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النشر الإلكتروني

Pruits of spontaneous growth, the citron bright, Restore the mimic art, and the clear mien
The fig, and orange, and heart-chearing wine. Of patriot sages, Wallinghams and Yokes,
Those Tips, from ocean broad, which voyage And Cecils, in long-lasting stone preserve :

But mimic art and nature are impair'de
The gates of Hercules *, find many seas,

Impair'd they seem-or in a varied dress And bays unnumber'd, opening to their keels ; Delude our eyes : the world in change delights ; But shores inhospitable oft, to fraud

Change then your searches, with the varied modes And rapine turn'd, or dreary tracts be

And wants of realms. Sabean frankincense Of desolation. The proud Roman coasts,

Rare is collected now: few altars smoke Fall'n, like the Punic, to the dashing waves Now in the idol fane : Panchajan views Relign their ruins : Tiber's boasted food,

Trade's busy feets regardless pats her coast : Whose pompous moles o’erlook'd the subject deep, Nor frequent are the freights of snow-white woofs, Now creeps along, through brakes and yellow Since Rome, no more the mistress of the world, duft,

Varies her garb, and treads her darken’d streets
While Neptune scarce perceives its niurmuring rill: With gloomy coul, majestical no more.
Such are th' effects, when Virtue Nacks her hand; See the dark spirit of tyrannic power.
Wild Nature back returns : along thefe Mores The Thracian channel, long the road of trade
Neglected trade with difficulty toils,

To the deep Euxine and its naval streams,
Collecting nender stores, the sun-dry'd grape, And the Mooris, now is barr'd with chains,
Or capers from the rock, that prompt the taste And forts of hostile battlement : in aught
Of luxury. Evin Egypt's fertile straord,

That joys mankind the arbitrary Turk
Bereft of human discipline, has lost

Delights not : insolent of rule, he spreads Its ancient lustre : Alexandria's port,

Thraldoin and defolation o'er his realms. Once the metropolis of trade, as Tyre,

Another path to Scythia's wide do nains, And elder Sidon, as the Attic town,

Commerce discovers : the Livonian gulph Beautiful Athens, as rich Corinth, Rhodes, Receives her sails, and leads them to the port Unhonour'd droops. Of all the numerous marts, Of rising Petersburgii, whose splendid streets That in those glittering seas with splendor rose, Swell with the webs of Leeds: the Cofac there, Only Byzantium, of peculiar site,

The Calmuc, and Mungalian, round the bales Remains in prosperous state ; and Tripolis,

In crowds resort, and their warm'd limbs eniold, And Smyrna, sacred ever to the Muse.

Delighted ; and the hardy Samoïd, To these resort the delegates of trade,

Rough with the stings of frost, from his dark caves Social in life, a virtuous brotherhood;

Ascends, and thither hastes, ere winter's rage And bales of softest wool from Bradford looms, O’ertake his homeward step; and they that dwell Or Stroud, dispense ; yet see, with vain regret, Along the banks of Don's and Volga's streams; Their stores, once highly priz'd, no longer now And borderers of the Caspian, who renew Or fought, or valued : copious webs arrive, That ancient path to India's climes, which fillid Smooth-wov'n ot other than Britannia's Aeece, With proudest affluence the Colchian state. On the throng'd strand alluring ; the great skill Many have been the ways to those renown'd Of Gaul, and greater industry, prevails;

Luxuriant climes of Indus, early known That proud imperious foe. Yet, ah'tis not To Memphis : to the port of wealthy Tyre ; Wrong not the Gaul; it is the foe within,

To Tadmor, beauty of the wilderness, Impairs our ancient marts : it is the bribe ;

Who down the long Euphrates sent her fails; 'Tis he, who pours into the Mops of trade

And sacred Salem, when her numerous fleets, That impious poison : it is he, who gains

From Ezion-geber, pafs'd th’ Arabian gulph. The sacred seat of parliament by means,

But later times, more fortunate, have found, That vitiate and emasculate the mind;

O’er ocean's open wavę, a surer course,
By floth, by lewd intemperance, and a scene Sailing the western coast of Afric's realms,
Of riot, worse than that which ruin'd Rome. Of Mauritania, and Nigritian tracts,
This, this the Tartar, and remote Chinese,

And inands of the Gorgades, the bounds,
And all the brotherhood of life, bewail.

