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The ear-rings that were worn were long,

BALL. and formed of diamonds, of pearl and gola Their Majelties and the Princeffes entered intermixed. Diamond necklaces, tied right a little after nine, preceded by the officers round the reck, and Grings of pearl hung of state. The overture of Samson began loosely on the norom. The neck more ex• playing on the entrance of the King, and pored than usual, as the ladies wore tuckers continued till their Majestics were feated. and small tippets. No breaft-bows or deeve.

The ball was opened by the Prince of knots, unless made of diamonds. Bouquets Wales and the Princess Royal :-che minet so large as usual, and fixed on the left nuets were in the following order : fide. No ftomachers, or any decoration

M IN V E T S. whatever in their place the bodies being entirely plain ; not even a zone, which was The Prince of Wales

The Princess Royal. so universal last year. -Sleeves of the gowo

The Princess Augulia.

The Princefs Elizabeth. very short, not to cover the elbow ; ruffles The Duke of York treble, and rather longer than last birth-day,

Lady Cath. Beauclerk. witta very deep heads. Very few fluuaces The Earl of Morton Lady Charlotte Berrie.

Lady Carol. Beauclerk. to the petticoats, but the gauze on them very

Counters or Aldborough. full, set up to represent plaits at the bottom, Lord Burford

L. G, Leveson Gower, and mostly edged with gold and silver fringes of various breadths. Those who wore fancy

L. C. Leveron Gower.

Earl of Cavan crimmings on the pericoat, chose theme of

Lady Parker. embroidered gauze, or satin laid in loole Lord Galway

Lady Harriot Finch. folds, in imitation of feftowns, with deep

Lady Carol. Waldgrave. gold and Silver fringes.

Lord Stopford

Lady Ann Bellaryse. Few ladies wore buckles mostly white

Lady Ann Welley. Rippers, with gold and filver knots. H. Mr. Edgecumbe

Lidy Arden. Two watches were universal, unless a pic.

Hon. Miss Thynne. Cure was fubftituted for one of them, or a

Hon. Miss Townshend. Hon, T. Townshend

Miss C. Keppel. fancy setting. The trains and bodies of the Ladies dresses Hon. Mr. Thynne Mils Cunliffe.

Miss Simpson. were principally of white sarcin-covery few

Miss Gideon. in colours. Ribbons chiefly white.

Lord Burford The Gentlemen were dressed chiefly in

Miss Charlotte Gideon,

Mrs. Colville. dark coloured Glk crimmed with for, or in Earl of Morton

Hon. Miss Howe, velvet richly embroidered with gold, filver, and iteel. They did not wear their hair Order of the COUNTRY DANCE PARTI. dressed so low ac the fides, nor their toupees Prince of Wales Princess Royal. fo high-moftly two curls on a lide. Their

Duke of York Princess Augusta. coats not so high at the neck ;--- Some few Duke of Cumberland Princess Elizabeth. wore fult Rocks, the Prince in particular. Hon. T. Townshend Lady Charlotte Gordoa. The moes higher quartered than usual, and

Lord Cavan Lady Charlotte Bertie. the buckles (mallei - very few with two

Earl of Morton Lady Lucy Fitzgerald. watches. This fashion is given up to the

Lord Stopford L. G. Leveron Gowe Ladies.

H, Mr. Edgecumbe L. C. Leveron Gower. Almost all the new dresses were lined with

Hon, Mr. 'Thynne Lady Ann Lellie. fatin of the same colour as the coat. A few

Lord Burford Hon. Miss Thynne. gentlemen wore fur linings.

Mr. St. Leger Miss Simplon.



HE Rev. William Cleaver, D. D. one of Sir F. L Rogers, bart, of Blachford, to be

the prebendaries of Westminster, to be deputy.rider and master-forester of the forest bishop of Chester, vice Dr. Porteus, tranfla and chace of Dartmoor, Devon. ted.

The Rev. George Hill,co be second maller Charles Euftace, esq. to be deputy quare and prof: ffor of divinity in the New College malter-general in Ireland and to rank as colo. of the univerfity of St. Andrew's, vacant by nel in his Majesty's army.

the death of the Rev. Dr. Henry Spens. Stephen Freemantle, esq. ro he deputy ad. Dr. Douglas, hifhop of Carlif-, !o he dean jurani-general in Ireland, and to rank as ma. of Windsor and Wolverhamptoo, vice Dr. jor in his Majelly's army.

Harley, dec.


