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New Publications.

ACCORDING TO SEASON. Talks about the Flowers in the Order of their Appearance in

the Woods and Fields. By Mrs. WILLIAM STARR DANA. 16mo, 75 cents. "Most charming. A fitting supplement to Mrs. Dana's previous book, and the two together constitute one of the most truly delightful descriptive studies of nature which has made its appearance in recent years. " Boston Advertiser. HOW TO KNOW THE WILD FLOWERS. A Guide to the Names, Haunts, and Habits

of our Common Wild Flowers. By Mrs. WILLIAM STARR DANA. With 104 Illustrations by MARION SATTERLEE. Sixteenth Thousand. 12mo, $1.50, net. “ Every flower-lover who has spent weary hours puzzling over a botanical key in the effort to name unknown plants will welcome this satisfactory book, which stands ready to lead him to the desired knowledge by a royal road.:The Nation. A SELECTION OF FIFTY PLATES FROM “ HOW TO KNOW THE WILD

FLOWERS.” Printed on special paper, suitable for coloring by hand. The set, in a Port

folio, $1.00, net. THE PASQUIER MEMOIRS. The Revolution — The Consulate -- The Empire. Edited

by DUC D'AUDIFFRET-PASQUIER. With Portraits. In 3 vols. 8vo. Vol. II., 1812–1814, now ready, $2.50 ; Vol. I., 1789-1812, $2.50. “A rich mine of information. It is of as great interest as importance. His position enabled him to see much; his intelligence and his training made his comprehension thorough and his conclusions of value." – New York Times. JOSIAH GILBERT HOLLAND. A Memoir. By Mrs. H. M. PLUNKETT. With Por.

traits and Illustrations. 12mo, $1.50. “A model biography, and a valuable and at the same time delightful addition to literature." - Boston Advertiser. OVERHEARD IN ARCADY. By Robert BRIDGES (Droch). With 65 Illustrations by

0. HERFORD, F. G. ATTWOOD, and A. E. STERNER. 12mo, $1.25. A novel and attractive book, made up of a series of bright dialogues, in which the famous characters of the stories of Howells, James, Aldrich, Stockton, Davis, Crawford, Kipling, Meredith, Stevenson, and Barrie, discuss their creators with candor, sympathy, wit, and humor.

“This little volume is ingenious in conception, artistic in construction, and altogether delightful. – Boston Advertiser. SALEM KITTREDGE, and Other Stories. By Bliss PERRY. 12mo, $1.00.

Some of the stories depict phases of European life and others deal with American subjects. All, however, have a characteristic charm both of substance and of style. ARDIS CLAVERDEN. By FRANK R. Srockton. 12mo, $1.50.

Charles Scribner's Sons have recently acquired the rights of this charming story of Mr. Stockton's, and now issue it uniform with the author's other famous books. BEYOND. THE ROCKIES. A Spring Journey in California. By Dr. C. A. STODDARD.

Illustrated. 12mo, $1.50. “A very seductive book. It is pleasantly written and draws the reader on with the unfailing and romantic charm of the country.” The Independent. ON THE OFFENSIVE. An Army Story. By GEORGE I. PUTNAM. 12mo, $1.25.

“Bright, breezy, and wholesome. The characters are lifelike and interesting." Boston Sat. Eve. Gasette. THE BARBARY COAST. By Dr. HENRY M. FIELD. Illustrated. Crown 8vo, $2.00.

“ Alert and interesting travel observations. The volume abounds in picturesqueness of description.” Brooklyn Eagle. THE LAND OF POCO TIEMPO. By C. F. LUMMIS. Illustrated. 8vo, $2.50.

“A series of interesting sketches of New Mexico. They are picturesque, poetic, glowing in local color.” Chicago Inter-Ocean.

NEW OUTING BOOKS: “Our COMMON BIRDS AND IIow to KNOW THEM," by JOHN B. GRANT. With 64 plates. Eighth Thousand. Oblong 12mo, $1.50, net. “ AN ADVENTURE IN PHOTOGRAPHY,” by OCTAVE THANET. Illustrated, i2mo, $1.50, net. “ ART OUT OF DOORS." Hints on Good Taste in Gardening, by Mrs. SCHUYLER VAN RENSSELAER. 12mo, $1.50. “ HOMES IN CITY AND COUNTRY,” by various authorities. With 100 illustrations, 8vo, $2.00.

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The above books for sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by


151, 153, 155 5th Ave.

New York City.

The King of Folly Island,

Country By-Ways.

