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very frightful in a house, quoth Obadiah. - I never mind it myself, said Jonathan, upon a coach-box.

I pity my mistress. She will never get the better of it, cried Sufannah.Now I pity the Captain the most of any one in the family, answered Trim. Ma- . dam will get ease of heart in weeping, and the 'Squire in talking about it,--but.my poor master will keep it all in filence to himself.--I shall hear him figh in his bed for a whole month together, as he did for Lieutenant Le Fevre, An' please your honour, do not figh so piteously, I would say to him as I laid befide him. I cannot help it, Trim, my master would say,—'tis so melancholy an accident I cannot get it offıny heart.Your honour fears not death yourself.--I hope, Trim, I fear nothing, he would say, but the doing a wrong thing.-- Well, he would add, whatever betides, I will take care of Le Fivre's boy.---And with that, like a quieting draught, his honour would fall asleep.

I like to hear Trim's stories about the Captain, said Su annah, He is a kindly-hearted gentleman, said Obadiah, as ever lived. - -Aye, and as brave a one too, said the Corporal, as ever stept before a platoon, There never was a better officer in the king's army, or a better man in God's world; for he would march up to the mouth of a cannon, though he faw the lighted match at the very touch-hole,--and yet, for all that, he has a heart as soft as a child for other people.--He would not hurt a chicken. I would sooner, quoth Jonathan, drive such a gentleman for seven pounds a year--than fome for eight. Thank

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thee, Jonathan! for thy twenty shillings--as much,
Jonathan, said the Corporal, shaking him by the hand,
as if thou hadft



my own pocket. - I would serve him to the day of my death out of love. He is a friend and a brother to me,-and could I be sure my poor brother Tom was dead, -continued the Corporal, taking out his handkerchief,--were I worth ten thousand pounds, I would leave every thilling of it to the Captain.-Trim could not refrain from tears at this testamentary proof he gave of his affecti. on to his master. The whole kitchen was affected.

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PHILOSOPHY has a fine saying for every thing

For Death it has an entire set. “'Tis an inevitable chance—the first statuteof Magna Chaita

it is an everlasting act of parliament 56 - All must die.

“ Monarchs and princes dance in the same ring with us.


To'die, is the great debt and tribute due unto nd# ture : tombs and monuments, which should perpe

tuate our memories, pay it themselves; and the

proudest pyramid of them all, which wealth and of science have erected, has loft its apex, and stands "" obtruncated in the traveller's horizon-Kingdoms " and provinces, and towns and cities, have they 44

not their periods ? and when those principles and "powers, which at first cemented and put them toge" ther, have performed their several revolutions, they $6 fall back.

“ Where is Troy, and Mycena, and Thebes, and Delos, " and Persepolis, and Agrigentum ?-What is become “ of Nineveb and Babylon, of Cyzicum, and Mitylene ? " The fairest towns that ever the sun rose upon are

now no more : the names only are left, and those

[for many of them are wrong spelt] are falling “-themselves by piece-meal to decay, and in length " of time will be forgotten, and involved with every " thing in a perpetual night; the world itself muft

must come to an end.

“ Returning out of Afia, when I failed from Ægina “ towards Megara, I began to view the country round "s about. Ægina was behind me, Megara was before, " Pyræus on the right hand, Corinth on the left, * What flourishing towns now proftrate upon the " earth! Alas ! alas! said I to myself, that man should

difturb his soul for the loss of a child, when so much

as this lies awfully buried in his presence.-Remem"ber, said I to myself again-remember thou art a 36 man.

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« My son is dead !--so much the better;—'tis a # Mame in such a tempeft to have but one anchor.

“ But he is gone for ever from us !-be it so. He " is got from under the hands of his barber before he

was bald he is but risen from a feast before he " was furfeited from a banquet before he had got " drunken.

* The Thracians wept when a child was born_and “ feasted and made merry when a man went out of the * world; and with reason. Death opens

the gate

of " fame, and shuts the gate of


after it-itun, “ looses the chain of the captive, and puts the " bondsman's talk into another man's hands.

• Shew me the man who knows what life is, who “ dreads it, and I'll fhew thee a prisoner who dreads « his liberty.”



THERE are thousands so extravagant in their

ideas of contentment, as to imagine that it must confift in having every thing in this world turn out the way they wilh-that they are to fit down in hapa piness, and feel themselves so at ease at all points, as to defire nothing better and nothing more. I own there are instances of fome, who seem to pass through the world as if all their paths had been strewed with

rose-buds of delight; but a little experience will convince us, 'tis a fatal expectation to go upon.-We are born to trouble; and we may depend upon it whilft we live in this world we shall have it, though with intermissions--that is, in whatever state we are, we shall find a mixture of good and evil; and therefore the true way to contentment is to know how to receive these certain viciffitudes of life, the returns of good and evil, so as neither to be exalted by the one, or overthrown by the other, but to bear ourselves towards every thing which happens with such ease and indifference of mind, as to hazard as little as may be. This is the true temperate climate fitted for us by nature, and in which every wise man would wish to live.





THERE was nobody in the box I was let into

but a kindly, old French officer. I love the character, not only because I honour the man whose manners are softened by a profession which makes bad ; men worse; but that I once knew one

for he is no more--and why thould I not rescue one page from.

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