THE Rev. Hammond Robertson, M. A. John Manby, efq. of Bead's Hall, in Edesta

fellow of Magdalen College, to Miss to Miss Hannah Maria Cliffe, of Glandford: Afhford, of Gildersham, in Yorkshire. bridge, Lincolnshire,

The Rev. Joseph Brookhank, of the City The Rev. Mr. Reynolds, vicar of Besthorp, road to Miss Shrimpton, of High Wycombe. in Norfolk, rector of Toxwood, and chaplain

Thomas Brooke, esq. member of parlia to the earl of Winterton, to Miss Barraud, of ment for Newton, in Lancashire, to Miss Rathbone place. Cunliffe, fifter to Sir Foster Cunliffe, Bart. Thomas Pitt, esq. of Charles. Itreet, St.

The Rev. John Evans, rector of Sibston, James's-square, to Miss Leigh, daughter of Leicester bire, to Miss Charlotte Cooksey, Henry Cornwall Leigh, uf High Legh, Chedaughter of Holland Cooksey, esq. of Braces Thire. Leigh, Worcestershire.

Lord Petre, to Miss Juliana Howard, Richard Lowndes, esq. of Liverpool, to youngest daughter of Henry Howard, esq. Miss Dobson, only daughter and heiress of the of Glossop. Late Dr. Dobron.

Mr. John Calvert Clarke, of Barbican, to Capt. Troubridge, of the royal navy, to Miss Martin, of Charter-house-square. Miss Richardson, of Mary.le-bonne.

John Drake, esq. of Middle(more.hall, to Capt. Pilcher, son of Edward Pilcher, esq. Miss Wallace, daughter of John Wallace, of Rochester, to Miss Kirby, of Chatham. erq. of Hubberholme, Yorkshire.

H. Hawkins, esq. of Hitchin, Herts, to The Rev. John Blanchard, master of the Miss Charlotte Worcham.

academy at Nottingham, Lo Miss Ann Hoskins, At Whistlesey, in the Isle of Ely, Mr. second daughter of Abraham Hoskins, esq. Thomas Smith, aged 75, to Miss Ann Robin of Burton-upon-Trent. fon, spinster, aged 15.

William Parflow, esq. A.B. of Corpus At Bristol, the Rev. Mr. Watson, to Miss Chrifti College, Cambridge, to Miss Jane Butler.

Jones, of Garthmiil, in Montgomeryshire. At Battersea, the Rev. Edward Evans, vi The Rev. John Nicoll, rector of Remencar of Nuo-Ormsby, Lincolnshire, in Mils ham, Berks, to the Hon. Miss Mary Flower, Walkingame, of Kensington.

second daughter of the lateHenry lord viscount At Bradford, Walter Scott, esg. of the Alhbrouk. Iland of Grenada, to Miss Sclater, daughter Abraham Mello, esq. to Miss Ann Saunof the late Richard Sclater, esq. of Bradford. ders, of Highgate.

John Hunter, esq. his Majesty's consul for Edward Miller Murdy, esq. knight of the Seville and St. Lucar, to Miss Margaret Con Thire for Derby, to the Right Hon. lady galton, eldest daughter of Charles Congalton, .dowager Middleton. cry. phyfician, in Edinburgh.

Sir Francis Samuel Drake, bart. to Miss The Rev. James Relton, of. Cueen's Col. OuNow, only daughter of George Ondow, Icge, and vicar of Shirburn, Oxtord, to Miss esq. Rudge, eldest daughter of the Rev. Mr. George Moore, esq. of the Excise-office, Rudge, rector of Wheatfield.

to Mrs. Meager, of Howard-street. Francis Burton, esq. of Lincolo's Inn, a John Parlons, esq. of Kemerton, to Mifs king's counfel, and member for Woodstock, Holme, of Biowohill, near Gloucetter, to Miss Halhead, eldest daughter of Nicholas Mr. Scammel, of Compton Chamberlain, Halhead, cly. Jate of Durhan.

aged 66, to Miss Foyle, of Wyly, aged 21. Archibald Grant, ery. juo. of Money Sir John Hatton, bart. of Long-Itantong mukk, to Miss Mary Forbes, daughter of Cambridgeshire, to Miss Bridgham, daughter major Foibes,

of Bridghain, esq. an American relugee.

Dic. 21.


Mr. Ottiwell Wood, fuftian manufacturer R. John Henry Moze, organist of St. Manchester.

Anu's, Soho ; the Collegiate Church 24. The Rev. Randolph Ekins, 40 years of St. Catherine's, near the Tower, and the reétor oi che parish of Pebmarí. German Church, near the Savoy,

Mrs. Morley, wife of James Morley, efq. 22. In St. John's ftreet, Edinburgh, the of Kempshott, in Hamphire, Right Hon. the Earl of Hyndford.

