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If we

John may so walk in the light of no sin, we deceive ourselves, and thy truth, that it may at length the truth is not in us. attain to the light of everlasting confess our sins, he is faithful life; through Jesus Christ our and just to forgive us our sins, Lord. Amen.

and to cleanse us from all un

righteousness. If we say that The Epistle. 1 St. John i. 1.

we have not sinned, we make THAT which was from the him a liar, and his word is not

us. heard, which we have seen with The Gospel. St. John xxi. 19. our eyes, which we have looked JESUS said

unto Peter, Folupon, and our hands have han

low me.

Then Peter, turndled of the word of life; (for the ing about, seeth the disciple life was manifested, and we have whom Jesus loved following; seen it, and bear witness, and which also leaned on his breast shew unto you that eternal life, at supper, and said, Lord, which which was with the Father, and is he that betrayeth thee? Peter was manifested unto us ;) That seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, which we have seen and heard and what shall this man do? declare we unto you,


sus saith unto him, If I will also may have fellowship with that he tarry till I come, what us; and truly our fellowship is is that to thee? Follow thou with the Father, and with his me. Then went this saying aSon Jesus Christ. And these broad among the brethren, That things write we unto you, that that disciple should not die : your joy may be full. This then yet Jesus said not unto him, He is the message which we have shall not die; but, If I will that heard of him, and declare unto he tarry till I come, what is you, That God is light, and that to thee? This is the disin him is no darkness at all. ciple which testifieth of these If we say that we have fellow- things, and wrote these things, hip with him, and walk in and we know that his testimony darkness, we lie, and do not the is true. And there are also truth: but if we walk in the many other things which Jesus light, as he is in the light, we did, the which if they should have fellowship one with an- be written every one, I supother, and the blood of Jesus pose, that even the world itself Christ his Son cleanseth us from could not contain the books that all sin. If we say that we have should be written.

thee by their

deaths ; Mortify THE Angel of the Lord ap

The Innocents' Day. first-fruits unto God, and to the
The Collect.

Lamb. And in their mouth was

found no guile; for they are O Almighty God, who out of the mouths of babes and without fault before the throne

of God. sucklings hast ordained strength, and madest infants to glorify

The Gospel. St. Matth. ii. 13. and kill all vices in us, and so

in , strengthen us by thy grace, that saying, Arise, and take the by the innocency of our lives, young child, and his mother, and constancy of our faith e

and fee into Egypt, and be thou ven unto death, we may, glorify for Herod will seek the young

there until I bring thee word; thy holy Name; through Jesus for, Herod will seek the young Christ our Lord. Amen.

child to destroy him. When he

arose, he took the young child For the Epistle. Rev. xiv. 1. and his mother by night, and deI!

Looked, and lo, a Lamb stood parted into Egypt, and was there

on the mount Sion, and with until the death of Herod; that him an hundred forty and four it might be fulfilled which was thousand, having his Father's spoken of the Lord by the proName written in their foreheads. phet, saying, Out of Egypt have And I heard a voice from hea- I called my Son. Then Herod, ven, as the voice of many waters, when he saw that he was mockand as the voice of a great thun- ed of the wise men, was exceedder: and I heard the voice of ing wroth; and sent forth, and harpers harping with their harps: slew all the children that were and they sung as it were a new in Bethlehem, and in all the song before the throne, and be- coasts thereof, from two years fore the four beasts, and the old and under, according to the elders; and no man could learn time which he had diligently enthat song, but the hundred and quired of the wise men. Then forty and four thousand, which was fulfilled that which was spowere redeemed from the earth. ken by Jeremy the prophet, sayThese are they which were not ing, In Rama was there a voice defiled with women, for they heard, lamentation, and weepare virgins: these are they which ing, and great mourning, Rafollow the Lamb whithersoever chel weeping for her children, he goeth: these were redeem- and would not be comforted, beed from among men, being the cause they are not.

The Sunday after Christmas- | but a son; and if a son, then day.

an heir of God through Christ.

The Gospel. St. Matth. i. 18. The Collect. A LMIGHTY God, who hast THE birth of Jesus Christ

was on this wise: When as given us thy only-begotten his mother Mary was espoused Son to take our nature upon to Joseph, before they came tohim, and as at this time to be born of a pure Virgin ; Grant gether she was found with child

of the Holy Ghost. Then Jothat we being regenerate, and made thy children by adoption

seph her husband, being a just

man, and not willing to make and grace, may daily be renewed by thy Holy Spirit ; through ed to put her away privily. But

her a publick example, was mindthe same our Lord Jesus Christ, while he thought on these things, who liveth and reigneth with behold, the angel of the Lord thee and the same Spirit, ever one God, world without end. appeared unto him in a dream,

saying, Joseph thou son of DaAmen.

vid, fear not to take unto thee The Epistle. Gal. iv. 1.