On the Atlantic brine, of ancient trade; Meantime (while those, who dare be just, But not of moderni, by the virtue led oppose

Of Gama and Columbus. The whole globe The various powers of many-headed vice)

Is now, of commerce, made the scene immense, Ye delegates of trade, by patience rise

Which daring Tips frequent, associated, O'er difficulties : in this sultry clime

Like doves, or swallows, in th' ethereal flood, Note what is found of use: the flix of goat,

Or, like the eagle, folitary seen. Red-wool, and balm, and caufee's berry brown, Some, with more open course, to Indus steer; Or dropping gum, or opium’s lenient drug; Some coast from port to port, with various men Unnumber'd arts await them: trifles oft,

And manners conversant ; of th' angry surge, By skilful labour, rise to high esteem.

That thunders loud, and spreads the cliffs with Nor what the peasant, near some lucid wave,

foam, Pactolus, Simoïs, or Mæander Now,

Regardless, or the monsters of the deep, Renown'd in story, with his plough up-turns, Porpoise, or grampus, or the ravenous Thark, Neglect; the hoary medal, and the vale,

That chace their keels; or threatening rock, Statue, and bust, of old magnificence

o'erhead Beautiful reliques : oh, could modern timę Of Atlas old ; beneath the threatening rocks,

Reckless, they furl their fails, and bartering take, * The ftreights of Gibraltar.

Soft flakes of wool ; for in soft flakes of wool,

Like the Silurian, Atlas' dales abound.

Of its clear streams, though unregarded now, The shores of Sus inhospitable rise,

Ophirs more rich are found. With easy course And high Bojador ; Zara too displays

The vessels glide ; unless their speed be stop'd Unfruitful deserts ; Gambia's wave inises

By dead calms, that oft lie on those smooth seas An ouzy coast, and peftilential ills

While every zephyr Neeps : then the shrouds drop; Diffuses wide ; behind are burning sa nds,

The downy feather, on the cordage hung, Adverse to life, and Nilus' hidden fount.

Moves not; the fat sea shines like yellow gold, On Guinea's sultry sand, the drapery light Fus'd in the fire ; or-like the marble floor Of Manchester or Norwich is bestow'd

Of some old temple wide. But where so wide, For clear transparent gums, and ductile wax, In oid or later time, its marble floor And snow-white ivorys yet the valued trade, Did ever temple boast as this, which here Along this barbarous coast, in telling, wounds Spreads its bright level many a league around ? The generous heart, the sale of wretched Naves ; At solemn distances its pillars rise, Slaves, by their tribes condemn’d, exchanging Sofal's blue rocks, Mozambic's palmy steeps, death

And lofty Madagascar’s glittering thores, For life-long servitude ; severe exchange!

Wliere various woods of beauteous vein and hue, Tuese till our fertile colonies, which yield

And gloffy shells in elegance of form, The sugar-cane, and the Tobago-leat,

For Pond's rich cabinet, or Sloan's, are found. And various new productions, that invite

Such calm oft checks their course, till this bright Increasing natives to their crouded wharfs.

fcene But let the man, whose rough tempestuous Is brush'd away before the rising breeze, hours

That joys the busy crew, and speeds again In this adventurous traffic are involv'd,

The fail full-swelling to Socotra's ifle, With just humanity of heart pursue

For aloes fam'd ; or to the wealthy marts The gainful commerce : wickedness is blind : Of Ormus or Gombroon, whose streets are oft Their sable chieftains may in future times

With caravans and tawny merchants throng'd, Burst their frail bonds, and vengeance execute From neighbouring provinces and realms afar ; On cruel unrelenting pride of heart

