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compromiso, why should not diminished that throe policeall fair-minded members of the mon suffiood to deal with the community unite in supporting ill-doors. it I Might not the Trade”. Now, it is just possible that, itself consider whether it is although in this 0888 the exever likely to secure better periment was on too small a terms than those offered to it scale to alter trade conditions now?

• in the country generally, the Whether we like it ori not, effect of a “dry” and onwe have henooforth to reokon ormously prosperous América with a dry Amerioa. What upon the "wet” countries of the effoot of the action of the the Old World may be se United States may be no one groat, that ten years hence can exaotly toll for some time the labouring and business to come. Ton or fifteen years mon of this country may, if ago the State of Kentuoky was in the interval there is no famed for its blue grass, its drastio reform of our drinkmagnificent breed of horses, ing customs, themselves deand above all for its whisky. mand total prohibition AS It was a very "wot” State their one means of economio indeed. When it dooided on self-defence. The No-License looal option, and the little clause may well be the last town of Richmond in the balwark of the “Tradeheart of it voted for total against Total Prohibition. prohibition, the dissontients Whatover our views on raised up their voices in Temperance, we cannot afford borror, and the most gloomy to face the social and inprophecies were made as to dustrial problems that have the effoots of suoh step. come on us as an aftermath Trade, it was declared, would of the war with the old desert Richmond altogether, incubus of drink prossing for labour would naturally upon our shoulders. . leave a town whore no aloohol Koon prohibitionists are apt was proourable for others close to talk as if it were the desire, at hand, whore it was to be had as well as the interest of the as before. The result of the “Trade,” to have as drunken experiment was as surprising & Sootland as possible; bat as it was remarkable. Within so far is this from being the a few years the trado of Rich- 08se, that many browers, mond had inoreased to such distillers, and retail 'traders an extent that it was pointed sincerely deplore excessive out as a model of prosperity, drinking, and would fain lift People flooked into the oity, thoir business above the deand whole streets of new gradation Associated with it. houses had to be erooted. In 1899 the majority report Money poured into the banks, on lioonsing, containing the and the Corporation were able following striking statement, to spend hoge sums in im- was signed by eight leading provomonts, while orimo 60 mombers of the “Trade":

at before. This as surprithin

“It is undeniable that a sale loss of life for which it gigantio evil remains to be was rosponsible during the remedied, and hardly any war, should turn from such saorifice would be too great a dream with relastano. and which would result in & regret. marked dimination of this Yet theagh all lovors of national degradation.” The their country are agreed on point at issue between such the necessity for roform, we men and the teetotaller is would point out that reform not drunkenness, bat modera- will not come automatioally tion. No right-minded man next November: unless the wants ex0088. It is on electorate are sufficiently the methods by which to awakened to the needs of the attain sobriety that many of situation to go to the pollingas differ.

booth and to record their votes, The prohibitionists, as well we shall sink back into preas the “ Trade,” will have in war conditions. “He trosreality a good deal to give passos apon his duty who up. After all, their dream sleeps upon his watch, es of making a nation sobor by well as he that goes over to Aot of Parliament is a fair the enemy." one, and not nearly so his. Already, with the removal of torioally impossible as many the war rostriotions, oriminal people seem to think. In the proseoutions and prosecutions anoient world, Rome, through for oruelty to children have the firmest and most drastio gone ap by leaps and bounds. laws, praotised total prohibi. To return to our old drink. tion for a period of 500 years ing customs is unthinkable. of prosperity; while in regard Liberty, temperance, self-conto one of the newest States trol aro the normal ideals of of the New World, Kansas, our faith, and Prohibition is the writer of the artiole in itself & compromiso. Yet • Blaokwood' before referred liberty may become a mookery, to says: “Kansas has 103 and such restriotions as are countios ; in 84 of those offered by the No-License counties there are no paupers; Resolution of the Temperance in 35 there are no prisoners; Aot may give a8 baok more and in 87 there are no lanation. than thoy take away. Her banks and barns are full Among the early memories to overflowing. Some of the of the present writer is that counties have had no criminal of a dootor in a remote distriot proseoutions for ten years, and of the Highlands, who lost the death-rate is the lowest of his practice through drink. any nation on the earth.” He was a man of brilliant Small wonder, perhaps, that parts, and being also somesome of us, who have known thing of a gardonio humourist, most nearly what Drink has it coourred to him to make cost us in the past, and the ap for the loss of his income needless suffering and wholo- by taking inebriate patients. His advertisements to this end for us in the agonies of the met with marked success, and great war. They are as yet he soon had a little bevy of unemployed, and are restpaying guests. It was his loss, disappointed, disoouraged. oustom to weloome eaoh new. Strange if, as they are demob. oomer into striotly teetotal sur- ilised, we can welcome thom roundings, but in a week or with nothing better than the two, whon the patient had repeal of the “No - Treating begun to fool at home, the Order.” dootor would remark genially Daily, too, the problems of that it was time he was the Labour World become more learning to resist. He would difficult and more menaoing. aooordingly order in large Opponents of the Aot would quantities of the fiery spirit, soare as by & propaganda of and ho and his guests were in posters into the belief that we the habit of finishing this part of are arbitrarily closing the doors the experiment under the table. of the pablio-houses, and by 80

