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Confind the waves, bade groves and gardens | Unwonted objects : now first, now they learn'd bloom,

Their bolder steerage over ocean wave, And through his new creation led the Ouze,

Led by the golden stars, as Chiron's art And gentle Camus, filver-winding streams ; Had mark'd the sphere celestial. Wide abroad God-like beneficence; from chaos drear

Expands the purple deep: the cloudy ines, To raise the garden and the shady grove !

Scyros and Scopelos, and Icos, rise, But see lerne's moors and hideous bogs,

And Halonesos: soon huge Lemnos heaves Immeasurable tract. The traveller

Her azure head above the level brine,
Slow tries his mazy step on th' yielding tuft, Shakes off her mists, and brightens all her cliffs :
Shuddering with fear : ev'n such perfidious wilds, While they, her flattering creeks and opening
By labor won, have yielded to the comb

The faireft length of wool. See Deeping fens, Cautious approaching, in Myrina's port
And the long lawns of Bourn. 'Tis Art and Toil Cast out the cabled stone upon the strand.
Gives Nature value, multiplies her stores,

Next to the Mysian shore they shape their course,
Varies, improves, creates : 'tis Art and Toil But with too eager halte: in the white foam
Teaches her woody hills with fruits to shine, His car Alcides breaks ; howe'er, not long
The pear and tasteful apple ; decks with A owers The chance detains; he springs upon the more,
And foodful pulse the fields, that often rise, And, rifting from the roofs a tapering pine,
Admiring to behold their furrows wave

Renews his stroke. Between the threatening With yellow corn. What changes cannot Toil With patient Art, effect? There was a time, Of Hellefpont they ply the rugged surge, When other regions were the swains delight,

To Hero's and Leander's ardent love And shepherdless Britannia's rulhy vales,

Fatal: then smooth Propontis' widening wave, Inglorious, neither trade nor labor knew,

That like a glassy lake expands, with hills, But of rude baskets, homely rustic geer,

Hills above hills, and gloomy woods, begirto Woven of the flexile willow ; till, at length, And now the Thracian Bosphorus thy dare, The plains of Sarum open'd to the hand

Till the Symplegades, tremendous rocks, Of patient Culture, and, o'er finking woods, Threaten approach; but they, unterrify'd, High Cotswold show'd her summits. Urchinfield, Through the sharp-pointed cliffs and thunderir g And Lemster's crofts, beneath the pheasant's floods brake,

Cleave their bold palage : nathless by the craggs Long lay unnoted. Toil new pasture gives ; And torrents sorely Matter'd: as the strong And, in the regions oft of active Gaul,

Eagle or vulture, in th' entangling net O'er lessening vineyards spreads the growing turf, Involvid, breaks through, yet leaves his plumes In eldest times, when kings and hardy chiefs

behind. In bleeting sheepfolds met, for purest wool Thus, through the wide waves, their Now way they Phænicia's hilly tracts were most renown'd,

force And fertile Syria's and Judæa's land,

To Thynia's hospitable ine. The brave
Hermon, and Seir, and Hebron's brooky fides : Pass many pearls, and to fame by such
Twice with the murex' crimson hue. they ting'd Experience rise. Refreth'd, again they speed
The shining fleeces: hence their gorgeous wealth ; From cape to cape, and view unnumber:d streams,
And hence arose the walls of ancient Tyre.

Halys, with hoary Lycus, and the mouths
Next busy Colchis, bless'd with frequent rains, Of Asparus and Glaucus, rolling swift
And lively verdure (who the lucid stream

To the broad deep their tributary waves ;
Of Phasis boasted, and a portly race

Till in the long-fought harbour they arrive Of fair inhabitants) improv'd the fleece ;

Of golden Phafis. Foremost on the strand When, o'er the deep by Aying Phryxus brought, Jafon advanc'd: the deep capacious bay, The fam'd Theffalian ram enrich'd her plains. The crumbling terrace of the marble port,

This, rising Greece with indignation view'd, Wondering he view'd, and stately palace-domes, And youthful Jason an attempt


Pavilions proud of luxury ; around, Lofty and bold along Peneus' banks,

In every glittering hall, within, without, Around Olympus' brow, the Muses' haunts, O'er all the timbrel-founding squares and streets, He rouz'd the brave, to re-demand the fleece. Nothing appear'd but luxury, and crowds Attend, ye British swains, the ancient song. Sunk deep in riot. To the public weal From every region of Ægea's shore

