly Methodist connection, and a young man exemplary character of humility, patience, of very promising abilities.

and resignation, which she laboured faithMay 19. At Wilberfoss, near York, aged fully to maintain through a long series of 83, Mr. William Weddall.

afflictive dispensations; she was in the 24. At Leeds, William Kilbinton, esq. 36th year of her age, and has left a hus

May 30. At Weston-House, near Shef- band and four children to feel the privafield, in the 61st year of his age, Thomas tion of so valuable a treasure.–At ShefHarrison, esq.

field, Mrs. Moorhouse, aged 38, relict of June 2. At Pontefract, aged 93, Mrs. the late Mr. John Moorhouse surgeon; she Hasleby.

bore a long indisposition with exemplary 7. At Scarbro', aged 63, Mr. S. Staveley, patience, and was greatly and deservedly architect and timber-merchant.

esteemed.-- Aged 62, Mr. Joseph Youle 8. In London, William Watson, esq. of Sheffield.

An Alphabetical List of English Bankruptcies, announced between 21st

May and 21st June, 1818.

Benson, Joseph, Birmingham, pocket-book James Caldwell, Bolton, Lancaster, cotton Bentley, John, and James Beck, Cornhill,

maker. [Maudsley, Birmingham. manufacturer.

watch-makers. [Kearsey & Spurr, BiSamuel Nickson, Chester, cabinet-maker.

shopgate Within John Hay, Worcester, innholder. John Gallimore the elder, Burslem, coal- Bennett, James, Manchester, woollen

cord-manufacturer. (Jacksons, Manmaster. William Minot, Lime-st. London, mercht: Biss, Robert, Castle-Eden, Durham, coppe

chester Lawrence Rourke, Roseinary-la. London,

ras-manufacturer. [Laws, Sunderland victualler. Elizabeth Coxon, Birchwood-Park, Nor.

Birch, Tho. Bernard, Liverpool, earthen

ware dealer. (Gregory, Liverpool bury, Derby, lime-buruer.

Brewer, Andrew, Bath, dealer. [HodgAspinall,Joseph, Cumberland-street, stone. Brown, Thomas, Strand, tailor. [Freame mason. (Smith, Barnard's Iạn.

and Best, Temple Bailey,Tho. Coward, Queen-street, Cheap- Boardman, James. Liverpool, merchant.

side, warehouseman. [Oakley and Bo (Airson and Wheeler, Liverpool

rit, Martin's-lane, Cannon-street Brindle, Robt. Leyland, Lancashire, whit. Bale, Henry, Drury-lane, cheese-monger, ster. [Blanchard and Co. Preston

[Willet, Crown-court, Threadneedle-st. Bullock, John, Catherine-street, Strand, Barah, Daniel, Houndsdltch, apothecary. button and trimming seller. Harvey and

(Nettlesbip, Norfolk-street, Strand Richards, Bucklersbury
Bartlett. John, the younger, Beckington, Brown, William Alexander, College Hill
Somerset, dyer. (Coates, Paul-street, London, merchant, [Wiltsbire and Co

Old Broad-street



son, Bath

Burdon, Francis and Thomas, Henley-in cher. [Johnson and Robinson, Lancaster.

Arden, Warwick, drapers. [Heydon Mackay, Cornelius, Liverpool, earthenand Co. Warwick

ware dealer, [Gregory, Liverpool Canby, William, Leeds, grocer. [Bloome, Mayman, Joseph, Dewsbury, innkeeper. Leeds

[Rylah, Dewsbury Clark, William, London, of the ship Friends, Mayell, William, Exeter, jeweller. [Ter

master-mariner. (Willis and Co.,Warn rell, Exeter ford Court

Maxton, Jobn, James's Place, Clerkenwell Clark, John, Manea, Isle of Ely, carpenter. baker. (Grover, Temple [Sewell, Chatteris, Isle of Ely.

Maybew, John, Saint Osyth, Essex, milClifford, Mark, and John Clifford, Hull, ler. (Smythies, Colchester merchants. [Sandwith, Holl.

M'Guckin, Hugh, Bethnal Green Road, Clegg, Samuel, Salford, Lancashire, sad rope-maker. (Hutchinson, Crown Court dler. [Ford, Manchester

Threadneedle-street Coleman, Wm. Orton, Wapping, slopselNevison, William, North Sbields, draper.

ler. (Knight and Co. Basinghall-street [Barker, North Shields Cook, Samuel, and Edward Goring, Little Nicholson, James, and John Brown, Bow

Alie-street, Goodman's Fields, cabinet lane, pin and needle - manufacturer.

makers. [Warrand, Fenchurch-street (Greenwood, Lawrence-lane Crook, William, Blackburn, farmer. [Ne Olver, Peter, Catdown, Plymouth, shipville, Blackburn

builder. (Jacobson, Plymouth Dean, John, Bancroft's Place, Mile-End- Page, William, Banbury, Oxford, mercer.

