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BOOKS PRINTED FOR H. D. SYMONDS. 20. ENTICK's NEW SPELLING DICTIONARY ; teaching to write and pronounce the English Tongue with Ease and Propriety. Price 2s.6d. bound.

30. The same on fine Paper, a small pocket Edition, printed on Pearl Letter. Price 4s. bound.


32. NOUVELLE GRAMMAIRE FRANCOISE à l'Usage de la Jeunette Angloite. Composée de Manière à joindre la Pratique à I'Etude des régles de la Langue Françoise, par H. Gratte. Second edition, révue et corrigée. Price is. 6d. bound.

33. LES PETITS EMIGRES ou correspondance de quelques ; enfans, quvrage fait pour servir à l'Education de la jeunesse, par Madame De Genlis. Nouvelle edition, avec des Notes grammaticales. In 2 vols. Price 8s. bound.

34. A METHOD ENTIRELY NEW OF LEARNING FRENCH; in which the Principles of that Tongue are set forth with such Order and Perspicuity as to promote the speedy Attain, ment of that universal Language. By J. Guisy. Price 3s. bound.

This Grammar is particularly adapted to the genius and disposition of Young Students, and persons entirely unacquainted with the French Language. By the arrangement of its principles, the nature of its rules and exercises, it has the uncommon advantage of being equally adapted to the meanest and highest capacities, and will prove no less useful to the mafter himself than the pupil; for theory and practice, rules and exampies, obfervations, and all the necessary indications to attain a thorough knowledge of its exercises, go hand in hand in every page.

3:5. PERRIN's GRAMMAR OF THE FRENCH TONGUE. grounded upon the Decisions of the FRENCH ACADEMY; wherein all the neceifary Rules, Observations, and Examples, are exhibited in a manger entirely new. Price js. 6d. bound.

36. PERRIN'S ENTERTAINING AND INSTRUCTIVE EXERCISES, with the Rules of the French Syriax.' Price 3s. óda bound.

37. LOWTH's Short Introduction to Engla Grammar - with Critical Notes. Price is. 6d. bound..

38. The Twenty-second Edition of LEY BOURNE'S READY RECKONER; or, TRADER'S SURE GUIDE. Containing Tables ready cast up, adapted to the Ule of all who deal by Wholefale or Retail; exhibiting, at onę View, the Anicant or Value of any Numbur or Quantity of Goods or Merchandize, from One up to Ten

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BOOKS PRINTED FOR H. D. SYMONDS. Thousand, at the various Prices, from One Farthing to One Pound, &c. &c. - Price 2s. bound:

39. HARDWICK'S CORRECT TABLES, for finding at one View the Amount of any Quantity of Goods bought or fold by the Hundred Weight or Ton, to a single Farthiag: also, of Goods bought or fold by Tale or Measure of any kind. Third Edition, pocket size. Price 3s. bound.

40. DK. MAVOR'S ABRIDGMENT OF THE TOURS THROUGH GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, in Six Pocket Volumes, embellithed with an emblematical FRONTISPIECE, beautifully drawn and engraved, and four accurate coJoured Maps, viz. ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, and Wales. Price 18. fewed; or, o fuperfine paper, fewed, 11. 43.

41. DR.MAVOR'S HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of the most celebrated Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries, from the Time ofiColumbus to the present Period. In 25 Volumes. Price 31. 155. fewed.

42. A Collection of HYMNS for Social Worship', 'more particularly designed for the Use of the Tabernacle and Chapet Congico gations. By GEORGE WHITFIELN. Embellished with a Portrait of thie Author. Price 2s.6d: bound, or on fine Paper 35. od..

43. A new and large Collection of HYMNS and PSALMS, executed from more than Forly different Authors. The Whole being clailed and arranged according to their respective Subjects. By the Rev. JOHN DEACON. Price 4s. bound, The following valuable Books are particularly recommended to the Rijing

Generation : 44. AN ADDRESS TO THE INGENUOUS YOUTH OF GREAT BRITAIN, together with a BODY OF DIVINITY IN MINIATURE ; to which is fubjoined a PLAN OF EDUCATION, adapted to the Use of Schools, and which has been carried into Execution during a Course of near Fifty Years. By the Rev. JOHN RYLAND, A.M. In One Volume Duodecimo, embellifhed with an elegant Portrait of the Author. Price 2s. in Boards.

