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الصفحة 708 - ... or them. And I do faithfully promise to maintain, support, and defend, to the utmost of my power, the succession of the Crown, which succession by an Act intituled, ' An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown, and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject...
الصفحة 442 - That no contract for the sale of any goods, wares, and merchandise, for the price of ten pounds sterling or upwards, shall be allowed to be good, except the buyer shall accept part of the goods so sold, and actually receive the same, or give something in earnest to bind the bargain, or in part payment...
الصفحة 442 - ... unless the agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof shall be in writing, and signed by the party to be charged therewith, or some other person thereunto by him lawfully authorized.
الصفحة 599 - ... injury was probably caused by the misconduct or want of skill of the master or mariners of...
الصفحة 276 - L'acte de notoriété contiendra la déclaration faite par sept témoins de l'un ou de l'autre sexe, parents ou non parents, des prénoms, nom, profession et domicile du futur époux, et de ceux de ses père et mère , s'ils sont connus ; le lieu , et, autant que possible, l'époque de sa naissance , et les causes qui empêchent d'en rapporter l'acte. Les témoins signeront l'acte de notoriété avec le juge de paix ; et s'il en est qui ne puissent ou ne sachent signer , il en sera fait mention.
الصفحة 443 - It is further enacted, that no action shall be brought whereby to charge any person upon any contract or sale of lands, tenements or hereditaments, or any interest in or concerning them, unless the agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing, and signed by the party to be charged therewith...
الصفحة 600 - ... damage ; and the production of the order of the judge made in relation to such security shall be conclusive evidence of the liability of such defendant or defender to such action. suit, or other proceeding.
الصفحة 707 - I AB do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful, and bear true allegiance, to their Majesties King William and Queen Mary: So help me God.
الصفحة 53 - I shall extract is, that the original domicil, or, as it is called, the forum originis, or the domicil of origin, is to prevail until the party has not only acquired another, but has manifested and carried into execution an intention of abandoning his former domicil and taking another as his sole domicil.
الصفحة 17 - But the only principle applicable to such a case by the law of England is that the validity of Miss Gordon's marriage rights must be tried by reference to the law of the country where, if they exist at all, they had their origin. Having furnished this principle, the law of England withdraws altogether, and leaves the legal question to the exclusive judgment of the law of Scotland.

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