Attentive vone he found : for he, their chief The brave assembled ; those illustrious twins, Of Mepherds, proud Aëtes, by the name Castor and Pollux ; Orpheus, tuneful bard; Sometimes of king distinguishid, 'gan to light Zetes and Calais, as the wind in speed ;

The shepherd's trade, and turn to song and dance : Strong Hercules, and many a chief renown'd, Ev'n Hydrus ceas'd to watch ; Medea's songs

On deep lolcos' Landy Thore they throng'd Of joy, and rosy youth, and Beauty's charms, Gleaming in armour, ardent of exploits ;

With magic sweetness lulled his cares asleep, And soon, the laurel cord, and the huge stone Till the bold heroes graip'd the golden fleece. Up-lifting to the deck, unmoor'd the bark ; Nimbly they wing'd the bark, surrounded soon Whose keel, of wondrous length, the skilful hand By Neptune's friendly waves : secure they speed Or Argus fashion'd for the proud attempt;

O'er the krown seas, by every guiding cape, And in th' extended keel a lofty maft

With prosperous return. The myrtle fores, L'p-rais'd, and fails full-fwelling; to the chiefs And glassy mikror of lolcos' lake,

With loud acclaim receiv'd them. Every vale, Faithful, sagacious, active, patient, brave,
And every hillock, touch'd the tuneful stops Led to their diftant climes adventurous trade.
Of pipes unnumber'd, for the ram regain'd..

Add too the filky wool of Libyan lands,
Thus Phafis lost his pride : his Nighted nymphs Of Caza's bowery dales, and brooky Caus,
Along the withering dales and pastures mourn'd; Where lofty Atlas spreads his verdant feet,
The trade-Tip left his streams ; the merchant While in the clouds his hoary shoulders bend.

Next proud Iberia glories in the growth His desart borders ; each ingenious art,

Of high Castile, and mild Segovian glades. Trade, Liberty, and Amuence ; all retir'd,

And beauteous Albion, fince great Edgar chac'd And left to Want and Servitude their seats :

The prowling wolf, with many a lock appears Vile successors ! and gloomy Ignorance

Of filky lustre ; chief, Siluria, thine ; Following like dreary Night, whose fable hand Thine, Vaga, favour'd stream ; from theep minute Hangs on the purple skirts of flying day.

On Cambria kred: a pound o’erweighs a fleece. Sithence the fleeces of Arcadian plains,

Gay Epsom's too, and Banftead's, and what gleams And Attic, and Theffalian, bore esteem;

On Vecta's ifle, that shelters Albion's feet, And those in Grecian colonies dispers'd,

With all its thunders : or Salopian stores, Caria and Doris, and lonia's coast,

Thöfe which are gather'd in the fields of Clun : And fam'd Tarentum, where Galesus' tide,

High Cotswold also ʼmong the shepherd (wains Rolling by ruire hoar of ancient towns,

Is oft remember'd, though the greedy plough Through solitaiy valljes seeks the sea.

Preys on its carpet: He *, whofe rullic Mafe Or green Altinı m, hy an hundred Alps

O'er heath and craggy holt her wing display'd, High-crown'd, whose woods and snowy peaks And sung the bosky bourns of Alfred's fhires, aloft

Has favour'd Cotswold with luxuriant praise. Shield her low plains from the rough northern Need we the levels green of Lincoln note, blast.

Or rich Leicestra's marly plains, for length Those too of Bætica's delicious fields,

Of whitest locks and magnitude of fleece
With golden fruitage bless'd of highest taste, Peculiar; envy of the neighbouring realms ?
What need I name? The Turdetanian tract,

But why recount our grassy lawns alone,
Or rich Coraxus, whose wide looms unrollid While ev'n the tillage of our cultur'd plains,
The finest webs? where scarce a talent weigh'd With boffy turnep, and luxuriant cole,
A ram's equivalent. Then only Tin

Learns through the circling year their flocks to feed. To late improv'd Britannia gave renown.

Ingenious trade! to cloath the naked world, Lo the revolving course of mighty time,

Her soft materials, not from theep alone, Who lostiness abases, tumbles down

From various animals, reeds, trees, and stones, Olympus' brow, and lifts the lowly vale.