Mary thy wife; for that which NOW

WI that the heir, as is conceived in her is of the

long as he is a child, dif- Holy Ghost: And she shall fereth nothing from a servant, bring forth a Son, and thou shalt though he be lord of all; but call his name Jesus; for he shall is under tutors and governours, save his people from their sins. until the time appointed of the (Now all this was done, that father. Even so we, when we it might be fulfilled which was were children, were in bondage spoken of the Lord by the prounder the elements of the world : phet, saying, Behold, a Virgin but when the fulness of the time shall be with child, and shall was come, God sent forth his bring forth a Son, and they Son, made of a woman, made shall call his name Emmanuel, under the law, to redeem them which being interpreted is, God that were under the law, that with us.) Then Joseph, being we might receive the adoption raised from sleep, did as the of sons.

And because ye are angel of the Lord had bidden sons, God hath sent forth the him, and took unto him his wife; Spirit of his Son into your hearts, and knew her not till she had crying, Abba, Father. Where- brought forth her first-born son : fore thou art no more a servant, and he called his name JESUS.

I say;

The Collect.

The Circumcision of Christ. ther Abraham, which he had

being yet uncircumcised. For ALMIGHTY God, who the promise, that he should be

, madest thy blessed Son to be circumcised, and obedient to the

to Abraham, or to his seed, law for man; Grant us the true through the law, but through Circumcision of the Spirit ; that, if they which are of the law

the righteousness of faith. For our hearts, and all our members, be heirs, faith is made void, and being mortified from all world- the promise made of none effect

. ly and carnal lusts, we may in

The Gospel. St. Luke ii. 15. all things obey thy blessed will ; through the same thy Son Jesus A ND it came to pass

, as the Christ our Lord. Amen.

angels were gone away from

them into heaven, the shepherds The Epistle. Rom. iy. 8. said one to another, Let us now BLE LESSED_is the man to go even unto Bethlehem, and

whom the Lord will not im- see this thing which is come to pute sin. Cometh this blessed- pass, which the Lord hath made ness then upon the circumcision known unto us. And they came only, or upon the uncircumcision with haste, and found Mary and also ? For we say, that faith was Joseph, and the babe lying in a reckoned to Abraham for righte- manger. And when they had ousness. How was it then reck- seen it, they made known aoned? when he was in circum- broad the saying which was told cision, or in uncircumcision ? them concerning this child. And Not in circumcision, but in un- all they that heard it wondered circumcision. And he received at those things which were told the sign of circumcision, a seal them by the shepherds. But of the righteousness of the faith Mary kept all these things, and which he had yet being uncir- pondered them in her heart. cumcised; that he might be the And the shepherds returned, father of all them that believe, glorifying and praising God for though they be not circumcised; all the things that they had that righteousness might be im- heard and seen, as it was told puted unto them also : And the unto them. And when eight father of circumcision to them days were accomplished for the who are not of the circumcision circumcising of the child, his only, but also walk in the name was called JESUS, which steps of that faith of our fa- was so named of the angel be

power. Unto

The Collect.

fore he was conceived in the made a minister, according to womb,

the gift of the grace of God 1 The same Collect, Epistle, and Gospel given unto me by the effectual

shall serve for every day after unto the working of his Epiphany.

me, who am less than the least The Epiphany, or the Mani- of all saints, is this grace given, festation of Christ to the Gen- that I should preach among the tiles.

Gentiles the unsearchable riches

of Christ; and to make all men O

of a star didst manifest thy mystery, which from the beginonly-begotten Son to the Gen- ning of the world hath been hid tiles; Mercifully grant, that we, in God, who created all things which know thee now by faith, by Jesus Christ : to the intent, may after this life have the fru- that now unto the principalities ition of thy glorious Godhead; and powers in heavenly places through Jesus Christ our Lord. might be known by the Church Amen.

the manifold wisdom of God, The Epistle. Ephes. iii. 1. according to the eternal purpose FOR

OR this cause, I Paul, the which he purposed in Christ

prisoner of Jesus Christ for Jesus our Lord: In whom we you Gentiles; if


have heard have boldness and access with of the dispensation of the grace confidence by the faith of him. of God, which is given me to The Gospel. St. Matth. ii. 1. you-ward: How that by revela- HEN Jesus was born in tion he made known unto me

Bethlehem of Judæa, in the mystery (as I wrote afore the days of Herod the king, bein few words, whereby, when hold, there came wise men from ye read, ye may understand my the east to Jerusalem, saying, knowledge in the mystery of Where is he that is born King Christ) which in other ages was

of the Jews ? for we have seen not made known unto the sons his star in the east, and are come of men, as it is now revealed to worship him. When Herod unto his holy Apostles and Pro- the king had heard these things, phets by the Spirit; That the he was troubled, and all JeruGentiles should be fellow-heirs, salem with him. And when he and of the same body, and par- had gathered all the chief priests takers of his promise in Christ, and scribes of the people toby the Gospel: whereof I was gether, he demanded of them,


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