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BOOKS PRINTED FOR H. D. SYMONDS. 58. BELL'S EDITION OF THE PLAYS OF SHAKESPEARE, with Annotations, and Fine Impressions of the Plates. Fifty-nine Numbers. Price sli

Just published, 59. A SERIES OF HIGHLY FINISHED ENGRAVINGS FROM SHAKESPEARE'S SEVEN AGES OF MAN. By Mr. WILLIAM BROMLEY, who has already fo ably diftinguished himfelfin MACKLIN's Bible, Bowyer's HISTORY OF ENGIA ND, and other Works of equal Celebrity, from Designs by M*. STOTHARD, R. A. accompanied with Descriptions, Historical, Moral, and Entertaining.

By an eminent Literary Character. This Work consists of Four Numbers, comprising Seven Plates, comprehending the Seven Ayes; a beautiful Vignette characteristic of the subject, and the Passage complete from Shakespeare.

Each Number contains Two Plates or more, and Four Pages of Letter Press, the Whole Eleven Inches and a Half by Eight. Price 7. 6d. each Number, or the Whole complete, price il. 1os.

For the Accommodation of the Curious, and the Patrons of the Fine Arts, a few Copies of this work are taken off in Colours, which will be found to equal Drawings. Price, complete, 31. The following just Criticisin of this work,, is copied from the

Monthly Magazine for September, 1801. “This very beautiful Work, which we ought to have noticed in a former nun:ber, confits of leven exqnifitely fine engravings, cleven and an half inches by eight, characteristic of the Seven Ages of Man, and a highly finished Vignotte, evidently taken from Pope's Effay. Without' entering, at large, into the merits of each plate, all of which are done in a very superior style, we cannot help recommending to public notice, the School Boy, in the first number; and the picture of Second Childishness, in the last, as two of the finest pieces of composition' wo have seen; the tardiness of tire former, in his road to school, and the debility of the latter, " sans teeth, fans eyes, sans taste, sans every thing," cannot fail of leaving deep impreffions in the mind of every spectator of the taste and execution of the artists. The illustrations are well adapted to the different subjects: as an introduction, the commenTátor has traced the different authors of antiquity, as well as those of more 'modern titres, who have divided the round of lerman existence into separate ages.

<< The other plates are illustrated by historical observations and by quotations from ancient and mouern poets. In contemplating the fecond period of life,tlic author-has, we think, successfully combated the common 'notion, that childhood is the happiest part of mortal existence, and has thrown out hints for the improvement of that part of education which is devoted to the attainment of the dead languages. The lover is illustrated principally by references to Anacreon, Horace, and our own poet, Thomson. In the two next scenes he has made Shakespeare his commentator, and has shewn that the description of the soldier was evidently taken from the character of Hotspur, Tbe observations on old age and childishness, are highly appro


BOOKS PRINTED FOR H.D. SYMONDS. priate to the impressions naturally excited in every feeling breast by Mr. Bromley's plates. They are fuch as tend to awaken the tendereft emotions of the human heart; to inculcate filial piety in the young towards those in declining years, and to excite and encourage patience and cheerfulders, and at that period of life when old-age and infirmities disqualify a man for the active fcenes of the world. The whole work is executed in a manner that is highly creditable to the present improved ftate of the fine arts in this country.

60. THE POETICAL WORKS OF GEORGE LORD LYT. TLETON, with Additions, to which is prefixed an Account of his Life. Printed on fine foolscap, and embellished with fiye elegant Engravings. Price 5s.6d. boards.

61. Ditto, Printed on large paper with first impressions of the Plates. 7s. boards.

62. THE POETICAL WORKS OF THOMAS GRAY, LL. B. with fome account of his Life and Writings, the whole carefully revised, and illustrated by notes; to which are annexed, Poems addressed to and in memory of MR.Gray. Several of which were never before collected. Second Edition, considerably enlarged, and improved ; Printed on fine foolscap,and embellished with Seven elegant Engravings. Price gs. boards.

