Cobbett's Political Register, المجلد 15

الغلاف الأمامي
William Cobbett
William Cobbett, 1809

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Spanish Revolution The dismal news is at last arrived My Readers at
West India DocksReport from the Committee of Directors on the General
Spanish RevolutionProclamations issued in Mexico Sept 16 1808
American StatesLetter from Mr Giles Member of the Embargo Committee
Report of a Committee of the House of Representatives
Supplement to the above Jan 24 1809
Walndia Docks 108
Duke of York An attempt on foot to deprive us of the remains of our Free
Teke of YorkAnalysis of the Examinations taken in the House of Commons
Duke of York The Analysis resumed Captain Sandons Case Observa
my own Conduct respecting his Son Debate on the 8th of March
most people Set a beggar on horseback and hell ride to the Devil
Reverend Mr Glasse relative to the Introduction of his Name into the Evidence
City of Glasgow March 14 1809 4 54
Subseription for Miss Taylor 4 12
PrussiaLetter of the King to the Magistrates of Berlin Dec 24 1808
Duke of York The Rev Mr Glasse General Claverings CaseExcellent
Mr H Martins Motion respecting Places and Pensions
Swedish RevolutionProclamation by the Duke of Sudermania on his assuming
REFoxxi Mr Perceval and poor Hamlin the Tinman Public Justice
City of Westminster March 29 wº 502
Proclamation of the Duke of Sudermania concerning
Hampshire Meeting The Requisition
Mr Wardle and the Whig Club 556
City of Rochester March 27
SpainExtract from the last Letter of Sir John Moore to Lord Castlereagh
Case oe Load CastleReagh Evidence of Mr Reding Lord Clancarty

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الصفحة 187 - Yes, I am proud ; I must be proud to see Men, not afraid of God, afraid of me ; Safe from the bar, the pulpit, and the throne, Yet touch'd and sham'd by ridicule alone.
الصفحة 943 - That no person who has an office or place of profit under the King, or receives a pension from the crown, shall be capable of serving as a member of the house of commons.
الصفحة 649 - An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown, and better securing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject...
الصفحة 509 - Treaty signed this day. It shall be ratified, and the ratifications shall be exchanged at the same time. In witness whereof, the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the same, and have affixed thereto their seals.
الصفحة 427 - God, strong and jealous, visiting the sins of the fathers upon their children, to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me : and shewing mercy to thousands of those that love me, and keep my commandments.
الصفحة 571 - ... and even money, were necessarily destroyed or abandoned. " I am sorry to say, that the army, whose conduct I had such reason to extol on its march through Portugal, and on its arrival in Spain, has totally changed its character since it began to retreat. I can say nothing in its favour, but that when there was a prospect of fighting the enemy, the men were then orderly, and seemed pleased and determined to do their duty.
الصفحة 569 - I was sensible, however, that the apathy aud indifference of the Spaniards would never have been believed ; that, had the British been withdrawn, the loss of the cause would have been imputed to their retreat ; and it was necessary to risk this army to convince the people of England, as well as the rest of Europe, that the Spaniards had neither thé power, nor the inclination, to make any efforts for themselves. It was for this reason that I marched to Sahagun.
الصفحة 507 - Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of his Catholic Majesty Ferdinand VII. to his Britannic Majesty ; their Plenipotentiaries, to conclude and sign a treaty of Peace, Friendship, and Alliance ; who, having communicated their respective Full Powers, have agreed to and concluded the following Articles: Article I. There shall be between his Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and his Catholic Majesty Ferdinand VII.
الصفحة 833 - ... if he employs the force, treasure, and offices of the society, to corrupt the representatives, or openly to pre-engage the electors, and prescribe what manner of persons shall be chosen. For, thus to regulate candidates and electors, and new-model the ways of election, what is it," says he, " but to cut up the government by the roots, and poison the very fountain of public security...
الصفحة 559 - Third, by the grace of God of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland king, defender of the faith, and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five.

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