45. By the fame Anthor, Price is. 6d. boards. SELECT ES. SAYS ON THE MORAL-VIRTUES, AND ON GENIUS, SCIENCE, AND TASTE, intersperfed with STRIKING FACTS, being thé Author's 'laft present to the Public, in the Seventieth Year of his Age. And may be had bound iogether with the above, in Calf, and Letter'd, Price 4s: 6d.

A valuable Present for Young Perfons: 46. THE GLEANER. Confifting of Eflays, Vifions, Dia. logues, Stories, Narratives, Allegories, &c: Interipersed with Proa verbs, Maxims, and Anecdotes. In Three neat Pocket Volumes,

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BOOKS PRINTED FOR H. D. SYMONDS, embellifhed with elegant Frontispieces, and Vignette Titles. Price is. 6d. each, fewed, or 2s. bound.

THE TEMPLE OF APOLLO. Consisting of Odes, Eclogues, Elegies, Inscriptions, Portraits, Defcriptions,

Epitaphs, Hymns, Tales, Invocations, &c. in Poetry. THE FABULATOR; or, THE HALL OF Esop. Being a Se

lection of Fables in Prose and Verfe. By W. Hopson. ; 47. ACADEMIC LESSONS: comprising a System of Edu. CÁTION, reduced to Practice, particularly adapted to Female Seminaries, by R. CAWTE. For the Use of Schools. Third Edition. Price 28. od. bound.

Containing a Sumináry View of the Rise and Progress of LearningAncient and Modern Modes of Education contrasted-General Observations on BOARDING SCHOOLS--Advice to Parents, Guardians, and GovernelsesProper Hints to Teachers of all Denominations--Lessons for Scholars with regard to Religion, Learning, 'Morals, Delicacy, Drefs, Address, and various other Particulars. Illustrated with Fahles and Examples of real Characters ; logether with suitable Applications drawn from the Whole, familiarly adapted to the Capacity of Young Ladies of all Ranks, whilst under a Course of Education, A very comfrekenjive, useful, and cheap Work, for every Class of Readers.

-48. INSTRUCTIVE SELECTIONS; or, the BEAUTIE'S OF SENTIMENT from near One Hundred and Fisty of the best Authors, ancient and modern, in Prose and Poetry, on Subjects RELIGIOUS, MORAL, LITERARY, and ENTERTAINING, in a Method entirely new; with Definitions to the Subjects, and the best Books recommended on each: also the Names of the Authors annexed to the various Extracts. By the Rev. G. G, SCRAGGS. Closely printed, in Two Volumes, 12mo. 'Second Edition. Price gs. bound, or 8s. in Boards. i * This Work is on a plan very different from any thing of the kind ever printed, as it not only contains a great nunber of striking extracts from the best English and Foreign Writers, not to be found in any other Selection ; but the whole is fo methodically arranged, that any subject may be immediately found. The Extracts are always complete senf, not very long, and yet not too mort, and when it is considered that nothing but what is sentimental is inserted in this Work, it may be said to contain the chance of the best of all books of many ages and countries, and is a complete and cheap portable library for moit readers.

The work is a very copious common-place book of passages from a great ariety of authors, in the first volume confined to theological topics; in the

cond extended to morality, literature, and a variety of other subjects. B-1 close printing, a vast abundance of matter is compressed under above fourscore heads in each volume, and certainly they who have got many hooks, may find in this an useful subititute for various others."

Vide British Critic, N, 1801.

BOOKS PRINTED FOR H. D. SYMONDS. 49. THE SEQUEL tp The SKETCH OF THE DENOMINATIONS OF THE CHRISTIAN World. Being the Second and concluding Part of that Work. To which is prefixed, An Essay on the Right of Private Judgment in Matters of Religion. By JOHN EVANS, A. M. Third Edition, with an elegant Portrait of the Author. Price 35. sewed, or on fine Paper, 4s.

50. THEOLOGICAL, PHILOSOPHICAL, AND MORAL ESSAYS, on the following subjects : Celibacy, Wedlock, Seduction, Pride, Duelling, Self-murder, Lying, Detraction, Duplicity, Avarice, Generofity, Temperance, Éxcess, Prosperity, Adversity, Justice, Mercy, Death, and Judgment. To these are added, a Letter (before published) addrefled to the King, Lords, and Commons, on the brutal Practice of Boxing. By the Rey. EDWARD BARRY, M. D. a new Edition. Price 5s. in Boards.

