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AMERICA.. Uniforinly and elegantly printed on a fine wove · Demy Paper,

and comprised in Thirty-four Numbers, the whole, or any part of which may be had separate, as the Purchaser may think proper, at I$. each, making Four large Volumes in Octavo,

2. AN HISTORICAL, GEOGRAPHICAL, COMMERCIAL, AND PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF THE PRESENT SITUATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; comprehending a Description of the United States, their Extent, Civil Divisions, Chief Towns, Climate, Curiosities, Soils, Mountains, Lakes, Bays, Rivers, Springs, and Inands, Natural History, Productions, Population, Character, Government, Provincial Conftitutions, Courts of Justice, Religion, Literature, Agriculture, Commerce, and History ; Copious and interesting Account of the late War.-General and particular Description of the Western Terr ritory, Kentacky, &c. To which is prefixed, A General Account of the Discovery of America, by Columbus; General Description of the whole Continent of America, and the numerous Tribes of Amer rican Indiaps, their Manners, Customs, &c. &c. To which is added, A View of the present State of the Spanish, French, English, and Dutch Poffeifions in America and the West India Inands. Also ani Appendix, containing various interesting and valuable Papers and Instructions relative to cultivating Tobacco, Rice, Maize, Sugar, Maple Tree, &c. The Maps, Charts, and Plans, which accompany this Work, are laid down on a very large Scale, with great Accuracy, front actual Surveys, made under the Inspection of the American Government, and are engraved in the belt Manner. To these are added, elegant Portraits of Dr. Franklin, General Washington, Wil. liam Penn, &c. &c. &c. all taken from original Paintings. The Plates, which form the Natural History of America, are elegant and accurate Representations of all the most remarkable Quadrupeds, Birds, Reptiles, Infects, Fishes, Vegetables, &c. peculiar to the American Continent. Compiled from the Labours of Franklin, Morse, Imlay,

John Adams, Robertson, Catesby, Barlow, Captain Morris, Jefferson, Gordon, Buffon,

Gen. Tarleton, 'Abbé Raynal, Ramsey, Brian Edwards, Harper,

Cooper, Brissot, General Lee, Monro, &c. &c. American and English Philosophical Societies, and from various oris', ginal and authentic Communications. By, the Reverend W. WINTER BOTH AM, of Hows-Lane Chapel, Plymouth. Price il. -16$. ini Boards, or 21. 2s. bound.

3. The Maps and Charts separately, forming a complete Americani Atlas, on fine paper, coloured, folio, price il. is. half bound.

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15. THE MAPS AND CHARTS separately, forming a Complete Atlas; in One Volume coloured, and half-bound, price 75. 6d.

6. BROOKES's GENERAL GAZETTEER; or, Compende ous GeoGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY: Containing a Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, States, Provinces, Cities, Towns, Forts, Seas, Harbours, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains Capes, &c. in the knowo world; with the Government, Customs, Manners, and Religion of the Inhabitants, &c. &c. illustrated by Maps. Tenth edition, large 8vo. price ros. 6d. bound; or with Maps coloured, 125,

7: DR. THORNTON'S MEDICAL EXTRACTS, on the Na. TURE OF HEALTH AND DISEASE, with Practical Observations; including the LAWS OF THE ANIMAL ECONOMY, and the Drectrines of PNEUMATIC MEDICINE. In Five large and elegant Vo. - Jumes Oétavo, illustrated by many new Anatomical Plates, and the Heads of the most eminent Teachers of Medicine. The Fifth Edition, including very considerable Additions. Price 31.

In concluding our review, we must observe, that the very able author of Medical Extracts has rendered animportant service to the profession, and mankind in general, by bringing into a more connected point of view', and af. fording a more clear and satisfactory detail of the numerous facts, and reasonings which form the bafis of the present improved ftate of medical science,

Vide Critical Review. 8. PLATES OF THE HEART, illustrative of the.CIRCULA

OF THE BLOOD; and the Effects of Oxygen Air on the Blood. Elegantly printed in Colours, with Descriptions. Price 155. fewed.

* May be had a few remaining Sets of Dr. Thornton's New Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnæus, to be completed in fourteen numbers, terr of which are published, at il.'ss. each.

