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ca rerer innve the deer with hound and I fing; Thou, Trivia, Goddess, aid my fongs 5

Through spacious streets conduct thy bard along;
Witob-kept by children yet 'unborn!" By thee transported, I securely ftray
Svitheris.n.cn, more years thy life had Where winding alleys lead the doubtful way,


The silent court and opening square explore,
?: chou hadît rever heard the horn or hound! And long perplexing lanes untrod before.
Yer Tall the Squire, who fought on bloudy To pave thy realm, and smooth the broken wass,

Earth from her womb a finty tribute pays;
By future bards be wail'd in doleful dumps

For thee the fturdy pavior thomps the ground,
" Ali in the land of Efier" next he chuunts,

Whilft every stroke bis labouring lungs resound;
How e. fleck nares itarch Quakers turn gal. For thee the scavenger bids kennels glide 15

Within their bounds, and heaps of dirt fubfide.
How the grave brother itnod on bank so green--- My youthful bolom burns with thirst of fame,
Happy for him if mares had never been

From the great theme to build a glorious name,
Then he was seiz’d with a religious qualm,

To tread in paths to ancient bards unknown,
And on a sudden fung the hundredth picim.

And bind my temples with a civic crown:
He lung of “ Taffey Wech," and' « Sawney But more my country's love dentands my lays;
" Scot,"

115 My country's be the profit, mine the praise!
* Lills-bullero" and the “ Trish Trot.”

When the black youth at chosen stands rejoice,
Why mould I tell of " Bateman," or of “Shore,'' And “clean your shoes” refunds from every
Oric Wantley's Dragon” lain by valiant Moere,
« The Bewer of Rofamond,” or “ Robin Hood, When late their miry-fides ftage-coaches show, 25
And how the “ grals now grows where Troy And their stiff borses through tkie town move
town stood?"

Now :
His carols ceas'd: the listening maids and When all the Mall in leafy ruin lies,

And damsels first renew their oyster-cries :
Seem still to hear some soft imperfect strains. Then let the prudent walker shoes provide,
Sidden he role ; and, as he reels along,

Not of the Spanith or Morocco hide ; so
Sweats kifles fiveet should well reward his song.

The wooden heel may raile the dancer's bound,
The damsels laughing tly: the giddy clown 125 Let fim, well-hainmer'd lules protect thy


And with the scallop'd top his step be crown'd:
Again upon a wheat-thcaf drops adlown ;
The power that guards the drunk, his Necpattends, Through freezing (nows, and rains, and soaking
Till, ruddy, like kis face, the lun descends.

Should the big last extend the Thoe too wide, 55
Each stone will wrenth th' unwary step aside ;

The sudden tuin may stretch the swelling vein,

Thy cracking joint unhinge, or ankle spraiu:
And, when too Thort the modith Thoes are worn,

You'll judge the seasons by your shooting con. f)
ART OF WALKING THE STREETS Nor Mould it prove thy les important care,

To choose a proper coat for winter's wear.

Now in thy trunk thy D'Oily habit föld,

The filken drugget ill can fence the cold";
The friezes spongy nap is foak’d with rain, 4;

And showers Toon drench the camlet's cockicu

grain ;
"Quo te Mæri pedes? an,quo via ducit, invrbem?" True Witney * broad-cloth, with its shag unfhorn,


Unpierc'd is in the lasting tempeft worn:

Be this the horseman's fence, for who would wear

Amid the town the fpoils of Russia's bear? 50

Within the roquelanre's clasp thy hands are sent,

Hands, that, îtretch'd forth, invading harmi fil-
THROUGH winter streets to steer your couple


Let the loop'd bavaroy the' fup embrace,
How to walk cleau by day, and safe by night ; Or his deep cloak belpatter'd o'er with lace.
How joftling crowds with prudence to decline, That garment beft the winter's tage defends, 55
When to affert the wall, and when resign, Whofe ample fujm without one plait depends ;

Py various namest in various councies known,
I'er.109. A Sorig of Sir J. Denham's. See his Yet held in all the true surtout alone;

Be thine of kersey firm, though small the cost,
Vir. 112.

