Documents from the Temple Archives of Nippur Dated in the Reigns of Cassite Rulers (complete Dates)

الغلاف الأمامي
Department of archaeology, University of Pennsylvania, 1906 - 74 من الصفحات

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الصفحة ix - The latter found some of the tablets in the very position in which they were left when the archive room was destroyed; some were reclining against each other like a shelf of leaning books in an ill-kept library of to-day. They were dated in the reigns of the foreign dynasty known as the Kassite, which ruled over Babylonia during the greater portion of the second millennium before Christ. While thousands of temple archives have been found elsewhere in Babylonia, of earlier as well as later...
الصفحة ii - THE EDITOR determines the material to constitute a volume and reports to the Committee of Publication on the general merits of the manuscript and autograph plates submitted for publication; but the Editor is not responsible for the views expressed by the writer.
الصفحة 15 - It is described as being of box wood, ' ' one end of which is cut into an exact square. This end of the stylus was cut away obliquely, so that one of the corners of the end formed a somewhat acute angle.
الصفحة 13 - In two of the impressions a symbol in the form of a maltese cross is seen. To the left of the one in No. 2, PI. XV, there is a diamondshaped symbol represented. In the other (see No. 7, PI. XV) above the cross an animal is depicted, while below there is a design in the form of a wheel. The most noteworthy impression is that of a winged centaur drawing a bow in the direction of a date tree. Fortunately the scribe pressed the seal on all sides of the small tablet. By combining the different impressions...
الصفحة 3 - With the exception of about fourteen documents these inscriptions are records of the receipt of taxes or rents from outlying districts about Nippur; of commercial transactions conducted with this property; and the payment of salaries of the storehouse officials as well as of the priests, and others in the temple service. In other words they refer to the handling and disposition of the taxes after they had been collected.
الصفحة 205 - Business Documents of Murashû Sons of Nippur, dated in the Reign of Artaxerxes I, by HV Hilprecht and AT Clay, 1898, $6.00.
الصفحة 25 - Kleinvieh. (For) [one hundred and sixty-nine] sheqels of wool: (t. е. for) one sheep, one sheqel; forty-four and onehalf minas of wool : twenty minas of goat wool, they are at the disposal of Rabasha-Ninib. The total of all his hides he shall weigh; sinews and fat of sheep; two perfect goat hides; one perfect garment, he shall pay. (Date). 5. No. 20, Kuri-Galzu, year 14th, lyar 14th. Contents : A receipt, or record of payment. Transliteration : 1. II gur ASH-AN-NA GISH-BAR. . .qa 2. i-na qat тHu-un-nu-bi...
الصفحة 15 - For writing, a stick of box-wood was used, one end of which was 30 cut into an exact square; this end of the stylus was cut away obliquely, so that one of the corners of the end formed a 35 somewhat acute angle. The stylus was held like a pen, and the pressure was applied chiefly to the upper edge in the direction of the point, with a slight inclination toward 40 the left.
الصفحة 16 - more or less, could be used. By holding it beneath the palm of the hand between the thumb and the middle finger, with the index finger on top, and pressing the angular corner into the soft clay, the impression made will be that of a perfect wedge. What is known as the Winkelhaken is not simply an oblique wedge as above, although occasionally the impressions resemble it, but it is made in a different way. The stylus is simply laid over on its side, with the handle toward the right, and when...
الصفحة 6 - ' (XV, 29:4); abullu "Gate" (XIV, 58), etc., where stores were kept. The official who figures more prominently than all others in both the volumes of these archives, is Innannu. All the tablets in which this name occurs, with the exception of one, which is dated in the reign of Nazi-Maruttash, belong to the reign of Kuri-Galzu. No title appears in connection with his name, with a possible exception of Vol. XV, 39 : 24, where tupsharru ' ' scribe" appears after a certain Innannu.

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