And fill'd with plenty, though dry sandy wastes And avarice. There are ills to come for crimes. Spread naked round ; so great the power of trade: Hot Guinea too gives yellow dust of gold,

Persia few ports; more happy Indoftan Which, with her rivers, rolls adown the sides Beholds Surat and Goa on her coasts, Of unknown hills, where fiery-winged winds, And Bombay's wealthy isle, and harbour fam’d, And sandy deserts, rous’d by sudden storms, Supine beneath the shade of cocoa groves. All search forbid : howe'er, on either hand,

But what avails, or many ports or few ? Vallies and plcasant plains, and many a tract Where wild ambition frequent from his lair Deem'd uninhabitable erit, are found

Starts up; while fell revenge and famine lead Fertile and populous ; their sable tribes,

To havoc, reckless of the tyrant's whip, In shade of verdant groves, and mountains tall, Which clanks along the vallies: oft in vain Frequent enjoy the cool descent of rain,

The merchant seeks upon the strand, whom erst, And soft refreshing breezes : nor are lakes

Associated hy trade, he deck'd and cloath'd; Here wanting; those a sea-wide surface spread, In vain, whom rage or famine has devour'd, Which to the distant Nile and Senegal

He seeks ; and with increas'd affection thinks Send long mæanders: whate'er lies beyond, On Britain. Still howe'er Bombaya's wharfs Of rich or barren, ignorance o'ercasts

Pile-up blue indigo, and, of frequent use, With her dark mantle. Mon’motapa's coast Pungent salt-petre, woods of purple grain, Is seldom visited ; and the rough shore

And many-colour'd saps from leaf and flower, Of Caffres, land of savage Hottentots,

And various gums ; the clothier knows their worth ; Whose hands unnatural ha ten to the grave

And woul resembling cotton, shorn from trees, Their aged parents : what barbarity

Not to the fleece unfriendly; whether mixt And brutal igrorance, where social trade

In warp or woof, or with the line of flax, Is held contemptible ! Ye gliding fails,

Or softer silk's material : though its aid From these inhospitable gloomy shores

To vulgar eyes appears not ; let none deem
Indignant turn, and to the friendly Cape,

The fleece, In any traffic, unconcern'd;
Which gives the chearful mariner good hope By every traffic aided ; while each work
Of prosperous voyage, iteer: rejoice to view, Of art yields wealth to exercise the loom,
What trade, with Belgian industry, creates, And every loom employs each hand of art.
Prospects of civil life, fair towns, and lawns, Nor is there wheel in the machine of trade,
And yellow tilth, and groves of various fruits, Which Leeds, or Cairo, Lima, or Bombay,
Delectable in hulk or glossy rind :

Helps not, with harmony, to turn around,
There the capacious vase from crystal springs Though all, unconscious of the union, act.
Replenish, and convenient store provide,

Few the peculiars of Canara's realm,
Like ants, intelligent of future need.

Or sultry Malabar; where it behoves
See, through the fragrance of delicious airs, The wary pilot, while he coasts the shores,
That breathe the smell of balms, how traffic shapes To mark o'er ocean the thick rising isles;
A winding voyage, by the lofty coast

Woody Chaetta, Birter rough with rocks;
Of Sofala, thought Ophir ; in whole hills

Green-rising Barmur, Mincoy's purple hills ; Ev'n yet some portion of its ancient wealth

And the minute Maldivias, as a swarm Remains, and sparkles in the yellow sand

Of bees in summer, on a poplar's trunk,

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Clustering innumerable; these behind

They too from hence receive the strongest thread His ftern receding, o'er the clouds he views

Of the green filkworm. Various is the wealth Ceylon's grey peaks, from whose volcano's rise Of that renown'd and ancient land, secure Dark smoke and ruddy flame, and glaring rocks In constant peace and commerce ; till'd to th' Daring in air aloft ; around whose feet

height Blue cliffs ascend, and aromatic groves,

Of rich fertility ; where, thick as stars, In various prospect ; Ceylon also deem'd

