The banner display'd: or, An abridgment of Guillim [in his Display of heraldrie] by S. Kent, المجلد 2

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الصفحة 748 - ... to the dignity of a Baron of this Realm, by the title of Lord Ossulston, Baron of Ossulston.
الصفحة 782 - One of His Majefty's Juftices of the Peace for the County of Middlefex, and for the City and Liberty of Weftminfter.
الصفحة 890 - The diseases of women with child, and in child-bed; as also the best means of helping them in natural and unnatural labours. With fit remedies for the several Indispositions of newborn babes. To which is prefix'd an Anatomical treatise...
الصفحة 804 - In the arms of femmes joined to the paternal coat of the baron, the proper differences by •which they were borne by the fathers of such femmes must be inserted.
الصفحة 889 - Etymologies . . . 4. The Theogony, Theology, and Mythology of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, &c. being an Account of their Deities, Solemnities, Religious or Civil, Oracles, Volume II.
الصفحة 672 - cipal King of Armes of English men, sendeth due and Smith, Bar. humble recommendations and greting. Equity willeth and reason ordeineth, that men vertuose and of noble courage be by their merits and good renoume rewarded, and had in perpetual memory for their good name, and to be in all places of honour and wurship among other noble persons accepted and reputed, by shewing of certain ensignes of vertue, honour, and gentylnes: to the entent that by their ensample others shuld the more perseverantly...
الصفحة 573 - Quarterly : ist and 4th, argent, a man's heart gules ensigned with an imperial crown proper, on a chief azure three mullets of the first ; 2nd and 3rd, gules, three piles argent issuant from the base : in chief two mullets of the last.
الصفحة 817 - Argent a chevron sable, in chief a label of three points gules
الصفحة 830 - Knight of the moft noble Order of the Garter, one of the Governors of the Charter-Houfe, ike.
الصفحة 769 - Paston.f an heiress worth 30,000/. and recommended him to Norwich for their recorder, and to Norfolk for their knight of the shire, to...

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