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'To Sweet repast th' unwary partridge flies 305 But ftill the chace, a pleasing task, remains ;
With joy amid the scatter'd harvelt lies ; The hound must open in these rural strains.
Wandering in plenty danger he forgets, Soon as Aurora drives away the night,
Nor dreads the Navery of entangling nets. And edges eastern clouds with rosy light, 565
The subtle dog scours with fagacious pose - The healthy huntsman, with the chearful horn.
Along the field, and Inuffs each breeze that blows; Summons the dogs, and greets the dappled morn;

310 The jocund thunder wakes the enliven'd hounds, Against the wind he takes his prudent way, They rouze from sleep and answer sounds for While the strong gale directs him to the prey ;

founds; Now the warm scent assures the covey ncar,

Wide through the farzy field their rout they take, He treads with caution, and he points with fear;

370 Then (left fome sentry-fowl the fraud descry, 315 Their bleeding bosoms force the thorny brake : And bid his fellows froin the danger fly) The flying game their smoking nostrils trace, Close to the ground in expectation lies,

No bounding hedge obstruds their eager pace ;
Till in the snare the fluttering covey rise.

The distant mountains echo from afar,
Soon as the blushing 'light begins to spread, And hanging woods resound the flying war : 375
And glancing Phæbus gilds the mountain's head, The tuneful noise the fprightly courser hears,

320 Paws the green turf, and pricks his trembling ears ;
His early flight th' ill-fated partridge takes, The flacken'd rein now gives him all his speed,
And quits the friendly shelter of the brakes. Back flies the rapid ground beneath the steed;
Or, when the fun carts a declining ray,

Hills, dales and forests, far behind remain, 380
And drives his chariot down the netern way, While the warm scent draws on the deep-mouth'd
Let your obsequious sanger search around, 325


" Where yellow stubble withers on the ground : Where shall the trembling hare a shelter find ? Nor will the roving spy direct in vain,

Hark! death advances in each gult of wind!
But numerous coveys gratify thy pain.

New stratagems and doubling wiles she tries,
When the meridian fun contracts the shade, Now circling turns, and now at large she flies;
And frisking heifers seek the cooling glade ; 330
Or when the country Hoats with sudden rains, Till, spent at last, thepants and heaves for breath,
Or driving mists deface the moistened plains ; Then lays her down, and waits devouring death.
In vain his toils th' unskilful fowler tries,

But say, adventurous Muse ! hast thou the force
While in thick woods the feeding partridge lies. To wind the twisted horn, to guide the horse ?

Nor must the sporting verse the gun forbear, 335 To keep thy feat unmov'd, halt thou the skill, 390
Fut what's the Fowier's be the Muses' care. O'er the high gate, and down the headlong hili?
See how the well-taught pointer leads the way : Canst thou the stag's laborious chace direct,
The scent grows warm-he stops-he springs the Or the strong fox through all his arts deted ?
prey ;

The theme demands a more experienc'd lay :
The Auttering coveys from the stubble rise, Ye mighty hunters! spare this weak essay.
Aud on swift wing divide the founding skies ; 340 O happy plains, remote from wars alarms,
The scattering lead pursues the certain light, And all the ravages of hoftile arms !
And death in thunder overtakes their fight. Aud happy shepherds, who, secure from fear,
Cool breathes the morning air, and Winter's hand on open downs preserve your fleecy care !
Spreads wide her hoary mantle o’er the land ; Whofe fpacious barns groan with increasing store,
Now to the copse the lesser spaniel take,

Teach him to range the ditch, and force the brake ; And whịrling flails disjoint the cracking floor!
Not clofest coverts can protect the game : No barbarous foldier, bent on cruel spoil,
Hark! the dog opens : take thy certain aitn. Spreads desolation o'er your fertile soil ;
The woodcock flutters : how he wavering flies ! No trampling steed lays waste the ripend grain,
The wood retounds : he wheels, he drops, he dies. Nor crackling fires devour the promis'd gain: 405

350 No flaming beacons caft their biaze afar,
Thę towering hawk let future poets fing, The dreadful signal of invasive war :
Who terror bears upon his soaring wing : No trumpet's clangor wounds the mother's ear,
Let them on high the frighted hern survey, And calls the lover from his swooning fair.
And lofty numbers paint their airy fray.