Then brave unwet the rain, unchill'd the frutto
E: fortura!nm, fi nunquam armenta fuissent, If the Atrong cane support thy walking hani,

Virg. Chairmen no longer thall the wall command;
I'er. 117.
Quid loquar aut Scyllam Nisi, &c.

VIRG. * A town in Oxfordshire.
I'rt. 117--120. Old Englis baliads.

+ A Joseph, Wrap-rafial, c.




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Ev'n flurdy carmen ffall thy nod obey, When suffocating mifts ebscure the mom, izs
And ra'tling coaches stop to make thee way : Let the world wig, long us'd to llorm, be worn;
This shall direct thy cautious fread aright, 65 This kn ws the puwder'd footman, and with care
Through not one glaring lamp enliven mighz. Beneath his fapping har fecures his hait.
Let beaux their cane with amber ript produce; Be thou for every realus juftfy dress
Be theirs for empty ffrw, but thine for use Nor brave the fiereing froit with oper breast ; 13)
In gilded charivis while they !!! az eale, And, when the bursting clouds a delyge pour,
And lazily inlure a life's difcale;

70 Ler thy surtout defend the drenching ther.
While softer chairs the tawdry load cnvey * The changing weatiner terrain Signs reveale
To court, to White's I, affemblies, or the play ; Ere winter sheds her snow, or frosts congeal,
Roly-complexion'd bealth thy fåeps attende, You'll see the coads in brightes llame alpire, 155
And exercite thy lating youth defends.. And lwtphur tinge with blue the rising fire;
Imprudent men Heaven's shinicefd giles profane : 75 Your tender shins atre ferreting heat decline,
Thus forme beneath their atin support the cane ;

Anbat the dearth of coals che poor tepine ; The dirty point eft checks the careels pace, Before her kitchien hearth, the nodding dame, And min lpits the cte in cravar diigrace. In tanniet mamle wrapt, enjoys the dame; Oh! may I never such misfortune meet! Hovering, upon her feeble kuees the bends, May na luc# vicious walkers erowd the street! 30 And all aroan the gratelot warrah acends, May Providence o'erfhade me with herwings, Nor do leis certain hyns the tj" ni advila While the bold Mule experienc'd dazjer fings! Of milder weather and lerener ikjes.

Not that I wander front my native home, The ladie, gaily drets’t, ihe Mali adorn And (tempting peril») foreign cities roam. Wäh various eyes, and paint lite funny morn: Let Paris be the theme of Gailia's Mule, 85 The waatun fawon frisk ing pleature range, Where Stavery ereacts she ftreers in wooden flaves. And chirping sparrows greet the welcome change, Vor do i rove in Belgia's frozen clime,

* phoxe that their minds, with greater skill are And teach the clumly born to Rare in rhyme;

fraught, there, if the warmer clouds in pain descend, Enduct by insti; or by tea on taughi: som Pomiry ways induftrious iteps offend; 90 The fealons operate on everv breatt: The ruiting flood from flerping pavements pours, 'Tis hence the fawns are builk, and řidies dreft. And blackens the canals with dirty fhowers. When on his box tote modeling enachmin inures 1.et others Naples' linou: her streets sehearlas And etit cars of fancy'e fares ; when tavern doors And with proud Roman itru&ures grace their verse, The chairmen idły érowd'; then ne'er felule 155 Witere frequent murders wake the night with Te traththy buly 1teps in ihinner five. groans

