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country? Let us not live in waste here, and starve for ever. Most men are occupied in thinking how they shall live in the world, it should be, how they shall live out of it, in eternity.

O how Satan the great deceiver imposes on men; they take a pebble for a pearl, they prefer a flint to a diamond, they choose time before eternity, and strut about in the momentary delusion, as if adorned with real wealth and glory.

But my beloved brethren in Christ, let the consideration that eternity is at hand, calm your mind and remove all your anxieties about this world. The only material question, 'Where shall I lean my head, and lodge my soul, and find my home for ever,' is to you satisfactorily answered. The Lord is the strength of your heart, and your portion for ever. (Psalm lxxiii. 26.)




We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

We proposed to consider, 1. The things seen: 2. The things not seen: 3. Eternity: 4. Our duty: 5. The preciousness of Christ. We have considered the two former heads, pointing out under each head the objects intended, and the character of those objects. There remains to consider,





Here is our great difficulty. We can only describe it according to our present very limited and imperfect views, and can rather say what it is not, than what it is. For instance,

It surpasses all description. Human language fails utterly to convey the full notion of eternity. Whatever is spoken of it, is far less than it is. Thus we talk of the ages of eternity, but there are properly no such eras, as ages in eternal existence; we talk of thousands of years past in eternity, but there are no years to mark the parts of a never-ending state.

It transcends human understanding. It cannot be weighed; for what can be placed in the opposite scale of the balance against eternity! It cannot be measured. There is some proportion between a second of time and millions of years; but what shall measure eternity. Our thoughts are vast and boundless; they can imagine worlds upon worlds, filled with happy beings, peopling unknown regions of the immeasurable universe: but our thoughts themselves are baffled and staggered, they become confounded and darkened, when they attempt to measure eternity.

It is being without end. Nothing shall put an end to our existence. God, who can, will not. His word cannot pass away; and in every threatening of eternal woe, in every promise of eternal bliss, that word, on which the whole creation

is suspended, is pledged for our endless existence. Man cannot destroy his own life there, or that of his fellow-creatures. Nor is there change or return; when once we are launched on that ocean, we can never begin again, never return to re-act life.

Eternity is existence going on without diminution. There is no spending or wasting of eternity. In this life, every day and every hour shortens it; we have less to live from having lived so long: but it is not so in eternity, which is not marked by days and years. Millions of what we now call years and ages shall pass, and yet none of eternity shall be diminished; it shall make no difference in the immeasurable length which is yet to come. The sorrows of the lost will still be to come an everlasting night overshadows them. The joys of the saved will still be to comean everlasting morning refreshes them.

Once more-all comparisons fall short of a true resemblance. You may conceive of this place of worship full of grains of sand, and one grain taken away in a million of years, and the space of time this would require! We may conceive the whole earth as one vast globe of sand, and one grain taken away in a million years, and the extent of ages this would require! We may

conceive the vast ocean, in all its extent and depth, and the removal of a drop each million

of years, and the space this would take! You may put all these together, and accumulate them again and again; but after reaching the utmost stretch of comparison, you are hardly beginning eternity, and are not at all nearer its termination for eternity is an ocean without a bottom and without a shore. O then think, we beseech you, think often, deeply, and most seriously of eternity! Can it be, that one who is to dwell in it has never thought of it with any earnestness? We entreat you, meditate much on eternity.

4. OUR DUTY WITH REGARD TO ETERNITY. Look not at things seen—. -Look at things not seen. There is apparently a contradiction in these directions. How can I not look at the things which I see? how can I look at things which cannot see? There is an eye, however, that can make worldly things disappear, and see Him that is invisible, and behold and stedfastly gaze upon spiritual and eternal things-we mean the eye of faith.

This duty concerns the view we should take of things temporal and things eternal-not to look at the one, and to look at the other.

AS TO THINGS TEMPORAL, look not so at them as to set your affections upon them, or to esteem them beyond their just value. Make them not your treasure. Let not your reward be upon earth.

If you lose them, be not anxious or distressed

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