Bright habitations glitter on each hill, The ancient Ophir. Next Bengala’s bay,

And rock, and lady dale; ev'n on the waves On the vast globe the deepest, while the prow Of copious rivers, lakes, and bordering seas, Turns northward to the rich disputed strand Rise floating villages ; no wonder; when, Of Cor’mandel, where traffic grieves to see

In every province, firm and level roads, Discord and avarice invade her realms,

And long canals, and navigable streams, Portending ruinous war, and cries aloud,

Ever, with ease, conduct the works of coil Peace, peace, ye blinded Britons, and ye Gauls; To sure and speedy markets, through the length Nation to Nation is a light, a fire,

Of many a crowded region, many a clime, Enkindling virtue, sciences, and arts :

To the imperial towers of Camtalu, But cries aloud in vain. Yet wise defence,

Now Pekin, where the fleece is not unknown; Against ambition's wide-destroying pride,

Since Calder's woofs, and those of Exe and Fromen Madrass erected, and Saint David's fort,

And Yare, and Avon Now, and rapid Trent, And those which rise on Ganges' twenty streams, Thither by Russic caravans are brought, Guarding the woven feece, Calcutta's tower, Through Scythia's numerous regions, waste and And Maldo's and Patana's : from their holds

wild, The shining bales our factors deal abroad,

Journey immense ! which, to th' attentive ear, And see the country's products, in exchange, The Muse, in faithful notes, Mall brief describe. Before them heap'd : cotton's transparent webs, From the proud mart of Petersburg, ere-while Aloes, and caffia, falutiferous drugs,

The watery seat of desolation wide, Alom, and lacque, and clouded tortoiselhell, Issue these trading caravans, and urge, And brilliant diamonds, to decorate

Through dazzling snows, their dreary trackless Britannia's blooming Nymphs. For these, o'er all

road; The kingdoms round, our draperies are dispers’d, By compass steering oft, from week to week, O'er Bukor, Cabul, and the Bactrian vales, From month to month ; whose seasons view their And Caffimere, and Atoc, on the stream

to.ls. Of old Hydafpes, Porus' hardy realm;

Neva they passy and Kesma's gloomy flood, And late-discover'd Tibet, where the feece, Volga, and Don, and Oka's torrent prone, By art peculiar, is compress’d and wrought

Threatening in vain ; and many a cataract, To threadless drapery, which, in conic forms, In its fall fiopt, and bound with bars of ice. Of various hues, their gaudy roofs adorns.

Close on the left unnumber'd tracts they view The keels which voyage through Molucca's White with continual fioft; and on the right straits,

The Caspian-lake, and ever-flowery realms, Amid a cloud of spicy odours, fail,

Though now abhorr'd, behind them turn, the From Jaya and Sumatra breath’d, whose woods

haunt Yield fiery pepper, that destroys the moth

Of arbitrary rule, where regions wide In woolly vestures : Ternate and Tidore

Are destin'd to the sword; and on each hand Give to the festal board the fragrant clove

Roads hung with carcases, or under foot And nutmeg, to those narrows bounds confin'd; Thick strown; while, in their rough bewilder'd While gracious Nature, with unsparing hand,

vales, The needs of life o'er every region pours.

The blooming rose its fragrance breathes in vain, Near those delicious ises, the beauteous coast And silver fountains fall, and nightingales Of China rears its summits. Kno':ye not,

Attune their notes, where none are left to hear. Ye sons of trade, that ever-fiowery shore,

Sometimes o'er level ways, on easy sieds, Those azure hills, those woods and nodding rocks? | The generous horse conveys the sons of trade ; Compare them with the pictures of your chart; And ever and anon the docile dog ; Alike the woods and nodding rocks o’erhang.

And now the light rein-deer, with rapid pace, Now the tall glossy towers of porcelane,

Skims over icy lakes ; now now they climb And pillar'd pagods shine ; rejoic'd they see

Aloft o'er clouds, and then adown descend The port of Canton opening to their prows,

To hollow vallies, till the eye beholds And in the winding of the river moor.