Road, baker. (Willett, Crown-Court, (Aplin, Banbury

Peacock, George, Aldersgate-street, baker.. Ebn, George Richard, Warwick Court, M'Michael, Threedneedle-street

Holborn, farrier. (Hunt, Bedford-Row Polley, James, Gray's Iun-lane, plumber. Fisher, Isaac, Throg morton-street, mer (Oldham, Earl-street, Blackfriars chant. [Buckle, Sise-lane

Poulgrain, Richard, and Hugh Poulgrain, Framingham, Martin, Church-street, Beth Powey, Cornwall, sbipwrights [Browo,

nal Green, shoe-maker. [Pearson, St. Fowey Helen's, Bishopgate

Price, Wm. Minories, tea-dealer. [Knight Gey, Moses Lewis, Upper Norton-street, and Co. Basinghall-street

Mary-le-bone, stone mason. (Carlon, Randall, William, High Holborn, grocer. High-street, Mary-le-bone

[Taylor, Gray's Inn George, John, North Audley-street, coach- Ranken, Samuel, Greek-street, coal-mermaker. (Wood, Chancery-lane

cbant. (Robins and Hill, Serjeant's Inn Green, James, Liverpool, joiner. [Mur. Sayer, Richard Paul, Clarence Row, Camrow, Liverpool

berwell, money-scrivener. {Martindale, Jackson, George, Widegate Alley, Bishop Gray's Inn-square. gate, baker. [Butler, Cornbill

Savidge, John, East Stoke, Rotts. coalHaslam, Margaret, and Thomas Haslam, seller. (Jamson and Leeson, Nottingham

Bolton, linen-drapers. (Cupliffe, Man Shillito, Thomas, Doncaster, innkeeper. chester

(Heaton, Doncaster Hall, Benjamin Victor, Gosport, victualler Sorby, William, North Anston, Yorkshire,

[Minchin & Co. Norfolk-street, Strand: apotbecary. [Hardy, Sheffield Hemingham, John, Elland, grocer. (Cad- Taberer, Alexander, Collyburst, Manches

ter, manufacturer. (Jacksons, Manchester Hart, Geo. Norwich, ironmonger. [Mar- Tyas, Jonatban, Wakefield, grocer. [Niston and Day, Norwich

cholson, Wath Hilbers, Herman Gerherd, St. Mary Axe, Walter, Joseph, Bath, cabinet-maker.

merchant. [Oakley and Birch, Mar (Hodgson, Bath tin's-lane, Cannon-street

Watts, William, Thorley, Bishop Stratford, Heywood, Charles, Manchester, manufac farmer. [Wilson, Dorset-street, Salistorer. [Luckman, Manchester

bury-square Holden, Henry, Ripponden, grocer. Ed- Wicksteed, John, Shrewsbury, starch-mawards and son, Halifax

ker. [Lee and Co. Shrewsbury Kennell, John, and John Pratt Kennell, Wrench, Charles-James, St. Mary Axe,

Church-street, Westminster, army and wine-merchant. [Osbaldeston, London

navy agents. [Manning, Clement's Inn street Langlois, John, Beaufort Buildings, dea. Yeater, Thos. Bordesley, Warwick, patler. (Alderson, Symond's Inn

ten-tye manufacturer. [Stevenson, LinLodge, Robert, Preston, Lancashire, bat coln's Ion

ney, Halifax



A kwalyticak tekist all of 'Bigland's histo

BBOTS of Kirkstall, 17

Ancient coins, discovered at Leeds, 415 rical display of the effects of physical and

Appeal of Murder, 437 moral causes on the character and circumstances of nations, 59

Bankrapts, list of, 79,172, 253, 417, 336,493 Nicoll's summary view of the Beverly bull-bait, further remarks ou, 44 Commons report on poor laws, Bigland's historical display of the effects of 152

physical and moral causes on the characYoung's history of Whitby, 158,

ter and circumstances of nations, review 239

of, 59 the Maid of Killarney, or Albion

Bigland, Mr. query to, answered, 205" and Flora, 318

on the deterioration of the climate journal of a tour and residence

of Great-Britain, 213 in Great Britain, during the

is comparison of the principal cities years 1810 and 181.1.


of ancient and modern times, Louis Simond, 320, 398

354 Alexander on the preservation

Baines on the lengths of pendulums, and the of health, 392

descent of heavy bodies, 232 Rhodes's Peak scenery, 395

strength of timber, 104 Anglo-Saxon slavery, 40

river Niger, 110 Anbiguity of language, 434

Nottingham rivers, 27 Ancient surgery, 41

Bakewell, account of, 183 Arabian morality, 41

Burkhard, Mr. death of, 161 Antiquities, 63

Blood-money plot, 249 Africa, failure of the expedition to explore Battles, table of all that have been fought in the interior of, 64

Great-Britain, 350 Annunciations, Literary, 65, 162, 243, 326,

Bible Society, anniversary meeting of, 412 404, 485

Bath, Simond's description of, 321 Accidents, singular, 70, 71

Battle, trial by, 437 Appeal of battle, 71, 332

Blackstone on the trial by battle, 443 Atkinson, Joseph, death of, 76

Byrom, on the gift of tongues, 447 Ancient Mansion at Norton-Lees, 93

Burke's character of William the Conque

further remarks on, 347

Byron, Lord, remarks on his writings, 469 High Sunderland, 341 Birmingham, Simond's description of, 482 Allum Trade, history of, 107, 187, 265

British Museum, 484 Astley, Meanley, tribute to the memory of the Rev. 145

Comparison of Virgil and Thomson, 9, 118 Acorn, the, an apologue, 193

Charlotte Augusta, Princess, memoir of, 27, Ancient English fashions, retrospective view Catalogue of new publications, 66, 163, 244, of, 208

327, 405 Arctic expedition, 325

Coal duties, 71 Alienism, 349

Commercial reports, 78 Anecdotes of eminent artists, 379

Conjectures concerning the new river Niger, Angelo, Michael, anecdote of, 379

110 Alexander on the preservation of health, 393 Colne bridge, fire at, 169 Alkali, new, discovery of, 402

Climbing-boys, on abolishing the use of, 198 Agriculture, premiums offered by the Board Charades, 237, 314 of, 404

Charades, replies to, 318, 392 American Indians, 414

ror, 451

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