95 But when the swinging figns yoar ears oifend, And blood in purple corrents dites the stones F'ich ereaking nove, then rainly fineds impend; Por fhall the Mule through narrow Venice Itrays. Soon shall tlie kennels swell with rapid Dreamy, Where gondolas their painted cars display, And rufft in muddy torrents to the Thames.io

happy streets ! to runbling week's unknown, Tie buyog felles, whole hop's an opens iquare, No carta, no coaches, fhakettie fionting town ! ii Forelees the tempeft, and with cards care Thus was of old Britannia's city blels'il,

C# learning ftrips the rails; the rowing erew, Fre price anal luxury her ions poffels'd';

To tempo a fare, clotke all their tilts i blue; Coaches and charious yet unfashim'd lay, On koher's poles depending tuakings ty's Noor late-invented chairs perplex'd the way? Tilag with thic Mackend gale from fade to Sde ; Then the procerlady tripp'd along the town, 105 Church-monuments foretel the changing air, And tuck'd-up penticnaes esur’d her gown; Thien Nivbe hitoves into a terr, Her roly check with distant vifios gatow'dky And iwears with lacred griet; you'll bear this And exercile unartful charme betw'd:

sonics But firce in öraided gold her foot is bound, Of willing winds, ere kenners break their And a long training mantua sweeps tiregroued, 120


170 per froe Gidains the frreer; the lazy fair

Ungrareíal oriturs comm-shores ditule, t'ith narrow step affects a limping air. And diopping raults diftil anwulelume dews, Low gaadiy pride corrupts the lavish age, Ere the sites rattle with the incoming thover, And the streers flame with glarining equipage; And spouts on hieedies men their torrents pour. The tricking gamefter insolently rides, 22:5 All'luperdition from iny urea Tepel: Miss With Eoves and Graces on His chariot fides; Let credulous boys and-prading curies coli, In faucý fare the griping broker'lis,

How, if the feftival of Paul be clear, And laughs at 'aune ky anderudging wits.. Preney from lideri horn 10ul crew the year; For you, O honef men, chele ur rullays

When the dark ikien difolvein inow or raa, Trie Muse prepares ; I leek no other praise. 10 Thesabuering dind inali yose the ftcerin vain;155

When seep is Gift difturbūt by morning crie; | But, if the threatening winds in tempreits vor, Irom fute prognoflicks learn no know the skies, Inen war bail bathe laer waite.ublword m gore.

you of rheums and coughs at nigh: complain; Burpris'd in dreary fogs, or driving rain.

* " Hexenatidem creio, quia fi sivi ftes illis

logeri 22., 616 rerum fiv?ruientia majer, 14 chocolate-hande in S: James's.

Via Gourmet



How, if on Swithin's feast the welkin lours, Ah, Mulciber: recall thy nuptial vowt,

245 And every penthouse streams with halty showers, Think on the graces of thy Paphian (pouse, Twice twenty days shall clouds their teeces | Think hou hier eyes dare inexhautled charms, drain,

185 And cant thou leave her bed fur Patty's arms ? And wash the pavements with inceffant rain. The Lemnian Power foriakes the realms above, Let not such vuigar tales deale thy mind; His blom glowing with terrestrial love :

250 Nor Paul nor Swithin rule the clouds and wind. Far in the lane a lunely hut he found ;

If you the precepts of the Mule deipile, No tenant ventur’d on th’unwwalesome grounde And Night the faithful waruing of the kies, 199 Here imukes his foige, he bares his finewy arm, Others you'll see, when all the town's attoa, And car!: Nrokes the founding anvil warid: W rapt in th' embraces of a kerey coat,

Arvund his shop the ftcely sparkles flew,

255 Or double-bottom'd frieze; their guarded feet As for the steed he thap'd the bending shoe. Defy the muddy dangers of the street ;

When blue-ey'd Paety near his window came, While you, with hat unioop'd, the fury dread 195 His anvil reits, his forge forgets to flame. Of spouts, high streaming, and with cautious tread

Tu bear his fouthing cale", the feigns delays, Shun every dalhing pool, milly ftus;

What woman can rest tre force of praife: 260 To seck the kind pr tedion e a ihop.