MR. JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL wrote to the English publishers of some of Miss JEWETT's books :

I am very glad to hear that Miss Jewett's delightful stories are to be reprinted in England. Nothing more pleasingly characteristic of rural life in New England has been written, and they have long been valued by the judicious here. A Native of Winby, and Other Tales.

Delightful Short Stories. 16mo, $1.25. It would be hard to name stories better from any point of view than are four at least of these. - New York Evening Post.

Strangers and Wayfarers. Tales of New England. Short Stories. Fifth Edition. 16mo, $1.25. Selected from Miss Jewett's Books. 10mo, Delicious tales of New England life. Her slightest

$1.00. sketches are full of pleasure, for they reveal a fresh All of them are marked by that careful study and and delighted consciousness of the possibilities of comprehending knowledge of the rural New Englander rural life. Public Ledger (Philadelphia).

for which we have learned to look to Miss levett, and

the quaint, homely, delightful New England rustic Betty Leicester.

philosophy was never better represented than htie, –

New York Tribune. A Story for Girls. Eighth Edition. 18mo,

gilt top, $1.25. The spirit of the whole is as sweet and sunny and natural as could be wished. It is altogether a delight

And Other People. Second Edition. 10mo, ful book. Boston Journal.


Miss Jewett has an abundant humor of fine, deli.
A White Heron, cate, and pervading quality. ... We know of tew

stories that give the reader a more exquisite pleasure And Other Stories. Fifth Edition. 18mo, than hers. - Boston Advertiser.

gilt top, $1.25. One is almost tempted to say, " Hawthorne redivirus," as one lays down this singularly charming little book. Truly artistic work. – The Church

Eighth Edition. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25. man (New York).

Her treatment of the individuality and life of nature is masterly, and the skill with which she projects ier figures on the canvas of her imagination is effective and

suggestive. Humor and pathos, sense and sentinere Nineteenth Edition. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.

a sympathy for all that is true and tender and touch.

ing in nature and in life, are the colors which give tank. It is a common thing to say about a book that it is charming, or interesting, or absorbing, and very often

ground to these pictures. Boston Transcript. it is said without any particular meaning or interest.

Her portraiture of New England characters and But here is a book which is really all three. Boston

scenes is inimitable. The Critic (New York). Transcript. Holiday Edition. With about 50 Ilustrations by C. H. and Narcia 0. Woodbury.

A Novel. Eleventh Edition. 10mo, $1.25. A beautiful volume. Crown 8vo, $2.50.

Studies of American types so penetrating, so ypIn addition to handsome paper, clear type and

cere, so refined, and so artistic as Miss Jewett has uniquely attractive binding there are many illustra

given us deserve warm recognition from all who are tions, as felicitous in illustrating the meaning as they

interested in a genuine American literature. - 1 are superior in workmanship. — Congregationalist York Tribune. (Boston). Old Friends and New.

A Marsh Island.

A Novel. Ninth Edition. 10mo, $1.25 Eleventh Edition. 18mo, gilt top, $1.25.

There is a combination of the art of the pott. the Seven charming short stories. ... Wholly delight

painter, and the story-teller in “1 Marsh Bar 1.** ful to lovers of the best light literature. – New York

It is at once an idyl, a romance, and a cabinet of €1. Evening Post.

quisite genre word-pictures.

A delightful prise

poem. -- Harper's ilonthly Magazine.
Stories for Children. Eleventh Edition.
Square 10mo, $1.50.

And Friends Ashore. Seventh Edition.
If Santa Claus neglects to leave a copy of “ Play
Davs” in any household where there is a little girl,

18mo, gilt top, $1.25.
he is n't the kind of Santa Claus we take him for. - Character sketches which are perfect in their war,
Boston Transcript.

New York Tribune.
For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, post-paid, on receipt of price by the Publishers,


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A Country Doctor.

Play Days.

The Mate of the Daylight,

Houghton, Mifflin and Company,



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Memoirs illustrating the His- Climbing in the Himalayas. tory of Napoleon 1., from By WILLIAM MARTIN CONWAY, M.A., F.R.G.S. 1802 to 1815.

