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Syc. How wilt thou carry me thither?
Steph. Upon a hackney-devil of thy mother's.

Trinc. What's that you will do? Ha! I hope you have not betrayed me? How does my pigsnye?

(TO SYCORAX. Syc. Begone! thou shalt not be my lord; thou say'st I'm ugly.

Trinc. Did you tell her so?-ha! he's a rogue, do not believe him, chuck.

Steph. The foul words were yours: I will not eat 'em for you.

Trinc. I see, if once a rebel, then ever a rebel. Did I receive thee into grace for this? I will correct thee with my royal hand. [Strikes STEPH.

Syc. Dost thou hurt my love? _[Flies at Trinc. Trinc. Where are our guards? Treason! Treason!

(VENT. Must. CALIB. run betwirt. Vent. Who took up arms first, the prince or the people?

Trinc. This false traitor has corrupted the wife of my bosom. [Whispers Mustacho hastily.] Mustacho, strike on my side, and thou shalt be my viceroy:

Must. I am against rebels. Ventoso, obey your viceroy. Vent. You a viceroy?

[They two fight off from the rest. Steph. Ha! Hector monster! do you stand neuter?

Calib. Thou would'st drink my liquor, I will not help thee.

Syc. 'Twas his doing that I had such a husband, but I'll claw him.

[Syc. and Calib. fight, Syc, beating him off

the stage.

Trinc. The whole nation is up in arms, and shall I stand idle?

[Trinc. beats off STEPH. to the door. Exit

STEPH. I'll not pursue too far, for fear the enemy will rally again, and surprise my butt in the citadel. Well, I must be rid of my Lady Trincalo, she will be in the fashion else; first, cuckold her husband, and then sue for a separation, to get alimony. [Exit.

SCENE IV.The Cypress-trees and Cave. Enter FERDINAND and HIPPOLITO, with their swords

drawn. Ferd. Come, sir, our cave affords no choice of

place, But the ground's firm and even : Are you ready?

Hip. As ready as yourself, sir.

Ferd. You remember
On what conditions we must fight? Who first
Receives a wound is to submit.

Hip. Come, come,
This loses time; now for the women, sir.

[They fight a little, FERDINAND hurts him.
Ferd. Sir, you are wounded.
Hip. No,
Ferd. Believe


blood. Hip. I feel no hurt, no matter for my

blood. Ferd. Remember our conditions. Hip. I will not leave, till my sword hits you too.

[Hip. presses on, Ferd, retires and wards. Ferd. I'm loth to kill you; you are unskilful, sir.

Hip. You beat aside my sword, but let it come As near as yours, and you shall see my skill. Ferd. You faint for loss of blood, I see you stag

ger; Pray, sir, retire.

Hip. No! I will ne'er go back.-
Methinks the cave turns round, I cannot find-

Ferd. Your eyes begin to dazzle.

Hip. Why do you swim so, and dance about me? Stand but still till I have made one thrust.

[Hip. thrusts and falls. Ferd. O help, help, help! Unhappy man! what have I done!

Hip. I'm going to a cold sleep, but when I wake, I'll fight again. Pray stay for me. [Swoons.

Ferd. He's gone! He's gone! O stay, sweet, lovely youth! Help! help!

Prosp. What disinal noise is that?

Ferd. O see, sir, see,
What mischief my unhappy hand has wrought!

Prosp. Alas! how much in vain doth feeble art
Endeavour to resist the will of heaven? [Rubs Hip.
He's gone for ever; thou cruel son
Of an inhuman father! all my designs
Are ruined and unravelled by this blow.
No pleasure now is left me but revenge.
Ferd. Sir, if you knew


Prosp. Peace, peace !
Can thy excuses give me back his life?
What, Ariel? sluggish spirit, where art thou?

Enter ARIEL.
Ariel. Here, at thy beck, my lord.

Prosp. Ay, now thou comest, When fate is past, and not to be recalled. Look there, and glut the malice of thy nature; For, as thou art thyself, thou canst not but Be glad to see young virtue nipt i’ the blossom. Ariel. My lord, the Being, high above, can wit


I am not glad; we airy spirits are not of
A temper so malicious as the earthy,
But of a nature more approaching good.
For which we meet in swarms, and often combat
Betwist the confines of the air and earth.
Prosp. Why didst thou not prevent, at least

This fatal action then?

Ariel. Pardon, great sir,
I meant to do it, but I was forbidden
By the ill genius of Hippolito,
Who came and threatened me, if I disclosed it,
To bind me in the bottom of the sea,
Far from the lightsome regions of the air,
(My native fields) above a hundred years,
Prosp. I'll chain thee in the north for thy ne-

Within the burning bowels of mount Hecla;
I'll singe thy airy wings with sulph'rous flames,
And choke thy tender nostrils with blue smoke;
At ev'ry hickup of the belching mountain,
Thou shalt be lifted up to taste fresh air,
And then fall down again.

Ariel. Pardon, dread lord.
Prosp. No more of pardon than just Heaven in-

tends thee, Shalt thou e'er find from me: Hence! fly with

speed, Unbind the charms which hold this murderer's fa

ther, And bring him, with my brother, straight before

Ariel. Mercy, my potent lord! and I'll outfly Thy thought.

Exit ARIEL. Ferd. Õ heavens! what words are these I heard, Yet cannot see who spoke 'em? Sure the woman Whom I loved was like this, some airy vision.


Prosp. No, murderer! she’s, like thee, of mortal

mould, But much too pure to mix with thy black crimes; Yet she has faults, and must be punished for them. Miranda and Dorinda! where are ye? The will of heaven's accomplished: I have now No more to fear, and nothing left to hope; Now you may enter.

Enter MIRANDA and DORINDA. Mir. My love! is it permitted me to see You once again?

Prosp. You come to look your last; I will for ever take him from your eyes. But, on my blessing, speak not, nor approach him.

Dor. Pray, father, is not this my sister's man? He has a noble form; but yet he's not So excellent as my Hippolito. Prosp. Alas, poor girl! thou hast no man: Look

yonder; There's all of him that's left.

Dor. Why, was there ever any more of him? He lies asleep, sir; shall I waken him?

(She kneels by HIPPOLITO, and jogs him, Ferd. Alas! he's never to be waked again. Dor. My love, my love! wilt thou not speak to



I fear you have displeased him, sir, and now
He will not answer me; he's dumb and cold too;
But I'll run straight, and make a fire to warm him,

[Exit DORINDA, running, Enter Alonzo, Gonzalo, ANTONIO; and ARIEL

Alon. Never were beasts so hunted into toils,
As we have been pursued by dreadful shapes.-
But is not that my son? O'Ferdinand!

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