At first the coyly every kiss with strod, But bufneiskunnas ; now wit! hatty soud And all Wercheek was fluih'd with modeft bland; You joitle for the wall. the patter'd rud With headless nail he now surrounds her innes, Hides all thy holt behin l; in vain you cower, Tulave her iteps from rains and piercing dlews. Thy wig, alas! uncul di admits the shower,

She lik’d his foothing tales, his preferits wore, 165 So fierce Alecti's fnaky trenes fell,

And granted kiffe, but wculd grand no more. When Ornbeus charm’d the rigorous powers of Yet winter chill'd her feet, with cold the pir.es, hell:

And on her check the fading role declines; Orthis hung Glaucus' beard, with bring dew 205 No more het humid eyes their laftre boalt, Clotted and itrait, when first bis amorous view

And in hoarfe sounds her melting voice iz loft. 270 Surpris’d the bathing fair ; the frighted maid This Vulcan law, and in his heavenly thougbr Now ftands a rock, iransformid by Circe's aid.

A new machine mechanic fancy wrought, Guod housewives all the winter's tage despise,

Above the mire her shelter'd steps to raise, De'ended by the riding-hood's dilguile;

And berr her fafely tlırough the wintery ways. Or, underneath th' umbrella's oily thed,

Strait the new engine or his anvil glows, 275 Safe through the wet on clinkin pattens tread.

And the pale virgin on the patten rose. Let Persian dames th' umbrella's ribs diiplay,

No more her kungs are shook with dropping To guard their bozuties from the funny ray:

Theums, Orlwentiug ilives iupport the shady load, (Vhen eastern monarchs show their state abruad: The God obrain'd his fuit: though ffattery fail,

215 And on her cheeks reviving beauty blooms, Pritain in winter only knows its aid,

Presents with female virtue must prevail. 280 To'guard from chilly showers the walking muid.

The patten now lipports each frigal dame, mut, ! forget not, Muse, the patter's praile,

Which from the blue ey'd Patty takes the naine ''hat female implement shall grace thy lays ; 220 Say from what art divine th' siivention came, And from its origin deduce its name.

T R I V I A , Where Lincoln wide extends her fennv foil. A goodly yeman liv'!, grown white with toil ;

BOOK II. Ove only daughter bless’h his nuptial bed,


OF WALKING THE STREETS BY DAY. Who from her infant' hand the poultry fed : THUS far the Mule has trac'u in useful lays Nattlia (her careful mother's narte) me bore, The proper implements for wintery ways; But row her careful mother was no more,

Has taught the walker, with judicious eyes, Whist on her father's knee the dame! play'd, To read the various warnings of the Asies: Patty he fondly cail'd the limiling maid; 230 Now venture, Mult, from home to range the As years increas'd, her ruddy beauty grew,


5 And Patty's fame oder all the village flew. And for the public safety risk thy own, Soon as the grey-ey'd morning streaks the For eale and for diipated, the morning's bes; skies,

No tides of passengers the streets moleft. And in the doubtful day the woodenck flies, You'll see a draggleri clar el here and there, Her cleanly pail the pretty housewife bears, 235 From Billingsgate her fishy traffick bear; And singing to the distant field repairs ; On doors the fillow milk-maici chalks her gains : And, when the plains with evening dew's are Ab! how unlike the milk-naid of the plains ! spread,

Before proud gates attending affes bray, The milky burthen smokes upon her heart, Or arrogate with folemn pace the way ; Deep through a mniry lane the pick'd her way, These grave physicians with their milky cheat is Above her ancle rule the chalky clay. 240 The love-fick maid and dwindling beau repair;

Vulcan by chance the bloomy maiden spies, Here rows of drummers ftand in priartial file, With innocence and beauty in her eyes :

And with their vellur thunder thake the pile, He saw, he lov'd; for yet he ne'er had kuowa Togreet the new-made bride. Are lourds like there Street innocence and beauty meet in one. The proper prelude to a ilate of peace




Now-induftly awakes ber busy fons ;

Thus hardy Theseus with intrepid feet Full-charg'd with news the breathless hawker runs: Travers’d the dangerous labyrinth of Crete ; Shups open, coaches tul!, carts Take the ground, But still the wandering passes forc'd his stay, 85 And all the streets with passing cries relound.

