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Wild. Come yarely, my mates, every man to his share of the burden. Come, yarely, hay.

[The four men take him each by a limb, and

carry him out, he crying murder. Theo. If this Englishman save us now, I shall admire his wit.

Beat. Good wits never think themselves admired till they are well rewarded : You must pay him in specie, madam ; give him love for his wit.

Enter the Men again. Bel. Ladies, fear nothing, but enter into the garden-house with these cavaliers. Mask. O that I were a cavalier too!

[Is going with them. Bel. Come you back, sirrah. [Stops him.] Think yourselves as safe as in a sanctuary; only keep quiet, whatever happens. Jac. Come away then, they are upon us.

[Exeunt all but Bel. and Mask. Mask. Hark, I hear the foe coming : Methinks they threaten too, sir; pray let me go in for a guard to the ladies and poor Beatrix. I can fight much better, when there is a wall betwixt me and danger.

Bel. Peace, I have occasion for your wit to help me to lie.

Mask. Sir, upon the faith of a sinner, you have had my last lie already; I have not one more to do me credit, as I hope to be saved, sir.

Bel. Victoire, victoire! knock under, you rogue, and confess me conqueror, and you shall see i'll bring all oft. Enter Don Alonzo, und sir Servants ; with lights,

and swords draven. Alon. Search about there.


Bel. Fear nothing, do but vouch what I shall say. Mask. For a passive lie I can yet do something. Alon. Stand: who


there? Bel. Friends. Alon. Friends! Who are you?

Bel. Noble Don Alonzo, such as are watching for your good.

Alon. Is it you, Sennor Inglis? Why all this noise and tumult? Where are my daughters and my niece? But, in the first place, though last named, how came you hither, sir?

Bel. I came hither---by astrology, sir.

Mask. My master's in ; heavens send him good shipping with his lie, and all kind devils stand his friends!

Alon. How! by astrology, sir? Meaning, you came hither by art magic.

Bel. I say by pure astrology, sir ; I foresaw by my art, a little after I had left you, that your niece and daughters would this night run a risque of being carried away from this very garden.

Alon. () the wonders of this speculation!

Bel. Thereupon I called immediately for my sword, and came in all haste to advertise you; but I see there's no resisting destiny; for just as I was entering the garden door, I met the women with their gallants all under sail, and outward bound.

Mask. Thereupon what does me he, but draws, by my advice

Bel. How now, Mr Rascal ? Are you itching to be in?

[Aside. Mask. Pray, sir, let me go snip with you in this lie, and be not too covetous of honour. You know I never stood with you; now my courage is come to me, I cannot resist the temptation. [Aside.

Bel. Content; tell on.

Mask. So, in short, sir, we drew, first I, and then my master; but, being overpowered, they have escaped us, so that I think you may go to bed, and trouble yourself no further, for gone they are.

Bel. You tell a lie! you have curtailed my invention : You are not fit to invent a lie for a bawd, when she would wheedle a young squire. [Aside. Alon. Call

up the officers of justice, I'll have the town searched immediately.

Bel. "Tis in vain, sir; I know, by my art, you'll never recover them : Besides, 'tis an affront to my friends, the stars, who have otherwise disposed of them.

Enter a Servant. Ser. Sir, the key is broken in the garden-door, and the door locked, so that of necessity they must be in the garden yet.

Alon. Disperse yourselves, some into the wilderness, some into the alleys, and some into the parterre: You, Diego, go try to get out the key, and run to the corrigidor för his assistance: În the mean time, I'll search the garden-house myself.

[Exeunt all the servants but one. Mask. I'll be unbetted again, if you please, sir, and leave you all the honour of it.

[To BELLAMY aside. Alon. Come, cavalier, let us in together. Bel

. (holding him.] Hold, sir, for the love of heaven! you are not mad ?

Alon. We must leave no place unsearched. A light there.

Bel. Hold, I say! do you know what you are undertaking? And have you armed yourself with resolution for such an adventure ?

Alon. What adventure ?
Bel. A word in private--The place you would go

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into is full of enchantments; there are at this time, for aught I know, a legion of spirits in it.

Alon. You confound me with wonder, sir !

Bel. I have been making there my magical operations, to know the event of your daughters' flight; and, to perform it rightly, have been forced to call up spirits of several orders: And there they are humming like a swarm of bees, some stalking about upon the ground, some flying, and some sticking upon the walls like rear-mice.

Mask. The devil's in him, he's got off again.

Alon. Now, sir, I shall try the truth of your friendship to me. To confess the secret of my soul to you, I have all my life been curious to see a devil; and to that purpose have conned Agrippa through and through, and made experiment of all his rules, Pari die et incremento Luna, and yet could never compass the sight of one of these demoniums: If you will ever oblige me, let it be on this occasion.

Mask. There's another storm arising.

Bel. You shall pardon me, sir; I'll not expose you to that peril for the world, without due preparations of ceremony.

Alon. For that, sir, I always carry a talisman about me, that will secure me: And therefore I will venture in, a God's name, and defy them all at

[Going in. Mask. How the pox will he get off from this?

Bel. Well, sir, since you are so resolved, send off your servant, that there may be no noise made on't, and we'll take our venture.

Alon. Pedro, leave your light, and help the fellows to search the garden.

[Erit Servant. Mask. What does my incomprehensible master mean?


Bel. Now, I must tell you, sir, you will see that, which will very much astonish you, if my art fail me not. [Goes to the door.] You spirits and intelligences, that are within there, stand close, and silent, at your peril, and fear nothing, but appear


your own shapes, boldly.— Maskall, open the door.

[MASKALL goes to one side of the scene, which

draws, and discovers Theo. Jac. Aur. BEAT. CAM. LOP. WILD. standing all without mo

tion in a rank. Now, sir, what think you?

Alon. They are here, they are here: We need search no farther. Ah you ungracious baggages !

[Going toward them. Bel. Stay, or you'll be torn in pieces: These are the very shapes I conjured up, and truly represent to you in what company your niece and daughters are, this very moment.

Alon. Wly, are they not they? I durst have sworn that some of them had been my own flesh and blood.-Look; one of them is just like that rogue, your comrade.

[WILD. shakes his head, and frozens at him. Bel. Do you see how you have provoked that English devil? Take heed of him; if he gets you once into his clutches (Wild. embracing Jac.

Alon. He seems to have got possession of the spirit of my Jacintha, by his hugging her.

Bel. Nay, I imagined as much: Do but look upon his physiognomy--you have read Baptista Porta? Has he not the leer of a very lewd, debauched spirit?

Alon. He has indeed: Then there's my neice Aurelia, with the spirit of Don Lopez; but that's well enough; and my daughter Theodosia all alone: Pray how comes that about?

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