Collects fagacious : in Eubea's ise Where is the majesty of ancient Rome,

A wondrous rock † is found, of which are woved
The throng of herpes in her splendid streets, Vests incombustible : Batavia, fax ;
The snowy vest of peace, or purple robe,

Siam's warm mariih yields the fiffile cane ;
Slow trail'd triumphal? Where the Attic fleece, Soft Perfia, filk; Balasor's shady hills
And Tarentine, in warmest litter'd cotes,

Tough bark of trees; Peruvian Pito, grass;
Or sụppy meadows, cloath'd with costly care ? And every fultry climt the snowy down
All in the solitude of ruin loft,

Of cotton bursting from its stubborn Thell
War's horrid carnage, vain Ambition's dust. To gleam amid the verdure of the grove.

Long lay the mournful realms of elder Fame With glossy hair of Tibet's snagged goat In gloomy desolation, till appear’d

Are light tiaras woven, that wreath the head, Beauteous Venetian first of all the nymphs,

And airy float behind : the beaver's flix Who from the inclancholy waste emerg'd :

Gives kindliest warmth to weak enervate limbs, In Adria's gulph her clotted locks the lavid, When the pale blood now rises through the veins. And rose another Venus : each fost joy,

Still Mall o'er all prevail the shepherd's Nores, Each aid of life, her busy wit restor’d;

For numerous uses known : none yield such warmth, Science reviv'd, with all the lovely Arts,

Such beauteous hues receive, fo long endure ; And all the Graces, Restituted Trade

So pliant to the loom, so various, none. To every Virtue lent his helping stores,

Wild rove the flocks, no burdening fleece they Ànd cheard the vales around; again the pipe,

bear, And hleating flocks, awak'd the cheartul lawn. In fervid climes : Nature gives nought in vain. The glory fceces now of prime esteem

Carmenian wool on the broad tail alone Soft Asia boasts, where lovely Caslimere,

Resplendent swells, enormous in its growth: Within a lofty mound of circling hills,

As the neek ram from green to green reinoves, Spreads her delicious stores ; woods, rocks, caves, On aiding wheels his heavy pride he draws, lakes,

And glad resigns it for the hatter's use. Hills, lawns, and winding streams; a region Ev’n in the new Columbian world appears term'd

The wcolly covering : Apacheria's * glades,
The paradise of Indus. Next, the plains

And Canres' echo to the pipes and focks
Of Lahor, by that arbor stretch'd immense,
Through many a realm, to Agra, the proud throne

* Drayton.

+ The Albeftos. Of India's worship'd prince, whose lust is law :

* Provinces in Louisiana, on the western øde ar Remote dominions ; ror to ancient Fame,

the M fiifippi. Nor modern kı.owr., till public-hearted Roe,

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Of foreign swains. While time thakes down his Know, for superior ends th' Almighty Power fands,

(The Power, whose tender arms embrace the Anå works continual change, be none fecure :

worm) Quicken your labors, brace your Nackening nerves, Breathes o'er the foodful earth the breath of life, Ye Britons ; nor fleep care less on the lap

And forms us manifold; allots to each Of bounteous Nature ; she is elsewhere kind. His fair peculiar; wisdom, wit and strength ; See Millisippi lengthen on her lawns,

Wisnom, and wit, and Itrength, in sweet accord, Propitious to the shepherds : see the theep

To aid, to clieer, to counlel, to protect, Of fertile Arica t, like camels form'd;

And twist the mighty cond. Thus feeble man, Which bear huge burdens to the fea-beat more, With man united, is a nation ftiong ; And shine with fleeces soft as feathery down. Builds towery cities, satiates every wart,

Coarse Bothnic locks are not devoid of use; And makes the leas profound, and forests wild, They cloath the mountain carl, or mariner The gardens of his joys. Man, each man's born Laboring at the wet throuds, or stubborn helm, For the high business of the public good. While the loud billows dath the groaning deck. For me, 'tis mine to pray, that men regard All may not Stroud's or Taunton's vestures wear; Their occupations with an honest heart, Nor what, from fleece Ratæan 1, mimic flowers And chearful diligence : like the useful bee, of rich Damascus : many a texture bright

To gather for the hive not sweets alone, Of that material in Prætorium woven,

Put wax, and each material; pleas’d to find Or in Norvicum, cheats the curious eye.

Whate'er may sooth distress, and raise the fall'n, If any wool peculiar to our isle

In life’s rough race : O be it as my with! Is given by Nature, 'tis the comber's lock,

'Tis mine to teach tii' inactive hand to reap The soft, the snow-white, and the long-grown Kind nature's bounties, o'er the globe diffus’d. fiake.