Till Ariadne's clue unwinds the way. I: cloth'd in black you tread the busy town, 25 But do not thou, like that bold thief, confide Or if diftinguish'd by the reverend gown, Thy venturus footsteps to a female guide ; Three trades avoid : oft in the mingling press

She'll lead thee with delusive (miles alung, The barber's apron foils the sable dreis ;

Dive in thy fob, and drop thee in the throng. go Shun the perfumer's touch with cautious eye, When waggish boys the stunted beefom ply. Nor Ict the baker's step advance too high. 30 "To rid the flabby pavement, pafs not by Ye walkers too, that youthful colours wear. Ere thou haft held their hands : fome hecdlers flirt Three fullying tracles avoid with equal care : Will overspread thy calves with spattering dirt. The little chimney-sweeper kulks along, Whereporters hogsheads roll from carts allupe, 95 And marks with footy stains the heedless throng; Or brewers down fteep cellars stretch the rope, When Imall-coal murmurs in the hoarfer Where cuunted billets are by carmen toft, throat,

35 Stay thy rash step, and walk without the post. From smutty dangers guard thy threaten'd coat; What though the gathering mire thy feet beThe duftman's cast offends thy clothes and eyes,

Imeat, When through the street a cloud of athes flies;

The voice of industry is always near. But, whether black or lighter dyes are worn,

Hark! the boy calls thee to his deftin'd stand, The chandler's basket, on his Moulder borne, 40 And the shoe shines beneath his oily hand. With tallow spots thy coat; relign the way,

Here let the Mule, fatigued amid the throng, To Thun the surly butcher's greasy tray.

Adorn her precepts with digressive long ; Eutchess, whole bands are dy'd with blood's Of Thirtless youths the secret rise to trace, 105 foul stain,

And Thew the parent of the lable race. And always foremost in the hangman's train.

Like mortal man, great Jove (grown fond of Let due civilities be lirialy paid:


change) The wall surrender to the hooded maid ;

Of old was wont this nether world to range, Nor let thy fturdy elbow's hasty rage

To leek amours; the vice the monarch loy'd Joftle the feeble steps of trembling age :

Soon through the wide ethereal court improy'd; And when the porter bends beneath his Inad, And ev'n the proudest Goddess now and then And pants for breath, clear thou the crowded Would lodge a night among the fons of men , road,

50 To vulrar deicies delcends the fashion, But, above all, the groping blind direct ;

Each, like her betters, had her earthly pallion. And from the presling throng the laine protect.

Then * Cloacina (Goddess of the tide, 115 You'll sometimes meet a fop. of nicest tread,

Whole fable streams beneath the city glide) Whole mantling peruke veils his empty head; Indulg'd the modith flame the town the ruv'd, At every step he dreads the wall to inle, 55 Amortal scavenger se law, she loy'd; And rilis, to save a coach, his red-heeld Ihnes; The muddy ipots that dry'd upon his face, Him, like the miller, pass with caution by,

Like female patches, heighten'd every grace: 120 Left from his Moulder clouds of powder tly.

She gaz'd; me figh’al; (for love can beauties ipy But when the bully, with assuming pace,

In what seem faults to every common eye.) Cocks bis broad hat, edg'd round with tarnish'd

Now had the watchman walk'd his second round, lace,

69 When Cloacina hears the rumbling found Yield not the way, defy his ftrutting pride,

Of her brown lover's cart (for well me knows 125 And thrust him to the muddy kennel's fide;

That pleasing thunder) : twift the Goddel's role, He never turns again, nor dare oppołe,

And through the streets pursu'd the distant noile, But mutters coward curses as he goes.