The roofs of Tobel, whose hill-crowning walls Upon the strand they heap their glofly bales, Shine, like the rising moon, through watery mists: And works of Birmingham, in brass or steel, Tobol, th' abode of those unfortunate And fint, and ponderous lead from deep cells Exiles of angry state, and thralls of war; rais'd,

Solemn fraternity! where carl, and prince, Fit ballast in the fury of the form,

Soldier, and statesman, and uncrented chief, That tears the throuds, and bends the stubborn On the da:k level of adversity, maft:

Converse familiar; while, amid the cares There, for the artists of the fieece, procure

And toils for hunger, thirst, and nakedness, Various materials; and, for atuent life,

Their little public finiles, and the bright ipurks The flavour'd thea and glossy painted vale;

Of trade are kinditd : trade arises oft, Things elegant, ill-titled luxuries,

And vistue, fro... auriitit,' and wanti In temperance us’d, delectable and good.

Be witness, Carthage ; witness, ancient Tyre; Thither Afiction, thither Poverty,
And thou, Batavia, daughter of distress.

And Arts and Sciences : thrice happy clime, This, with his hands, which erst the truncheon Which Britain makes th' afylum of mankind! held,

But joy superior får his bolom warms, The hammer lifts; another bends and weaves Who views those shores in every culture dress'd ; The fexile willow; that the mattoc drives : With habitations gay, and numerous towns, All are employ'd ; and by their works acquire On hill and valley; and his countrymen Our Aeecy vestures. From their tenements, Form'd into various states, powerful and rich, Pleas'd and refresh'd, proceeds the caravan

In regions far remote : who from our looms Through lively-spreading cultures, pastures green, Take largely for themselves, and for those tribes And yellow tillages in opening woods :

Of Indians, ancient tenants of the land, Thence on, through Narim's wilds, a pathless road In amity conjoin'd, of civil life They force, with rough entangling thorns perplext; The comforts taught, and various new defires, Land of the lazy Ostiacs, thin dispers’d,

Which kindle arts, and occupy the poor, Who, by avoiding, meet the toils they loathe, And spread Britannia's flocks o’er every dale. Tenfold augmented ; miserable tribe,

Ye, who the shuttle cast along the loom, Void of commercial comforts : who, nor corn, The filk-worm's thread inweaving with the Nor pulfe, nor oil, nor heart-enlivening wine,

fleece, Know to procure ; nor spade, nor scythe, nor Mare, Pray for the culture of the Georgian tract, Nor social aid : beneath their thorny bed

Nor Night the green Savannahs, and the plains The serpent hisses, while in thickets nigh

Of Carolina, where thick woods arise Loud howls the hungry wolf. So on they fare, Of mulberries, and in whose water'd fields And pass by spacious lakes, begirt with rocks Up-springs the verdant blade of thirsty rice. And azure mountains; and the heights admire Where are the happy regions, which afford Of white Imaus, whose snow-nodding craggs More implements of commerce, and of wealth ? Frighten the realms beneath, and from their urns Fertile Virginia, like a vigorous bough, Pour mighty rivers down, th' impetuous streams Which overshades fome crystal river, spreads Of Oby, and Irtis, Jenisca, swift,

Her wealthy cultivations wide around, Which ruih upon the northern pote, upheave And, more than many a spacious realm, rewards Its frozen seas, and lift their hills of ice.