9. A PRACTICAL TREATISE on the different FEVERS of the WEST INDIES, and their Diagnostic Symptoms. By William Fowle, M.D. F.R.S. S. 'Ed. Licentiate of the London Royal College of Physicians, and Physician to the Forces. Price 25. 6.

10. THE PHYSICIAN'S VADE MECUM; being a Compendium of Nosology and Therapeutics, for the Use of Students. By the Rev. Joseph Townsend, Rector of Pewfey, Wilts. Sixth Edition. Price 4s. sewed.



BOOKS PRINTED FOR H, D. SYMONDS. The Five following Books by James Parkinson, F.M.S. Hoxton :

11. MEDICAL ADMONITIONS TO FAMILIES, respecting Domestic MedICINE, THE PRESERVATION OF HEALTH, AND THE TREATMENT OF THE Sick; with a Table of Symptoms, pointing out such as distinguish one Disease from another, and the Degree of Danger they manifeft. 'In' One large Volame Octavo. Fourth Edition, confiderably enlarged. Price 7s. in Boards.

We can safely recommend this work to parents and matters, particularly to those clergymen whose parishioners are at ferme distance froni medical allistance. The descriptions are clear and appropriate; the directions fimple and judicions, for the early manigement of disease before farther aid can be procured, as well as for the c nduct of nurses and attendants, through the whole course of different disorders.

Critical Revieto. We have peruled the above work with uncommon satisfaction with the design, as well as with the inanner in which it is executed.

Medical and Physical Journal. 12. The VILLAGER'S FRIEND AND PHYSICIAN; or, A FAMILIAR ADDRESS ON THE PRESERVATION OF HEALTH, AND THE REMOVAL OF DISEASE ON ITS FIRST APPEARANCE. Supposed to be delivered by a Village Apothecary. With Cursory Observations on the Treatment of Children, on Sobriety, Industry, &c. intended for the Promotion of Domestic Happiness. Price is.

Mr. Parkinson's previous publication, intituled Medical Admonitions, eh. tained our unequivocal eulogium. The present can only be considered as inferior in point of size. The design is huimanely conceived and ably executed.

New London Review. 13. The CHEMICAL POCKET-BOOK; or, MEMOŘAN DA CHEMICA'; arranged in a COMPENDIUM OF CHEMISTRY, according to the lateft Discoveries, with Bergman'.Table of Single Elective Attractions, as improved by Dr. G. PEARSON. Calculated as well for the occasional Reference of the professional Student, as to supply others with a general Knowledge of Chemistry. Price 6s. in Boards.

« The well knowi kill, accuracy, and industry of the author of this compendium are suflicient, independent of our own approbation or perusal, to, justify our recommendation of it to all students in chemiitry.”

Vide Medical and Physical You’nal. 14. DANGEROUS SPORTS, a Tale, addrefled to Children, warning them against wanton, careless, or mischievous Exposure to Situations, from which alarming Injuries fo often proceed. Embellified with a Frontispiece. Price 26. Boards. " Who knows but one of my stories may one day save the life of some child !!!

OLD Milson. « Parents and tutors are in duty bound to put so 'engaging a piece into the hands of the rising generation. The benevolence of the author entitles him to the fervent gratitude of young persons, who by their volatility oftentimes injure themselves in a manner which baffles recovery.". Monthly Vijiter

BOOKS PRINTED FOR H. D SYMONDS. 15. THE HOSPITAL PUPIL; or, an Essa vintended to faci. litate the Study of MEDICINE AND SURGERY, in Four Letters : if. On the Qualifications necessary for a Youth intended for the Profession of Medicine or Surgery. 2nd. On the Education of a Medical Student, improved Course of Hospital Studies, &c. ' 3d. Directions for the Prosecution of Hospital Studies, according to the present System of Medical Education. 4th. Hints on entering into Practical or Medical Jurisprudence, &c. &c. Price 3s. 68. Boards.

« The work before us will be found not less interesting than instructive by the student in medicine, to vvhose use it is particularly dedicated. It seems well calculated to answer the benevolent intentions of the writer.".

British Critic. " The author has treated his various subjects in so judicious a manner, and expreiled himself with so much perspicuity, that no medical gentleman ought to commence his routine of studies until he has carefully perused these letters."