This makes an exoellent tale doing are making those probof a somewhat grim humour. lems only more dangerous. But Yet the reflection that, under the argumont is not true to fact, the present system, we are for this precisely is what the dealing with the drink prob- Aot does not do. On the oonloms of our great oities in much trary, it gives the koys of the the same fashion might well drinking-bars into the hands make us pause. In the "Royal of the people of the oountry, Milo" in the city of Edinburgh, 80 that they, if they will, may between the Castle and Holy- close these partioular doors for rood Palace, there are thirty- themselves. nine publio-houses and licensed We believe that a large promises. In the Grassmarket, section of the publio, when which is about the size of a they realise that this, and not West End square, there are Probibition, is the meaning of eight. We are there training the No-License Resolution, will the men and women of least gladly welcome the opportunity strength of will to resist! of taking their individual part

In these days of 1920 there in a reform that has never, in are daily drifting by these all the history of our country, publio-houses, thousands of the been more urgently requirod lads who fought and endured than it is now.






ded, before, in ce

OFFICIAL records would de- plough was going over the soribe him as “a person having land, whon the bay was mak. no fixed occupation.” But, 88 & ing, when the "thrasbors” and matter of faot, his occupations the threshing-machine were in and pro-eocupations were mani. the yard-on all these cookfold and various, while among sions Flynn found occupation. them there was one quite fixed Withal he lived a somewhat and immovable. That, alas, vagrant existence, even though was what has been poetioally he dwelt in the house of his described as the pursuit of the mother, who was a widow, vine! Not that Flynn know and the mother of another or oared much about the vine, son 48 well. This other, or its suooulont fruit, the Flynn's brother, was soargrape, except in so far as the pontor, and a person of sterlatter yielded liquid ; anything ling respectability. It was liquid, ho boasted, he could said, indeed, that in his exdrink, with the sole exception treme youth Flynn's brother of water.

“could take a drop," but that That he could not swallow. a "mission " had converted

“Ye'll understand me," he him. Gossip added that he was would explain with ingenuous a pleasanter "fella" before that gravity, "that it's not beoense than bo had ever been since. I'm the least objeotin' to it, Be this as it may, geniality but because it turns me was certainly not a marked stomach."

obaraoteristio of Flynn's But it was to the golden brother, nor did they dwell liquor distilled by the famous together as brethren in that firm of John Jameson that unity extolled by the Poulmist. Flynn's heart was closely In company with his brother, boand; although he was no Flynn had taken the plodge, bigot where whisky was con- being over willing to oblige ; oerned, and, failing the greater, but the luok, as he himself would take of the lesser dig- avorred, being always "agin" tillers with complete broad. him, he had had the misfortune mindedness.

to be caught, not long after Daring the interlades of his his solemn renunciation, with fixed pursuit, he worked about the neok of a whisky-bottle on people's placos. In harvest- sticking out of his cont pooket. timo, when antamn gardens In spite of this damning ovinooded digging and autumn donoe, and the yet further loa vos sweeping up, when the evidence of the spirituous aroma exhaled by his breath, war had eaton, his mother he addod falsehood to his had died. Ho came baok to brokon pledge, in a golomn the old home to find ber obair assovoration to the priest in empty, and not only her obair question that the bottlo con- but hor fonther-bed empty liketainod "nothing in the worrld wise. The brothers, still bat a drop of holy water bachelors, were not better borrowed out of the chapel stable companions than of for to ouro the cough on bis gore. Indeed, a raging confliot mothor's obest."

sprang ap almost immediately Ingenious though this may over the mother's feather-bed. have been, it availed him Flyna swore tbat from the nothing, and hencoforth his time of his earliest childhood relations with the olergy be- his mother had promised to oame slightly strained.

leave him her feather - bed. Owing te ciroumstances Feather - beds in Ireland aro never elearly explained, Flyon domestie bequests of high got into the war. His brother .value, forming as they often doolared that the police took do the substantial part of a him when he was drunk, and girl's dowry, or an offering ho novor know another meet from a bridegroom to bis ha'porth about it till be woke bride. The late Mrs Flynn's up at the front. This explang. feather-bed was reckoned one tion, although displaying op of the finest in the whole the face of it glaring improba- barony. Possession being as bilities, possibly contained a wo are assured nine points of germ of truth. The faot ro- the law, or if not, at any rate, mains that Flynn onlisted in , distinot advantage, Flynn's sarvioe battalion of one of the brother refused not only to Irish regiments, and in duo givo Flynn the feather-bed, course went forth with a cer- but to allow him to sleop on tain Irish Division to find him. it. Feeling ran high, for thero self upon the strieken shore of were not wanting many who Gallipoli. He lived through supported Flynn's contention that hell to be taken prisoner as against his brother, adding by the Turks, but not before that all the world knew" deeds of gallantry had won for that Flynn bad been his him the Distinguished Conduet mother's favourite. For some Medal. Some months after time this internooine strife, the Armistice our Flynn re- after the manner of its kind, turned to us, decorated afore. found vont in verbal dispate said, and demobbed, and bear. of incessant and aorimonious ing upon him the marks of repetition. In spite of what honourable Warfare in the had gone before, Flynn had the shape of what he desoribed temerity to appeal to the parish as “the hur-rt to the limb," priest to support his olaim; otherwise fragments of shrap- but the reverond gentleman rol in his right leg. During seemed soaroely avid to arbi. the years whioh the looust of trate. Moreover, Flynn's

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