Mr, Mindham, eldest son of Robert 33. Thomas Douglas, esq. of Grantham. Mendham, merchant, in Walbrook.



The, Rev. William. Totten, .of Edg-a The Rev. Mr. Stoup, of Kimpton, in the

vale of Belvoir, Lately, Dr. John Prouty, parish priest of The Rev. Edmund Tyrwhitt, rector of Killalhanda, in Ireland, aged 102 years. Wickham, Bishop's vicar of Bromfield, ia

Lately, in Cork, in the 104th year of his Ellex; and prebend of Chiswick, in the Cao age, Thomas Gilburne, who served in Queen thedral of St. Paul's. Anne's wars, under the Duke of Marlbo 6. The Rev. Mr. Price, vicar of High rough, and at the bacile of Dettingen, in Wycomb, Bucks, and one of the Aldermeg 1743

of that borough. Allo Daniel Herling, labourer, aged 109. 7. Capt. Smeaton, in the Irish trade. Wm. Tyffen, esq. of Cheshunt, Herts. Alex. Kershaw, of Helkin-hall, Lanca

26. Mr. John Davidson, yeoman of the shire, aged 96. wine cellar.

8. Dr. John Harley, bishop of Hereford, 27. The most noble Jane Marchioness of He was born Sept, 29, 1928, married Roach, , Lochian, at Lothian-house,

daughter of Gwynn Vaughan, erg. by whom James Buggin, eiq. of Bexley, in Kent, he has left two sons and two daughters. one, of the Directors of the Hudson's Bay Mr. Tho. Fearnley, Old Artillery ground, Company.

Spitalfields. 28. Capt. James Barton, many years in 9. Edward Nelthorpe, esq. of Schawby, the West India trade, aged 87:

in Lincolnshire, brother to Sir John Nela William Hughes, esq. of Nenodd, in the thorpe. Ide of Anglefea.

Lately, at Corney in Cumberland, the The Rev. John Arnham, rector of Pole Rev. Mr. Fisher, aged 84 years,,62 of which, wick and Great Dunham, Norfolk. he had been rector of that parish. His pre

Lately, lady Trevelyan, aged 73, after of decessor, Mr. Benson, held it 60 years. the late Sir Walter Blacket,

Lately, at Belton, Rutlandthire, Williara 29. Depnis O'Kelly, esq. the owner of Kelburn, aged 79, father and grandfather to Eclipse.

89 children ; and within three days, Thomas 30. Mr. Alex. Parkes, of Stockport, Che, Kelburn, his brother, aged 87. thire,

Lately, Mr. Edward Luxford, 'penAt Froftenden, in Suffolk, Roger Main, maker, of Houndsdisch, waring, elg. younger brother of the late 11. Tho. Starling, esq. of the city of Nor. Eaton Maiowaring Eller ker, efq. and uncle of wich, aged 80. the countess of Leicester.

Mrs. Lacy, wife of Mr. Lacy, late Patea. 31. John Berens, esq. of Broad - Areet. tee of Drury.laue Theatre. 1788.

At Paddington, Col. John Peters, who Jan. 1. At Bath, Mrs. Southcote, relia was born at Hebron, in Conne&icut, June of John Parker Southcote, esq. of that place. 1740. He took an active part against the

At Kilmarnock, Scotland, Janet Allan, Americans, for which he was obliged to take aged 105.

refuge in this country. At Řenton-house, Scotland, Sir John Capt. James Sinclair, in the service of the Home, bart.

East India Company. David Crawford, esq. of Catronbank, At Scanton Wick, Bath, John Adams, esą. Captain-lieutenant of the late 83d reg. 12. Ac Shrubland-hall, in Suffolk, the

2. John Phillips, esq. of Duke-Atreet, Rey, John Bacon, M. A. Westminster, formerly a brewer in Petera Mr. William Dare, of Sion College, street.

Ac Brussels, lady Catherine Bellafis. 3. Mr. Bullock, grocer, at Hackney. At Chowbent, Lancashire, Mr. John

Simon Scroop, esg. at Danby- upon. Yoie, Mort, aged 86. Yorkshire.

Lately, ar Waterford, in Ireland, the Rev. 4. The Rev. Edward Chester, of Kelve. Alex. Alcock, Archdeacon of Lismore. don and Eastford, aged 67.