51. THE ACCOMPLISHED TUTOR, or CompleTÉ SysTEM OP LIBERAL EDUCATION, being an Introduction to scientifical Knowledge and genteel Accomplishments; containing the moft improved theory and practice of the following subjects-English Grammar and Elocution-Penmanship and Short-hand-Arithmetic, Vulgar and Decimal ---Stock-holding and Merchants Accompts -Menfuration and Architecture-Optics- Algebra--Doctrine of Annuities - Trigonometry-Logarithms. Geography-- Astronomy-Mechanics-Electricity --Pneumatics-Hydrostatics Hydraulics Drawing, Engraving, and Painting, and a variety of other useful matter. By THOMAS 'Hodson, in Two large Volumes Octavri, Price 185. boards (or in 17 Numbers, to be had by one or more at a time, Price is. each) each Number containing fifty-six pages' of letter-press, and the whole embellished with twenty-six useful and elegant Copper-plates.

Toenumerate the various classes of Individuals to whom the present Work will be highly acceptable,'would be to particularize almost every defcriptinn of mankind. The scholar, under the tuition of a master, would find his labours greatly abridged by a reference to such a Treatise. The mechanical youth, and man of business, will find all that is necessary to qualify them for the shop and Counting-house. Those who have missed the advantages of a liberal Education, may here fupply that defect, and the experienced scholar may find bis account in reviewing the earlier part of his education. In the Three following Books conciseness and perspicuity have been

especially attended to, by which the Student will be enabied so avoid much unnecessary trouble and perplexity. The German type, cut on purpose for them by Mr. Cason, is the first of the kind that has ever been cast in this country'; and it is presumed, will be found, on inspection, to be much fuperior in elegance to she same kind of type in use on the Continent. An engraved Alphabet, and Examples of the German Writing Character are

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BOOKS PRINTED FOR ». D, SYMONDS! likewise given, which will enable the Learner to read with facility any written correspondence in that language ; an advantage which cannot be found in any other Grammar of the German Language, or indeed in any other English publication..

Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness che Duke of York.

52. A CONCISE PRACTICAL GRAMMAR of the GERMAN TONGUE. By the Rev. DR. RENDER, Teacher of the Gerinan Language in the University of Cambridge Price 6s. bound.

53. AN ANGLO GERMAN PRAXIS. Being a Course of Exercises, Dialogues, &c. to facilitate the Acquisition of the German Language. By the Rev. Dr. RENDER, Alithor of the Practical German Grammar. Poice 6s. bound

54. A CONCISE ENGLISH AND GERMAN SPELLING BOOK; or, an easy Introduction to the GERMAN GRANMAR ; adapted to the Use of Engliflımen ; divided into Four Parts. By GODFREY AUGUSTUS MÜLLER, Teacher of the German Language at Flowers's Academy, Illington. Price 4s. bound.

55. THE ROBBERS, a Tragedy. . Translated from the German of Frederick Schiller. By the Rev. Dr. RENDER, with an elegant Frontispiece. Price 3s. 6d. fe wed.

* Tiie public are here presented with a careful, accurate, and faithful trandation of this defervcdly celebrated Tragedy. Such notes have been added as were thought necessary to elucidate the obfcurities that occur ia the original, and explain the true meaning, anel point out the beauty and force of such expreilions as could not be literally rendered into Englili. The Translator has endeavoured to give a juít idea of t ftyle and language of SCHILLER; and has no takei, tie liberty to alter and inutilate his author, as has been inuchi too freely done in fome former tranflatious.

56. COUNT BENYOWSKY; or, the CONSPIRACY or KAMTSCHATKA, a Tragi-Comedy, in Five Acts. By Baron KOTZEBUE, Author of the Stranger, Lovers' Vows, &c. &c. from the German. By the Rev. Dr. RENDER, embellished with an elegant Frontispiece. Price 3s. 6d. fewed :

"He has produced an admirable Tragedy; the heft, in our opinion, that has *Fpearo; from the German.”

Vide Crisical Review, June, 1798. 57. DON CARLOS, a'. Tragedy, second edition, Tranflated froin the German of FREDERICK SCHILLER, Author of the Robbers and Minister, embellished with an elegant Frontispiece. Price


in Boards. The Rev. Dr. Render particularly recommends to his friends and other renders, the Drama of Don Calos, as one of the best Tras gedies that has yet been translated of the famous Schiller.


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