For this, I wake the weary hours of rest; Hither be turn'd the public's wakeful eye,

With this desire, the merchant I attend ; This golden fleece to guard, with strictest watch, By this impellid, the Thepherd's hut I seek, From the dark hand of pilfering Avarice,

And, as he tends his flock, his lectures hear Who, like a spectre, haunts the midnight hour, Attentive, pleas'd with pure simplicity, When Nature wide around him lies supine

And rules divulg'd beneficent to theep: And filent, in the tangles soft involv'd

Or turn the compass o'er the painted chart, Of death-like seep: he then the moment marks, To mark the ways of traffic; Volga's stream, While the pale moon illumes the trembling tide, Cold Hudson's cloudy streights, warm Afric's cape, Speedy to lift the canvas, bend the oar,

Latium's firm roads, the Ptolemean foffe,
And waft his thefts to the perfidious foe.

And China's long canals; those noble works,
Happy the patriot, who can teach the means Those high effects of civilizing trade,
To check his frauds, and yet untroubled leave · Employ me, fedulous of public weal :
Trade's open channels. Would a generous aid Yet not unmindful of my sacred charge ;
To honest toil, in Cambria's hilly tracts,

But also mindful, thus devising good,
Or where the Lune || or Coker * wind their streams, At vacant seasons, oft ; when evening mild
Be found sufficient?" Far, their airy fields,

Purples the vallies, and the Thepherd counts
Far from infectious luxury arise.

His fock, returning to the quiet fold, O might their mazy dales, and mountain fides

With dumb complacence : for Religion, this, With copious fleeces of Ierne Thine,

To give our every comfort to distress, And gulphy Caledonia, wisely bent

And follow virtue with an humble mind ; On wealthy fisheries and flaxen webs;

This pure Religion. Thus, in elder time, Then would the fifter realms, amid their feas, The reverend Blasius wore his leisure hours, Like the three Graces in harmonious fold,

And numbers, broken oft : till, fillid at length By mutual aid enhance their various charms, With inspiration, after various thought, And bless remotest climes-To this lov'd end, And trials manitold, his well-known voice Awake, Benevolence; to this lov'd end,

Gather'd the poor, and o'er Vulcanian stoves, Strain all thy nerves, and every thought explore. With tepid lees of oil, and spiky coimb, Far, far away, whose passions would immure, Shew'd how the fleece might stretch to greater In your own little hearts, the joys of life ;

length, (Ye worms of pride) for your repast alone,

And cast a glossier whiteness. Wheels went round; Who claim all nature's stores, woods, waters, Matrons and maids with songs reliev'd their toils; meads,

And every loom receiv'd the softer yarn. All her profufion ; whose vile hands would grasp What poor, what widow, Blasius, did not lless The peasant's scantling, the weak widow's mite, Thy teaching band ? Thy bosom, like the morn, And in the sepulchre of Self entomb

Opening its wealth? What nation did not seek, Whate'er ye can, whate'er ye cannot use.

Of thy new-modei'd wool, the curious webs?

Hence the glad cities of the loom his name These Theep are called Guanapos.

Honour with yearly feítals : through their streets + A province of Peru.

The pomp, with tuneful sounds, and order just, I The fleeces of Leicestershire.

Denoting lahor's happy progresi, moves, Coventry.

Procesion now and folemus fuilt the rout; A river in Cumberland

Then lervient youth, and magisterial old; A river in Lancalhise.

Lach afier cach, according to liis funk,

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His sway, and office, in the common weal; Or root of madder, here or purple woad,
And to the board of smiling plenty's stores

By which our naked ancestors obfcur'd
Assemble, where delicious cates and fruits

Their hardy limbs, inwrought with mystic forms,
Of every clime are pil'd; and with free hand, Like Egypt's obelisks. The powerful sun
Toil only tastes the feasts, by nerveless ease Hot India's zone with gaudy pencil paints,
Unrelish'd. Various mirth and song resound ; And drops delicious tints o'er hill and dale,
And oft they interpose improving talk,

Which trade to us conveys. Not tints alone,
Divulging each to other knowledge rare,

Trade to the good physician gives his balms;
Sparks, from experience, that sometimes arise ; Gives chearing cordials to th' afflicted heart;
Till night weighis down the sense, or morning's Gives, to the wealthy, delicacies high ;

Gives, to the curious, works of nature rare ;
Rouzes to labor, man to labor horn.