What happiness the rural maid attends, 410 Nor shall the mounting lark the Muse detain, 355 In cheerful labour while each day the spends ! That greets the morning with his early strain : She gratefully receives what heaven has feut, When, ‘midtt his song, the twinkling glass be. And, rich in poverty, enjoys content. trays,

(Such happiness, and such unblemish!d fame, While from each angle flash the glancing rays, Ne'er glad the bofom of the courtly dame) : 415 And in the fun the transient colours blaze, She never feels the spleen's imagin'd pains, Pride lures the little warbler from the skies : 360 Nor melancholy stagnates in her veins ; The light-enamoured bird deluded dics.

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400 40

Her home-spun dress in fimple neatness lies, 420 Where breathin sweets from every field ascend, And for no glaring equipage she fighs:

And the wild woods with golden apples bend. 24 Her reputation, which is all her boaft,

Yet let me in some odorous shade repose, In a malicious visit ne'er was lost;

'Whilst in my verse the fair palmetto grows: No midnight masquerade her beauty wears, Like the tall pine it shoots its stately head; And health, not point, the feading bloom re- From the broad top depending branches spread; pairs. 425 No knotty limbs the taper body bears;

25 If love's soft passion in her bosom reign,

Hung on each bough a single leaf appears, An equal passion warnis her happy swain ; Which, shrivel'd in its infancy, remains No homebred jars her quiet state control, Like a clos'd fan, nor stretches wide its veins, Nor watchful jealousy torments her soul ; But, as the seasons in their circle run, With secret joy she sees her little race 430 Opes its ribb'd surface to che nearer fun;

38 Hang on her breaft, and her small cottage grace ; Beneath this shade the weary peasant lies, 'The fleecy ball their busy fingers cull,

Plucks the broad leal, and bids the breezes rise. Or from the spindie draw the lengthening wool : Stay, wandering Muse! nor sove in foreign Thus flow her lours with constant peace of

climes; mind,

To thy own native shore confine thy rhymes. Till age the latest thread of life unwind. 435 Asliit, ye Nine, your loftieft notes employ;

35. Ye happy velds, unknown to noise and strife, Say what celestial skill contriv'd the toy ; The kind rewarders of industrious life;

Say how this instrument of Love began, Ye shady woods, where once I us'i to rove, And in immortal strains display the Fan. Alike indulgent to the Muse and Love;

Strephon had long confess’d his amorous pain, Ye murmuring fire nis that in meanders roll, 440 Which gay Corinna rallied with disdain : Thu fwect composers of the pensive foul ;

Sometinies in broken words he figh'd hiscare, Firewel! - The çiry calls me from your bowers : Look'd pale, and trembled when he view'd the fair; Farewel, amusing thoughts and peaceful hours! With bolder freedoris now the youth advanc'd,

He drets’d, he laugh'd, he lung, he rhym'd, he

danc'd; THE FAN,

Now call'd more powerful presents to his aid, 45

And, to reduce the mistress, brib'd the maid;

Smooth flattery in her softer hours apply'd,
The fureft charın to bend the force of pride ;
But still unmov'd remains the scornful dame,
Infulis her captive; and derides his flame

When Strephon saw his vows dispers’d in air,
He sought in solitude to lose his care;

Relief in folitude he fought in vain,

It serv’d, like musick, but to feed his pain.
To Venus now the flighted boy complains, 55

And calls the Goddets in thefe tender strains :
SING that graceful toy, whose waving play

With gentle gales relieves the fultry day; O potelt Queen! from Neptune's cmpire Not the wide faa by Persian bames display'd,

sprung, Which o'er their beauty casts a grateful shade; Whofe glorious birth admiring Nereids sung, Nor chac long known in China's artful land, 5 Who 'midli the fragrant plains of Cyprus rove, Which, while it cools the face, fıtigues the hand. Whofc radiant presence gilds the Paphian grove, 60 Noi thall the Muse in Asian climates rove, Where to thy name a thousand altarsor:fe, To seek in Indoftar some spicy grove,