The feecy huttle: to her growing marts, These rugged paths and savage landscapes pass’d, The Iroquese, Cheroques, and Oubacks, come, A new scene strikes their eyes : among the clouds And quit their feathery ornaments uncouth, Aloft they view, what seems a chain of cliffs, For woolly garments; and the cheers of life, Nature's proud work ; that matchless work of art, T'e cheers, but not the vices, learn to taste. The wall of Sina, by Chinoham's power,

Blush, Europeans, whom the circling cup In earliest times, erected. Warlike troops

Of Luxury intoxicates; ye routs, Frequent are seen in haughty march along

Who, for your crimes, have fled your native land: Its ridge, a vast extent, beyond the length

And ye voluptuous idle, who in vain, Of many a potent empire; towers and ports, Seek easy habitations, void of care : Three times a thousand, lift thereon their brows The fons of nature, with astonishment, At equal spaces, and in prospect 'round

And detestation, mark your evil deeds ;
Cities, and plains, and kingdoms, overlook. And view, no longer aw'd, your nerveless arms,
At length the gloony paffage they attain

Unfit to cultivate Ohio's banks.
Of its deep-vaulted gates, whose opening folds See the bold emigrants of Accadie,
Conduct at length to Pekin's glittering spires And Massachuset, happy in those arts
The destin'd mart, where joyous they arrive. That join the politics of Trade and War,

Thus are the textures of the fleece convey'd Bearing the palm in either : they appear
To Sina's diftant realm, the utmost bound

Better exemplars ; and that hardy crew, Of the flat floor of stedfast Earth; for so

Who, on the frozen beach of Newfoundland, Fabled Antiquity, ere peaceful Trade

Hang their white fish amid the parching winds : Inform’d the opening mind of curious man.

The kindly fleece, in webs of Duffield woof, Now to the other hemisphere, my Muse, Their limbs, benumb’d, enfolds with cheerly A new world found, extend thy daring wing.

warmth, Be thou the first of the harmonious Nine

And frize of Cambria, worn by those, who seek, From high Parnassus, the unweary'd toils

Through gulphs and dales of Hudson's winding Of industry and valour, in that world

bay, Triumphant, to reward with tuneful fong.

The beaver's fur, though oft they seek in vain, Happy the voyage, o'er th’ Atlantic brine, While Winter's frosty rigor checks approach, By active Raleigh made, and great the joy,

Ev’n in the fiftieth latitude. Say why When he discern'd, above the foamy surge,

(If ye, the travel'd sons of commerce, know), A rising coait, for future colonies,

Wherefore lie bound their rivers, lakes, and dales, Opening her bays, and figuring her capes,

Half'the sun's annual course, in chains of ice? “Evin from the rorthern tropic to the pole.

While the Rhine's fertile shore, and Gallic realms, No land gives more employment to the loom, By the fame zone encircled, long enjoy Or kindlier feeds the indigent; no land

Warm beams of Phoebus, and supine, behold With more variety of wealth rewards

Their plains and hillocks blush with clustering The hand of labour: thither, from the wrongs

vines. Of laviets rule, the free-torn fpirit flies;

Must it be ever thus? or may the hand

His vengeance felt, and fair occasion gave
Of mighty Labor drain their gusty lakes,

To Thew humanity and continence,
Enlarge the brightening sky, and, peopling, warm To Scipio's not inferior. Then was left
The opening vallies, and the yellowing plains ? No corner of the globe secure to pride
Or rather shall we burst strong Darien's chain, And violence : although the far-ftretch'd coast
Steer our bold fleets between the cloven rocks, Of Chili, and Peru, and Mexico,
And through the great Pacific every joy

Arm'd in their evil cause ; though fell Disease,
Of civil life diffuse? Are not her ifles

Un'bating Labor, tedious Time, conspir’d, Numerous and large ? Have they not harbours And Heat inclement, to unnerve his force ; calm,

Though that wide sea, which spreads o'er half the Inhabitants, and manners ? haply, too,

world, Peculiar sciences, and other forms

Deny'd all hospitable land or port; Of trade, and useful products, to exchange

Where, seasons voyaging, no road he found For woolly vestures? 'Tis a tedious course

To moor, no bottom in th' abyss, whereon By the Antarctic circle : 'nor beyond

To drop the fastening anchor ; though his brave Those sea-wrapt gardens of the dulcet reed,

Companions ceas'd, subdued by toil extreme; Bahama and Caribbee, may be found

Though solitary left in Tinian's feas, Safe mole or harbour, till on Falkland's ille

Where never was before the dreaded sound The standard of Britannia shall arise.