Vice-President of the Alpine Club; formerly By BARON CLAUDE-FRANÇOIS DE MENEVAL,

Professor of Art in University College, LiverPrivate Secretary to Napoleon. Edited by

pool. With Map and 300 Illustrations, Svo,

cloth. $10.00. his grandson, BARON NAPOLEON JOSEPH DE

This work contains a minute record of one of the most MENEVAL. With Portraits and Autograph

important and thrilling geographical enterprises of the cenLetters. In three volumes, 8vo, cloth.

tury, - an expedition made in 1892, under the auspices of These volumes, published simultaneously in France, Eng. the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Society, the land, and America, furnish a picture of Napoleon's daily

British Association, and the Government of India. It inlife which is believed to be unexcelled in point of closeness cluded an exploration of the glaciers at the head of the Bagrot of observation and graphic detail by any other narrative. Valley and ihe great peaks in the neighborhood of RakiThat Meneval was not the man to neglect his opportunities pushi (25,500 feet); an expedition to Hispar at the foot of is shown abundantly by the glimpses of character revealed The longest glacier in the world outside the polar regions; in his diaries and notes. Yet, for personal and other rea

the first definitely recorded passage of the Hispar Pass, sons, his invaluable recollections were not given to the

the longest known pass in the world; and the ascent of world. They have been treasured by his family until the Pioneer Peak (about 23,000 feet), the highest ascent yet aupresent time of profound interest in the Napoleonic history.

thentically made. No better man could have been chosen Oi Napoleon's relations with Josephine and Marie Louise for this important expedition than Mr. Conway, who has

- of all the features of his domestic and social existence - spent over twenty years in mountaineering work in the Alps. Meneval had abundant knowledge, for he shared Napo- Already the author of nine published books, he has recor. leon's private life; and since he was sitting at the fountain

ded his discoveries in this volume in the clear, incisive, and head of information, he is able to shed new light on many

thrilling language of an expert. features of the Napoleonic campaigns. His narrative is most interesting; its historical importance need not be em

Ladies in the Field. phasized.

Edited by the LADY GREVILLE. Articles on A Journey in Other Worlds.

Sport by the Duchess of Newcastle, Diane A Romance of the Future. By JOHN JACOB AS- Chasseresse, Mrs. Chaworth Musters, Miss

TOR. With 9 full-page Illustrations by Dan Anstruther, Lady Greville, Mrs. Martelli, Lady Beard. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

Boynton, Mrs. Pennell, Miss Leale, Mrs. Jen“An interesting and cleverly devised book. . . No lack

kins, and Miss Salaman. Crown 8vo, cloth, of imagination. . Shows a skillful and wide acquaintance $2.00. with scientific facts." - Vew York Herald.

“ Here are all the sports in which women engage, or " The author speculates cleverly and daringly on the scientific advance of the earth, and he revels in the physical

nearly all.

Be interested in which you please, a glance will luxuriance of Jupiter ; but he also lets his imagination iravel

tell you just how far women have got -- i. e., just how far

timider women may with all propriety follow. It comes through spiritual realms, and evidently delights in mystic speculation quite as much as in scientific investigation. If

with the authority of good names, and there is something he is a follower of Jules Verne, he has not forgotten also to

engagingly modest, businesslike, and simple in the way each study the philosophers.” – New York Tribune.

author has addressed herself to the description of her favor

ite pastime." – London Chronicle. “ The date of the events narrated in this book is supposed to be 2000 A. D. The inhabitants of North America have increased mightily in numbers and power and knowledge. A Daughter of To-day. It has an age of marvelous scientific attainments. Flying machines have long been in common use, and finally a new By Mrs. EverARD Cotes (Sara Jeannette Dunpower is discoveredcal led 'apergy,' the reverse of gravita- can), author of "A Social Departure,” tion, by which people are able to fly off into space in any direction, and at what speed they please.” Vew York

American Girl in London," etc.

12mo, cloth, Sun.

$1.50. “ The scientific romance by John Jacob Astor is more than

Few literary débutantes have met with the success obtained likely to secure a distinct popular success, and achieve wide

by Sara Jeannette Duncan's first book, " A Social Deparspread vogue both as an amising and interesting story, and

Her succeeding books showed the same powers of a thoughtful endeavor to prophesy some of the triumphs quick observation and graphic description, the same ability which science is destined to win by the year 2000. The book to identify and portray types.

Meantime the author has has been written with a purpose, and that a higher one than

greatly enlarged her range of experience and knowledge of the mere spinning of a highly imaginative yarn. Mr. Astor

the world. A true cosmopolite, London, Paris, and Calhas been engaged upon the book for over two years, and cutta have become familiar to her, as well as New York and has brought to bear upon it a great deal of hard work in the Montreal. The title of her new book indicates an immeway of scientific research, of which he has been very fond diately attractive theme, and the author's vigorous treatment ever since he entered Harvard.