63. Ditto, Printed on large paper with first impressions of the Plates.. Price ros. 6ş, boards.

64. EARLY. BLOSSOMS OF GENIUS AND VIRTUE, including Maxims of early Wisdom, Juvenile Memoirs, a great variety of examples of the Moral Virtues, and a Selection of Moral Poetry. Printed on fine foolscap and embellished with 6 elegant Engravings. Price 6s. boards.

65. AN HISTORICAL SKETCH OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, from its Commencement to the Establishment of the Republican Constitution; with a Transcript and Examination of that Constitution. As also Philosophical Remarks on the predisposing Caufes of this wonderful Change in the Political Picture of Europe, and an Explanation of the chief Events which accompanied it in its Progress. 'By S. PERRY, who, in consequence of the Decree of the National Convention of France, was, with the other Englishmen in Paris, imprisoned in the Madolonettes, Ecossais, and Luxembourg. 2 Vols. 8vo., Price 1 45.

boards. 66. NEW PICTURE OF PARIS, translated from the Frencli of M. MERCIER: 2 Vols. 8vo. Price 16s. in boards.

* This Work will be found to contain not only a lively defcription 1 of the French metropolis, but an accurate delineation of the manners of the inhabitants, the public amusements, and every thing worthy of the attention of foreigners. It also abounds with curious, interesting,


and original anecdates of the French Revolution, and perhaps gives a hetter picture of those wonderful transactions than any publication extant.


67. A JOURNAL OF OCCURRENCES AT THE TÈM-PLÉ, during the Confinement of Louis XVI. King of France. By M. CLERY, the King's Valet de Chambre. Translated by R, C. DALLAS, Efg. Price 6s. fewed. The same on fine paper, 1os. 6d. In French, 6s, or ios. 6d. fine paper. In German, 6s. 6d. or ris. fine paper.

68. THE RUINS :or, a Survey of the REVOLUTIONS OF EMPIRES, 'Part 'the Second. Containing The Law of Nature, By M. VOLNEY. One of the Deputies of the National Affembly of 1789, and Author of Travels into Syria and Egypt, &c.

« For Modes of Faith let graceless Zealots fight;
if His can't be wrong, whose Life is in the right.”

Pope. A new and beautiful Edition, printed in a Pocket Size, with an elegant PORTRAIT OF THE AUTHOR, engraved by Ridley. Price 25. 6d. sewed, or handsomely bound and gilt, 4s. The above elegant Work contains the following interesting Subjects: Chap..

1. Of the Law of Nature. 5. Of individual Virtue;
2. Characters of the Law of

of Knowledge.

6. Of Temperance.

7. Of Continence. 3. The Principles of the Law

8. Of Courage and A&tivity, of Nature, as they relate

9. Of Cleanliness. to Man.

10. Of Domestic Virtues.
4. Of the Basis of Morality; II. Of the Social Virtues and

of Good; of Sin; of of Justice,
Crimes; of Vice and 12. Developement of the Social

Virtues. 69. MANUAL OF LIBERTY; or, TeSTIMONIES IN BEHALF OF THE RIGHTS OF MANKIND, selected from the best Authorities in Prose and Verse, and methodically arranged. Svo. Price 6s. boards,

70. THE ESSENCE OF THE CALM OBSERVER, on the Subjects of the Concert of Princes, the Dismemberment of Poland, and the War with France. (First published in the Morning Chronicle, between July 20, 1792, and June 25;1793.) The Second Edition. Price 1s. 6d.


71. A VINDICATION OF MONS. DE LA FAYETTE from the Asperkons of the Rigiit Hon. Edmund Burke; with the Character of the latter Gentleman faithfully delineated. By W. MILES, Elg. Price is

72. THE PROCEEDINGS, AT LARGE, ON THE TRIAL OF JOHN HORNE TOOKL, Esq. for High Treason, at the Seffions House in the Old Bailey, from Monday 17th to Saturday 22d of Nov. 1794. Taken in Short Hand by J. H. Blanchard. Two Volumes, Svo. Price ios. boards,

73. THE PROCEEDINGS AT LARGE ON THE TRIAL OF THOMAS HARDY, for High Treason, from October 28th to November 5th, 1794. Taken in Short Hand, by William Ramlay, One large Volume, svo. Price 5s. boards.

74. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MARIE ANTOINETTE, laté QUEEN OF FRANCE, from thie French of Mirabeau and others. By W. S. DELOME. To which is added, an Account of her Trial, with an elegant Portrait. Price 39. 6d. fewed.

25. Mr. PENNANT'S DESCRIPTION OF LONDON AND ITS ENVIRONS, abridged. Çontaining an accurate, tuccinct, and interefting Account of the moft inemorable Revolutions in Politics, Historical Events, &c. with Critical Observations on the Public Buildings; a Review of the History, and a candid - Examination of their Perfections and Defects.. To which are prefixed, Notes and Obfervations; and Four Capital Plates. By Mr. JOHN WALLIS. Price 3s. sewed.

-6. THE HISTORY OF MONMOUTHSHIRE, by DAVID WILLIAMS, ornamented with Thirty-fix Piates, by John Gardnor, Vicar of Batte, fea, Quarto. Price with Prints 21. 25. With ditro, stained, 21. 75. Proofs, 21. 125. 6d. Coloured, 41. 45.

77: A COLLECTION OF VIEWS ON THE RIVER RHINE, AT AIX-LA-CHAPELLE, AND ON THE RIVER MAESE; with Descriptions of the Scenes and Objects, and Hinis of Occurrences in the Tour. By the Rev. J. GARONOR., Engraved in Aqua-tinta, by the Rev. J. Gardnor, and Richard Gardt. nor, jun. Price, in English, It iis. Od.: Proofs, 21. 25. In French, 4.5. 6d. extra.

78. THE POCKET PEERAGE OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, ANDIRELAND, with the Arms emblazoned, and Mottoes

800KS PRINTED FOR H.D. SYMONDS. tranflated. New Edition, by B. LONGMATE. In 2 vols. 1200. Price gs. boards.

79. THE CASTLE ON THE ROCK; or, MEMOIRS OF THE ELDERLAND FAMILY, 3 vols. 1 2mo. Price ios. 6d. fewed.

80. DERWENT PRIORY; or, MEMOIRS or An ORPHAN. 2 vols. 12 mo. Price 75. sewed.

85. THE JUVENILE EMIGRANTS, a Novel, in 2 vols, 12 mo. Price 55. sewed..

82. TALES OF THE ABBEY; founded on Historical Facts. In 3 vols. By A. KENDALL, Author of Dervent Priory; the Castle on the Rock, &c. &c. Price 1os. 6d. in Boards.

The principal heroine of this Novel is the unfortunate Widow of the well known Essex, the favourite of Queen Elizabeth; who, upon the death of her lord, absented herself privately, with her son Dudley, afterwards Earl of Essex, and a daughter by a former marriage with Sir Philip Sidney, living in a very private manner a number of years, and meeting with many of perhaps the most wonderful incidents ever met with Ly.any one whose principal object was retirement. The principal scenes are in Ireland, during thé turbu. lent times and determined resistance of the noted rebellious chief Tyrone O'Neil; interspersed with a variety of historical facts relative to both countries, during the greatest part of the reign of Queen Elizabeth; ánů fo blended with useful fiction as to lead young read. -ers to search into the mines of history for the precious ore of truth.

83. The ARMENIAN; or, the Ghost SEER, translated from the German of F. Schiller by the Rev. Dr. RENDER.


vols. Price 14s. in boards. This curious and interesting History being founded on facts, must naturally excite a strong propensity in every enquiring mind to read it.

84. THE INVASION ; or, WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN, a Novel, in 2 vols. Price 7s. sewed.

85. MARY DE CLIFFORD, a Story, interspersed with many Poems, and einbellished with two elegant Engravings.. Second Edition. Price 3s. 64. in boards.

86. MEN AND MANNERS, a Novel, in 4 vols. By FRANcış LATHAM, Author of the Midnight Bell, &c. &c. Price 145. Lewed.


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