Of Britain's thunder heard; his wave-worn bark Proud Buenos Aires, low-couched Paraguay, Met, fought, the proud Iberian, and o'ercame. And rough Corrientes, mark, with hostile eye, So fare it ever with our country's foes ! The labouring vessel: neither may we trust

Rejoice, ye nations, vindicate the sway
The dreary naked Patagonian land,

Ordain'd for common happiness. Wide, o’er
Which darkens in the wind. No traffic there, The globe terraqueous, let Britannia pour
No barter for the fleece. There angry storms The fruits of plenty from her copious horn.
Bend their black brows, and, raging, hurl around What can avail to her, whose fertile earth
Their thunders. Ye adventurous mariners,

By Ocean's briny waves are circumscrib'd, Be firm; take courage from the brave.' 'Twas The armed hoft, and murdering sword of war, there

And conquest o'er her neighbours ? She ne'er breaks Perils and conflicts inexpressible

Her folemn compacts, in the lust of rule:
Anfon, with steady undespairing breast,

Studious of arts and trade, the ne'er disturbs
Endur'd, when o'er the various glove he chac'd The holy peace of states. 'Tis her delight
His country's foes. Fast-gathering tempests rouz'd To fold the world with harmony, and spread,
Huge ocean, and involv'd him : all around

Among the habitations of mankind,
Whirlwind, and snow, and hail, and horror: now, The various wealth of Toil, and what her fleece,
Rapidly, with the world of waters, down

To clothe the naked, and her skilful looms, Descending to the channels of the deep,

Peculiar give. Ye too rejoice, ye swains; He view'd th' uncover'd bottom of th' abyss ; Increasing commerce shall reward your cares. And now the stars, upon the loftiest point

A day will come, if not too deep we drink Tossid of the sky-mix'd surges. Oft the burst The cup, which luxury on careless wealth, Of loudest thunder, with the dash of seas,

Pernicious gift, bestows; a day will come,
Tore the wild-Aying fails and tumbling maits ; When, through new channels sailing, we shall clothe
While flames, thick-filashing in the gloom, reveal'd The Californian coast, and all the realms
Ruins of decks and throuds, and fights of death. That stretch from Anian's streights to proud Japan;

Yet on he far'd, with fortitude his chear, And the green ises, which on the left arise
Gaining, at intervals, now way beneath

Upon the glasfy brine, whose various capes
Del Fuego's rugged cliffs, and the white ridge, Not yet are figur'd on the failors chart:
Above all height, by opening clouds reveal'd, Then every variation shall be told
Of Montegorda, and inaccessible

Of the magnetic steel; and currents mark'd. Wreck-threatening Staten-lands o’erhanging Thore, Which drive the heedless veftel from her course. Enormous rocks on rocks, in ever-wild

That portion too of land, a tract immense, Posture of falling; as when Pelion, rear'd,

Beneath the Antarctic spread, shall then he known, On Offa, and on Offa's tottering head

And new plantations on its coast arise. Woody Olympus, by the angry gods

Then rigid Winter's ice no more shall wound Precipitate on earth were doom'd to fall.

The only naked animal; but man At length, through every tempeft, as some with the foit fleece shall.every-where be cloathid. branch,

Th' exulting Muse shall then, in vigor fresh, Which from a poplar falls into a loud

Her fiight renew. Mean-while, with weary wing, Impetuous cataract, though deep immers'd, O'er Ocean's wave returning, the explores Yet re-ascends, and glides, on lake or stream, Siluria's flowery vales, her old delig Smooth through the vallies; so his way he won The Mepherd's haunts, where the first springs arise To the serene Pacific, food immense,

Of Britain's happy trade, now spreading wide, And rear'd his lefty masts, and spread his fails. Wide as th’ Atlantic and Pacific seas,

Then Paita's walls, in wasting flames involv’d, Or as air's vital Auid o'er the globe.


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