It is admirably illustra

of it has given us a book distinguished not only by acute ted by Dan Beard." Hul and Express.

study of character, command of local color, and dramatic "Mr. Astor has himself almost all the qualities imagina


but also by contemporaneous interest. This novel is ble for making the science of astronomy popular, He Mrs. Cotes's most advanced and most important literary knows the learned maps of the astrologers. He knows the work. work of Copernicus. He has made calculations and obser ations. He is enthusiastic, and the spectacular does

RECEVT ISSUES IN not frighten him.” – Vew York Times.

Appletons' Town and CounCleopatra

try Library. A ROMANCE. By GEORG Ebers, author of Each, 12mo, paper, 50 cents ; cloth, $1.00.

“ An Egyptian Princess,” etc. In two volumes, 16mo, cloth, $1.50; paper, So cents.

Mary Fenwick's Daughter. By BEATRICE WHITBY,

author of “ The Awakening of Mary Fenwick,” “ Part of In" Cleopatra" Dr. Ebers offers to the public one of the the Property," etc. most important of his historical romances. The subject is The Rich Miss Riddell. By DOROTHEA GERARD, auone which has engaged his attention for many years, and thor of " A Queen of (urds and Cream," etc. his treatment is characterized by an enthusiasm, as well as The Trespasser. Ry GU BERT PARKER, author of "The a mastery of historical coloring, which will place "Cleopa- Translation of a Savage,' among his most popular works.

The Rubicon. By E. F. Benson, author of " Dodo." r Appletons' Monthly Bulletin of New Publications will be sent regularly to any address, free on request. D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street, New York.

* An


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New Books of Fiction.

Sarah Orne Jewett.

A Native of Winby, and Other Tales. ligneiu Stories, including, best

16mo, $1.25. A book of it the title story, Decoration Day, Jim's Little Woman, The Failure of David Berry, The Passing of Sister Earxeito Miss Esther's Guest, The Flighi of Betsey Lane, Between Mass and Vespers, and A Little Captive Maid.

Lucy Gibbons Morse.
Rachel Stanwood : A Story of the Middle of the Nineteenth Century. 16mo, $1.25. "A

pretty romance runs side by side with anti-slavery fairs, the Hutchis son concerts, Wendell Phillips' eloquent speeches, and the strong, quiet influence of Lydia Maria Child." - NA York Christian Advocate.

Bret Harte.

A Protégée of Jack Hamlin's, and Other Tales.
ume of Mr. Harte's inimitable stories, nearly all relating to California and the West.

16mio, $1.29 A new Chen

Thomas Bailey Aldrich.
Two Bites at a Cherry, with Other Tales, como; gilt top: 5:23

"Nowhere has he displayed his versatile gifts, the pathos, the quaint humor, the delicate wit, the refined feeling, and the fericity of style by which his works are distinguished, to better advantage."'-- Home Journal (New York).

George Anson Jackson.

The Son of a Prophet.

16mo, $1.25. "We do not hesitate to rank this story in respect to both interest and power with · Ben Hur'and the


• Prince of India.'” – Boston Congregationalist

Gertrude Smith.

The Rousing of Mrs. Potter, and Other Stories. 16mo, siis of fresh, vigorous, readable stories, some of which have appeared in The Century and other periodicals. Several

A pretty bors of them are Western in scene and character, some are located in New England, and one in Italy.

Helen Dawes Brown.
The Petrie Estate.

16mo, $1.25. “Helen Dawes Brown is pleasantly remembered as

the author of Two College Girls,' an extremely well-constructed and entertaining story, which gave promise of better attainments in the future. These expectations are delightfuis realized in The Petrie Estate,' a story with many felicitous touches." -- Boston Transcript.

Kate Douglas Wiggin.

Polly Oliver's Problem.

Illustrated. 16mo, $1.00. As a story for girls the book is

unexcelled, for aside from the interest in Polly's solutna of her problem, there are many lessons of courage and hopefulness that are good for girls to think about. The many readers of The Birds' Christmas Carol' will be glad to meet Mrs. Bird again, who figures in this story as an important factor in Polly's career.' - Public Opinion (Washington, D. C.).

Blanche Willis Howard.
No Heroes. A Story for Boys. Illustrated. 75 cents. “* Blanche Willis Howard tells a vigorous

and sparkling story of a boy who is not improbably good, but perfectly natural ad nice. This nice boy gives up something he wants very much for the sake of his iired father, and in making this sacrifice develops some fine qualities and teaches an admirable lesson to other boys who are reasonably good, and often the reverse." - New Bork Tribune.

For sale by all Booksellers. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of price by


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