And when the priest displays, in just discourse,
Then the neck brightening lock, from hand to Him, the all-wise Creator, and declares

His presence, power, and goodness, unconfin'd,
Renews its circling course: this feels the card ; 'Tis trade, attentive voyager, who fills
That, in the comb, admires its growing length; His lips with argument. To censure trade,
This, blanch’d, emerges from the oily wavë; Or hold her busy people in contempt,
And that, the amber tint, or ruby, drinks.

Let none presume. The dignity, and grace,
For it suffices not, in flowery vales,

And weal, of human life, their fountains owe
Only to tend the flock, and rear soft wool :

To seeming imperfections, to vain wants,
Gums must be stor'd of Guinea's arid coast; Or real exigencies ; passions (wift
Mexican woods, and India's brightening salts ; Forerunning reason ; strong contrarious bents,
Fruits, lierbage, sulphurs, minerals, to stain The steps of men dispersing wide abroad
The fleece prepar'd, which oil-imbibing earth O'er realms and seas. There, in the folemn
Of Wooburn blanches, and keen alum-waves

scene, Intenerate. With curious eye observe,

Infinite wonders glare before their eyes, In what variety the tribe of salts,

Humiliating the mind enlarg'd; for they
Gums, ores, and liquors, eye-delighting hues The clearest sense of Deity receive,
Produce, abstersive or restringent; how

Who view the widest prospect of his works,
Steel casts the fable ; how pale pewter, fus'd Ranging the globe with trade through various
In Auid spirit'ous, the scarlet dye ;

climes :
And how each tint is made, or mixt or chang'd, Who see the signatures of boundless love,
By mediums colourless : why is the fume

Nor less the judgments of Almighty Power, Of sulphur kind to white and azure hues,

That warn the wicked, and the wretch who 'scapes Pernicious else : why no materials yield

From human justice; who, astonish'd, view Singly their colours, those except that Mine Etna's loud thunders and tempestuous fires ; With topaz, sapphire, and cornelian rays :

The dust of Carthage; desert Thores of Nile ; And why, though nature's face is cloath'd in Or Tyre's abandon'd summit, crown'd of old green,

With stately towers; whose merchants, from their No green is found to beautify the feece,

illes, But what repeated toil by mixture gives.

And radiant thrones, assembled in her marts;
To find effects, why causes lie conceal'd,

Whither Arabia, whither Kedar, brought
Reason uncertain tries : howe'er, kind chance Their shaggy goats, their flocks, and bleating lambs }
Oft with equivalent discovery pays

Where rich Damascus pil'd his fleeces white,
Its wandering efforts ; thus the German sage, Prepar'd, and thirsty for the double tint,
Diligent Drebet, o'er alchemic fire,

And flowering shuttle. While the admiring world Seeking the secret source of gold, receiv'd

Crowded her streets; ah! then the hand of Pride Of alter'd cochineal the crimson store.

Sow'd imperceptible his poisonous weed,
Tyrian Melcartus thus (the first who brought Which crept destructive up her lofty domes,
Tin's useful ore from Albion's diftant ille,

As ivy creeps around the graceful trunk
And, for unwearied toils and arts, the name of some tall oak. Her lofty domes no more,
Of Hercules acquir'd) when o'er the mouth Not ev'n the ruins of her pomp, remain ;
Of his attendant sheep-dog he beheld

Not ev’n the dust they sunk in ; by the breath
The wounded murex strike a purple rain,

Of the Omnipotent offended huri'd
The purple stain on fleecy woofs he spread, Down to the bottom of the stormy deep:
Whichlur'd the eye, adorning many a nymph, Only the folitary rock remains,
And drew the pomp of trade to rifing Tyre. Her ancient scite ; a'monument to those,

Our vallies yield not, or but sparing yield, Who toil and wealth exchange for noth and
The dyer's gay materials. Orly weld,


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True charity, by teaching idle want
And vice che inclination to do good,
Good to themselves, and in themselves to all,

Through grateful coil. Ev'n nature lives by toil:
L E Е с E. Beast, bird, air, fire, the heavens, and rolling


All live by action : nothing lies at rest,

But death and ruin: man is born to care ;
Fathion'd, improv'd, by labor. This of old,
Wise states obierving, gave that happy law,