London Medical Review. 16. FIRST LINES OF PHYSIOLOGY. By Albert Von HALLER. Translated from the Third Latin Edition. To which is added, a Traniation of the Index composed for the Edinburgh Edi' tion, printed under the Inspection of Dr. William Cullen. Price sos. 6d. in Boards.

19. HOOPER'S COMPENDIOUS MEDICAL DICTI. ONARY. The Second Edition. 12mo. Price 7s. in Boards. Dedicated, by special Permission, to His Majesty, a news and praftical

Work, entitled, 18. THE DOMESTIC ENCYCLOPÆDIA ; or, a concise Analysis of such Discoveries, Inventions, and Improvements, as are more immediately applicable to the Purposes of Life; comprehending whatever deserves to be known, or may tend to promote national Prosperity in the various Branches of rural and domestic (Economy: calculated for the Use of Private Families, but more efpeially for the Accommodation of those who are not inclined to purchase the more voluminous and expensive Works. By A. F. M. WILLICH, M.D. Author of the Lectures on Diet and. Regimen, in Sixteen Numbers. Price 2$. 6d. each.

19. The Second PART of an ESSAY ON THE ANTIVENEREAL-EFFECTS OF NITROUS ACID, and other analogous Substances, which have lately been proposed as Substituses for Mercury. By WM. BLAIR, A. M. F. M. S Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, Surgeon of the Lock Hospital and Asylum, of the Finsbury Dispensary, and Lecturer on the Diseases and Operations of Surgery. 8vo. Price 6s. Boards.

“We do not hesitate to recommend this work to the perusal of every medical practitioner, especialiy; the surgeon." London Reviews

A'Secod Edition of the FIRST PART, price 4s. ód.

BOOKS PRINTED FOR H. D. SYMONDS. 20. SHERIDAN'S COMPLETE DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, both with Regard to SOUND and MEANING; one main Object of which is to establish a plțin and permanent STANDARD of PRONUNCIATION. To which is prefixed, a PROSODIAL GRAMMAR. Fifth edition, revised, corrected, and enlarged, in 2 vols. 8vo. Price 145. bound.

The faine in otto-decimo, or small pocket lize. Price 5s. bound.

21..BELISAIRE ET FRAGMENS DE PHILOSOPHIE MORALE, par M. MAR MONTEL, de L'Académie Françoise. NouVELLE ÉDITION, avec la Significatiun des mots les plus difficiles en Aliglois, au bas de chaque page revue et soigneusement corrigie par N. WANOSTROCAT, Docteur en Droit. 12 mo. Price zs. Od. bound:

22. L.ES VOYAGES DE CYRUS, avec un Discourse sur la Théologie et la Mythologie des Anciens. Par M. RAMSAY. Nouvelle Edition, avec la Signification des mots les plus difficiles en Anglois au bas de chaque page revue et soigneusement corrigée par N. WANOSTROCHT, Docteur en Droit. 12mo. Price zs. od. bound.

23. LA LITURGIE ou Formulaire des Priéres Publiques selon L'usage De L'église Anglicane par N. WANOSTROCHT, Docteur ein Droit. price. 35. 6s, bound.

24. GOLDSMITH's ABRIDGMENT OF THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND, froin the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Death of George the Second ; continued by an eminent Writer down to the present time. Eleventh edition. Price 3s. 6d bound.

The fame in French, price 4s. bound. 25. BEAUTIES OF HISTORY; or, PICTURES OF VIKTUE. AND Vice, drawn from Real Life : designed for the Instruction and Entertainment of Youth. Tenth edition, by L. M. STRETCH, · Vicar of Twyford and Oufelbury, Hampshire, 12 mio. Price 3s. 6d. bound.

26. SELECT FABLES OF ÆSOP AND OTHER FABULISTS, in Three Books, Ancient, Modern, and Original, by R. DODSLEY, 12 mo. Price 3s. bound.

27. FABLES by the late Mr. GAY, 12mo. Price 2 s. 6d. bound.

28. FISHER'S INSTRUCTOR; or, YOUNG MAN'S BEST COMPANION, in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Merchants' Accounts, Book-keeping, Mensuration in all its Brancheś, Gauging, Dialing, Dying, Colouring, Gardening, . Geograp!, Aftronomy, &c. &c. 12mo. Price 3s. bound.

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