And curling clouds of incenfe hide the skics : Where stretch'd at ease, the pancing lady lies, O beauteous Goddess! teach me how to move, To fhun che fervor of merian kics,

10 | Inspire my tongue with eloquence of lovo! While sweating ilaves catch every breeze of air, If loft Adonis e'er thy bosom warn'd, And with wide-sprcading fans refresh the fair; If e'er his eyes or godlike figure charm'd, No boly gnats her pleating dreams molest, Think on those hours when first you felt the dart, Indame her cheek, or ravage o'er her breast; Think on the restless fever of thy heart; But artificial zephyrs round her fly,

15 Think how you pine in absence of the swain : And mitigate the fever of the sky.

By those uneasy minutes know my pain, 70 Nor shall Bermudas long the Muse detain, Ev'n 'while Cydippe to Diana bows, Whofe fragrant forests bloom in Waller's strain, And at her ihrine renews her virgin vows,

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The lover, taught by thee, her pride o’ercame ; The toilsome hours in different labour flide, She reads his oaths, and feeds an equal fame. Some work the file, and some the graver guide; Oh, may my Aame, like thine, Acontius, prove! 75 From the loud anvil the quick blow rebounds, May Venus dictate, and reward my love!

And their rais'd arms descend in tuneful sounds. When crowds of fuitors Atalanta try'd,

Thu's when Semiramis, in ancient days, 133 She wealth and beauty, wit and fame defy'd; Bade Dabylon her mighty bulwarks raise, Each daring lover with adventurous pace

A swarm of labourers different tasks attend: Pursued his withes in the dangerous race; 80 Here pullies make the ponderous oak ascend; Like the swift hind, the bounding damfel flies, With echoing strokes the craggy quarry groans, Strains to the goal, the distanc'd lover dies. While there the chittel forms the shapeiess stones; Hippomenes, O Venus! was thy care,

140 You taught the fwain to itay the fiying fair; The weighty mallet deals resounding blows, Thy golden present caught the virgin's eyes; 85 Till the proud battlements her towers enclose. She stoops, he ruthes on, and gains the prize.

Now Venus mourts ber cai, she takes the reins, Say, Cyprian Deity, what gist, what air,

And fteers her turtles to Cythera's plains; Shall humble into love Corinna's heart?

Straight to the grott with grateful step she goes, 145 If only some bright toy can charm the light, Her leore ambronial hair behind her Aois : Teach me what present may suspend her fight, 20 The swelling bellows heave for breath no more; Thus the desponding youth his fame ceclares : All drop their silent hammers on tlie floor; The Goddess with a nod his pallion hears. In deep susperse the mighty labour 1tands; Farin Cythera 17ands a spacious grove,

While thus the Goddess spoke ber mild commands : Sacred to Venus and the God of Love ;

150 Here the luxurious myrtle rears bier head, 95 Industrious Loves! your preferit toils forbear; Like the tall oak the fragrant branches spread; A more important taik demands your care: Here Nature all her sweets profusely pours, Long has the scheme employ'd my thou, htful mind, And paints th' enameld ground with variously judgment ripen d, and by time refin'd. flowers; That glorious bird have ye not often seen,

155 Deep in the gloomy glade a grotto berds,

Who draws the car of the celestial Queen ? Wide through the craysy rock an arch extends, :00 Have ye not oft' survey'? his varying dyes, The rugged stone is cloch'd with mantling vines, His tail all gilded o'er with Argus' eyes? And sound the cave the creeping woodbine twines. Have you not seen him in a sunny day

Here busy Cupids, with pernicious art, Unfurl lis plumes, and all his pride display ; 160
Form the stiff how, and forge the fatal dari ; Then suddenly contract his dazzling train,
All Mare the toil; while some the bellows ply, 105 And with long-trailing feathers sweep the plein?
Others" with feathers teach the shafts to fiy: Learn fron this hint, let this instruct your art;
Some with joint force turn round the stony wheel, Thin taper sticks must from one centre part:
Where Areams the sparkling fire from temper'd Let these into the quadrant's forın divide, 365