Which doom'd the rich and needy, every rank,

To manual occupation; and oft callid

Their chieftains from the spade, or furrowing INTRODUCTION. Recommendation of labor. plough,

The several methods of spinning. Description of the Or bleating Theepfold. Hence utility loom, and of weaving. Variety of looms. The fullingThrough all conditions; hence the joys of health ; mill described, and the progress of the manufacture. Hence strength of arm, and clear judicious thoughts Dying of cloth, and the excellence of the French in Hence corn, and wine, and oil, and all in life that art. Frequent negligence of our artificers. Delectable. What simple nature yields The ill consequences of idleness. Country-workhouses (And nature does her part) are only rude proposed ; with a description of one. Good effeets of Materials, cumbers on the thorny ground ; induftry exemplified in the prospect of Bursial and 'Tis coils that make them wealth ; that makes the Leeds; and the cloth-market there described. Pre

fleece ference of the labors of the loom to other manufac- (Yet useless, rising in unshapen heaps) 31 tures, illuftrated by some comparisons. Hifory of Anon, in curious woofs of beauteous hae, the art of weaving : its removal from the Nether- A vesture usefully fuccinct and warm, lands, and settlement in several parts of England. Or, trailing in the length of graceful folds, Cenfure of those who would reječi the persecuted and A royal mantle. Come, ye village nymphs, the Aranger. Our trade and prosperity owing to The scatter'd mists reveal the dusky hills; them. Of the manufakture of tapestry, taught us Grey dawn appears ; the golden morn ascends, by the Saracens. Tapeftries of Bleinheim described. And paints the glittering rocks, and purple woodo, Different arts, procuring wealth so different coun- And Aaming fpires ; arise, begin your toils ;

Numerous inhabitants, and their induftry, Behold the fleece beneath the spiky comh the fureff fource of it. Hence a wish, that our Drop its long locks, or, from the mingling card, country were open all men. Viczo of the roads | Spread in soft flakes, and swell the whiten'd floor. and rivers, through which our manufa&tures are Come, village nymphs, ye matrons, and ye conveyed. 'Our navigations not far from the seats maids, of our manufaktures : other countries lefs happy. Receive the fółt material : with lig'it step The difficult work of Egypt in joining the Nile to Whether ye turn around the spacious wheel, she Red Sea; and of France in attempting, by Or, patient fitting, that revolve, which forms canals, a communication between the Ocean and the A narrower circle. On the brittle work Mediterranean. Such junetions may more casily de Point your quick eye ; and let the hand affift performed in England, and the Trent and Severn To guide and stretch the gently-lessening thread : united to the Thames. Description of the Thames, Even, unknotted twine, will praise your skill. and the port of London.

A different spinning every different web

Alks from your glowing fingers: some require ROCEED, Arcadian Muse ; resume the pipe The more compact, and come the looser wreath : Of

Of chamber'd delicacy : Scarce the cirque And to the songs of Nature's choirifters

Need turn around, or twine the lengthening Aake. Harmonious. Audience pure be thy delight,

There are, to speed their labor, who prefer Though few : for every note which virtue wounds, Wheels double-spolod, which yield to either hand However pleasing to the vulgar herd,

A several line : and many, yet adhere To the purg'd ear is discord. Yet too oft

To th' ancient diftaff, at the bofom find,
Has falle dilsembling vice to amorous airs

Casting the whirling spindle as they walk :
The reed apply'd, and heedless youth allur'd: As home, or in the sheepfold, or the mart,
'Too oft, with bolder found, enflam'd the rage Alike the work proceeds. This method ftill
Of horrid war. Let now the fleecy looms

Norvicum favours, and th’ Icenian * towns :
Direct our rural numbers, as of old,

It yields their airy stuffs an apter thread. When plains and Meepfolds were the Muses' | This was of old, in no inglorious days, haunts.

The mode of spinning, when th' Egyptian prince So thou, the friend of every virtuous deed A golden distaff gave that beauteous nymph, And aim, though feeble, shalt these rural lays Too-beauteous Helen : no uncourtly gift Approve, O Heathcote, whose benevolence Then, when each gay diversion of the fair Visies our vallies; where the pasture Ipreads, Led to ingenious use. But patient art, And where the bramble; and would jumly at That on experience works, from hour to hour,

• The Iceni were the inhabitants of Suffolks


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