13. Mr. John Davis, haber dalher, Bi. Mrs. Bent, wife of Mr. Bent, bookseller, shopsgate-/treet. in Paternoster-row.

Douglas, esq. one of the Proprietors Duncan Grant, erg. of Forres, Scotland. of the great cotion-manufactory at Holywell,

5. James Holford, esq. Charles-street, in Flintshire. Berkeley-square.

John Cope Freeman, esq. of Abbots LangMr. Fifield, grocer and tear dealer, Glou, ley, Herts. Fefter-street, Queen-square.

Lately, at Hales Owen, aged 91, Mrs. Sg Mirs Sanxay, of Cheam,

rah Green; widow,

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Mire in 17.1.

14. At Bath, Mr. Smyth, father of Mrs. Portrait and an Account of him in our Ma. Firzherbert.

gazine for August 1782.) Sir Philip Jennings Clerke, bart. member Frederiok Pilon, author of feveral dra. fax Torners.

matic pieces (See page 58). Mrs. Spencer, wife of Mr. Spencer, in 18. Mrs. Manship, mother of Mr. ManBow Street, Covent Garden.

thip, a Director of the Eat India Company. Mr, Tho, Smill, printer and bookseller, Lately, Mr. Henry Wichells, grocer, in Canterbury.

Lothbury. Mifs Roberts, eklel filter of the Rev. Dr. Lately, Mr. Sculthorpe, of Princes-ftreet, Roberts, master of St. Paul's school.

Cavendish.square. Lately, at Sneitiidam in Norfolk, Nicholas 19. Walter Calmady, erq. one of the oldest Styleman, ela.

officers of the navy. Lately, in Jamaica, che Hon. Wm. Peete, Mr. Thomas Hispley, aged 86, Master of offie of the Judges Alfiltant of that Iftand, the Horse at the Dock yard, Chatham. and only for of Richard Peete, elg. of Nor Lately, Richard Doidge, esq. of Elford. wich.

leigh, near Plympton, high-seriff of Devon15. At Hexham, Rohert Shaftoe, esq. of Bauington, in Northumberland.

20. Arthur Cuthbert, esq. Berners-street, Parkins Mac Mahon, da.

Mr. Arthur Clewin, farmer, at Finchley. Mr. Thomas Malon, attorney-at-law, Mr. Benjamin Panley, formerly a baker Blackman. Atreet, Southwark.

in Jewin-street. Lately, Mr. Arthur, a brower, and Alo Lately, at Blenheim-park, Mr. Richard derman at Plymouth

Smallbones, more than so years park keeper 16. Sir William Castleton, bart, at Hing, to the Dukes of Marlborough. ham, Norfolk, aged 87,

21. Thomas Moore, esq. in Moore-place, At Glasgow, çapt. Addison, of the stue in the 88th year of his age. regt.

Daniel Bayne, efq. of the Inner Templo: Ac Rochielmay, the countefs of Fife, mo Mr. William Lewis, ar Fareham. ther of the earl of Fife,

Mrs. Grace Cotterel, daughter of the late Lock Rollinson, erg. of Chadlington, in Sir Clement Cotterel Dormer. Oxfordshire.

The Rev. John Prancis Delaporte, at CarAr Canterbury, Mr. William Hills, of malton in Surry, in the goth year of his age, Chancery-lane

Lately, Mr. Craddock, at Enfield. Lately, Mr. Jokin Small, merchant, of 22. Thomas Smith, esq. formerly a whole. Basinghall-ftreet.

fale linen-draper in Milk-ftreet. 17. Arthur Gray, efq. agent of the Ayr Mrs. Catherine Clark, late proprietor of Bank,

Rackstrow's Museum, Fleet. Atreet. Mrs. Bayley, wife of Na:haniel Bayley, 24. John Elliott, efq. Binfield, Berks. dg. of Jamaica.

25. Theophilus Olborne Herriett, csq. Ac Paris, the Count de Graffe, who was ta. Lately, Mr. Henry George Vigne, miniaken prisoner by Admiral Rodney. (See a tore-painter.