Ti:e spreading ribs with snowy paper hide;
Some point their arrows with the nicest skill, Here shall the pencil bid its colours fiow,
And with the warlike store their quivers fill. TIO And make a miniature creation grow.
A different toil another forge employs :

Let the machine in equal foldings close,
Here the loud hammer ramions female toys; And now its plaited surface wide dispose, 17
Hence is the fair with ornament supply'd; So Thall the fair ber idle hand employ,
Hence spring the glittering implements of pride; And grace each motion with the restiess toy;
Each trinket that adorns the modern dame 115, with various play bid gratefril zephyrs rise,
First to these little artits ow'd its frame:

While Lore in every grateful zephyr flies. Hire an unfinish'd diarmond crosslet lay,

The maiter Cupid traces out the lines,

175 To which soft lovers adoration pay;

And with judicious hand the draugbt designs : There was the polith'd crystal bottle feen, Tli' expecting Loves with joy the model view, I hat with quick scents invites the motith spleen; And the joint labour eagerly pursue.

120 Some Nit their ar rows with the nicest art, Here the yet rude unjointed snuff box lies, And into sticks convert the Diver'd dart; 82 Which serves the rally'd fop for (mast replies; The breathing bellows wake the fieeping fire, There piles of paper rose in gilded reams, Blow off the cinders, and the sparks alpire ; The future recordis of the lover's flames;

Their arrow's point they foften in the Aame, Here clouded canes 'midst heaps of toys are found, And sounding hammers break its barbed sraine : 125 Of this the little pin they neatly mold,

185 And in-laid tweezer-cases trow the ground; From whence their arms the spreading Nicks unfors There stands the toilette, nursery of charms, In equal plaits they now the paper bend, Completely furnish'd with bright Beauty's arms; And at just distance the wide ribs extend; The patch, the powder-box, pulville; perfumes, Then on the frame they mount the limber Ikrecr, Pins, paint, a fattering glass, and black-lead combs. And finish instantly the new machine.


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when compare new arms Wall grace your charmer's O'Xppear in council al eh" immortal powers.


The Goddess, pleas'd, the curious work receives, THE FAN
Remounts her chariot, and the grotto leaves;
With the light Fan the moves the yielding air,

And gales till then unknown play round the fair.
lovers, will ye ,


LYMPUS'gates ; in
hand ?
In ancient times, when maids in thought were Great Jove above the rest exalted fate,

And in his mind revolv'd succeeding tate;
When eyes were artless, and the look demure ;
His awful eye with ray superior shone ;

S When the wide ruff the well-turnd neck inclos’d, The thunder-grasping eagle guards his throra; And heaving breasts within the ftays repos'd ;

On filver clouds the great assembly laid, When the close hood conceal'd the modest ear,

The whole creation at one view furyey'd. Ere black-lead combs disown’d the virgin's hair ;

But see fair Venus comes in all her state ; Then in the muff unactive fingers lay,

The wanton Loves and Graces round her wajt; !! Nor taught the Fan in fickle forms to play.

With her loose robe officious Zeyphers play, How are the sex improv'd in amorous arts! 205

And Arew with odoriferous flowers the way; What new.found snares they bait for human hearts? In her right hand the waves the futtering Pan; When kindling war the ravag'd globe ran o'er,

And thus in melting rounds her speech began : And fatten'd thirsty plains with human gore,

Affemhled Powers ! who fickle morta's guide, 15 At first, the brandish'd arm the javelin threw,

Who o'er the sea, the skies, and earth, prefide ; Or sent wing'd arrows from the twanging yew; 210 Ye fountains! whence all human blessings flow, In the bright air the dreadful faulchion shone, Who pour your bounțies on the world below;

Bacchus first rais'd and prun'd the climbing vine, Or whistling Nings dismiss'd th' uncertain stone. Now men whose less destructive arms despise ;

And caught the grape to stream with generous wine ; Wide-wasteful death from thundering cannon Industrious Ceres tam'd the savage ground, flies :

And pregnant fields with golden harvests crown'd; One hour with more battalions frows the plain, 215

Flora with bloomy sweets enrich'd the yehr ; Than were of yore in weekly battles Hain.

