Knockin' on Heaven's Door: The Bible and Popular Culture

الغلاف الأمامي
Routledge, 1999 - 220 من الصفحات
Annotation What would happen if popular culture and the Hebrew Bible were placed next to one another and treated as though they were natural partners? Roland Boer does just this in this innovative and provocative book. Using the work of Michel de Certeau and Henri Lefebvre on popular culture as a theoretical base, as well as that of Fredric Jameson and Slavoj Zizek, Boer engages in a series of readings around certain themes from popular culture and the Hebrew Bible. Original and entertaining, the book looks at violence, sex, noise, food, and utopia, weaving them together with a fictional detective story in which the main characters of the chapters appear as actors.

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حول المؤلف (1999)

Roland Boer is Associate Professor in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at Monash University, Australia.

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