Her bolom panting with expected joys. If drawn by business to a street unknown, 65 With the night-wandering barlot's airs The pilt, Let the sworn porter point thee through the town;

Bruth'd near his fide, and wanton glancescaft; 130 Be sure oblerve the signs, for signs remain

in the black form of cinder-Weich mne came, Like faithful landmarks to the walking train.

When love, the hour, the place, had banish'd Seek not from 'prentices to learn the way

Thule fabling boys will turn thy steps astray: 70 To the dark alles arm in aim they move:
Ak the grave trademan to direct ihee right, O may no link-boy iiterrupt their love!
He ne'er receive-a-butarhen be profits by't.

When the pale moon had rinetimes fill’d her space,
Where fam'd St. Giles's ancient limit: Ipread, The pregnarit Gordels (cautious of difurace)
An intail'd column seats its lofty liead,

De'cereis to earth ; but loulit no midwife's aid, Here to seven streets leven dials count the day, 75 No cheer il gollip with'd the mother joy,

Nor 'midst her anguish 1o Lucina pray'd;
And from each other catch the circling ray.
Here oft'the peasant, with inquiring face,

Alone, beneath a bulk the diopt the buy.
Bewilder'd, trudges on from place to place ;

* Cloacind was a Galli, punca i moge T11025 He dwell on every sign with stupid gaze

la king of the Subires) found in the commor. /s:re; Enter the narrow alley's doubtful mare, 90 and, not knowing, zohut Godirls it was, he coher in Tries every winding court and street in vaini,

Cicciri, from the place in gohich it was found, and Ard doubles o'ci bis Yeary step again,

taia re ii divire lockr Lactant, 1. 20. MUC Fel. 00. r. 23


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The child, thro' various risks in years improv'd, Į Go thrive. At sume frequented corner fint; At firft a beggar's brat, compation mov'd; This brush I give thee, grasp it in thy hand, His infant tongue fnon learnt the canting art, Teinper the foot within this vale of oil, 205 Xnew all the prayers and whines to touch the heart. And let the little tripod are thy toit : Oh happy unown'd youths ! your limbs can on this methinks I let the walking crew, bear

145 Althy requeft, leppoot the priry tree; The scorching dog-star, and the winter's air; The foor grows black ikat was will döt imWhile the rich infant nurs'd with care and pain,

brown'i, Tbirfts, with each beat, and coughs with evers Ard in thy pocket gingting hifpenee round, 220 rain!,

The Goddels plunges swift beneatli the food, The Goddess fong had mark"d the child's And dashes all around her fiowers of mud: diftres,

The youth ftrait cñole his post: the labjur ply'd And long had lought his sufferings to redress. 28o Where branching forces fran Charing-cross diShe prays the Gods t9 take the fondTing's part,

vide; To teach his hands some benefcial ast

His treble voice telovnes along the Meuse, 215 Practis'd in ftreets: the Gods her fuit allow'd, And Whitehall ecinves-- Cleans you Honour's. And made him useful to the walking crowd ;

s fħoes!” To cleanse the miry feet, and o'er the shoe $55 Like the sweet ballad, this amusing lett With nimble kill the glofly black renew.. Too long detains the walker on his way"; Eacb power contributes to relisve the poor :: While he attende, new dangers poend him in rung; With the ftrong bristles of the mighty buar The busy city aiks initiuctive longDiana, forms his broth; the Godof Days

Where, elevated o'er the gaping crowds
A tripod gives, amid ibe crowded' way 160 Claspil in the buard the per trd head is bw'd,