And fruitful Autumn is Pomona's care. So Love with fatal airs the nymph supplies,

I first taught woman to fubdue mankind, 25 Her dtess disposes, and dircats per cyes.

And all her native charms with dress rcfin'd; The bosom now its panting beauties Thows;

Celestial Synod ! this machine survey, Th' experienc'd eye refistless glances throws;

That shades the face, or bids cool zephyrs play;

If conscious blushes on her cheek arise.
Now vary'd patches wander o'er the face,
And strike each gazer with a borrow'd grace;

With this the veils them from her lover's eyes i 39 The fickle head-dress sinks, and now aspires

No level'd glance betrays her amorous heart, A towery front of lace on branching wires ;

From the Fan's ambush the directs the dart. Thc curling liair in tortur'd ringlets flows, 225

The royal sceptre Mhines in Juno's hand, Or round the face in labour'd order grows.

And twilled thunder speaks great Jove's command; How Thall I foar, and on unweary wing

On Pallas' arm the Gorgon shield appears, 33 Trace varying habits upward to their spring!

And Neptune's mighty grasp the trident bears; What force of thought, what numbers can express Ceres is with the bending tickle seen, Th’ir.conftant equipage of female dress !

And the strong bow points out the Cynthian Queen ;

230 How the strait ftays the fender waist constrain,

Henceforth the waving Fan my hands shall grace, How to adjust the manteau's sweeping train !

The waving Fan supply the sceptre's place. 40 What fancy can the petticoat surround,

Who shall, ye Powers ! the forming pencil hold ? With the capacious hoop of whale-bone bound!

What story Tall the wide machine unfold?

Let Loves and Graces lead the dance around, But stay, presumptuous Muse! nor boldly dare

With myrtle-wreaths and flowry chaplets crown'd;

235 The toiletts's sacred mysteries declare.

Let Cupid's arrow strow the smiling plains 45 Let a just distance be to beauty paid ;

With unrefifting nymphs and amorous (wains : None here must enter but the trusty maid.

May glowing pi&tures o'er the surface shine, Should you the wardrobe's magazine rehearse,

Toinelt now virgins with a warm defign!' And glossy manteau's rustle in thy verse;

Diana rose with filver crescent crown'd,

240 Should you the rich brocaded suit unfold,

And fix'd her modeft eyes upon the ground; go Where rising flowers grow ftiff with frosted gold; And thus with graceful voice the virgin said:

Then with becoming mein the rais'd

her head,
The dazzled Mule would from her subject stray,
And in a maze of fashions lose her way.

Has woman then forgot all former wiles,
The wathful ogle, and delusive (miles ?



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Does man againIt her charms too powerful prove? |Roll back, ye streams; back to your fountain
Or are the sex grown ngvices in love !
Why then these arms? or why should artful eyes, Paris is false ; Oenome is undone.
From this Night ambush conquer by surprise ? Ah, wretched maid ! think how the moments flew,
No guilty thought the spotless virgin knows, Ere you the pangs of this curft pafsion knew, 120
And o'er her cheek no conscious crimson glows. 60 When groves could plaase, and when you lov’d the
Since blushes then from Thame alone arise,

Why should we veil them from her lover's eyes? Without the presence of your perjur'd swain.
Let Cupid rather give up his command,

Thus may the nymph, whene'er the spreads the And trust his arrows in a female hand.