Β Α Ν K R U P T S, DAVID Williams, of Great Mary-le. guston, of St. James's-street, Westminster,

bonne-ftreet, Middlesex, dealer and, milliner. Samuel Turner, of Guinsburgh, Chapman. John Thomas, jun. of Falmouth, Lincolnshire, mercer, draper, dealer and Cornwall, grocer. Michael Evans, of Stafa chapman, Richard Delve, of Chudleigh, Deferd, grocar. Thomas Richardson and John vonshire, butcher. John Strickland, of New, Murray, of the Minories, London, mercers gate-market, cheesemonger. John Hopkins, and copartners. Thomas Pugh, of Qiweftry, of Horsley, in Gloucestershire, carrier. SteSakup, scrivener. John Learner, of Norwich, phen Parmantier, of Conduit ftreet, taylor. Radler. Deborah Wingate, of Cromhall, William Simplon, of Fleet-market, mealman. Gloucester faire, blanket and rug manufactu- Isaac Delvalle, of Fenchurch-street, broker. Rr. Robert Higham, of Peddinghoe, Sussex, Thomas Wall and William Ball, of Bristol, mariner. Thomas Twine, of Warrington, maltīters. John Munden, of Swansea, block Luncafnire, liquor merchant. William Lu and fail-cloth-maker. John Percival, of cas and William Beaumont, of the Middle- Northwich, woollen-draper. John Hays, of jard, Great Queen-ftreet, liddlesex, cabinets Hindley, in Lancashire, vi&tualler. Joher rakecs. Richard Whilam, of Yedding, Deni, of Wapping-street, grocer, Miletékex, potatoe-Querchauu. Duncan Fer.


For FEBRU A RY, 1788.
[Embellished with, 1. A Portrait of G. L. Gower, Marquis of STAFFORD,""* 2. A View
of Gazipoor. And 3. Another Specimen of ANCIENT ENGLISH ARCHITECTURE.]


Page | Historical and Biographical Anecdotes ; Account of G. L. Gower, Marquis of including Funeral of William the Con. Stafford

67 queror-Anecdotes of Edward III.Traits for the Life of the late Athenian

Directions given by Richard II, about Stuart

68 his Funeral - Death of Simon de MontCurious Observation in Oriental Natural fort, Earl of Leicester-Anecdotes of History

70 Sir John Maltravers, an Afsociate in the Anecdote of the late Col. James Campbell ib. Murder of Edward II.- The Peacock, Genuine Letler of the late Mr. Sterne 71 a favourite Dim of the 13th Century 99 Letter from Gen. Wolfe to Col. Burton ib. | Masquerade Intelligence at the Pantheon Decription of a Mosque at Gazipoor 72 and Opera House

103 Anecdote

ib. Theatrical Journal ; including Prologue Short Hints given to Lord Deskford, going to the revived Play of King and no to begin his Education at Oxford

73 King - Plan and Character of Mrs. An Argument used by some Writers in Cowley's Tragedy of Sparta ; or, The

Detence of the Legality of the Slave Rival Kings, and the Epilogue to it--
Trade, viz. the Mixture of an Owran-

Account of the Theatrical Exhibitions
Outang with a Female African, by at Richmond House, &c. &c. 104
which they think a Race of Animals Poetry ; including Ode to Anna Matilda
may be produced, partaking of the Na-

The Visit to the Dock-yard, and vature of each, refuted


rious other Pieces of original Poetry 108 Of the Duty of a Journalist. By the late Journal of the Proceedings of the Fifth Dr. Johnson

77 Sellion of the Sixteenth Parliament of Jekyll. Political Eclogue the Third. 78 Great - Britain : viz. Lords Proceedings Receipt to make perpetual Yeast of Barm. and Debates on Motion respecting lace

Communicated by Geo. Dempiter, Esq. Election of a Scotch Peer-Lord Rawy.

don's Bill for Relief of Insolvent Debt-
The London Review, with Anecdotes ors--Scotch Dittillery Bill-Late Na.
of Authors.
val Promotions, &c.

Dwight's Couqueft of Canaan : a Poem 81 --Commons ; including Proceedings and
Marcellus and Julia : a Dialogue 84 Dehares on Charges against Sir Elijah
Such Things Are ; a Play in Five Acts. Impey, with his Defence, and the Ex-
By Mrs. Inchbald

85 aminations of Witnesses on the same Fullarton's View of the English Interests Libellous Paragraphs and Pamphlets io ludia (continued)

- Late Naval Promotions, &c. 116 The First Part of Sir Edward Coke's Account of the Trial of Warren Hastings, Commentary upon Littleton


Esq. (late Governor-General of Bengal) Notes and References, by Francis Har. before the High Court of Parliament, grave and Charles Butler, of Lincoln's. for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Inn, E:quires 89 during the firit fix Days

224 A Poetical Tour in the Years 1784, 5, Foreign Intelligence

and 6, by a Member of the Arcadian Monthly Chronicle, Preferments, Births,
Society of Rome


Marriages, Obituary, Prices of Stocks,
Letters on the Slave Trade. By Thomas Grain, &c.

Cooper, Esq. with the Supplement 98

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