To raise the dirty foot, and eale his tuil Betimes retreat; lere, thick ax mailitunes pour,
Kind Neptune fillo his vase with fetid o Turnips and hali-hatch d eggs (a mingled fnater)
Preft from th' enormous wbale; the God of Lire, Among the rabble rain : forre random throw 225
From whose dominions franky clouds aspire, May with the. trichling rolkthy etieek o’erflu.
Among these generous presents joins bis part, 165 Though expedition bidi, yet never ffray
And aids with foot the new japanning art. Where no rang'd poft defend the ragged way.
Pleas'd she receives the gifts; iħe downward glitles, Here laden carts with thundering waggons meer,
Lights in Fleet-ditch,and shoots beneath the tides. Wkeels chiih with wheels, and bar ne marrow
Now dawns the morn, the sturdy lad- awakes,


230 Leaps from his stall, his cangled hairhe takes; 170. The lashing whip re'ounds, the horfes ifrain, Then leaning o'er the rails, he mufing ífood And blood in anguish buifts the swelling vein. And view'd' below the black canal of mud, O barbarous men ! your cruel breasts a Áuage : Where common Dwores a jullin, murmur keer; Why vent voor on tlie generus teed your rage? Whole torrentş suth from Holborn's fatal keep: Does not his service earn your daily bread256 Pensive through id'enefs, tears finw'd'apace, 175 Your wives, air children., by his labeur; fed : Which cas’d his loaded heart, and wash'd his face! H, as the Samian taught, the font tevires, At length he lie hing ety'd, That boy was bleft:, And, thisting lents, in other bodies Hives; Whose infant lips have dpain'd a mother's breast ; Severe fħall be the brutal enachman's change, But happier far are thole (if fueh be known) Doam'd in a hackney horle the town to range: 2 Whom both a father and a mother owr: 180 Carmen, transfom'd, thegroaning road fhall drawg But I, atas ! hard fortune's urmofrcorn,

Whiom other songs with tire lali halkawe. Who ne'er knew parent, was an orphan bara Who wruid of Waišing-Kreet the dargers Barer Some boys are rich by birth beyond all wants, When the-brnad*prvenient of Cheap Gde ir rear? Belov'd by uncles, and kind good okl aunts : Or who that suggestid rec: * world traveler'er. 23 When time comes round, a Christmas-box they 'That strexhe, O Fieeruditch, from thy blach ihore bear,

185 | To the Tower's monted walls? Here team a'cend And one day makes them rich for all the year.. Thac, in mix'd fume, tlie wrinkler nele offend.. Had I the precepts of a father learn’d,

Where chandlers'ouidrojis boil; unere fifny pies Perhaps their the coachman's fare had earn',

Hide tñe.wet stall, ionty abient from the le? : 250 For leffer boys can drive; I thirsty ftand, And where the cleaver chops tiie heifer's Ipils, And see the double flaggon charge their hand, rige | And where huge hogsheads' twear with trainy vil';. See them puff off the froth, and guip amain, Thy breathing nuffri id; but la tħall I While with dry tongue I lick my lips, in vain. po Pass, where in piles Carnavian chcetes lie;

While thus he fervent prays, the heaviog tiste, Cheese, chat trie table's chafing rites denies, 2015 In w ider'd circles, beats on eittier facer; Andbiils me with th'unwillingenoplin rile? The Goddess role amid the immunfe round 196; O bear me to the path of fait Pailan:)!!! With wither'd turnip-tops her temples crown'd Sate are rliy paventents, graze ind is itiy smell! Low Teach'd her dripping trefíės, lank, and black At distance solis along the gilded coach, As the smooth jet, or gloriy raven's back; Nor sturdy carmen oxing walks encroach ; 260 Around her waist a cirering eel was twin'd, No iets wouit!' bar thy ways were clair den; di, Which bound her robe that hung in rags behind 200 Tlie soft suppores of laziness and pride: Now beckoning to the boy, she thus begun : 'Iby prayers are guanted., weep no more my fuel * L'umainfixezia H Cheli, asiat). fondure.

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