Have not the Gods already cherich'd pride, 65 In his true colours view perfidious man;
And woman with destructive arms supply'd ? Pleas'd with her virgin state, in forests rove,

125 Neptune on her bestows his choiceft ftores, And never trust the dangerous hopes of Love. For her the chambers of the deep explores ;

The Goddess ended; merry Momus rose, The gaping tell its pearly charge resigns,

With (miles and grins he waggith glances throws; And round her neck the lucid bracelet twines : 70 Then with a noisy laugh forestalls the joke, Plutus for her bids earth its wealth unfold, Mirth Aathes from his eyes while thus he spoke Where the warm orç is ripen'd into gold ;

Rather let heavenly deeds be painted there, Or where the ruby reddens in the soil,

And by your own examples teach the fair. Where the green emerald pays the searcher's toil. Let chalte Diana on the piece be seen, Does not the diamond sparkle in her ear, 75 And the bright crescent own the Cynthiao Queen. Glow on her hand, and tremble in her hair? On Latmos' top see young Endymion lies, 135 From the gay nymph the glancing luftre flies, Feign'd Neep has clos’d the bloomy lover's eyes: And imitates the lightning of her eyes.

See, to his soft embraces how the steals,
But yet, if Venus' wishes must succeed,

And on his lips her warm carefses seals ;
And this fantastic engine be decreed,

80 No more her hand the glittering javelin holds,
May some chaste story from the pencil flow, But round his neck her eager arms the folds. 140
To speak the virgin's joy, and Hymen's woe ! Why are our secrets by our blushes shown?'
Here let the wretched Ariadne ftand,

Virgins are virgins still—while 'tis unknown. Seduced by Theseus to some defart land,

Here let her on some flowery bank be laid,
Her locks ditheveld waving in the wind,' 85 Where meeting beeches weave a graceful shade ;
The crystal tears confess her tortur'd mind. Her naked bosom wanton treffes grace, 145
The perjur'd youth unfurls his treacherous fails, And glowing expectation paints her face ;
And their white bofoms catch the swelling gales. O'er her fair limbs a thin loose veil is spread,
Be fill! ye winds, the cries; ftay, Theseus, Itay! (Stand off! ye shepherds ; fear AAæon's head !)
But faithless Theseus hears no more than they. 90 Let vigorous Pan th' unguarded minute seize,
All desperate, to some craggy cliff the flies, And in a thaggy goat the virgin please. 150
And spreads a well-known signal in the skies; Why are our secrets by our blushes shown!
His lessening vefsel plows the foamy main ; Virgins are virgins Nill-while 'tis unknown,
She fighs, the calls, Me waves the fign in vain. There with just warmth Aurora's passion trace,

Paint Dido there amidt her last distress, 95 Let spreading crimson stain her virgin face.
Pale cheeks and blood-Thot eyes her grief express: See Cephalus her wanton airs despise,

Deep in her breast the reeking sword is drowad; While the provokes him with defiring eyes;
And gushing blood streams purple from the wound; To raise his passions, she displays her charms,
His hifter Anna hovering o'er her stands,

His modeft hand upon her bosom warms : Accuses Heaven with lifted eyes and hands, 100 Nor looks, nor prayers, nor force, his heart perUpbraids the Trojan with repeated cries,

fuade; Ano mixes curses with her broken fighs.

But with disdain he quits the roly maid. 160 View this, ye maids; and then each fwain believe : Here let diffolving Leda grace the toy, They're Trojans all, and vow but to deceive. Warm cheeks and heaving breasts reveal her joy ;

Here draw Oenonc in the lonely grove, 105 Beneath the pressing (wan the pants for'air, Where Paris first betray'd her into love :

While with his futtering wings he fans the fair. Let wither'd garlands hang on every bough, There let all-conquering gold exert its power, 165 Which the false youth wove for Oenone's brow; And soften Danaë in a glittering thower. The garlands lose their sweets, their pride is thed, Would you warn Beauty not to cherish pride, And like their odours all his vows are filed. 110 Nor vainly in the treacherous bloom confide, On her fair arm her penfive head the lays,

On the machine the fage Minerva place, And Xanthus' wave with mournful look surveys ; With lineaments of wisdom mark her face. 17. That flood which wimess'd his inconstant flame, See, where she lies ncar some transparent food, When thus he swore, and won the yielding dame : And with her pipe cheers the resounding wood : “ These streams hall rooner to their fountain move, Her image in the floating glass she spies, * Than I forget my dear Oenone's love." 116 Her bloated chocks, worn lips, and thrivel'd eyes;

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